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King’s College MSc in International Management Review

Applying for MSc in International Management at King’s ?
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King’s College London MiIM Introduction



International Students



Alumni Network






Course Duration

12 Months


Course Fee





The MSc International Management in King’s college gives you an inside and out understanding of worldwide business points of view. The comprehensive programme suits you if you have prior experience in related sociology, regardless of whether it’s financial aspects of humanism. The faculties are specialists in their fields and do imaginative modules to benefit the students as much as possible from their experience. Solid connections with different associations and organisation of standard speeches to give the students key industry insights. Further studying in a city like London opens the door to numerous possibilities for graduates.

King’s MiIM Class Profile

The class of King’s College London MSc in International Management includes students from all over the world. In a class of 356 students approximately 140 students would be from other countries. These students would possess around 0-2 years of work experience. However, most students possess a work experience of at least a couple of months. Hence, talking to one another will expand you network to various nations. Additionally, in the class of young minds who are just about 23 years old, a whole new perspective and understanding of the business world is inevitable. 

Average Age






Average Work Ex

0-2 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


King’s MiIM Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of King’s College London is 19%; in other words, you must be in the top 19 out of 100 applicants to get into the school. To stand out in the crowd, your application must be able to reflect your knowledge and skills properly. You may be the best candidate and possess tons of relevant skills, but if your application fails to convey the same, you might not get shortlisted. To prepare your documents properly, you should consider taking help from experts in this field. They would help you shine in your application.

Acceptance Rate – 19% 

Program and Curriculum of MiIM in King’s College London

Today’s fast-changing world tends to outrun even the most stable organisations. King’s College London MSc in International Management prepares its students to cope in the ever-changing and dynamic business world. Moreover, students also build a sense of responsibility in them so that their actions are considerate, which in a way makes the world a better place. The Master’s in International Management is designed for those students whose ambitions are similar. No matter your future goals – consultancy, civic leadership, or healthcare, KCL MSc in International Management will assist you in all these.

Through King’s MSc in International Management program, one can gain key business skills. The modules are structured in a way to cover all the required areas of international business. There are a lot of options to choose from in a range of modules. At the end of the course, a 15,000-word dissertation will give you a chance to explore more.

Credit value (UK/ECTS equivalent): UK 180 / ECTS 90

Research Modules

  • Research Methods (15 credits)
  • International Business Strategy (15 credits)
  • International Finance and Accounting (15 credits)
  • Comparative Management (15 credits)
  • International Marketing (15 credits)
  • Dissertation (60 credits)

    Optional Modules

    • International Entrepreneurship (15 credits)
    • International Human Resource Management (15 credits)
    • Work and New Technology: International Studies and Perspectives (15 credits)
    • Information, Marketing and Technology (15 credits)
    • International Financial Reporting & Analysis (15 credits)
    • European Business Context and Corporate Strategies (15 credits)

    Extra Activities

    • International Entrepreneurship (15 credits)
    • International Human Resource Management (15 credits)
    • Work and New Technology: International Studies and Perspectives (15 credits)
    • Information, Marketing and Technology (15 credits)
    • International Financial Reporting & Analysis (15 credits)
    • European Business Context and Corporate Strategies (15 credits)

    Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into King’s College London MiIM) 

    You are primarily required to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Though King’s College London MSc in International Management focuses on management and leadership, a bachelor’s degree in any field is acceptable. There is no criteria for the requirement of a particular discipline. In addition to this, you must possess sound knowledge of the English language as all of your courses will be taught in the same language.


    • Undergrad degree with high 2:1 honours (i.e. an overall average of at least 65% across all years of study) required in a social science-related area (e.g. management, economics, sociology or another relevant subject).
    • In order to meet the academic entry requirements for this programme, you should have a minimum high 2:1 undergraduate degree with a final mark of at least 65% or above in the UK marking scheme. If you are still studying, you should be achieving an average of at least 65% or above in the UK marking scheme. 

    English Language Proficiency Tests:

    If you are not a native English speaker, you must take an English proficiency test to study at King’s College London MSc in International Management. King’s College London accepts IELTS and requires a minimum of 6.5 marks.

    • King’s International Pre-Master’s programme –  Pass with B+ minimum / Pass with Band 7
    • Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) / Cambridge C1 Advanced Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) / Cambridge C1 Advanced –  185 overall; minimum 176 in all skills
    • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) / Cambridge C2 Proficiency Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) / Cambridge C2 Proficiency 185 overall; minimum 176 in all skills
    • IELTS (Academic) IELTS (Academic) 7.0 overall with a minimum of 6.5 in each skill
    • Pearson Test of English (Academic) Pearson Test of English (Academic) 69 overall with a minimum of 62 in each communicative skill
    • TOEFL iBT Institution code: 0394 TOEFL iBT Institution code: 0394 100 overall with a minimum of 25 in writing and 23  in each of the other skills
    • Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English (ISE) Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English (ISE)  Level III (ISEIII) with merit in each skill

    Document Related to the Application

      Official Transcript(s) – A copy (or copies) of your official academic transcript(s), showing the subjects studied and marked obtained. If you have already completed your degree, copies of your official degree certificate will also be required. Applicants with academic documents issued in a language other than English will need to submit their documents’ original and official translation.

      Two references –  Two letters of recommendation are required, one academic and the other professional. Professional references will be accepted if you have completed your qualifications over five years ago.

      CV/ resumes – Applicants are also required to submit a CV (Resume) or evidence of professional registration as part of their application (optional)

      King’s College London MiIM Deadlines

      Deadlines must be kept in mind while applying for King’s College London MSc in International Management. This is because the school only has one intake, and if you miss that deadline, you will have to wait till the next year. This will cause a gap in your profile for which you would not only have to write additional essays, but your postgraduation will also be delayed. To prevent this, you must check the deadline and prepare your application accordingly. For this, it is highly recommended that you take an expert’s opinion who would help you elevate your profile and give you constant reminders of the deadline.

