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LBS MBA GMAT Score & Class Profile

LBS MBA GMAT & Class Profile: Scores, Insights & FAQs

If you're interested in pursuing an MBA at the London Business School (LBS), one of the key factors you'll need to consider is class profile. One of the major examples here is your LBS MBA GMAT score.

The admissions at London Business School are highly competitive, with thousands of applicants vying for a limited number of spots. Understanding the class profile & GMAT score can provide valuable insights into making your application stand out.

Average LBS MBA GMAT Score

The average LBS MBA GMAT score range for the Class of 2024 is 590-780.

The average LBS MBA GMAT score is around 700, with a typical class range of 600 to 800. Although the average score is 700, it doesn’t guarantee you admission. Students need to demonstrate good scores as par to other candidates to get into the London Business School MBA program. Therefore the competitive scoring range for students is over 700 easily.

A GMAT score closer to the range of 750 demonstrates the strong analytical and problem-solving skills of applicants. A must-have for MBA programs at schools like London Business School. Not to mention that such high scorers are often seen as well-equipped for the rigorous academic environment of school. Leverage this strength in your application if you are a high scorer.

Significance of GMAT in LBS's Selection Process

The LBS MBA GMAT score serves as a critical component in the selection process for the program. Rather than a mere measure of mathematical and verbal skills, it also reflects students’s analytical abilities and how ready they are for the rigorous academic challenges of a top-tier business education.

How GMAT Scores Impact Admission Chances? London Business School, with a diverse and ambitious cohort, takes the GMAT score as a benchmark to assess the academic potential of candidates from different backgrounds. The score, ranging broadly from 590 to 780, allows the admissions committee to maintain a standard of academic excellence while embracing diversity in thought and experience.

GMAT Waiver for LBS MBA

Unfortunately London Business School does not offer any GMAT waiver.

The school does accept the GRE score if the applicants have attempted a GMAT test. For the GRE, the school prefers scores of over 160 (for both verbal and quantitative sections). However, applicants must be aware of some employers that may ask for a GMAT score.

NOTE: Applicants may be asked by the Admissions Committee to retake the GMAT/GRE test before the school offers admission if they feel that their current score is too low. There is always an option for practicing the GMAT test with London Business School's GMAT simulator and to prepare for the same.

Key Questions Regarding LBS MBA GMAT

When students are making a decision whether to apply for the program or not, there are hundreds of questions. things like average LBS MBA GMAT score, waivers, and whether they can apply without a GMAT score. Here are some most important questions answered:

1. What is the average LBS MBA GMAT score range?

The average GMAT score range is 590-780 for MBA students at London Business School. This aggregate data can is just to get an idea as you should always aim for the highest possible numbers.

2. What is the highest & lowest GMAT score for the same?

Based on the class of MBA2024 LBS MBA GMAT score range, here are the highest & lowest scores;

  • highest- 780
  • lowest- 590

3. Can I apply to LBS with a GMAT lower than 700?

You can. The school evaluates applications holistically. This means your academic background, leadership potential, and work experience have to have more weight in your application than assumed. Of course, a GMAT score is prominent, however, London Business School does not exclusively rely on this criterion for admissions decisions.

4. Does a high GAMT score guarantee admission into the London Business School MBA?

In general, a higher GMAT score can improve your chances of being admitted to London Business School. Therefore while your GMAT score is important, do not neglect other aspects such as work experience, academic excellence, and curricula.

How to Improve Chances With Low GMAT?

While a high LBS MBA GMAT score or a high score can improve your chances of being admitted to this program, it's important to remember that it's not the only factor that matters. If you have a low GMAT score, there are still things you can do to improve your chances of being accepted.

