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Queens MBA: A Valuable Investment ? - Analyzing Its Worth

The Queens MBA program is one of the most esteemed among the prestigious degrees available today. However, should you decide to pursue this specialization and invest both time and financial resources into it? In this article, we seek to address key questions related to its advantages such as salary expectations; fees associated with obtaining a degree from Queens' School of Management; job prospects for graduates once they complete their education; along with assessing potential ROI compared against other options on offer.

We will compare Queens MBA with its rivals and assess its standing. Furthermore, we will evaluate the prospects of this program being advantageous for Indian students.

Benefits of Studying Queens MBA

  • Strong Alumni Network: For one, it is important as it can provide invaluable networking opportunities and job connections.
  • Diverse Cohort: The program attracts students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and industries, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.
  • Focus on Practical Learning:  The curriculum prioritizes practical learning by incorporating real-world business problems into coursework.
  • Career Advancement: Completing a Queen's MBA can open doors to career advancement and increase earning potential.

These factors, combined with the university's reputation and resources, make Queen's MBA a worthwhile investment for those looking to advance their careers in the business world.

Year Average Salary (CAD) Year-over-Year Change
2017 87,000 NA
2018 92,000 6%
2019 96,000 4.3%
2020 98,000 2.1%
2021 102,000 4.1%
2022 105,000 2.9%

Queens MBA Average Salary

Additionally renowned for its demanding curriculum and accomplished student body is Queen's MBA program in Kingston. Since average salaries for program graduates have increased steadily over the years, it is a popular option for people looking to advance their careers.

The typical wage for Queen's MBA graduates in 2019 was CAD 87,000. By 2020, that number had increased to CAD 98,000, an excellent growth of 12.6% from the previous year. The trend continued in 2021, with the average graduate wage rising to CAD 102,000, a 4.1% increase from the year before, and in 2022 2.9% increase from the previous year.

Queen's MBA graduates enjoy great job opportunities in the labour market. The rising pay levels associated with this program attest to its practical education-oriented focus, as well as its capacity to equip students with the abilities and knowledge required to succeed in their careers.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that individual salaries can vary depending on a range of elements including industry, location, and negotiation prowess. However, the steady increase in average salaries for Queen's MBA graduates is encouraging evidence of the program's ongoing success and its capacity to give students the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Queens MBA vs Its Competitors

The Queen's MBA program in Kingston is one of the finest institutions for obtaining a master's degree in Canada, and its distinctiveness stands out from other rivals due to its focus on leadership development and hands-on education. Students who complete this program will be equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in today's dynamic corporate environment - where success can come quickly!

The Queen's MBA program's emphasis on team-based learning is one of its defining features. Students closely collaborate with their peers to solve problems in real-world business situations, honing their problem-solving and collaboration abilities. The curriculum also focuses a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship, pushing students to use their imaginations and come up with fresh solutions to challenging issues.

Queens MBA Fees

The overall cost of the Queen's MBA program, including fees, is about CAD 102,000. While this may appear to be an exorbitant cost, the program has a sustainable return on investment. As our nation's average incomes continue to rise, students who complete the program will anticipate significant growth in their earning potential. For those seeking career advancement opportunities and wishing to make a positive contribution within business, the program's distinguished reputation and dedication towards practical learning are both prudent investments.

Queens MBA Jobs & ROI

Graduates from Queen's MBA program also have access to a large network of accomplished alumni. For present students, this network may be useful in terms of networking and career chances. The Queen's MBA program has a high emphasis on practical learning, as seen by the way in which real-world business issues are incorporated into the course material. With the aid of this method, students are able to acquire crucial knowledge and abilities that they may use in the workplace.

The MBA program at Queen's is also well-known for its return on investment. The average compensation of Queen's MBA graduates three years after graduation was 94% greater than their pre-MBA salary, according to the Financial Times. This shows how well-prepared the program's alumni are for high-paying professions and career growth. A large percentage of alumni from the Queen's MBA program find jobs within three months after graduation, and the program also boasts a high placement rate. The program's high placement rate and ongoing success are a result of its emphasis on practical learning and robust alumni network.

How Queens MBA is good for Indian Students?

The Queens MBA program offers Indian students a wealth of networking, career-advancing, and international exposure chances. Indian students can gain from the Queens MBA in the following ways:

Diverse Learning Experience:  Queens MBA graduates have access to numerous international career prospects in a variety of industries. The institution maintains excellent connections with leading international employers, giving Indian students a platform to research employment options abroad.

Networking: Queens MBA offers Indian students access to a sizable network of professionals and alumni from a variety of backgrounds. Indian students can take advantage of the alumni network, which includes people who are leaders in their respective fields, for mentorship and professional development.

Return on Investment: Although the Queens MBA program costs may be expensive, there is a sizable return on investment. Graduates of the Queens MBA program earn some of the top salaries in the world, and the program eventually pays for itself.

Access to Funding: Queens MBA provides a number of financial aid alternatives, including loans and scholarships, for Indian students. Indian students who may not have the financial resources to pay for the program in full may find it more accessible and cheap as a result.

Development of Skills: The Queens MBA program aims to create well-rounded business executives with a variety of abilities, including communication, leadership, and critical thinking. These abilities can make Indian students stand out in a congested employment market and are useful in any industry.

Global perspective: The Queens MBA program aids Indian students in acquiring a global perspective, which is more and more crucial in the linked world of today. This can aid Indian students in navigating cross-cultural business encounters and developing fruitful global careers.

In conclusion, Indian students who want to improve their professional chances, get a global perspective, and build a varied skill set should strongly consider enrolling in a Queens MBA program. The program is a wise investment for Indian students looking to further their careers in a global environment due to its strong alumni network, international reputation, and broad learning experience.

Queens MBA Rankings

The Queens MBA is frequently listed as one of the best MBA programs in the world. The Queens MBA was ranked second in the world in 2021, per the Financial Times. The Financial Times has also named the program as the best in the world for entrepreneurship.


For individuals interested in pursuing a career in business, a Queens MBA is a prestigious and worthwhile investment. A program is a great option for future business leaders because of its reputation, huge alumni network, and availability of top-tier career possibilities. For students wishing to advance their business careers, the program is a smart investment despite its high cost due to its high ROI and excellent ranking.

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