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Lancaster MBA Review

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    The Lancaster MBA program stands out as the university's top program, celebrated for its 30-year tradition of excellence. It's designed to give you the skills you need to handle today's complex business world effectively.

    With a focus on practical learning, the program uses real-world cases to help you gain the skills to solve actual business problems. It ranks highly for its teaching quality and value for money and leads the UK for the salary boost it gives graduates.

    This program not only aims to enhance your academic knowledge but also prepares you to be a leader in your field.

    Program length 12 Months
    Tuition Fees
    MBA 2024
    Program deadline
    MBA 2024
    16 October 2023.
    31 January 2024.
    30 June 2024.
    Intakes 1 (September 2024)
    Application fees £40. 

    Class Profile

    The Lancaster MBA program brings together a diverse community of students from around the world, each contributing unique backgrounds and perspectives. Our inclusive environment celebrates this diversity while ensuring every voice is heard and valued.

    This snapshot provides insight into our cohort, highlighting both our diverse student body and our commitment to inclusivity.

    Average GMAT N/A 
    Average GRE N/A
    Average GPA N/A
    Average work experience N/A
    Average age N/A
    Pre-MBA industry
    Pre-MBA location
    MBA 2025
    Class size
    MBA 2025
    MBA 2025
    Country Represented
    MBA 2025

    Lancaster MBA Rankings

    Lancaster's MBA program has earned notable rankings globally. In the FT Global MBA 2022 ranking, it secured the 76th position. Additionally, in the QS World University Rankings, it ranked 122nd, and in the QS Global MBA rankings for 2023, it held the 12th spot for full-time MBAs in the UK.

    These rankings underscore the program's reputation for excellence and its commitment to providing a top-tier education in business management.

    Rankings Position
    FT Global MBA 2022 76th
    QS World University Rankings 122th
    QS Global MBA rankings 2023 (Full-time MBA in the UK) 12th 

    Eligibility & Requirements for Lancaster MBA

    For the Lancaster MBA application process, you'll need to complete the following steps: Fill out the Online application form, demonstrate proof of English language proficiency, provide a 500-word personal statement, and submit two references (one from your employer and ideally one academic).

    additionally include your university transcripts with certified English translations, prepare a CV with explanations for any significant employment gaps, and complete the application. Are you ready to embark on your MBA journey? Let's begin!

    Application Components:

    When applying for an MBA at Lancaster University, there are several key things you'll need to have. These include your academic records, test scores, and other important documents. It's basically the basic stuff you need to apply, like your grades, exam scores, and papers.

    Requirements Details
    Completed online application form -The form is designed to be filled out over multiple sessions.
    -It allows saving progress and submission when ready.
    Test scores needed Proof of English Language Ability (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE, or PTE Academic)
    Standardized requirements by school -Personal statement ( Recommend a maximum of 500 words.)
    -Two good references (One reference should be from your current employer, and ideally, the other from someone able to speak to your academic capabilities.)
    Additional requirements -University Transcripts (with certified English translation)
    -A Stonge CV (with explanations for significant employment gaps)
    -Passport (International students need a copy of their student visa)
    -Application Fee (£40., payable by cards)

    Program & Curriculum of Lancaster MBA 

    The Lancaster MBA program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to become effective and responsible leaders in today's global business environment. The curriculum includes a set of core courses that cover topics such as organizational behavior, accounting and finance, digital innovation, and marketing, among others.

    Moreover, students can choose from a range of elective courses to specialize in areas such as corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic brand management.


    Discover the elective courses of the Lancaster MBA, designed to develop essential leadership skills. Learn strategic decision-making, change management, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management to succeed in complex business environments.

    Corporate Strategy Learn to steer a company towards success, make big decisions, and set long-term goals.
    Managing Strategic Change Understand when and how to implement change effectively to ensure growth and adaptability.
    Mergers and Acquisitions Master the art of expanding a company by making smart deals through mergers or acquisitions.
    Strategic Brand Management Build and maintain a strong brand that appeals to customers and stands out in the market.

