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LBS MIM Essays

LBS MIM Essays & Deadlines: Analysis, Tips & Dates

Securing admission to a prestigious business school like London Business School (LBS) requires more than just a strong academic profile. Your application essays, specifically the LBS MIM essays, play a crucial role in showcasing your unique qualities, goals, and potential contributions to the LBS community. In this blog post, we will dive into the specifics of LBS MIM essays and provide valuable tips to help you craft compelling essays that stand out from the competition.

LBS MIM Essay Questions

These LBS MIM essays serve as a platform for applicants to showcase their unique qualities, experiences, and perspectives. They provide an opportunity to articulate one's understanding of the LBS MIM program, career goals, personal interests, and readiness to contribute to a diverse and dynamic academic environment.

1. What does the LBS community mean to you, how do you plan to engage with your new network, and what contributions do you plan to make as a student and future member of the alumni community?

2. What are your short and long-term career goals, and what profound impact are you looking to make as you embark upon your career? Please be specific and consider any challenges or barriers you may face within your answer.

Essay Set - 1

What does the LBS community mean to you, how do you plan to engage with your new network, and what contributions do you plan to make as a student and future member of the alumni community?  (400 words)

LBS MIM essays

Tips & Guidelines:

  • In your LBS MIM essays, Take the time to research and understand the values, culture, and ethos of the LBS community. Reflect on how these align with your personal values and aspirations.
  • Start your essay by articulating what the LBS community means to you on a personal level. Share your genuine thoughts and feelings about the unique opportunities and experiences it offers.
  • Outline a clear plan for how you intend to engage with the LBS MIM program commmunity. This could include joining specific clubs, participating in events, or leveraging your skills and experiences to contribute meaningfully.
  • Provide concrete examples of how you plan to engage with the LBS community. Mention specific clubs or activities you are interested in and explain why they resonate with you.
  • Draw on past experiences, such as leadership roles or involvement in clubs and societies, to demonstrate your readiness to contribute to the LBS community.
    Show how your skills, experiences, and interests align with the goals and values of the LBS community. Highlight areas where you can make a unique and valuable contribution.
  • Discuss your vision for the future and how you plan to continue contributing to the LBS community as an alum. This could include mentoring, participating in industry projects, or supporting school initiatives.
  • Be true to yourself and your aspirations. Your essay should reflect your genuine enthusiasm for becoming a part of the LBS community and making a positive impact.


The prestigious London Business School represents an exceptional platform for my holistic development, educational enhancement, and mutual collaboration. This unique academic setting stands vital for fostering relationships with a diverse, progressive collection of accomplished individuals across a broad global network. Aspiring to be an integral part of this enriching community, I aim to amass deep-set knowledge from experienced peers and faculty while also enriching this academic unit with my unique perspectives and past experiences.

My leadership skills and adeptness in community engagement, honed through my involvement in event organisation as a Campus Ambassador and Advisory Committee member, have prepared me to delve deeply into the vibrant life at LBS. I propose to apply my capabilities to various club activities, which I believe will drive spaces for immersive interactions and reciprocate through significant enrichment of my peers' experiences.

Envisioning a proactive role for myself in the community, I intend to utilise my passion for innovation and diversity by joining the Entrepreneurship Club. Additionally, my proficiency in deploying strategic poster drives and stewarding advertising strategies holds good potential to enhance the activities of the Tech and Media Club, making it a promising arena for advanced learning and prospective recruitment.

Furthermore, I expect to broaden my operational ambit by joining the Student Association, where I could actively engage in organising events, bringing unity and camaraderie to the LBS community. My interests also spur me towards the implications of social impact aligning with the purposes of the Social Impact Club. I wish to leverage my enthusiasm for making a positive difference by contributing to various transformative initiatives and projects in this domain.

As a prospective LBS alumnus, I foresee myself fostering sustained ties with the institution through synergistic contributions to its mentoring programs. By sharing the lessons gleaned from my post-graduation journey, I aspire to become a beacon of guidance and inspiration to future students and cohorts, join hands in focused industry projects, and promote an environment supportive of ongoing personal and professional progression.

In all, I aim to engage, contribute, learn, and continuously evolve within this expansive academic landscape throughout my educational journey and beyond.

