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London Business School MIM salary & Job Prospectus

LBS MIM Salary & Job: Career Prospectus, Sectors & Hiring

Discover the exceptional value of a London Business School MIM as graduates enjoy lucrative salaries and extensive career opportunities. Learn how this prestigious program can elevate your professional trajectory, offering not only a significant financial return but also unparalleled global networking prospects. Are you ready to invest in your future with a London Business School MIM program with a lucrative London Business School MIM salary?

Average Graduate Salary for LBS MIM graduates

For the class of 2023, graduates of the Master in Management (MiM) program at London Business School (LBS) earn an average salary of approximately USD 68,000 (over INR 61 lakhs).

The program, which sees placements primarily across the UK, Europe, and Asia, has a selective acceptance rate of 12%. The tuition for the LBS MiM program in 2023 stands at £44,900. The curriculum, designed by industry experts, aims to prepare students for current and future business challenges and includes a comprehensive career development program. This program equips students with vital skills and the ability to effectively communicate their value to potential employers, focusing on the competencies that top recruiters seek.

Sector-Wise Opportunities & Earnings

The London Business School is highly coveted by employers in a wide array of industries. Its prestigious reputation and rigorous curriculum equip students with the necessary tools for success across areas from finance to media-related fields.

Take a glance at the sectoral average graduate London Business School MIM salary:

1. Consulting

Analyzing data, formulating solutions, and maintaining accountability are hallmarks of management consulting. These firms such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, or Boston Consulting Group have an established track record for securing placements for graduates with average compensation packages ranging from £40,000 - £50,000 per annum.

2. Finance

Finance is a highly sought-after career path for graduates, and investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds are some of the largest employers when it comes to offering opportunities. The average graduate salary in the finance industry can range anywhere from £45,000 - £55,000 annually.

3. Technology

The sector of technological advancement is burgeoning, and London Business School MIM graduates find themselves in demand. Names such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are among the most influential employers selected from this population. The salary averages in the technology industry out to be anywhere between £55,000 - £70,000 per annum.

Below is the table showing the average salary in the top sectors-

Sectors  Salary (£) Key Employers
Consulting £40,000 - £50,000 Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group
Finance £45,000 - £55,000 Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan
Technology £55,000 - £70,000 Amazon, IBM

Examining LBS MIM Salary through Job Placement Records

London Business School MIM career impact has a remarkable record when it comes to helping its students find jobs. Recent data shows that within three months of graduating, 91% of students were able to secure a job offer. Even more impressive is that 94% of students received at least one job offer during this period, underlining the school's commitment to ensuring its students have ample opportunities in the job market as LBS is one of the best colleges in the UK.

LBS salary

Leading Employers Recruiting LBS MIM Graduates

Herein, we shall talk about companies in the top three sectors hiring graduates so that you get a brief idea of the MNCs (paying high-end London Business School MIM salary) that you are willing to be a part of in the future:

Consulting Finance Technology
McKinsey & Co Credit Suisse   Amazon
Boston Consulting Group  Goldman Sachs  UBER
Bain & Co.  Partners Group  American Express
A.T. Kearney Bridge Point Capital   Deliveroo

Recognition in the Job Market

An MSc in Management (MiM) from London Business School (LBS) is highly prestigious, offering substantial advantages in the global job market. Renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes cross-cultural competencies and international business strategies, LBS prepares its graduates for diverse and inclusive workplaces. The program's global reach, bolstered by LBS's strong emphasis on real-world business scenarios, ensures that its graduates are well-prepared for leadership roles across various sectors.


Achieving an MiM from LBS is a significant accomplishment that opens many doors within the competitive business landscape. Esteemed for its rigorous academic standards, innovative approach, and extensive alumni network, LBS ranks among the top business schools in Europe. Its distinctive approach to management education merges traditional principles with modern practices, equipping graduates with the necessary skills for high-level leadership positions in today's dynamic business environments.

Achieving an MiM from LBS can significantly impact your career trajectory, as evidenced by the attractive London Business School MiM salary, underscoring the value and return on investment of this prestigious degree.

Global Salary Trends for London Business School MIM Graduates"
 The Financial Times 2021 Global MIM Rankings reveal that the average three-year post-graduation salary is recorded at USD 178,356. We sought to elucidate the varying London Business School MIM program salary by graduates based on their locations.


