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London School of Economics and Political Science MIM Interview Questions

LSE MIM Interview Questions: Tips & How to Handle Interview

The interview stage is a crucial part of the LSE MIM admissions process. To help you prepare effectively, this blog post will provide insights into the specific LSE MIM interview questions for their Master's in Management (MIM) program. We will cover two sets of interview questions, along with specialized tips for each set. Additionally, we will discuss how to align your responses with LSE's values and offer valuable advice on handling the interview. Let's dive in!

Interview Questions & Tips

The LSE MiM interview is a pivotal step in the admissions process, focusing on assessing the applicant's mindset and potential contributions to both the school and the broader industry. Success in this interview requires thorough preparation across various aspects, as questions can range from personal ambitions and goals to detailed discussions of past experiences.

This guide offers two sets of typical LSE MiM interview questions, complete with specialized tips for each. Aspiring candidates should deeply understand and prepare for these questions to meet LSE's high standards. Effective preparation not only shows your readiness for the program but also highlights your ability to add value to the LSE community.

Set 1

Q: Can you give me an example of when you were part of a team and helped deliver a successful outcome?
Q: Describe a time when you analyzed a situation and how you went about improving it.
Q: Take me through an occasion when you explained something complicated to someone.
Q: Talk me through how you achieved a goal that you set yourself.
Q: Tell me when you have had to adapt your approach to accommodate other people.
Q: Describe a time when you stood up for something you believed was wrong or pointed out an error someone had made.
Q: Tell me about a time you came up with a creative solution to a problem.
Q: Describe a situation when you persuaded someone to do something they didn't want to do.
Q: When have you faced a particularly difficult situation, and how did you respond?

Specialized Tips for Set 1

  • Understand the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your responses effectively: Being one of the best MIM colleges in UK, it is important to prepare well for the LSE MIM Interview. One crucial aspect of answering competency-based LSE MIM interview questions is utilizing the STAR method. This method helps you structure your responses in a clear and concise manner. Start by describing the Situation or context in which the situation occurred. Then, explain the Task you were assigned or the goal you aimed to achieve. Next, highlight the Actions you took to address the situation or accomplish the task. Finally, discuss the Result or outcome of your actions, emphasizing the positive impact you made. By using the STAR method, you provide a structured and comprehensive response that effectively showcases your abilities.
  • Use specific examples from your experiences to illustrate your skills and competencies: When responding to competency-based LSE MIM interview questions, it's essential to draw upon real-life examples from your experiences. Choose examples that best highlight the specific skills and competencies the question is assessing. Provide details about the situation, your role, and the actions you took. By using concrete and specific examples, you demonstrate your ability to apply your skills and competencies in real-world scenarios, making your responses more impactful and memorable.
  • Emphasize the impact of your actions and the outcomes achieved: While discussing your experiences for LSE MIM interview questions, remember to emphasize the impact of your actions and the results you achieved. Admissions committees are interested in understanding how your actions made a positive difference. Quantify your achievements whenever possible, such as mentioning specific metrics, percentages, or feedback you received. By highlighting the outcomes, you demonstrate your ability to deliver tangible and meaningful results, showcasing your effectiveness as a potential candidate.

Set 2

Q: Why do you want to work for this organization?
Q: Why have you applied for this role?
Q: How does this position fit with your longer-term aspirations?
Q: Why do you want to work in this sector?
Q: What are the main challenges facing the business?
Q: Talk me through a recent news story you found interesting - what impact might it have on our work?
Q: What do you do in your spare time?
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Q: Why or how did you choose this particular degree/university?

Specialized Tips for Set 2

  • Conduct thorough research on LSE, the MIM program, and the industry to demonstrate your genuine interest: When preparing for your LSE MIM interview questions, it is crucial to showcase your genuine interest in the program and the institution. Take the time to thoroughly research LSE's history, values, faculty, and curriculum. Gain a deep understanding of the LSE MIM program and its unique features. Additionally, stay updated on industry trends and challenges. This research will enable you to articulate specific reasons why LSE and the MIM program are the perfect fit for your educational and career goals.
  • Highlight the alignment between your long-term goals and the opportunities offered by LSE: During the LSE MIM interview questions, emphasize how the LSE MIM program aligns with your long-term aspirations. Discuss how the program's coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and networking resources will contribute to your personal and professional growth. Showcase your understanding of how the program's unique offerings, such as international exposure, specialized concentrations, or industry connections, will support your career ambitions. By demonstrating this alignment, you will convey your commitment and motivation to make the most of your time at LSE.
  • Show your awareness of current events and their potential impact on the field of study or industry: To demonstrate your engagement and curiosity, stay updated on current events and industry news. Read relevant publications, follow reputable sources, and be aware of significant developments in the sector you are interested in. During the LSE MIM interview questions, when discussing a recent news story, share your insights into the potential implications and how it might impact the field of study or the industry. This showcases your ability to think critically and stay informed, which are highly valued qualities at LSE.



Mastering the LSE MIM interview questions requires careful preparation and a deep understanding of the questions you may encounter. By familiarizing yourself with the competency-based and motivation questions discussed in this blog post, along with the specialized tips provided, you can approach the interview with confidence and effectively convey your qualifications, motivations, and alignment with LSE's values. Remember to be authentic, showcase your unique experiences, and demonstrate your passion for pursuing the LSE MIM program. 


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