Q. What are your short and long-term career goals, and what profound impact are you looking to make as you embark upon your career? Please be specific and consider any challenges or barriers you may face within your answer. (500 words)

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Clearly articulate your short-term and long-term career goals. Be specific about the industries you want to work in, the roles you aspire to, and the impact you aim to make.
  • Reflect on relevant experiences from your academic and professional background that have shaped your career aspirations. Highlight specific achievements and skills that are relevant to your career goals.
  • In your LBS MIM essays, demonstrate how the LBS MIM program aligns with your career goals and will help you achieve them. Discuss specific courses, resources, or opportunities offered by LBS that will support your career development.
  • Acknowledge any challenges or barriers you may face in achieving your career goals. This could include industry-specific challenges, skill gaps, or personal obstacles. Discuss how you plan to overcome these challenges.
  • Articulate the profound impact you aspire to make in your chosen field. Discuss how your skills, experiences, and values uniquely position you to drive positive change and innovation.
  • Provide concrete examples and evidence to support your career goals and aspirations. Use specific achievements, experiences, and skills to illustrate your points and make your essay more compelling.
  • Show self-awareness by acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Discuss how you plan to leverage your strengths and address any areas of improvement.
  • Be genuine and authentic in your response. Your LBS MIM essays should reflect your true passions, aspirations, and values. Avoid generic statements and clichés.


Upon the completion of the Masters in Management program at the London Business School (LBS MIM), my immediate career objective is to join the demanding sector of business consulting. My ambition emanates from a variety of experiences, most notably, my internship at Deloitte as a consultant. Here, my responsibilities encompassed the analysis of various industry benchmarks, small and medium enterprise insights, customer feedback, and vital performance indicators.

My work here delved into the critical assessment of regulations and the identification of potential cost savings through improved regulatory compliance. These tasks led me to devise strategies uniquely tailored to enhancing client profitability and creating robust financial models.

These models anticipated significant revenue growth and a tidy 20% operational cost reduction. I intend to bring these multidimensional competencies to bear in the domain of a reputable consulting firm, preferably BCG or McKinsey. There, I envisage involving myself in complex case studies, strategic challenges, and collaborative endeavours.

Furthermore, my stint as a Finance and Marketing Intern at Agile Capital Services provided an opportunity to contribute to a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. My contributions entailed drafting compelling job descriptions, conducting interviews, and aiding the onboarding process. Consequently, I facilitated the induction of nine new members of the team.

This experience ingrained in me an ordered approach to scrutinising and dissecting key performance indicators. I also coordinated numerous client-partner meetings and corresponded with stakeholders to monitor project progress, clarify objectives, and resolve concerns, ultimately heightening client satisfaction.

As an Investment Banking Fellow part of the esteemed Marquee Equity Fellowship Programme, I gained insights into start-up dynamics and 'unicorns' through comprehensive reports about over ten prescribed topics. I believe this understanding complements my knowledge of macroeconomics and business statistics acquired at the LBS MIM program.

Moreover, my tenure as a marketing intern at Aim India further shaped my professional profile. There, I oversaw strategic campaigns for more than fifty companies and developed a resonant brand model, increasing public engagement and crafting viable market penetration techniques.

These multifaceted experiences, coupled with the comprehensive LBS MIM curriculum, would undoubtedly act as a highly influential stepping-stone aligning with my career objectives. The Master' courses in Decision and Risk Analysis would equip me for an eventual transition to a leadership role within my family's enterprise.

While acknowledging the challenges in the consulting field, from handling convoluted case studies to transitioning to a senior consulting role, I am equally mindful of the potential roadblocks in leading my family's business in the civil hardware sector. Hence, I am proactively preparing with a strategic academic grounding, gaining insights into management accounting and decision and risk analysis, tools that would be indispensable in furthering familial enterprise.

Hence, regardless of the adversities that lie ahead, I am adequately prepared and determined to leave a significant mark in both the consulting and civil hardware industries.

Essay Set - 2

  Essay Question
1 If applicable, please explain any reasons for academic underperformance.
2 Have you ever received formal disciplinary action from an academic institution or been forced to withdraw from a course of study? If so, you must declare the information here.
3 Which industry are you looking to work in?
4 Job function are you aiming for?
5 Please tell us which country/country you hope to work in after graduation.
6 In 150 words (or less), tell us about a hobby or main interest.
7 In 300 words or less, please tell us how will your previous experience(s) enable you to thrive within our School's diverse and international community?
8 How did you hear about this programme? How have you connected with the LBS community?

In the competitive landscape of MIM colleges in the UK, London Business School (LBS) stands as a beacon of academic excellence and professional development. As applicants prepare to embark on their journey towards a Master's in Management (MIM) degree at LBS, they encounter Essay Set - 2, a pivotal component of the application process.

