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Maryland MIM GMAT & Class Profile

Maryland MIM GMAT & Class Profile: Scores, Insights & FAQs

The average GMAT score is a crucial component of the admissions process for the Maryland MIM program. In this blog post, we will delve into the average Maryland MIM GMAT score for the program, analyze year-on-year trends, understand the role of GMAT scores in admissions, provide tips on GMAT preparation, and discuss the average GMAT scores for Indian students. We will also explore strategies to improve acceptance chances for candidates with a low GMAT score.

Maryland MIM Average GMAT Score

The average GMAT score for the Maryland MIM program stands at 639. This score indicates the caliber of students admitted to the program and serves as a benchmark for prospective applicants. It is important to note that this score is subject to change and may vary slightly from year to year.

As with any applicant, Indian students are encouraged to strive for a strong GMAT score that aligns with the program's average and demonstrates their academic capabilities and potential. While there may not be specific data on the average GMAT scores for Indian students, prospective Indian applicants should research the average GMAT scores of admitted students from previous years or refer to program-specific reports to gain more accurate information.

Admission decisions for the Maryland MIM program are based on a holistic evaluation, taking into consideration various aspects of an applicant's profile, including academic achievements, work experience, recommendation letters, and personal statements. While a competitive GMAT score is important, Indian students need to present a well-rounded application that showcases their unique strengths, experiences, and potential contributions to the program.

Ultimately, Indian students should aim to achieve a strong GMAT score that demonstrates their readiness for the program and enhances their overall competitiveness in the admissions process.

Year on Year Maryland MIM GMAT Trends

Year Average GMAT Score
2019 645
2020 635
2021 645
2022 630
2023 640

Significance of GMAT in Maryland Selection Process

The Maryland MIM program values GMAT scores as a crucial component in the admissions process. While a high GMAT score is advantageous, the program takes a holistic approach when evaluating candidates. Admissions officers consider various aspects such as academic achievements, work experience, recommendation letters, and personal statements to gain a comprehensive understanding of each applicant.

The GMAT score provides valuable insights into a candidate's quantitative, verbal, and analytical abilities. It serves as an indicator of their aptitude for the rigorous coursework and challenges that lie ahead in the program. A strong GMAT score demonstrates a candidate's ability to handle complex problem-solving, think critically, and effectively communicate their ideas.

However, it is important to note that the Maryland MIM program does not solely rely on GMAT scores. Admissions officers consider the overall profile of the applicant, evaluating their potential to contribute to the program and succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.

The program seeks to create a diverse cohort of students with a range of skills, experiences, and perspectives. Thus, a candidate with a slightly lower GMAT score may still be admitted if they showcase exceptional academic achievements, demonstrate leadership potential, exhibits relevant work experience, or present compelling personal statements.

The holistic approach ensures that the program admits candidates who possess not only strong intellectual capabilities but also the qualities and attributes necessary to thrive in the program and make valuable contributions to the learning community.

Overall, while a high GMAT score is advantageous, the Maryland MIM program recognizes the significance of a well-rounded application. GMAT scores, along with other factors, are carefully considered to evaluate a candidate's potential for success in the program and their ability to contribute meaningfully to the academic and professional community.

GMAT Waiver for Maryland MIM

Maryland MIM GMAT waiver is optional  for eligible candidates. Eligible applicants applying to certain in-person business master’s programs.

If applicants are interested in qualifying for a GMAT/GRE waiver through Maryland Advantage, you must
meet the following additional criteria:
• Earned a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Received a “B” or better in statistics and other advanced mathematical coursework

U.S. applicants using the Maryland Advantage incentive and those applying to the Online Master of Science in Management Studies program are exempt from submitting GMAT/GRE test scores. If U.S. applicants are interested in Accounting, Management Studies, or Supply Chain Management programs and are not using the Maryland Advantage incentive, we highly recommend applicants submit GMAT/GRE scores.

Key Questions Regarding Maryland MIM GMAT

When students are deciding whether to apply for the program or not, there are hundreds of questions. things like average Maryland MIM GMAT score, waivers, and whether they can apply without a GMAT score. Here are some most important questions answered:

1.Do I need to take the GRE?

