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La Trobe MBA Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, ROI & More

Nestled in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia, where intellectual prowess meets cultural diversity, stands La Trobe University—a beacon of academic excellence and a gateway to a world-class MBA program that has captivated aspiring business leaders across the globe. Embarking on this transformative journey at La Trobe University promises an enriching experience. Still, one mustn't disregard the intricate tapestry of costs intricately woven within the folds of this educational pursuit, including the fascinating realm of La Trobe MBA fees. Thus, within the confines of this thought-provoking blog post, let us embark on a captivating expedition that delves into the labyrinthine realm of La Trobe MBA fees, the ephemeral dance of living expenses, the tantalizing allure of scholarships, and the awe-inspiring potential return on investment that awaits those intrepid enough to venture forth.

La Trobe MBA Fees

The cost of tuition for the La Trobe MBA program varies depending on the mode of study, duration, and location. For domestic students, the fee for a full-time MBA program is approximately AUD 48,000, while the part-time MBA program fee is AUD 43,200. On the other hand, international students pay a higher fee than domestic students. For instance, international students who choose the full-time MBA program pay approximately AUD 69,200. It's important to note that the fees are subject to change each year.

La Trobe MBA Living Expenses - Food, Travel, Accommodation

The pursuit of an MBA from La Trobe University entails a crucial consideration: La Trobe MBA fees and living expenses. Melbourne's vibrant culture comes with a higher cost of living than other Australian cities. Let's examine the expenses MBA students can anticipate, including accommodation, food, and transportation costs, as well as the specific details of La Trobe MBA fees that contribute to the overall investment required for this remarkable educational experience.

  • Living expenses are an important factor for MBA students at La Trobe University.
  • Melbourne is known for its high cost of living compared to other Australian cities.
  • Accommodation is a significant expense for most students and can range from AUD 100 to AUD 300 per week, depending on the type and location of the accommodation.
  • Estimated food expenses for students are AUD 80 to AUD 100 per week.
  • Transportation costs can vary depending on the mode of transportation and the distance from the campus.

While pursuing an MBA from La Trobe University can be a life-changing experience, it's important to consider the La Trobe MBA fees and living expenses that come with it. Accommodation, food, and transportation costs can add up quickly and may impact your budget. By understanding the estimated costs, including the details of La Trobe MBA fees, MBA students can better plan and budget for their time at La Trobe University and make the most of their experience without financial stress.

La Trobe MBA Fees: Scholarships

Indian students pursuing higher education in foreign universities face many financial hurdles. Scholarships are a great way to alleviate some of these financial burdens. Here are five scholarships for Indian students that can help them achieve their dreams of studying abroad:

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Tata Scholarship
  • Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
Living Expenses Estimated Cost
Accommodation AUD 100 - AUD 300 per week
Food AUD 80 - AUD 100 per week
Transportation Varies depending on distance and mode of transportation

La Trobe MBA Fees: ROI

One of the most critical considerations for prospective MBA students is the return on investment (ROI). La Trobe University is one of the best MBA colleges in Australia that offers a good ROI, with graduates earning an average salary of AUD 102,000 per annum, according to QS World University Rankings. Additionally, the program provides students opportunities to network with industry professionals and gain valuable skills and knowledge to enhance their career prospects.

Part-Time Jobs and Potential Earnings after La Trobe 

Working part-time while studying for an MBA in Australia can be a great way for students to earn extra income, gain valuable work experience, and cover their living expenses. With a minimum wage of approximately AUD 19.84 per hour, MBA students can earn a decent income by working up to 20 hours per week. In this section, we will look closer at the potential earnings of MBA students in Australia and the benefits of working part-time while studying.

  • MBA students in Australia can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while studying.
  • Part-time jobs can help students cover living expenses and gain valuable work experience.
  • The minimum wage in Australia is approximately AUD 19.84 per hour.
  • Students can earn around AUD 400 to AUD 500 per week through part-time jobs.

In conclusion, part-time jobs can be an excellent option for MBA students in Australia who want to earn some extra income while studying. By working up to 20 hours per week, students can earn an average of AUD 400 to AUD 500 per week, which can go a long way in covering their living expenses. Moreover, part-time jobs provide an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop essential skills to enhance their career prospects after graduation.

Indian Student Visa Work Hour Restrictions for La Trobe 

When studying abroad, Indian students often face certain restrictions, including work-hour limitations on their student visas. If you're an Indian student planning to study in Australia, it's important to understand the visa regulations regarding work hours to avoid legal complications. In addition to considering work-hour restrictions, it's crucial to be aware of the financial aspect, including the impact of La Trobe MBA fees on your budget while studying at La Trobe University. In this section, we'll look closer at the work-hour restrictions that apply to Indian students in Australia and shed light on the La Trobe MBA fees to help you plan your finances effectively.

  • Indian students who want to study in Australia should know about the work-hour restrictions on their student visas.
  • Students from India can only work 40 hours every two weeks while studying.
  • Full-time work is only allowed during scheduled university breaks.
  • Indian students must follow the work-hour restrictions to prevent any violations of their visas.
  • Violating visa restrictions can lead to serious consequences, including student visa cancellation and deportation from Australia.

As an Indian student studying in Australia, it's important to abide by the work-hour restrictions on your student visa. Staying within the allowed limit of 40 hours per fortnight while studying can be challenging. Still, it's crucial to avoid any visa violations that could affect your academic progress and future opportunities. In addition to managing your work hours, it's essential to consider the financial aspect, including the impact of La Trobe MBA fees on your budget while studying at La Trobe University. By following the Australian government's guidelines and understanding the details of La Trobe MBA fees, you can focus on your studies while still earning enough to support your living expenses effectively.


Pursuing an MBA from La Trobe University is a significant investment, but it can also be a life-changing experience. Along with the La Trobe MBA fees, students should consider living expenses and the potential return on investment. La Trobe University offers several scholarships to help students with their tuition fees, providing valuable financial support. Part-time jobs can also aid in covering living expenses, allowing students to balance their studies and work commitments effectively. By carefully considering the La Trobe MBA fees, exploring scholarship opportunities, and managing living expenses, students can make a well-informed decision and maximize the value of their MBA journey at La Trobe University.

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