Q. If applicable, please explain any reasons for academic underperformance.*

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Honesty is key when explaining academic underperformance. Admissions committees appreciate genuine reflections on challenges faced during your academic journey.
  • Pinpoint the primary factors contributing to your underperformance in LBS MIM essays. This could include personal, academic, or extracurricular challenges that affected your ability to excel academically.
  • Offer concrete examples or instances that illustrate the challenges you encountered. This could involve discussing specific events, responsibilities, or circumstances that impacted your academic performance.
  • Show that you have reflected on your academic performance and understand the reasons behind it. This demonstrates maturity and self-awareness, qualities valued by admissions committees.
  • If applicable, discuss any steps you have taken to address the challenges and improve your academic performance. This could include seeking academic support, developing better time management skills, or adjusting your priorities.
  • Emphasise how you have learned from the experience and grown as a result. Discuss the lessons you have gained and the strategies you have implemented to overcome challenges and succeed academically.
  • Tie your explanation back to your future goals and aspirations. Show how you have used your past experiences to develop resilience, perseverance, and determination, qualities that will serve you well in your academic and professional pursuits.


My academic performance suffered slightly due to my heavy involvement in organising main events at our college and spearheading sports activities. An obvious hurdle was the lack of proper sports facilities, yet I remained committed to dispelling our college's reputation of purely academic predispositions.

As the basketball team captain, my leadership led us to win multiple inter-college matches. However, this and my event-organizing duties required significant time and energy, sometimes interfering with my academic pursuits

. I convey this not as an excuse but as a testament to my dedication to fostering a well-rounded campus life despite the occasional academic setback. I fully comprehend the need for balance and am honing my time management skills to better amalgamate my scholastic and extracurricular commitments moving forward. Therefore, while my academic record may not entirely reflect it, my achievements are indicative of my ability to thrive in multifaceted roles.

Q. Have you ever received formal disciplinary action from an academic institution or been forced to withdraw from a course of study? If so, you must declare the information here.*

LBS MIM essays

 Tips & Guidelines:

  • If you have received disciplinary action or were forced to withdraw from a course, it's essential to disclose this information truthfully in your LBS MIM essays.
  • Explain the circumstances surrounding the disciplinary action or withdrawal. This could include academic challenges, personal issues, or extenuating circumstances that contributed to the situation.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions or decisions. Acknowledge any mistakes or lapses in judgment that led to the disciplinary action or withdrawal.
  • Demonstrate what you have learned from the experience and how you have grown as a result. Discuss any steps you have taken to address the issues that led to the disciplinary action or withdrawal.
  • Highlight any positive outcomes or lessons learned from the experience. This could include developing resilience, improving time management skills, or gaining a better understanding of academic expectations.
  • Discuss how the experience has shaped you personally and academically. Show how you have used the experience as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.
  • If applicable, provide evidence of your academic progress and improvement since the disciplinary action or withdrawal. This could include improved grades, academic achievements, or positive feedback from professors or advisors.
  • Otherwise, you can simply write not applicable - in case you have never received any disciplinary action against you.


During my undergraduate tenure, I faced a demanding phase that led me to withdraw from a specific course, a decision that I still regret. This unexpected decision was brought about by unforeseen familial obligations which demanded unreserved support and attention from my side. The complexity of managing these stern responsibilities with my academic obligations had a toll on my conventionally high performance in that particular course. 

Although such a withdrawal was hard, it offered me a chance for introspection and personal evolution. I utilised this period to reevaluate my priorities, better my time-management techniques, and seek extra support to manage the predicaments confronting me. I made a conscious effort to remediate the underlying issues that necessitated my course withdrawal, which involved soliciting advice from academic advisors and counsellors. 

Since that period, I have exhibited marked academic progress and renewed dedication to my pursuits. My commitment to academia is evidenced by my sustained high grades in consecutive courses, active involvement in co-curricular activities, and assimilation of leadership roles in the academic environment. Furthermore, I pursued opportunities that fostered my personal and professional development, thereby enhancing my competencies. 

The experience, although strenuous, fortified my resilience, resolve, and ability to combat adversity.  The understanding derived from this experience has instilled in me the maturity and self-awareness to thrive in anticipatory academic targets. I am set on being forthright regarding my past experiences, viewing them as learning opportunities that would aid in my growth and evolution. I am enthusiastic about making a positive impact on the academic community and making valuable inputs in my area of interest. 

