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Is an MBA Degree From Ted Rogers School Worth It?

Choosing a business school for pursuing an MBA is a crucial decision, and many factors come into play. One of the most prominent business schools in Canada is Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University, located in the heart of Toronto. This blog post will explore whether Ted Rogers MBA is worth the investment and the benefits it offers to students, especially for Indian students.

Benefits of Studying Ted Rogers MBA

Ted Rogers has its place among the best MBA colleges in Canada and here are some of the many reasons why it is considered worthy of that place:

  • Diversity: Access to a diverse and inclusive learning environment that promotes critical thinking, innovation and collaboration.
  • Curriculum: A rigorous curriculum designed to develop students' analytical, leadership and communication skills, equipping them for real-world challenges in various industries and sectors..
  • Opportunities: Opportunities to engage with industry leaders, alumni, and other professionals through workshops, seminars, guest lectures and networking events.
  • Exposure: Exposure to global business practices and cultures through study tours, international exchanges, and partnerships with leading universities worldwide.
  • Resources: Access to cutting-edge facilities and resources, including state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, research centers and online learning platforms.

Year on Year Ted Rogers MBA Average Salary Trends

Year Average Salary
2020 $87,000
2019 $83,000
2018 $79,000
2017 $75,000
2016 $72,000

Ted Rogers MBA Average Salary

The Ted Rogers MBA program is well-known for its ability to produce highly successful graduates. Recent data indicates that the average salary for a Ted Rogers MBA graduate is around $90,000 CAD per year, which is significantly higher than the average salary for those holding only a bachelor's degree. It is important to note that earnings can vary depending on a number of factors such as industry and job function, but in general, pursuing a Ted Rogers MBA degree can pave the way for a highly rewarding career.

Ted Rogers MBA vs Its Competitors

Selecting an MBA program involves analyzing how it compares to other options in the market. The Ted Rogers MBA program possesses several notable strengths that differentiates it from other programs. Here are a few examples of the same:

  • The program is based in Toronto which is one of the largest and most diverse cities in North America. This means that the students have access to a wide range of job opportunities and can build strong professional networks.
  • The program is offered by the Ted Rogers School of Management which is part of Toronto Metropolitan University. Toronto Metropolitan is known for its innovative approach to education and strong focus on experiential learning.
  • The program has a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. This is an increasingly important issue for businesses and students who are passionate about these topics can gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Ted Rogers MBA Fees

Like all MBA programs, the Ted Rogers MBA program comes with a significant cost. Currently, the tuition fee for the program is CAD 38,649.60 for domestic students and CAD 67,399.60 for international students. Students should also budget for living expenses, textbooks, and other costs. However, an MBA is an investment in the future, and the potential earnings can make the cost worthwhile.

Ted Rogers MBA Jobs and ROI

Upon completing the Ted Rogers MBA program, graduates can anticipate numerous job opportunities in different industries. The career center at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with career counselling, job search strategies, and networking opportunities.

The average salary for Ted Rogers MBA graduates is quite competitive. As previously mentioned, the average salary for the program is CAD 54,000. Nonetheless, the actual salary may vary based on the industry, job profile, and location. However, Ted Rogers MBA graduates have reported salaries as high as CAD 110,000.

In terms of return on investment, the Ted Rogers MBA program has a strong reputation and provides a high ROI. The program's cost is reasonable when compared to other top MBA programs, and graduates' competitive salaries make it a worthwhile investment. The average payback period for the program is around three years.

How is Ted Rogers MBA Good for Indian Students

Indian students seeking to pursue an MBA program abroad can benefit significantly from the Ted Rogers MBA program. The program offers a diverse student community, exposure to the Canadian business environment, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

  • Environment: The Ted Rogers MBA program offers a multicultural and diverse environment that can aid Indian students in expanding their global network and learning about different business practices and cultures.
  • Practical Learning: The program's emphasis on practical learning and experiential education can assist Indian students in developing their problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills, which are highly sought-after by employers.
  • Location: The program's location in Toronto, a significant business hub with a strong Indian community, provides Indian students with plenty of opportunities for networking and career advancement.
  • Variety: The program offers a variety of specializations, such as finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing, that can align with Indian students' career goals and interests.
  • Future Opportunities: The program also provides internships and co-op placements, which can help Indian students gain practical work experience in Canada and enhance their resumes.
  • Careers: Pursuing an MBA from a reputable institution like the Ted Rogers School of Management can add substantial value to Indian students' professional and personal growth, opening up new doors and opportunities for their future careers.

Ted Rogers MBA Rankings

The Ted Rogers MBA Program boasts a commendable reputation and has garnered a plethora of accolades and distinctions. One such distinction was conferred upon it by the esteemed Financial Times in 2021, wherein it was deemed the 81st best program in the world. Furthermore, in 2020, Maclean's ranked it as the 10th preeminent program in Canada.


In conclusion, pursuing an MBA from Ted Rogers School of Management can be a beneficial investment for students who are looking forward to advance their career in Canada. The program's focus on practical knowledge, industry connections and innovative thinking surely aligns with the industry trends and demands in Canada.

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