      Appplication Commencement September 1
      Primary Deadline January 26
      Extended Deadline June 30


      King’s College London MiIM Employment

      All the students are responsible for getting their own placement, and such opportunities can never be guaranteed, but the specialised Global Placements Team of King’s College London offers substantial help and advice.

      A carefully planned programme of placement events and seminars will assist you in developing professional skills. These will provide you with the confidence to discover and obtain the perfect position, as well as create an outstanding impression:

      • 1-1 Careers Consultations
      • Employer Networking Events
      • Placement Preparation workshops
      • Dedicated in-placement support
      • Peer Learning & Placement Student Social Events
      • King’s CareerConnect: KCL’s online vacancy board advertises hundreds of job opportunities
      • An online Placements Hub full of resources and guidance





      Top Sectors hiring King’s College London MiIM Graduates

      The graduates from King’s MSc in International Management program get the opportunity to work in a number of fields that range from management consultancies, the financial sector, and large retail and manufacturing organisations, international NGOs.

      Gaining practical experience alongside your education might provide you with an advantage in a globally competitive employment market. KCL’s one year in industry courses are designed to help students apply their academic abilities and knowledge to real-world business situations.

      Here are the top Sectors in which you can work after studying MSc in International Management at King’s College London

      • Technology
      • Finance
      • Consulting

      Companies recruiting from King’s College MiIM Graduates


      • IBM
      • Google
      • Amazon
      • Apple
      • Tata Consultancy Services
      • Capgemini


      • JP Morgan
      • Bloomberg L.P.
      • Deloitte
      • Goldman Sachs
      • Barclays
      • Sky

      Consulting Sector

      • KPMG
      • McKinsey & Company
      • Bain & Company
      • Capco
      • PA Consulting Group
      • Elixirr
      • Accenture

      King’s College MiIM Alumni Info

      King’s College has many notable alumni in its network. Its exemplary services and dedication make its alumni network remain intact. The alumni of King’s College are allowed to avail of many services provided by the college like Library services, King’s gyms, KCLSU Bars and Venues, Sports Clubs, etc.

      Some Famous Alumni

      • Sarojini Naidu
      • Florence Nightingale
      • Virginia Woolf
      • the founder of Bentley Motors, Walter Bentley
      • John Keats
      • Tim Thornton

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      Application Essay for King’s College MiIM

      Application Essay

      A personal statement of up to 4,000 characters (maximum 2 pages) is required. Please provide a personal statement showing how your interests are linked to the programme. In this statement, please describe your academic background, your reasons for applying for this programme and what you hope to gain from it, including any relevant experience, strengths, ambitions or research interests.

      Letter of Recommendation for King’s College MiIM

      The school requires you to submit 2 letters of recommendation, 1 academic reference, and the other professional reference. There are no particular questions to be answered, the references are to be written in the free flow format. In this format, it is suggested that you mention your managerial strengths and support them by giving examples. In addition, you must also add a weakness and how you improved yourself.

      Interview Questions for King’s College MiIM

      Once your profile has been shortlisted for King’s College London MSc in International Management, the school may call you for an interview. For students who have applied to oversee the Admissions Committee agrees to conduct the interview online. So these students mostly get a chance to face the interview from the comfort of their own homes. These interviews can be via Gmeet or Zoom. The university asks no particular questions, but there are some general Kira Interview questions that you should practice to ace your interview. Practising these questions will help you answer the questions effectively, also you will be nervous because of your prior practice.

      Here are some questions that you should practice-

      1. Tell me something about yourself
      2. Why do you want to pursue Master’s in International Business from King’s College London?
      3. Why a master’s degree now, why not do an MBA?
      4. What are your short term and long term goals?
      5. Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
      6. What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
      7. Why not study in your home country?

      What makes King’s College MiIM Unique

      • All the knowledge and skills that you’ll gain at King’s Business School will help you realise your full potential
      • The students at KCL learn personal, practical, transferable, and intellectual skills. By studying the comprehensive and diverse range of modules, the school will develop your problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills from a global point of view.
      • In addition to important skill development, you will get a comparative awareness of major management systems and advanced business strategies. Moreover, you also get the ability to recognise the sources of competitive advantage for multinational corporations.
      • After finishing the programme, you will grasp strategic management decision making and have a thorough understanding of the larger economic, political, and cultural settings in which modern company executives work. You’ll also comprehend the nature and evolution of various management systems, as well as be able to analyse the function, strategy, and models of international corporations.
      • Last but not the least, you will also be able to apply for a double degree and spend an additional year studying management, corporate finance, or global management & politics at the Luiss University of Rome.


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      Is it difficult to get into King's College London for Masters?

      Undoubtedly, it is hard to get into King’s College London for Masters, as you are constantly required to earn good grades and have a considerable amount of experience of working in and managing groups. This experience can either be professional or through extracurricular, and volunteer activities.

      What are the requirements to get into Kings College London?

      The basic requirement to get into the school is a good academic background of the students. However, the exact requirements depend on the program you are applying for.

      What is MSc International Management?

      MSc International Management is a master’s level programme designed for students who wish to equip themselves with all the leadership skills required in the business world. In addition, the program is also technically advanced so that students can cope in the new business world which is fully driven by technology.

      Does King's College London accept international students?

      Yes, it accepts international students, in MSc in International  Management, there are about 40% international students.


      What percentage of KCL students are international?

      There are about 40% of international students at KCL.

      Is King's College London Expensive?

      Yes, the College can be considered expensive considering all the costs a student is required to bear especially international students as they have to bear the living costs, food expenses, transportation expenses etc.

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