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The London Business School (LBS) Masters in Management interview is usually “one on one” and is conducted by an alum of the school.

One thing to keep in mind is that alumni’s are looking for students who,

Firstly, fit the stringent criteria of LBS

& secondly, who will tend to be great networking partners in the near future, someone who they won’t mind meeting on weekends for a chat and who have the characteristics to prosper in the environment of LBS & the corporate world.

Below you can find a list of LBS MiM interview questions. We hope you can make good use of them.

During the interviews, it is easy to forget in your nervousness that these alums were sometimes back students themselves , and hence know perfectly how you must be feeling. They will usually be less critical of your faults so we suggest not to be nervous, smile at them, make good eye contact and have an open and lively conversation.

Most of the LBS interviews are more of long chats, with the interviewer asking a few key questions and the interviewee answering them in depth. Also, these interviews tend to have a number of competency-based questions, such as the ones listed below.

So, what kind of questions are asked in an LBS interview??

Here is a list of questions from an LBS Masters in Management interview of one of our clients:

  1. So tell me about yourself.
  2. Why choose LBS?
  3. Which other colleges are you aiming for?
  4. How do you think LBS will help you attain your goals
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. Why the MiM, why not an MBA?
  7. Give some examples of your cross-cultural communication skills
  8. Give me some examples of how you have followed your passion
  9. 3 things you learned from your internships
  10. I read that you have mentioned education quite a few times in your essays, what are your opinions about this industry in your country.
  11. Tell me about an incident where you led a group of people and what you learn from it
  12. What would you do, if you were in a group at LBS where each person is from different nationality and a different undergrad major? How would you handle them if you were the leader of the group? Especially if the subject is something you aren’t familiar with?
  13. Tell me how will you contribute to the school and your peers?
  14. Any questions for me?

Our client found the interviewer to be really nice and friendly. The interviewer even remarked that our client will do really well at LBS if she is selected.


She received the acceptance letter in 2 weeks’ time, and was super happy about it!

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Thank you for the file. They are really useful for preparation for the interview, especially for the personal side of the questions. Definitely a great investment. 

Over 80% of my interview questions came from the exhaustive list! Thanks a ton. Keep up the good work!

Really informative, removed quite a few misconceptions I had. I can easily say that I am much more well prepared now.