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LBS MIM Review

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Table of Contents

    Key Takeaways

    Program Overview

    The London Business School MiM program is a one-year, full-time course tailored to equip students with the essential skills needed to excel in the global business environment. The curriculum combines core courses with electives and experiential learning opportunities, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

    Class Profile

    The LBS MiM Class of 2024 is characterized by its diversity and excellence. The cohort comprises 294 students from over 40 countries, reflecting a wide range of academic backgrounds and professional experiences. The average age of the students is 23 years, and women make up 55% of the class, promoting a balanced and inclusive learning environment.

    Tuition Fees

    The tuition fee for the LBS MiM program is £47,500. This fee covers the cost of tuition, course materials, and access to the school's extensive resources, including career services and networking events. Additional costs for living expenses, travel, and personal expenditures should also be considered.

    Average Salary and Employment

    Graduates of the LBS MiM program enjoy strong employment prospects, with an impressive median base salary of £47,000. The program boasts a high employment rate, with 93% of graduates securing job offers within three months of graduation. Many alumni find positions in top consulting firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations, highlighting the program's effectiveness in launching successful careers.


    The London Business School Masters in Management (LBS MIM) program is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, diverse cohort, and strong emphasis on leadership and global business acumen.

    Located in the heart of one of the world's leading financial centers, LBS Masters in Management offers unparalleled opportunities for networking and career growth. This program is designed for recent graduates and early career professionals looking to accelerate their careers with a robust foundation in management and business practices.

    In this review, we will explore the key aspects of the LBS Masters in Management program, including the class profile, tuition fees, and employment outcomes.

    Tuition Fees for MIM 2024  £47,500
    Program Length 12-16 Months
    Program deadline
    MIM 2026
    Monday 25 September 2023
    Thursday 14 December 2023
    Monday 11 March 2024
    Thursday 2 May 2024
    Intakes 1 (2 May 2024)
    Application Fees £180

    Class Profile of LBS MIM

    The MiM is a comprehensive training program designed to help individuals develop their critical business understanding and international perspective. LBS MIM class profile values diversity and inclusion. They are committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

    Check- LBS MIM GMAT & Class Profile

    Class Size 294
    Average Age 23 years
    Average GPA 3.3+
    Women Diversity 55%
    Average GMAT Score 681
    Average Work-experience 0-2 Years
    Pre-MIM industry Consulting 29%
    Finance/Accounting 21%
    IT&T 8%
    FMCG/Retail/Luxury Goods/E-commerce 8%
    Countries Represented
    MIM 2025

    The MiM Student Experience | LBS

    LBS MIM Rankings

    According to the Financial Times Business Ranking, LBS ranks 3rd globally in their 2023 rankings, maintaining a strong presence among the top business schools worldwide. Additionally, QS World University Rankings places the LBS MIM program 3th, further cementing its reputation for excellence. In the UK, the Financial Times ranks LBS as the top institution for its MIM program, highlighting its leading position within the country.

    Rankings Position
    Financial Times​ Business school rankings 2023 3
    QS WUR Ranking 2024 By Subject 3
    Financial Times Ranking 2024 - Masters In Management 3

    Program and Curriculum of LBS MIM

    lbs mim program curriculum

    The LBS MIM program content is structured to provide a blend of in-depth theory and practical experience. It provides students with full-time corporate work experience alike. In addition, students can select from a list of 40 electives. Aside from the theoretical core courses, there are Global Immersion field trips in the London Business School MIM program that help transfer theory to experience to solve problems, which is a basic business ability in high demand.

    1. PRE-PROGRAMME (Online Preparation in August): Accounting, Finance, Data Analytics, Academic Integrity and                                                         Referencing, Datacamp, Tipping Point Profile.

    2. TERM ONE (Integrated core in September–December): Orientation, Data Analytics for Management, Finance 1,                                     Financial Accounting, Applied Microeconomics, Strategy 1, Marketing 1, Leading with Impact, Decision and                                Risk  Analysis.