For Fall 2024 admission, The University of Maryland MIM have made the GRE/GMAT exams optional. You are welcome to submit scores if you have them. Applicants who opt not to submit their scores are not penalized. We understand that there are many reasons not to sit for these exams; we do not make assumptions as to why you do or do not include them in your application.

2. Is 650 a good GMAT score for mim?

Yes, GMAT Score and work experience is compulsory. 40 percent of MIM programs need a GMAT Score. The average GMAT Score of MIM Students is 610. 

How to Improve Chances with Low GMAT

Candidates with a low GMAT score can still improve their acceptance chances by focusing on other aspects of their application. Highlighting strong academic performance, relevant work experience, leadership roles, and achievements can compensate for a lower GMAT score. Additionally, submitting a compelling personal statement, securing strong recommendation letters, and demonstrating motivation and fit with the program can make a positive impact on the overall application. Here's a guide to help you enhance your profile and make a strong case for your admission.

1. Consider Retaking the GMAT: If you believe you can improve your score, consider retaking the GMAT. Even a slight increase can make your application more competitive. However, balance this decision with the time and resources it requires, and the other strengths of your application.

2. Showcase Your Quantitative Skills: If your GMAT quantitative score is low, find other ways to demonstrate your quantitative abilities. This could be through relevant coursework, certifications, or work experience. Maryland University values candidates who can handle the analytical rigor of the MIM program.

3. Highlight Your Strengths Beyond the GMAT: Maryland University, like many others, looks at the holistic profile of an applicant. If your GMAT score is on the lower side, it's crucial to showcase your strengths in other areas. This could include your undergraduate GPA, any relevant work or internship experience, leadership roles, community service, or extracurricular activities. Demonstrating a well-rounded profile can significantly offset a lower GMAT score.

4. Apply Early: Applying in the early rounds can sometimes give you an advantage, as the admissions committee may have more flexibility in the earlier stages of the application process.

Recommended Study Plans & Resources

The most effective way to prep your Verbal & Quant test is by taking the GMAT simulator test. Because it can offer a thorough understanding of the school’s ethos, values, and program specifics. Which is crucial to enhance your application and prepare your application. The simulator test is like advance preparation. It’s structured just like the real thing, so you’ll know what to expect. No surprises on test day means more confidence and less stress. After each simulator test, take a good look at where you stumbled.

Maryland MIM Class Profile

The Maryland MIM class profile paints a picture of a vibrant, diverse, and ambitious group of individuals. By joining this program, you're not just advancing your education; becoming part of a global community that will shape the students future in exciting ways. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and transformed!

Average Age 27
Average Work Experience 12 months
Average GMAT Score 639
Program Length 24 months
Tuition Cost $30,708
Average Salary $65,000- $95,000

Significance of Work Experience in Maryland MIM Admissions

 It's really important to know how your work experience can make your application stand out. Work experience isn’t just about the duration; it’s the depth and relevance that count. Whether you’ve worked for years or are just starting, your experiences can add immense value to your Maryland MIM application. Use your application to narrate your story - how your experiences have shaped your aspirations and why Maryland’s MIM is the perfect fit for your career goals. Remember, it's about connecting the dots between your past, the MIM program, and your future.

What it Takes to Get into Maryland MIM?

One of the most confusing queries of students looking at the Maryland MIM class profile is; is it right for me? Will it align with my career goals? What it takes to get into one of the best MIM in USA. As the school itself states, the program is best for you if:

-Focus on your academic performance

-Aim for strong GMAT or GRE scores, though they are not the only factor considered.

-Show your potential for leadership through your past activities and roles.

-Engage in activities outside academics that demonstrate your diverse interests and skills.

-Be genuine and express your enthusiasm for the program.


The average GMAT score for the Maryland MIM program provides valuable insights into the caliber of students admitted to the program. While the specific average GMAT score may fluctuate from year to year, it is an important factor in the admissions process. Prospective applicants should aim to achieve a competitive GMAT score while also considering other aspects of their application. Adequate preparation, research, and a well-rounded application can significantly improve acceptance chances for the Maryland MIM program.

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