  1. Focus on other aspects of your application: Your GMAT score is just one part of your application. Make sure you put effort into your essays, recommendations, and other components of your application to show the admissions committee that you're a strong candidate in other ways.
  2. Consider retaking the GMAT: If you feel that your LBS MBA GMAT score doesn't accurately reflect your abilities, consider retaking the exam. You can take the GMAT up to five times within a 12-month period, so you have the opportunity to improve your score.
  3. Address your weaknesses: If your GMAT score is low because you struggle with certain areas of the exam, focus on improving those areas. Take a GMAT prep course or work with a tutor to help you develop strategies for tackling those sections.

Recommended Study Plans & Resources

For the LBS MBA GMAT score, you can mix it up with a variety of tools. The most recommended start with the real-deal official GMAT materials, and there are always interactive online courses that test your knowledge with study guides and practice tests. Many sources offer extensive materials and forums for discussion and advice. Study groups and tutoring is good for personalized guidance and motivation.

However, the most effective way is to take the London Business School's GMAT simulator test. Because it can offer a thorough understanding of the school’s ethos, values, and program specifics. Which is crucial to enhance your application and prepare your application.

LBS MBA Class Profile

The London Business School MBA class profile is known for its vibrant and diverse student body. In the MBA 2024 class, 509 students from 74 different nationalities enrolled. The class comprises 37%, women, reflecting the school's commitment to fostering gender diversity.

The international mix of participants ensures a stimulating learning environment, with only 10% of the class hailing from the UK, and the remaining 90% representing 60-70 countries. This global outlook offers students an opportunity to interact with and learn from classmates with varied cultural perspectives, making the program a truly global experience and one of the best schools for MBA abroad.

Average Age 29
Average Work Experience 5 Years
Class Size 485
Female Students 35%
International Students 93%
Nationalities Represented 69
Average GMAT Score 707
GMAT Range 700-800
Work Experience Required 2 Years
Program Length 15-21 Months
Tuition Cost (2023 intakes) £109,700
Average Salary (2021) £85,000

Student Industry & Academic Background

This diverse mix of industries & academics of London Business School MBA program applicants provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the global business landscape and subjects. It also allows them to gain insights into various sectors, preparing them for career transitions and what are the most popular academic background

Student's industry background

London Business School MBA class profile shows students come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. The class of MBA2024 represents the following industries:

lbs mba class profile 2

Student's academic background

The school offers students from all kinds of backgrounds when it comes to prior education. The class profile of the London Business School MBA class profile represents the following educational backgrounds:

Student Academic background
Saumya Sudhir Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Mount Holyoke College, USA)
Priyal Keni MCom Commerce (R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics, India)
Siddharth Seth Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Harshal Vora Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (University of Mumbai, India)
Manish Prayaga MA Economics with Finance (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Significance of Work Experience in LBS MBA Admissions

No doubt work experience plays a pivotal role in the admission process of London Business School's MBA program. The average work experience of students who are admitted typically hovers around 5 years. This experience is very crucial and adds depth to peer learning, classroom discussions, and the overall richness of the program.

London Business School values the diversity of professional backgrounds which allows students to share unique insights. A key point in applying real-world business scenarios to their academic learning. Along with GAMT score and academics, work experience plays a significant role here which is a direct representation of professional growth & leadership potential, and most importantly; the ability to contribute to the LBS community.

To summarize, your work experience is not only about the duration but the quality and impact of your professional journey. It aligns with the school’s ethos of fostering globally-minded business leaders.

What it Takes to Get into LBS MBA?

One of the most confusing queries of students looking at the London Business School MBA class profile is; is it right for me? Will it align with my career goals? What it takes to get into one of the best MBA colleges in UK. As the school itself states, the program is best for you if:

-You’re ambitious and driven, with a global outlook
-You want a new challenge in a new industry, function or country 
-You want an enhanced global skill set to accelerate your career
-You want to develop your start-up idea or build a family business
-You have a strong track record of achievement and success.
-Five years of work experience on average


The class profile elements are an important factor in the admissions process. While the average LBS MBA GMAT score range is 590-780 and the class profile is diverse, know that the school takes a holistic approach to admissions. Embracing the dynamic environment at London Business School will not only enhance your global skillset but also broaden your horizons.

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