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LBS MIM Review

The London Business School, referred to as LBS, is a prestigious business school affiliated with the University of London. According to Financial Times, it is ranked 2nd in Europe in the Best business school category.

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LBS MIM Introduction

Course Duration

12-16 Months

Course Fee






Ever considered kick-starting your career at a prestigious institution that's recognized globally? Look no further than London Business School (LBS). Renowned for its MBA program, LBS is also carving out a distinguished reputation with its recently launched MIM program, which has quickly become a formidable player in the educational field.

Imagine immersing yourself in a fast-paced curriculum, backed by the acclaimed LBS brand, and supported by a rich network of alumni. This powerful combination has made the LBS MIM program one of the most sought-after in the world.

Picture studying in the heart of London just blocks away from the city’s bustling financial district. This strategic location offers an unrivaled opportunity to connect with industry leaders in finance, management science, and entrepreneurship. A truly global hub, LBS welcomes graduate and doctoral students from around the world, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Reflect on the progressive and inclusive nature of LBS, where the top management team is 65% female and employees hail from 55 different countries. LBS has a track record of producing successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, including luminaries like Kumar Mangalam Birla, Tony Wheeler, Wong Kan Seng, Cyrus Mistry, Ramji Raghavan, and many others.

LBS MIM Class Profile

The MiM is a comprehensive training program designed to help individuals develop their critical business understanding and international perspective. LBS values diversity and inclusion. They are committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

Average Age


Average GPA




Average Work Ex

0-2 Years

Class Size


LBS MIM Acceptance Rate

The London Business School has a 12% acceptance rate, which indicates that it is very selective but the school has a relatively large class size. of 288 students. The LBS MIM program is regarded as one of the best in the world. It aims to provide students with the necessary business skills and international perspective to succeed in their careers.

However, it is also important to note that acceptance rates may vary based on the cohort to which an applicant belongs. For instance, Indian and Chinese cohorts at the London Business School MIM program tend to have a lower acceptance rate due to a high number of applicants from these regions.

Program and Curriculum LBS MIM

program curriculum lbs mim

The LBS MIM programme is structured to provide a blend of in-depth theory and practical experience. It provides students with full-time corporate work experience alike. In addition, students can select from a list of 40 electives. Aside from the theoretical courses, there are Global Immersion field trips in the London Business School MIM program that help transfer theory to experience to solve problems, which is a basic business ability in high demand.

Core Courses at LBS MIM

  • Applied Microeconomics - A course that helps students analyze economic principles and understand their application in business decisions.
  • Data Analytics for Management - A course that teaches students how to use data analysis techniques to improve business outcomes.
  • Finance - A course that provides students with a thorough understanding of financial markets, corporate finance, and investments.
  • Strategic Analysis - A course that teaches students how to analyze business environments, identify strategic challenges, and develop effective solutions.
  • Marketing - A course that helps students understand the principles of marketing and develop effective marketing strategies.

Electives at LBS MIM

  • Business Analytics - A course that teaches students how to use data analytics to identify business trends and make informed decisions.
  • Finance - An elective that provides students with a deeper understanding of financial markets and investment strategies.
  • Management Accounting - An elective that focuses on understanding accounting practices and how they are used in decision-making.
  • The Global Macroeconomy - An elective that analyzes the global economy and its impact on businesses and markets.
  • Marketing - An elective that focuses on developing advanced marketing strategies and techniques.

Clubs and Associations at LBS MIM

  • Out in Business - A club that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace for LGBTQ+ professionals.
  • Retail & Luxury Goods Club - A club that focuses on careers in the retail and luxury goods industry.
  • Social Impact Club - A club that focuses on creating positive social impact through business practices.
  • Women in Business - A club that supports and empowers women in business through networking, mentorship and professional development opportunities.
  • Technology and Media Club - A club that explores emerging trends and developments in technology and media industries.

Extra Activities at LBS MIM

  • Global Immersion Field Trips - International study tours aimed at providing students with exposure to diverse business cultures and practices.
  • Internships - Practical work experience opportunities aimed at helping students apply their classroom learning to real-world scenarios.
  • Guest Speakers - Renowned industry experts invited to share their insights and experiences with students, providing valuable networking opportunities.

Scholarships for LBS MIM

  • The Laidlaw Women's Leadership Fund: This scholarship is available for successful women applicants of the MBA, EMBA, and MiM programs, providing full or partial tuition fee coverage.
  • The iSchoolConnect Scholarship: This scholarship is open to all successful applicants and provides variable funding.
  • The Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust Scholarship: This scholarship is available for Indian women graduates from recognized Indian universities with a strong academic record and offers variable funding.
  • The Peace Fellowship: This scholarship is open to active Rotary members and provides variable funding.
  • The Ghosal Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship provides £5,000 to successful applicants of any program.