    3. TERM TWO (Integrated core and electives in January–March): Business Analytics, Finance 2, Management                                             Accounting, The Global Macroeconomy, Strategy 2, Marketing 2, Performing in Organisations.


    The LBS Masters in Management program electives designed to help students tailor their education to their career goals and interests. Here are some of the elective courses available:

    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Brand Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Global Strategy
    • Managing Change
    • Negotiation and Bargaining
    • Private Equity and Venture Capital
    • Social Entrepreneurship

    These electives allow students to deepen their knowledge in specific areas, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in various business environments. 

    Experiential learning programs

    The LBS MIM | Experiential learning opportunities that enhance practical business skills and real-world experience. Here are the opportunities along with their benefits:

    • London Project: Engage in real-world consulting projects with London-based businesses, developing practical problem-solving skills and gaining insights into the local business environment.
    • Global Experiences: Participate in international business trips, gaining exposure to diverse markets and global business practices, which broadens students' understanding of international commerce.
    • Student-led Learning: Students take initiative in organizing and leading learning activities, such as workshops and speaker events, fostering leadership and collaborative skills.
    • Project Aasha: Work on impactful projects aimed at driving social change and development, particularly in underprivileged communities, thereby enhancing social responsibility and real-world problem-solving skills. 
    • Walpole Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow: Gain insights into the luxury sector through exclusive workshops and mentorship from industry leaders, preparing students for careers in high-end brand management.
    • Entrepreneurship Summer School: Develop entrepreneurial skills by working on startup ideas, receiving mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, and learning how to navigate the challenges of launching a business.
    • Digital for Impact: Focus on leveraging digital technologies to create social impact, gaining skills in digital innovation and understanding how technology can drive positive change.
    • The Entrepreneurship Lab: Engage in hands-on entrepreneurial activities, from ideation to pitching, supported by a network of mentors and resources to foster innovative thinking and business acumen.

    Learning Experience of LBS MIM Program

    The London Business School (LBS) Master in Management (MIM) program offers a rich and dynamic learning experience designed to prepare students for successful careers in business. Key elements of this Learning experience | LBS Masters in Management include:

    • Global Immersion Field Trips
    • LondonLAB
    • Leadership Skills Development
    • Career Coaching
    • Networking Opportunities

    Research centers

    The faculty at London Business School (LBS) are engaged in cutting-edge research across various fields of business and management. The research is supported by various specialized research centres of LBS, focusing on areas such as: Corporate Finance and Governance, Marketing Strategy and Analytics, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Operations Management and Optimization Strategic Management and Competitive Analysis.

    Masters in Management: Celebrating a decade | LBS

    Fees & Financing

    LBS also provides various financing options, including loans and scholarships, to help students manage their expenses. The tuition fee includes the cost of the core courses, electives, and various other educational resources.

    The application fee must be paid at the time of application submission and is non-refundable. Additionally, there is a mandatory Student Association Fee that allows students to participate in various activities and utilize student services offered by the school.

    Tuition fee for the class 2024 £47,500
    Student Association Fee £180
    Application Fee £120

    NOTE: The tuition fee of LBS Masters in Management program covers the full length of the 12-16 Months program. To know more: LBS MIM Fees

    Employment Upon Graduation

    employment placement lbs mim

    London Business School MIM salary & Job Prospectus is exceptional, with 94% of graduates securing employment within three months of graduation. Graduates find roles in consulting, finance, technology, and retail at top firms like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and BCG.

    The program's robust career support includes personalized coaching, networking events, and job search resources, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the job market.

    Average salary
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation 91%
    Offer received upon three months of graduation 92%
    Reporting rate 98%
    Post-program job locations UK 47%
    Asia 20%
    Europe (Excl UK) 18%
    Africa 13%
    Post MBA industries
    Consuting 48%

    Know more at: Career Impact | London Business School

    LBS MIM Application: Essays & Interview

    LBS MIM Application: Essays & Interview

    Application essays let you share more about yourself, your interests, values, and goals. We want to know what drives you, your leadership and teamwork experiences, why you want to do a Masters in Management, and what you will contribute to the LBS community.


