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Kings College London MIM Salary & Job Prospectus

Kings College London MIM Salary & Job: Career Prospectus, Sectors & Hiring

Kings College London is renowned for its Master's in Management (MIM) program, attracting students worldwide. This blog post will delve into the salary prospects offered by Kings College MIM graduates. We will explore the sector-wise distribution of salaries, variations across different locations, and other opportunities associated with these salaries.

Average Graduate Salary

Graduates embark on promising career paths with competitive salaries upon completing of Kings College London MIM Program.The average starting salary for MIM graduates is £2,29,054. This indicates that the average salary of Kings College MIM three years after graduation is more than double their pre-MBA salary. This figure indicates the earning potential and value that employers place on the skills and knowledge acquired during the program.

Sector-Wise Opportunities & Earnings

The diverse skill set gained through the MIM program equips graduates to excel in various sectors. Here are the top five sectors where Kings College MIM graduates have secured lucrative positions:

1. Legal Department

Graduates working in the legal sector earn an impressive average Kings MIM salary of £80,000 (equivalent to 79.58 lakhs INR) per annum.

2. Executive Management & Change

Those in executive management and change roles enjoy an average Kings MIM salary of £79,000 (equivalent to 78.58 lakhs INR) per annum.

3. Financial Services

The financial services sector offers attractive salaries, with Kings College MIM alumni earning around £73,000 (equivalent to 72.61 lakhs INR) per annum.

4. Finance Control & Strategy

Graduates in finance control and strategy roles command an average Kings MIM salary of £68,000 (equivalent to 67.64 lakhs INR) per annum.

5. Legal & Paralegal

The legal and paralegal sector provides opportunities with an average Kings MIM salary of £67,000 (equivalent to 66.65 lakhs INR) per annum.

Sectorwise Salary per annum
Legal Department £80,000
Executive Management & Change £79,000
Financial Services £73,000
Finance Control & Strategy £68,000
Legal & Paralegal  £67,000

It's important to note that Kings College London MIM salary ranges can vary based on factors such as job position, industry, level of experience, and individual negotiation skills. The above figures provide a general idea of the salary ranges for Kings College MIM graduates in different countries. Prospective students and graduates should conduct further research and consider specific market conditions and industry trends when exploring job opportunities in different locations.

Job Placement Records

As a Business School student you not only have full access to all the award-winning events and resources from school central team King College London MIM Careers and Employability service but a bespoke service curated especially for you by their dedicated careers team.

  • Develop greater self-awareness of strengths, interests and values. Increase confidence in presenting yours authentic self to employers and making career decisions that work for you.
  • Gain insight, make connections and uncover opportunities through our campus events and connections with world- leading organisations, alumni, thought leaders and investors.
  • Sharpen your application skills for internships, placements, graduate schemes and jobs using cutting edge technology combined with personalised expert feedback and specialised workshops.
  • Build an impressive portfolio of work relevant domain knowledge, leadership, workplace digital or technical skills through employer and professional programmes and micro-certifications.
  • Apply and hone your skills in a real world context. Access a world-class range of internships, placements, start-up incubators, leadership initiatives and focused diversity and inclusion opportunities.

Top companies hiring 

Kings College's Master's in Management (MIM) program consistently attracts top-tier companies seeking exceptional talent. Graduates of this esteemed institution are highly coveted in the job market due to their well-rounded education and practical skills.

Prominent organizations across various industries actively recruit from Kings College MIM. These companies value the program's rigorous curriculum, emphasis on leadership development, and a global perspective that prepares graduates for the challenges of today's business world.

Consulting Finance Technology
Bain & Company J.P. Morgan Microsoft
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Morgan Stanley Amazon

Kings College London MIM salary placements by industry

The employment report also provides information on the placement statistics for the Kings College MiM salary by Industry. According to the report, 94% of graduates secured employment within three months of graduation.

This is a strong placement rate and indicates that the program is effective at preparing students for the job market. The report also indicates that graduates secured jobs across a variety of industries, including Legal, finance, Services, and Management.

Kings College London MIM salary Placement by industry

Global Salary Trends

King's College London overall ranking by QS World University Ranking is #40 out of 1401 globally, #7 out of 90 in UK for the year 2024. Salaries vary depending on the location, industry, and the individual's experience level. Generally, in regions like the UK and Europe, graduates from King’s College London MIM Program can expect competitive salaries that reflect the high quality of their education.