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into LBS MIM

eligibility requirements lbs mim

London Business School's Master in Management (MiM) program is aimed at recent graduates who have less than one year of full-time corporate work experience or less than two years in a non-traditional business role. To be eligible for the program, there are certain requirements set by the LBS MIM program. With these eligibility and requirements, the MiM program seeks to provide candidates with the necessary business skills and international perspective to succeed in their careers.


  • Recent graduate; a person with less than one year of full-time corporate work experience or less than two years in a non-traditional business role.
  • Graduate with a UK 2:1 or higher (or are you expected to) in any discipline; this equates to above-average academics in other grading schemes.
  • A minimum of 3.3 GPA in the bachelor’s program must be obtained by the candidate.
  • GMAT/GRE: No minimum score but recommend to apply with a GMAT score of 600 or above.
  • English Language Proficiency

Application Fees

  • The application fee for LBS MiM is currently set at £100 and is payable online by credit card when you submit your application. Your application is incomplete until the fee is received. 

Application Documents

  • Online application form
  • Application Essays
  • GMAT/GRE Score
  • One page CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • A copy of the college transcript
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE or PTE Academic score (for some international students)

GPA Needed for LBS MIM

Applicants to the LBS MIM program are required to have a minimum of 3.3 GPA in their undergraduate program. While this is the minimum requirement, having a higher GPA will increase the chances of being accepted into the program.

GMAT Needed for LBS MIM

While there is no minimum GMAT score requirement for LBS MIM, it is recommended that applicants apply with a score of 600 or above. A higher GMAT score will increase the chances of being accepted into the program. The average GMAT score the LBS MIM class is 681.

GRE Needed for LBS MIM

While there is no minimum GRE score requirement for LBS MIM, applicants may choose to submit their GRE scores instead of GMAT scores. Similar to the GMAT, having a higher GRE score will increase the chances of being accepted into the program.

Average Work Experience Needed for LBS MIM

LBS MIM is designed for recent graduates, with less than one year of full-time corporate work experience or less than two years in a non-traditional business role. This means that the program is ideal for individuals who are looking to kick-start their career in business or gain business knowledge before entering the workforce.

Is IELTS Needed for LBS MIM

While LBS MIM has not explicitly stated an exact score requirement for English language proficiency , it is recommended that non-native English speakers apply with a TOEFL score of 100 or an IELTS score of 7.0 or above. Strong English language skills are crucial for success in the program and in future business endeavors.

LBS MIM Deadlines

You may apply for admission for the LBS MIM program to any of the following deadlines in the calendar. If you are not able to meet one of London Business School MIM program deadlines, then you should submit your application by 11.59 pm UK time on the day of your choice. To ensure that your application is complete, you should also complete and submit all of the necessary documents.

LBS MIM Admission Process

Here is admission process which takes place for the LBS MIM program:

  • Required Documents: Academic transcripts, standardized test scores, personal statement, resume/CV, two references, and application fee.
  • What's Next: Once the application is submitted and reviewed, applicants may be invited to complete a video interview and/or a live interview with LBS admissions team.
  • Interviews: Interviews are conducted to assess the applicant's fit for the program, personal qualities, and professional experience.
  • Waitlist: After the interview, applicants may be placed on a waitlist and informed if a spot becomes available.

When do the admission start?

The selection criteria for LBS MIM is the same as those used throughout the admissions cycle. However, in the final months of the process, there are often more applicants. If you are still interested in a scholarship, then please submit your London Business School MIM application no later than the March deadline.

Rounds Application Deadline
Round 1 Monday 3 October 2022 
Round 2 Monday 9 January 2023
Round 3 Monday 13 March 2023
Round 4 Monday 15 May 2023

LBS MIM Employment / Placement

employment placement lbs mim

The LBS MIM has been developed in extensive consultation with leading recruiters, and the curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills top-flight employers demand. As a result, the London Business School MIM program is excellent preparation for your management career. Global companies come on campus throughout the year to recruit our talent; termly recruitment fairs give you the chance to network with a wide range of companies, ranging from finance and consulting firms to tech firms and start-ups.

LBS MIM Average Starting Salary

The average starting salary for LBS MIM graduates is £42,573. This figure reflects the high value that employers place on the education and skills that students acquire during their time at LBS. It's important to note that this is an average figure, and individual starting salaries can vary depending on factors like industry, location, and previous work experience.

LBS MIM Placement Statistics

LBS MIM has an impressive placement record, with 94% of graduates accepting an offer within three months of graduation. This indicates that students are well-prepared for the job market and have developed the skills and knowledge that employers are seeking. The remaining 6% of graduates from the London Business School MIM program may have chosen to pursue further education, start their own business, or take time off before beginning their careers.