    These LBS MIM Essays are crucial for your application, so it's important to invest a lot of time in them. They should be tailored specifically for the current application, as general personal statements are not acceptable.

    Interview Questions

    After your application review, if you are shortlisted, you'll receive details about the interview process. The LBS MIM interview questions will be conducted by either an alum or a member of the Recruitment and Admissions Team.

    Currently, all interviews are virtual. The process is the same regardless of who interviews you, and it won't affect your application's outcome. The Admissions Committee uses the same criteria for all interviews.

    Once your interview is done, the Admissions Committee will review your application again and send you a final decision by the specified deadline in the calendar.

    Who attends the LBS MIM program:

    • You have to be demonstrating honesty and strong moral principles.
    • You have to be striving for high standards in academics, work, and personal endeavors.
    • You have to work well with others and valuing teamwork.
    • Showing respect for diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
    • You shuld be creative and innovative in problem-solving and thinking.
    • You should be aiming to make a positive difference in the community and the world.

    Why LBS is Unique ?

    LBS MIM Unique

    Is LBS MIM worth it? London business school's MIM is known for its rigorous curriculum, innovative teaching methods and diverse student body. What makes MIM unique is its focus on developing students into well rounded leaders who not only possess the technical skills necessary to succeed in today's business world but also have a global perspective, a commitment to social responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. Here are a few facts about LBS that make it unique -

    • Global Impact: LBS Masters in Management doesn’t just focus on London. It’s about using the city as a platform for global thinking and global impact. 
    • Flexibility: The London Business School MIM program program is incredibly flexible. You can take the same course in different formats, so you can keep up with all of your professional and personal commitments. 
    • Trips: The London Business School’s students are passionate about traveling, and there are literally a couple of trips a week to some of the world’s most interesting and diverse destinations.
    • Career Support: They will be mentored by experienced professionals like LBS MIM and MFin alumni’s who would provide guidance regarding job applications and advice. 
    • Student Clubs: There are more than 75 student clubs ensuring holistic growth and development at the London Business School MIM program.
    • Experiential learning: Experiential learning is a key component of the London Business School’s experience. It allows students to connect with industry and gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning.

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    Contact Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000, Fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001.


    LBS MIM program is not like any other management master. The program is developed with the partnership of top global recruiters. It makes you the most relevant candidate standing in the job market. The LBS offers critical business understanding and adaptive management skills. LBS  is easily of the most renowned MIM colleges in UK.. Start preparing now, as thousands of international students apply for the program every intake.

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    Does LBS take GRE for MiM?

    They accept both the GMAT and GRE. Therefore, one must take one of these tests prior to submitting their application. We require the GRE and the GMAT as part of the admission process. Although we do not have a preference, we do not mind if an applicant chooses to take either test.

    Is a 3-year degree accepted at LBS?

    Yes, to be considered for admission, an individual should have a bachelor’s degree that has a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.3 or higher.

    What are the admission requirements for the LBS MIM program?

    Admission requirements typically include a bachelor's degree or equivalent, standardized test scores (e.g., GMAT or GRE), English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS for non-native speakers), letters of recommendation, and a resume. LBS may also consider work experience and extracurricular activities.

    Are scholarships or financial aid options available for LBS MIM students?

    Yes, London Business School typically offers scholarships and financial aid options to qualified MIM applicants. Scholarships can vary in terms of eligibility criteria and the amount awarded, so it's advisable to check the school's website for the most current information on available funding opportunities.

    Can LBS MIM students participate in extracurricular activities or student clubs?

    Yes, students at London Business School, including those in the MIM program, have the opportunity to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities and join student clubs related to their interests. These activities provide valuable networking opportunities and personal enrichment.

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