    Fees, Financing & Scholarships at Lancaster MBA

    Explore the comprehensive breakdown of fees, financing options, and scholarships for the Lancaster MBA program. Get an in-depth understanding of the tuition fees for the 2024 class, application fees, and available financial assistance.

    Discover potential funding opportunities and learn about various avenues for securing financial support to pursue your MBA at Lancaster University.

    Tuition fee for the class 2024 £39,000
    Student Association Fee 2024 N/A
    Application Fees 2024 £40. 


    Discover the wide array of scholarships tailored specifically for students pursuing the Lancaster MBA program. Getting invaluable opportunities for financial assistance designed to bolster your academic journey and help you achieve your career aspirations.

    Scholarship Value Eligibility
    Lancaster Master's Scholarship Up to £5,000 For applicants of full-time and part-time Postgraduate programs (excluding MBA applicants)
    Management School MBA Scholarship Up to £16,000 Full-time MBA Applicants
    Alumni Loyalty Scholarship 10% fee discount A degree from Lancaster University or its associated institutions
    Lancaster Global Scholarship - Master's £5,000 in your first year of study. For those applying to postgraduate programs (excluding MBA applicants)

    Employment Upon Graduation

    With a good placement rate within six months of graduation, the program has a well-established network of corporate partners, and graduates have gone on to work in various industries, with consulting, finance, and technology being the top sectors.

    The program has a strong focus on employability, and the Careers Team provides extensive support to students, including career coaching, employer presentations, networking events, and access to a comprehensive online jobs board.

    Average Salary
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation N/A
    Offer received upon three months of graduation N/A
    Reporting rate N/A
    Post-program job locations N/A
    Post MBA industries
    21.6% Consulting
    21.6% Marketing/sales
    11.8% General management
    13.7% Finance
    9.8% Operations, logistics, and supply chain
    9.8% Project management
    10.8% IT
    1% Other (e.g. HR)

    Lancaster MBA

    Lancaster MBA Application: Personal Statement & Interview

    The Lancaster MBA Application process includes a critical component: the Personal Statement & Interview. This stage allows applicants to showcase their unique qualities, experiences, and aspirations. Through the personal statement, candidates can articulate their motivations, career goals, and how the Lancaster MBA aligns with their professional journey.

    The interview offers an opportunity for further exploration and assessment of the applicant's suitability for the program. Together, these elements play a vital role in determining a candidate's fit for the Lancaster MBA.

    MBA Personal Statement guidance by Lancaster MBA

    To pass through to the interview stage you would need to submit a personal statement. This should be attached to your application as a Word document, and be around 500 words in length. We would normally expect to see the following topics addressed in your personal statement:

    • Demonstration of strong business experience, and that you have held significant managerial responsibilities.
    • Evidence of any achievements in your professional life. E.g.: consistently performing at a high level, consistent career progression, and any impact that you have had on your organization.
    • Professional skills that you have developed. E.g.: teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, negotiating, and analytical skills.
    • How you will contribute to your class and what experiences you can bring to Lancaster. E.g.: international work experience, any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial activities that you have been involved in, why you would like to study for your MBA at Lancaster University Management School.

    Tips for writing a personal statement:

    Here are some specialized Lancaster MBA essay tips students can follow:

    • Demonstrate your leadership and teamwork skills: Show how you have managed people or projects and highlight examples of collaboration.
    • Highlight your international experience: Explain how you have worked with diverse teams or clients, or how you have adapted to working in different cultures.
    • Show how you can contribute to the school community: Explain what unique perspectives or experiences you can bring to the classroom, and how you plan to contribute to group projects and discussions.
    • Emphasize your commitment to responsible business practices: Demonstrate your awareness of social and environmental issues, and explain how you integrate these considerations into your work.
    • Be specific and concise: Use specific examples to illustrate your points, and make sure your essay is well-structured and easy to read. Avoid generic statements or buzzwords.

    Application questions for the Lancaster MBA program

    Apart from the personal statements you'll submit, there will be some questions that you need to be ready for when applying to the Lancaster University MBA program. Remember, how you answer these questions can make a big difference in whether you get accepted or not.

