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LBS MiM Essays

Tips & suggestions to perfect your LBS Masters in Management Essays

LBS MiM Essays

The LBS MiM Essays is aimed towards providing you with a brief analysis of what the London Business School is expecting via its Masters in Management essays, and how you can improve your chances by giving them just that.

LBS has one of the most competitive Masters in Management programs in the world and is on the lookout for high potential candidates who are:

  • COLLABORATIVE                                                         MiM Skills

among other things, but these skills are by far the most important traits that LBS is searching for in its prospective students.

Another important dimension to highlight would be Leadership & Team Skills, these are universal skills that every B-School wants it students to imbibe and express, and this is especially true for LBS. 

Is the LBS MiM right for you? Read more about it here.


LBS Masters in Management Essays

What are the LBS Masters in Management Essay Questions?

LBS MiM Essay Questions – RED

LBS MiM Essay Analysis – BLUE


Question 1 (600 words)

How will the Masters in Management or Global MiM help you grow academically, professionally and personally?

This is a pretty interesting question and really pushes you to brainstorm about why exactly you are applying for the MiM program.

It is a good idea here to break the essay into three distinct paragraphs, each answering a specific part of the question, how will LBS help you academically, how will it help you professionally and so on

One major thing to remember here is that anyone and everyone can dig into the LBS site and litter this essay with generic info, you need to go deeper and populate this essay with detailed examples about how exactly you realized you lack something academically, or how LBS with its network, clubs etc will help you get closer to your professional goals and so on.

Remember the competition for LBS is very tough, so you need your essay to be unique and memorable. Experiences and good storytelling would be key here.

Question 2 (400 words)

How will you impact the London Business School community?

This question turns the tables and asks how exactly you will contribute to LBS and its cohort.

You need to dig deep into your profile and think about what makes you unique, what have you done which is different from that of your competitors and what about your profile gives you key transferable skills via which you can add value to LBS.

This can range from your background, events taken up, internships or special work experience, some soft skills, international experience and so on.

Remember to show a depth of experience here, as a lot of others would more or less have the same superficial experiences. So depth will help you differentiate yourself.

Also try to be detailed as to how you will help LBS exactly, don’t be ambiguous and keep the ad com guessing. Show research.

Question 3 (Global MiM applicants only)

Global MiM applicants will be required to complete an additional video essay component of the application via Kira Academic. You will receive the details of how to access your video questions via Kira within one week of submitting your application.

Here you are given 3-6 recorded questions to answer, which can range from questions related to your profile to competency-based questions to questions related to your take on some specific current affairs or trends. (You can get some exact question samples, via one of our services)



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LBS MiM Essays

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