One of the top universities at the UK is LBS which not only offers excellent career prospects for MIM within the UK but also provides opportunities for graduates to work in various countries worldwide. Let's take a closer look at the salary prospects in some of the top destinations for LBS MiM graduates:

  • United States: Graduates who secure positions in the United States often enjoy competitive LBS MIM Salary packages. Depending on factors such as industry, location, and experience, London Business School MIM salary in the US can range from around $70,000 to $120,000 per year
  • Switzerland: Salaries in Switzerland can vary depending on the specific role and the city, with average ranges falling between CHF 70,000 and CHF 120,000 per year.
  • Germany: The graduates can expect London Business School MIM salary ranging from €40,000 to €70,000 per year, offering a competitive compensation package for their skills and qualifications in the German market
  • Hong Kong:  Salaries in Hong Kong are generally competitive, and depending on the industry and position, graduates can expect annual salaries ranging from HKD 300,000 to HKD 600,000.
  • United Kingdom: MiM graduates in the UK can expect annual salaries ranging from £30,000 to £60,000, reflecting the competitive compensation packages available to LBS MiM graduates in the UK job market.

LBS MIM Famous Alumni 

LBS School stands as a pillar of academic distinction having cultivated a legacy of thought leaders and innovators who have left their exceptional mark in a multitude of fields around the globe. The success rate of alumni echoes the core principles and education they received at London Business School.

Name  Position
Kumar Birla, 1992 Chairman of Aditya Birla Group
Wong Kan Seng, 1979 Served in the Singapore Government for ~30 years
Rt Hon Justine Greening, 2000 Secretary of State for Education (2016-2018), MP for Putney (2005-2019)
Jimmy Maymann, 2005 Chair of UN Live Online, TV2 Denmark, and AirHelp Inc.

Advantages of Studying at London Business School

A Legacy of Excellence. London Business School (one of the best MIM colleges in the UK) has a storied history of cultivating business acumen and leadership skills. The program's unique approach to business education blends practical experience with theoretical knowledge, and the London Business School MIM salary prepares graduates for the complexities of the global business environment.

LBS advantage

Here are five advantages of studying at ESCP Business School, presented as if they were benefits of the London Business School's Master in Management (LBS MiM) program:

  1. International Exposure: LBS MiM students benefit from the school's extensive global network, offering them unparalleled international exposure and the opportunity to experience different business cultures and practices.
  2. Strong Network: LBS MiM graduates join a prestigious alumni network that spans across multiple industries worldwide. This network opens doors to a wide array of job opportunities and professional networking events.
  3. Practical Experience: The LBS MiM curriculum includes numerous practical projects and internships, allowing students to gain hands-on experience that is critical for building their professional skills and enhancing their employability.
  4. High Rankings: The LBS MiM program is consistently ranked among the top business schools globally, ensuring students receive a prestigious education that is highly valued in the job market.
  5. Career Support: LBS provides extensive career support services to its MiM students, including best London Business School MIM salary, job placement assistance, and various networking opportunities, all designed to help graduates successfully transition into their chosen careers.

Choosing the LBS MiM program means engaging in an educational journey that is not only academically rigorous but also rich in practical experience and professional development opportunities. This combination makes LBS MiM a top choice for students aiming for a successful career in business due to the lucrative London Business School MIM salary.


The London Business School's Master in Management (MiM) program ensures a robust career trajectory, marked by a high employment rate of 96% within three months post-graduation. Graduates of the program enjoy competitive London Business School MiM salaries and extensive global job opportunities, benefiting from the school's rigorous academic environment and expansive professional network. Opting for LBS is a strategic investment in a dynamic and financially rewarding business career.


What is the average salary for London Business School MIM graduates?

The average salary for London Business School MIM graduates varies depending on factors such as industry, location, and level of experience. 

What are some of the top industries that hire London Business School MIM graduates?

London Business School MIM graduates are sought after by a wide range of industries including consulting, finance, technology, consumer goods, and healthcare.

Can you provide examples of job titles that London Business School MIM graduates commonly pursue?

Common job titles for London Business School MIM graduates include management consultant, financial analyst, business development manager, project manager, and marketing strategist.

How does the employment rate for London Business School MIM graduates compare to industry standards?

London Business School boasts a high employment rate for its MIM graduates, with a significant percentage securing job offers within a few months of graduation. The school's strong alumni network and career services contribute to this success.

Are there opportunities for international employment for London Business School MIM graduates?

Yes, London Business School MIM graduates often find opportunities for international employment, thanks to the school's global reputation and alumni network. Many graduates pursue careers in various countries around the world, leveraging their diverse skill set and international perspective.

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