    • Q: What inspired you to choose Lancaster University Management School?
    • Q: Can you tell us about a challenging situation you have faced at work and how you handled it?
    • Q: How have you demonstrated leadership skills in your professional life?
    • Q: How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements?
    • Q: Can you tell us about a time when you had to work with someone with a very different working style than your own?
    • Q: How would you contribute to the diversity and inclusivity of the MBA cohort?
    • Q: What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
    • Q: How will an MBA from Lancaster University help you achieve your career goals?

    Interview Questions

    The Lancaster MBA interview questions are an important part of the application process where the admissions committee evaluates a candidate's skills and competencies. The interview is typically conducted online by a member of the admissions team and focuses on the candidate's personal and professional experiences, goals, and fit with the program. 

    • Be authentic and demonstrate a strong fit with the school's values - Show that you have a genuine interest in the program and align with the school's values of sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical leadership.
    • Use specific examples from your personal and professional experience - Provide detailed and specific examples to demonstrate your skills, achievements, and experiences.
    • Showcase your leadership potential - Emphasize your leadership skills and potential, as the school places a strong emphasis on developing future business leaders.
    • Be aware of current business and industry trends - Demonstrate an understanding of current trends and issues in business and industry, as the school encourages critical thinking and analytical skills.
    • Ask thoughtful and relevant questions - Show your interest and engagement in the program by asking thoughtful and relevant questions about the curriculum, faculty, and student experience. 

    Who attends the Boston MBA program:

    • You're ambitious and crave something fresh, like trying out a new job, moving to a different country, or exploring a different field.
    • You're looking to pick up skills that can help you succeed anywhere around the globe.
    • You're thrilled about working on your own business idea or pitching in to grow a family business.
    • You've had success before and achieved quite a bit.
    • You're all set for a new challenge, whether it's in a different industry, a new job, or a foreign place.
    • You're aiming to expand your knowledge and experience on a worldwide level.

    What Makes Lancaster MBA Unique

    Lancaster MBA

    Is Lancaster MBA worth it? The program emphasizes experiential learning, through live client projects, international study tours, and business simulations. This approach helps students develop practical skills and prepare for real-world challenges. Here are few points to nudge students toward the program:

    1. A strong focus on internationalization: The school really cares about being international. They have students from all over the world, and they teach a lot about global business. This lets students learn about different cultures and how businesses work worldwide, which is pretty cool.
    2. Practical and applied learning: In this program, students get chances to use what they learn in real-life situations. They do things like solving real business problems, working as interns, and doing consulting projects. This helps them learn skills they can actually use when they start working.
    3. Emphasis on responsible business:  The MBA program at the school really cares about doing good things for society and the environment, and making sure businesses act ethically. They teach these values in their classes and activities so students understand how important it is for businesses to make a positive impact on the world.
    4. Engaging teaching methods: The program uses innovative and engaging teaching methods such as problem-based learning, simulation exercises, and team-based projects that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership development.
    5. Excellent career support: The school has a dedicated careers team that works with students throughout their program to develop their career goals, provide personalized coaching, and connect them with a wide range of employers. This support includes career fairs, networking events, and one-on-one coaching sessions.


    Lancaster MBA is a highly respected program that offers a unique learning experience to its students. The program's commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for its students, being one of the best MBA colleges in UK. The school's location in the heart of the UK provides students with access to a thriving business community and opportunities for global networking.

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    What is the duration of the Lancaster MBA program?

    The program duration is 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time.

    Is work experience required for admission to the Lancaster MBA program?

    Yes, a minimum of 3 years of work experience is required for admission.

    What is the class size for the Lancaster MBA program?

    The class size is typically around 50-70 students per cohort.

    Does the Lancaster MBA program offer scholarships?

    Yes, the program offers a range of scholarships based on merit and need.

    Are international students eligible to apply for the Lancaster MBA program?

    Yes, international students are encouraged to apply and make up a significant proportion of the student body at Lancaster MBA.

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