In conclusion, I appreciate the opportunity to present my story through this application and look forward to making a significant contribution to the institution. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Q. Please detail your plans from now to the start of the programme, detailing any further work experience, travel, and/or further qualifications.*

 Tips & Guidelines:

  • In your LBS MIM essays, clearly outline your plans leading up to the start of the program. Consider how each activity contributes to your personal and professional growth and aligns with your overall goals.
  • Highlight any opportunities you have to gain valuable experience or insights that will benefit you during the program. This could include further work experience, travel, or additional qualifications.
  • Showcase your proactive approach to self-improvement and skill development. Mention specific actions you are taking, such as attending events, exploring different cultures, or pursuing online courses. 
  • Emphasise how your activities build upon your previous experiences and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of the program. Connect your current endeavours to your future aspirations and the skills you hope to develop. 
  • Strive for a balance between different types of activities, such as professional development, personal growth, and leisure. Variety can enrich your experiences and make you a more well-rounded candidate. 
  • Discuss how each activity contributes to your learning and growth. Whether it's gaining industry insights, expanding cultural awareness, or acquiring new skills, emphasise the value you expect to derive from each experience. 
  • Be realistic about your plans and commitments leading up to the program. Consider any potential challenges or obstacles you may encounter and how you plan to address them. 


In preparation for the LBS MiM program, I am meticulously designing regimen activities for personal and professional enhancement. Stemming from a deep-seated intent to contribute, my active participation in company representation has given me a glimpse into the industry's deficiencies, prompting me to counteract them proactively.

Aiming for comprehensive growth, I plan to explore various cultures and regional delicacies with the ambition of spanning the entire country in the upcoming year. Alongside this, I am cultivating a reading habit, focusing on books about personal development and communication and viewing them as a consistent skill enhancement tool rather than mere leisure. To strengthen my preparedness for the program, I am committed to upgrading my financial proficiency through virtual courses.

Q. Which industry are you looking to work in?*

LBS MIM essays

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Clearly state which industry or industries you are interested in pursuing. Avoid being vague or generic; instead, provide specific details about the industries that align with your career goals and interests.
  • Convey your enthusiasm for the industry and explain why you are passionate about working in this field. Discuss any specific reasons or experiences that have inspired your interest in the industry in your LBS MIM essays. 
  • Think about how your chosen industry aligns with your long-term career goals. Discuss potential career paths or roles within the industry that you aspire to pursue in the future.


Consulting – Management

Q. Job function are you aiming for?*

 Tips & Guidelines:

  • Clearly state the job function or functions you are aiming for. Avoid being too broad or generic; instead, provide specific details about the roles that align with your skills, interests, and career goals.
  • Demonstrate that you have researched your target job function(s) thoroughly. Understand the responsibilities, requirements, and career paths associated with each function. Discuss why you are interested in pursuing these roles and how they fit into your long-term career aspirations.
  • Express enthusiasm for your chosen job function(s) and explain why you are passionate about pursuing these roles. Discuss any specific reasons or experiences that have inspired your interest in these functions and demonstrate your commitment to developing your skills in these areas.


Consultant Manager

Please tell us which country/country you hope to work in after graduation.*

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Consider your career goals, industry preferences, and personal circumstances when selecting the countries you hope to work in after graduation.
  • Choose countries that offer opportunities aligned with your professional aspirations and provide an environment conducive to your personal and professional growth.


 London and India

Q. In 150 words (or less), tell us about a hobby or main interest.*

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Choose one hobby or main interest to focus on rather than listing multiple activities. This allows you to provide depth and detail within the limited word count.
  • Emphasise why this hobby or interest is meaningful to you and how it contributes to your personal growth or development. Discuss the skills, values, or lessons you've gained from engaging in this activity.
  • Convey your enthusiasm and passion for your chosen hobby or interest. Share personal anecdotes or experiences that illustrate your dedication and commitment to this pursuit.
  • If possible, showcase a range of interests that reflect different aspects of your personality or talents. This demonstrates your versatility and ability to engage with varied experiences.
  • Stick to the word limit and avoid unnecessary elaboration. Focus on conveying the most essential information about your hobby or interest in a clear and concise manner.
  • Write authentically and sincerely about your hobby or interest. Admissions committees value authenticity and want to learn more about what genuinely interests and motivates you.


My interests are well-rounded, encompassing sports, arts, and finance. First, I have a deep-rooted love for basketball, which has nurtured my team spirit, resilience, and fitness. Second, being part of theatre has allowed me to explore my creative side and express myself. Lastly, I have a growing enthusiasm for understanding financial aspects, market behaviour, and economic movements. Engaging simultaneously in these diverse fields not only satisfies my curiosity but also emphasises my dedication to embracing various life dimensions.