LBS MIM Employment Report

The LBS MIM employment report provides detailed information about the career paths and earnings of recent graduates. According to the most recent report, the top sectors for LBS MIM graduates are consulting (45%), financial services (27%), and technology (18%). This reflects the diverse interests and skills of LBS MIM students, as well as the strong demand for professionals in these fields.

In addition to sector-specific data, the employment report provides information about average starting salaries, job functions, and employer locations of the London Business School MIM program. This information can be valuable for students as they consider their own career goals and begin the job search process.





Top Sectors Hiring LBS MIM Graduates

The LBS MIM curriculum is designed with the help of leading employers to provide the knowledge and skills needed by today’s workers.

With LBS’s central London location and extensive business connections, one can easily reach out to potential employers and gain the skills and knowledge that will allow you to excel in their career.

The London Business School MIM program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to successfully communicate your value to potential employers.

Companies recruiting from LBS MIM

Herein, we shall talk about companies in the top three sectors so that you get a brief idea of the firms and sectors that you are willing to be a part of in the future:


  • Bain & Company: A global management consulting firm that advises businesses on strategy, operations, technology, organization, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Boston Consulting Group: One of the world's leading management consulting firms, advising clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors on their most critical issues and opportunities.
  • Oliver Wyman: A global management consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, and organizational transformation.


  • Goldman Sachs: A leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals.
  • J.P. Morgan: A global financial services firm that provides investment banking, asset management, treasury services, and other financial services to corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals.
  • HSBC: A British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company, providing a comprehensive range of financial services including personal, commercial, and corporate banking, wealth management, and investment banking.


  • Amazon: One of the world's largest e-commerce and cloud computing companies that provides a wide range of products and services to consumers, businesses, and governments.
  • IBM: A multinational technology company that provides hardware, software, cloud computing, and consulting services.
  • Tencent: A Chinese multinational conglomerate that provides a wide range of internet-related services and products, including social media, online gaming, e-commerce, and mobile payments.

LBS MIM Alumni Info

With over 45,000 members worldwide, the LBS MIM alumni network is known for its diverse resources and opportunities.

Some Famous Alumni of LBS MIM

  • James Alexander- Senior E-Comms Analyst,, Luxottica Group
  • Allan Baudoin- Founder, Allan Baudoin Bootmaker
  • Thomas Carroll- Associate Partner Manager, Amazon

Application Essay for LBS MIM

LBS MIM application consists of the following essay questions to answer as a part of the admission process -

Essay 1
What learning outcomes are you aiming to achieve as part of your Masters in Management programme? What challenge(s) might you encounter? (500 words)

Essay 2
During your time as a Master’s in Management student, how will you contribute to the School community? (400 words)

It is important to note that essay questions are subject to change and may change in the upcoming year.

Tips for LBS MIM essays

To make a strong impression with their essays, applicants should keep in mind some tips specific to LBS MIM's values. These include identifying specific learning outcomes they aim to achieve in the programme, being aware of challenges they might face and how to address them, and explaining how they plan to contribute to the LBS community. 

  • Understand the LBS MIM programme and its values: Familiarize yourself with the programme's structure, curriculum and values and align your goals and aspirations with those of the programme.
  • Be specific and concise: In your essays, be specific about your goals and how the LBS MIM programme will help you achieve them while also being concise in your responses.
  • Highlight your unique qualities: Emphasize your unique qualities, experiences, and skills that set you apart from other candidates and how they will contribute to the LBS community.
  • Demonstrate your research: Demonstrate your research about the LBS programme and how it aligns with your goals and values showing your interest and dedication to the programme.
  • Be authentic: Write in a genuine and authentic voice, demonstrating your personal values, perspectives and aspirations while being honest and transparent about your experiences and motivations.

Letter of Recommendation for LBS MIM

As a part of the application process for the LBS MIM programme, applicants are required to submit one reference letter from either a current or previous employer who can provide valuable insight into their character and abilities. If applicants do not have a current or previous employer, they may select an academic referee who knows them well enough to comment on their character and abilities. LBS MIM does not accept pre-written letters of recommendation, and the reference must be submitted through their online system. 

These questions if added in your Letter of Recommendation can make your application stand out -

  1. How do you know the applicant? How long have you known them for?
  2. What would you say are the applicant’s key strengths and talents?
  3. What would you say are the applicant’s key weaknesses or areas for improvement?
  4. How do the applicant’s performance, potential and personal qualities compare to those of other individuals in similar roles?
  5. What do you think this person might be doing in ten years’ time? Why?

Interview Questions for LBS MIM

Q1: Run me through your resume.
Q2: Few questions related to me job experience and other things I mentioned in the application form.
Q3: Why MIM & Why LBS?
Q4: Other schools you have applied to and which one will you choose if you get through all?
Q5: What if you don’t get through LBS this year and LBS asks you to apply again next year?
Q6: What is your leadership definition? Are you a leader?
Q7: How will to contribute to peer learning at LBS?
Q8: Talk about your strengths & weaknesses.
Q9: Tell me about your educational background and job.
Q10: Why did you choose this job?