For those venturing overseas, the prospects remain bright. Graduates working in countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia often find that their salaries are on the higher end, owing to the global recognition of the degree and the high demand for management professionals in these areas.

The global recognition of Kings College London MIM salary opens doors to exciting career prospects in various countries. Here are examples of salary ranges across different locations:

  • United Kingdom: Within the UK, Kings College MIM graduates typically earn salaries ranging from £36,000 to £50,000 per annum (equivalent to 35.83 lakhs to 49.73 lakhs INR). This range reflects the competitive nature of the UK job market and the value placed on the skills acquired during the MIM program.
  • United States: In the United States, Kings College MIM alumni can expect salaries between $60,000 and $80,000 per annum (equivalent to 44.28 lakhs to 59.04 lakhs INR). The strong reputation of Kings College London and the global perspective gained through the MIM program open doors to opportunities in various sectors across the US.
  • Canada: Salaries for Kings College MIM graduates in Canada range from CAD 50,000 to CAD 70,000 per annum (equivalent to 27.99 lakhs to 39.19 lakhs INR). The Canadian job market values the international exposure and business acumen acquired during the MIM program, making Kings College graduates attractive to employers in diverse industries.
  • Australia: In Australia, salaries for Kings College MIM alumni typically fall within the range of AUD 70,000 to AUD 90,000 per annum (equivalent to 38.39 lakhs to 49.42 lakhs INR). The country's robust economy and strong business ties with the Asia-Pacific region provide ample opportunities for MIM graduates to excel in various sectors.
  • Germany: Graduates working in Germany can expect salaries ranging from €45,000 to €60,000 per annum (equivalent to 37.53 lakhs to 49.88 lakhs INR). Germany's thriving economy, particularly manufacturing, technology, and finance, offers promising prospects for Kings College MIM alumni.
Location wise Salary( per annum)
United Kingdom £36,000 to £50,000
United State $60,000 and $80,000
Canada CAD 50,000 to CAD 70,000
Australia AUD 70,000 to AUD 90,000
Germany €45,000 to €60,000

Kings College London MIM Famous Alumni 

Kings College London offers a Master's in International Management (MIM) program through its Business School.Here are a few examples of notable Kings College MIM program alumni:

Name Position
Rahul Tandon BBC Journalist and Presenter
Jules Chappell OBE Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank
Khaled Al-Saleh Chairman of Zain Saudi Arabia
Sharath Jeevan Founder of STIR Education
Mohit Joshi President of Infosys
Jonathan Goodwin Founder of Lepe Partners
Katrin Suder former State Secretary at the German Ministry of Defence

Kings College London MIM Advantage

King College London MIM in UK is more than just an academic decision; it's a step towards a successful and fulfilling career. The School gives the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in one of the world's most dynamic educational environments.

World-Class Education: King's College London is renowned for its high-quality education. As an MIM student here, you'll learn from some of the best minds in the field, ensuring a solid foundation for your future career.

Global Recognition: A degree from King's College is recognized and respected worldwide. This means your qualification will open doors for you, no matter where your career takes you.

Career Prospects: Graduates of King's College's MIM program have an impressive track record of landing top jobs. The college's strong industry links and dedicated career services significantly enhance your employment prospects.

Innovative Curriculum: The MIM program at King's is carefully designed to balance theory with practical application. You'll not only learn the latest in management but also how to apply it effectively in real-world scenarios.

Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of London, King's College offers unparalleled access to the business world. Networking opportunities, internships, and exposure to leading companies are just at your doorstep.


Kings MIM program provides students with a strong foundation for successful careers, offering excellent average graduate salaries and diverse opportunities. The program equips graduates with highly sought-after skills in sectors such as law, finance, and executive management. With the flexibility to pursue careers globally, Kings College MIM alumni can expect competitive salaries in various countries. Overall, the program presents a promising path for those looking to excel in their chosen fields and secure rewarding opportunities in the business world.


What is the average salary after Kings College London?

The average salary of King's College London graduates is 36,000 GBP (35.83 lakhs INR) per annum.

How much do MIM earn in the UK?

The starting MIM salary in UK ranges from £25,000 to £35,000 per annum. However, this figure can vary depending on several factors, such as location and industry. 

Do Indians get job after MIM?

Yes, MIM graduates can get jobs easily in various sectors like marketing, consulting, technology, retail and luxuries etc. Some of the options for jobs after MIM are HR Manager, Business Development Manager, Analyst, etc.

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