Q. In 300 words or less, please tell us how will your previous experience(s) enable you to thrive within our School's diverse and international community?*

LBS MIM essays

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Focus on experiences that demonstrate your ability to thrive in diverse settings, such as leadership roles, community engagement, or cross-cultural experiences.
  • Use concrete examples and anecdotes to illustrate how your experiences have prepared you for success in a diverse and international environment. Highlight specific skills or qualities you developed through these experiences.
  • Discuss how you have successfully collaborated with diverse teams or adapted to different cultural contexts in your previous roles. Showcase your ability to work effectively with people from varied backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate your awareness of cultural differences and your ability to navigate them sensitively. Discuss any cross-cultural experiences or intercultural communication skills you have developed.
  • Tailor your response to align with the values and mission of the school. Show how your experiences align with the school's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and global perspective.
  • Convey your enthusiasm for contributing to the school's diverse community and your commitment to actively engaging with peers from around the world. Show that you are eager to learn from others and contribute your unique perspective.


Drawing from a wide variety of experiences, including shaping vital positions such as Campus Ambassador, Committee Advisor, Core Committee Member, and Organising Committee Member, I am well-equipped to make a significant contribution to your prestigious academic community. My role as a Campus Ambassador for the Electoral Literacy Club was instrumental in honing my communication and community engagement skills, where I educated 350+ students about electoral procedures, thereby promoting civic consciousness and a sense of social responsibility.

My leadership potential was further demonstrated when I served as an Advisor on the Parishram Committee. Here, I was responsible for a broad inter-college sports fest, leading a team of 15 to efficiently organise participation from over 25 colleges. The experience bolstered my organisational and leadership acumen, aspects fundamental to navigating heterogeneous teams.

As a member of Crescendo’s Core Committee, I played a key role in devising marketing strategies and managing events, reaching over 10,000 students from 15 different institutions. This tenure facilitated the enhancement of my communication strategies and audience engagement skills. Additionally, as an Organising Committee Member for Enactus, I provided sustainable solutions in the spheres of operations and finance. This showcased my commitment to comprehensive problem-solving.

These diverse roles have shaped my ability to flourish in varied environments and fostered in me values of adaptability, collaboration, and cultural sensitivity. Committed to nurturing inclusive communities, my leadership experiences and impactful project participation align perfectly with your institution's ethos. I'm keen to extend these experiences to further enrich the academic community at your prestigious institution.

Q. How did you hear about this programme? (Max 100 characters)*

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Given the character limit, focus on providing a concise answer without unnecessary details.
  • If you genuinely discovered the program through your own research, state that clearly.
  • Stick to the essential information about how you came across the program. Avoid adding unrelated details that may waste characters.
  • Highlight keywords like "research" to convey that you actively sought out information about the program.
  • Before finalising your response, ensure that it adheres to the specified character limit.


I got to know about LBS through my research on various universities.

Q   How have you connected with the LBS community?

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Emphasise the steps you've taken to connect with the LBS community, whether through online research, networking platforms like LinkedIn, or other channels.
  • Provide specific examples of how you've interacted with the community, such as watching alumni interviews on YouTube or reaching out to current students on LinkedIn.
  • Demonstrate your genuine interest in the LBS community by discussing how these interactions have contributed to your understanding of the school's culture, values, and opportunities.
  • If your interactions have been primarily online and not on a personal level, acknowledge this while highlighting the value you've gained from these interactions.
  • Keep your response concise and focused, ensuring that you effectively communicate your efforts to connect with the LBS community within the given word limit.


As part of my research into prospective postgraduate institutions, I took steps to immerse myself in the London Business School (LBS) community. I found interviews on YouTube with LBS alums who went on to careers in management consulting to be particularly enlightening. Supplementing these with rich discussions with current LBS students via LinkedIn provided deeper insights

. A notable exchange was with an LBS law student whose unique insights shed light on the university experience. Even though the interactions were virtual, they were influential in shaping my understanding of the dynamic LBS community.

Deadlines for MBA 2024

To maximize your chances of acceptance, it's essential to plan and prepare well in advance of the deadlines. How to Apply?  Begin by thoroughly researching the program's requirements, curriculum, and faculty to ensure it aligns with your academic and career aspirations.

Rounds Deadlines
Round 1  25 September 2023
Round 2  14 December 2023
Round 3  11 March 2024
Round 4  2 May 2024


The LBS MIM essays require understanding the specific essay prompts and aligning your responses with the core values of LBS. By tailoring your essays to showcase your unique qualities as an Indian student and following the specialized tips provided, you can effectively communicate your aspirations, experiences, and potential contributions. Seeking feedback to refine your essays is also crucial.

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