Q1: Why MIM now? Do you think LBS will help you in achieving your post MIM goals?
Q2: What if you don’t find a job post-graduation from LBS?
Q3: How will you ensure that you find a job post-graduation?
Q4: How will you add value to your peer group at LBS apart from sharing learnings from your work experience?
Q5: Why will you choose LBS over other B-schools listed in my application?
Q6: Are you a team player? Give examples of situations where you have worked closely in teams.
Q7: How will you fund your venture and other expenses?
Q8: Is your employer’s business strategy right? i.e., business model, market, etc.
Q9: What are your industry’s key trends/ latest developments?
Q10: What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?

Tips for LBS MIM interview questions

The interview process is an important part of the LBS MIM application and it's important for applicants to prepare thoroughly. To succeed in the interview, it's important to keep LBS MIM values in mind and present oneself as a well rounded candidate with a clear career vision. Some tips for success include understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, being able to communicate one's goals and how the LBS MIM program fits in with them researching the program and its values.

  • Be authentic and honest: LBS values authenticity and honesty, so be true to yourself while answering questions. Don't pretend to be someone you're not or exaggerate your achievements.
  • Highlight your teamwork skills: Collaboration and teamwork are highly valued at LBS, so be sure to showcase examples of situations where you have worked well with others to achieve a common goal.
  • Demonstrate your leadership potential: LBS values leadership, so provide examples of times when you have taken initiative and shown leadership qualities, even if you weren't in a formal leadership position.
  • Show your passion for learning: LBS values a passion for learning, so demonstrate your enthusiasm for gaining new knowledge and skills, and your willingness to learn from others.
  • Have a clear career goal: LBS values candidates who have a clear idea of their career goals, so be sure to articulate your post-MIM aspirations and how LBS can help you achieve them.

What Makes LBS MIM Unique?

unique lbs mim

LBS MIM is one of the top MIM colleges in UK, known for its rigorous curriculum, innovative teaching methods and diverse student body. What makes LBS MIM unique is its focus on developing students into well rounded leaders who not only possess the technical skills necessary to succeed in today's business world but also have a global perspective, a commitment to social responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. Here are a few facts about LBS that make it unique -

  1. Global Impact: London Business School MIM doesn’t just focus on London. It’s about using the city as a platform for global thinking and global impact. With a variety of programs and courses, students are able to create a unique perspective on business, and are equipped to make a difference in any industry.
  2. Flexibility: The London Business School MIM program program is incredibly flexible. You can take the same course in different formats, so you can keep up with all of your professional and personal commitments. This allows you to balance your time and make the most of the opportunities that the program has to offer.
  3. Trips: The London Business School’s students are passionate about traveling, and there are literally a couple of trips a week to some of the world’s most interesting and diverse destinations. Some of the most popular trips that the school’s students take are the Japan Trek, the Snow Trek, and the Dublin trip. These trips are designed to create a global mindset.
  4. Career Support: They will be mentored by experienced professionals like LBS MIM and MFin alumni’s who would provide guidance regarding job applications and advice. Through lectures and panel discussions, students will gain insight into the best practices of successful executives. 
  5. Student Clubs: There are more than 75 student clubs ensuring holistic growth and development at the London Business School MIM program.
  6. Experiential learning: Experiential learning is a key component of the London Business School’s experience. It allows students to connect with industry and gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. From field trips to speaking engagements, the school’s Experiential Learning program is designed to introduce students to the world of business.


LBS MIM program is not like any other management master. The program is developed with the partnership of top global recruiters. It makes you the most relevant candidate standing in the job market. The LBS MIM offers critical business understanding and adaptive management skills. With the degree by your side, you will have an international perspective and business-ready practical skills to succeed in your career. LBS is easily one of the best business schools in Europe as well as globally. Start preparing now, as thousands of international students apply for the program every intake.

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Do they provide an in-person tour of the campus?

In addition to campus talks and tours, they offer a variety of online events that the students can check out according to their convenience.

Is the English language the mode of communication on campus?

You must be fluent in English to be considered for admission. This depends on the level of education you have obtained.

Does LBS take GRE for MiM?

They accept both the GMAT and GRE. Therefore, one must take one of these tests prior to submitting their application. We require the GRE and the GMAT as part of the admission process. Although we do not have a preference, we do not mind if an applicant chooses to take either test.

Who is an ideal candidate?

The admissions team is looking for individuals who are passionate about participating in various community activities. These include sports, social events, and clubs along with academics.

Is a 3-year degree accepted at LBS?

Yes, to be considered for admission, an individual should have a bachelor’s degree that has a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.3 or higher.