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Kellogg MSMS Review

The Kellogg’s MS in Management Studies (MSMS) Program equips students with the essential business skills to push themselves to more majestic heights.

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Kellogg Master of Science in Management Studies: Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

10 Months


Course Fee





The Kellogg MSMS is intended for students who have freshly completed their undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and applicants having more than 1-year work experience are urged to explore the MBA options as well. Kellogg also offers students to complete their degree in less than one year and this multifaceted program will equip you with a foundation in business management to frame you as a well-rounded leader in global hub. Moreover, Kellogg’s world class industry-changing model of collaboration will nurture your interaction with professors and classmates and will give you the tools required to grow into a polished professional.

Crafted for ambitious North-western University graduates, who have a history in STEM or the liberal arts, the program imbibes an innovative curriculum taught by Kellogg’s top-notch faculty that mingles academic rigor with real-world scenarios. The 10-month program remodels proficient students into well-rounded leaders, giving them the requisite confidence and competitive-edge to transcend in any industry.

Kellogg MSMS Class Profile

Average Age

Average Work Ex

5.5 Years
Average GPA
Class Size

Kellogg MSMS Acceptance Rate

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is one of the world’s most prestigious business schools. MSMS at Kellogg, known for its innovative approach to learning, promises to groom and build tomorrow’s leaders. Acceptance into this B-school could change many people’s lives, and the first step toward being considered a serious applicant is to have a high GMAT score.

Program and Curriculum of Kellogg MSMS


Core Course

  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Business Analytics
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Finance
  • Management Communications
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Global Initiatives in Management
  • Managerial Accounting

Extra Activities

The Kellogg MSMS program assists students in honing their professional skills such as networking, leadership skills etc. These skills can not be developed within a few days. Hence, the program offers multiple ways in the form of student trips, exchange programs etc. to assist students in developing the said skills.

Below are a few activities that you can avail while pursuing this program.

As a member of the Kellogg community, you can connect to alumni worldwide through regional and special interest alumni clubs. Some of them are listed below:
1.Family Business Alumni Club
2.Kellogg Alumni Entrepreneurs
3.Kellogg Alumni Energy Club
4.Kellogg Executive Women’s Network

Corporate Events:
Every year, Kellogg’s host hundreds of corporate events with world-leading industry professionals. These events include Meet the expert sessions, roundtable discussion where these leaders share their expertise with students. Corporate Visits, with site visits ranging to companies like Accenture, Deloitte, Google, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Dropbox, Roland Berger, Uniqlo, FTI Consulting, MGP Retail Consulting, Interactive Brokers.

Industry Conferences:
Several Industry Conferences are conducted Some examples being-
1.The business of Healthcare Conference
2.Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference
3.Black Management Association Conference

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into Kellogg MSMS) 


In order to be eligible for the Kellogg School of Management’s MS in Management Studies Program, applicants must be either a current undergraduate with plans to graduate prior to August 2022 or a recent graduate who will have less than a year of work experience by Summer 2022. Candidates with more than one year of full-time work experience are encouraged to explore our MBA option.

Document Related to the Application

  •  Undergraduate academic record (GPA, transcript, and other universities attended if you have transferred or studied abroad)
  • GMAT/GRE Score
  • One-page resume
  • Information about additional professional, academic and/or artistic achievements (optional)
  • Two Recommendations- one academic reference and one professional reference
  • Two Essays
  • Video Essays
  • Interview by invitation
  • $125 Application Fee.

Kellogg MSMS Deadlines

There are 3-4 intake rounds for the Kellogg School of Management. However, International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the Round one or Round two, so they have enough time for visa processing deadlines.

November 8, 2021

February 21, 2022

April 29, 2022

Kellogg MSMS Employment

Overall MiM Kellogg Placements are pretty good, and hence Kellogg Masters in Management is an attractive proposition for most people. We can write about alumni and more information which makes placement attractive in a school. MBA class also performs extra ordinary every cycle..





Companies recruiting from Kellogg School


The school has a Kellogg job board where students can easily search for jobs. It also runs the Hire Kellogg portal, through which the school connects with employers in order to build trust and encourage them to hire students.


  • Wells Fargo
  • Interactive Brokers


  • Wells Fargo
  • Interactive Brokers

Consulting Sector

  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • Roland Berger
  • FTI Consulting
  • MGP Retail Consulting

Kellogg MSMS Alumni Info

With a responsive network of more than 60,000+ alumni present worldwide as a global hub., the MSMS program proudly presents an employment rate of 100% with three months of graduation. Our alumni are working in the fortune 500 companies and there are regular events to let you know about their journey and how you can make it to the top companies. Kellogg also offers students to directly communicate with their alumni for aid and assists.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Eddie George (former professional American football player)
  • James L. Allen and Edwin G. Booz (founders of Booz Allen Hamilton)
  • Arthur E. Andersen (founder of Arthur Andersen)
  • Brad Blum (CEO Emeritus, Burger King)
  • Mallika Chopra (President, Intent)
  • Kushagra Bajaj (CEO, Bajaj Hindusthan)
  • Roshni Nadar (CEO, HCL)
  • Christopher Galvin (former CEO, Motorola)

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Application Essay for Kellogg MSMS

The application has two long essays and one video essay.

Essay 1:
Pursuing a Master’s in Management is a big decision. Walk us through your decision to apply to Kellogg’s MS in Management Studies program, and what you’ve learned about yourself throughout your decision making and application process. (500 words)

Essay 2:
Kellogg fosters a collaborative community of learners who support each other through the rigorous MSMS coursework, and in their endeavors outside of the classroom. Tell us about an experience where you worked within a team or community to navigate a challenge or make a difficult decision. (300 words)

Video Essay: (20-25 minutes)
After submitting an application, you will receive an email that will include directions on how to complete the video essay questions. One question will be a “get to know you” icebreaker type of question. The second question will be an opportunity to describe your plans for the future and how Kellogg will help you on that journey. The other questions will be randomly generated questions that will be similar to interview questions.

Letter of Recommendation for Kellogg MSMS

Two Recommendations. One recommender must be an academic reference, preferably a professor. The second recommender must be a non-family member who knows you well, such as a current or former boss, internship supervisor, student group advisor, research advisor, coach, etc. Peer references and family friends are not recommended.

Interview Questions for McGill University MBA


Q1: Walk me through your resume
Q2: Why are you planning to do MSMS?
Q3: Why you choose Kellogg?
Q4: What do you feel you can learn from a MSMS at Kellogg?
Q5: Describe an instance where you had to fight for an idea within a team
Q6: Describe any instance where you were frustrated within a team
Q7: How do you cope where you had to work with someone very different from you?
Q8: What was the most challenging task you have received at work?
Q9: Is there anything else you’d like to add that wasn’t in your interview or essays?
Q10: Any questions for us?


Q1: Walk me through your resume,
Q2: Why you chose MSMS?
Q3: Why you chose Kellogg?
Q4: How do you describe your learning style?
Q5: How do you define leadership give instances where you exhibited leadership?
Q6: Tell us about your achievements?


What makes Kellogg MSMS Unique

  • Kellogg’s MSMS is a 10-month program, after which if students decide to pursue an MBA degree, they will be easily admitted to it.
  • The Kellogg MS in Management programme will provide you with essential business skills to serve as a springboard for your career.
  • MSMS provides students with a solid foundation in business management, positioning them as multi-talented leaders in less than a year.
  • It provides students with the necessary tools to polish them into confident professionals. Furthermore, Kellogg’s game-changing alliance model facilitates interaction with professors and classmates is an added advantage.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


What is the time duration for MSMS at Kellogg’s?
Master’s in Management studies at Kellogg is a 10-month program where you will be equipped with a foundation in business management.
Who can enroll into the MSMS program at Kellogg’s?
The Kellogg MSMS is intended for students who have recently completed their undergraduate degrees at North-western University and have little or no full-time work experience.
How many LORs are required for the application process?
Students are required to submit two recommendations, one academic and one professional.
What are the number of intakes for MSMS at Kellogg’s?
The number of intakes at Kellogg’s for MSMS is 3; international applicants are advised to fill their application by round two.
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