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Best MIM Colleges in Australia

Are you interested in pursuing a degree from best colleges in Australia for MIM? If so, you have made a wise decision as Australia offers world-class education, excellent quality of life, and diverse cultural experiences. Pursuing an degree from best colleges in Australia for MIM can help you acquire the essential management skills and knowledge to succeed in the highly competitive business world. However, with best colleges in Australia for MIM to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one that meets your needs.

In this article, we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on best colleges in Australia for MIM, including the types of MIM programs, top colleges, eligibility criteria, application requirements, specializations, cost and fees, scholarships, job prospects, and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about pursuing an MIM degree in Australia.

MIM Colleges in Australia

Masters in management schools in Australia prepares individuals from diverse academic backgrounds and working professionals to develop into decision-makers grounded in evidence, adept problem solvers, socially responsible citizens, and prospective leaders. The curriculum allows for customization with the option to choose up to two specializations.

After finishing the program from top colleges in Australia for a Master's in Management (MIM), students will have gained a set of valuable skills and knowledge. They will be able to assess and combine different pieces of information to make well-informed decisions.

These students will also be capable of coming up with new and creative solutions to problems that organizations face. They'll know how to work well with other people to tackle tough challenges. Plus, they'll be able to adapt to complex and ever-changing situations, making them well-prepared for the dynamic business world.


1. Australian National University 

#34 World University Rankings - QS top University ranking

ANU MIM program graduates have consistently been recognized as the most employable in Australia and are highly sought after by employers globally. According to the latest Global Employability University Ranking from Times Higher Education, ANU has secured its position as one of the best colleges in Australia for MIM for job placement for the fourth consecutive year.

GMAT Score Range  550
Average GPA 5.0/7.0
Average Work-experience 3 Years
MIM Fees AUD 45,168
Average MIM Salary AUD 75,000
Program Deadlines 15 May 2024
Top Post-MIM Roles Management Consultant
Public Relations
Managers for different orgranization
Application Fees AUD 215
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2. University of Sydney

#19 World University Rankings- QS top University World ranking

Tailored for recent graduates across diverse academic backgrounds, University of Sydney MIM program offers a unique opportunity for hands-on involvement in business projects with industry leaders, personalized career coaching, and various prospects—all within a one-year timeframe.

GMAT Score Range  630
Average CGPA 50%
Average Work-experience -
MIM Fees AUD 49,500
Average MIM Salary AUD 81,000
Program Deadlines 24 January 2024
23 June 2024
Top Post-MIM Roles Executive management
Change management
Project management
Application Fees AUD 150
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3. University of Melbourne 

#14 World University Rankings- QS top University World Ranking

Available to individuals holding a bachelor's degree outside the realms of business/commerce or those with a business background (with potential credits for previous coursework), University of Melbourne MIM program delivers fundamental business education along with specialized training in organizational management.

GMAT Score Range  560
Average GRE 310
Average Work-experience 2 Years
MIM Fees AUD 71,372
Average MIM Salary AUD 75,000
Program Deadlines 31 May 2024
Application Fees AUD 120
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4. Monash University 

#42 World University Rankings -  QS top Universities World ranking

Monash MIM Program focuses on cultivating management capabilities within the dynamic context of organizational environments. It is tailored for career professionals possessing an undergraduate degree and relevant work experience, or outstanding students with a related undergraduate degree, aiming to fortify their career advancement and augment their knowledge and skills in management.

GMAT Score Range  -
Average GRE -
Average Work-experience 2 years
MIM Fees AUD 13,200
Average MIM Salary -
Program Deadlines 30 June 2023
31 August 2023
28 September 2023
Post-MiM Industries  Consulting
Application Fees AUD 100
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5. Macquarie University 

#57  World Sustainabily ranking- QS top Universities 

Tailored for recent graduates and early career professionals, the Macquarie MIM program offers immersive learning experiences in contemporary business contexts. This program allows you to practically apply your knowledge to real corporate challenges. Recognized as one of the best colleges in Australia for MIM among emerging postgraduate pre-experience management students.

GMAT score range  -
Average WAM 65
Average Work Experience 0-2 Years
MIM Fees AUD 43,200
Average MIM Salary AUD 130,000
Program Deadlines 5 February 2024
8 July 2024
Post MIM Industries  Accounting firms
Banks and financial institutions
Business analysis firms
Application Fees -
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6. La Trobe University 

La Trobe's Master of Management has been collaboratively crafted in consultation with industry experts to propel your career forward and furnish you with the skills essential for success in emerging global roles.

This program not only equips you with the knowledge to efficiently oversee multinational corporations and devise effective global business strategies but also hones your ability to navigate the intricate international political and economic landscape in which businesses operate.

GMAT score range  -
Average GRE -
Average Work Experience 2-3 Years
MIM Fees AUD 40,200
Average MIM Salary AUD 104,000
Program Deadlines 22 January 2024
Application Fees -
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7. University of Southern Australia

University of Southern Australia MIM Program offers the opportunity to develop advanced skills in leadership, strategy, and decision-making. Participants can engage in the Executive Partners Program, benefiting from valuable industry insights and expert advice provided by senior business executives. Moreover, students gain practical experience through internships, student exchanges, or mentorship opportunities as part of their studies.

GMAT score range  -
Average GRE -
Average Work Experience -
MIM Fees AUD 39,600
Average MIM Salary AUD 108,000
Program Deadlines Rolling basis
Application Fees -
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In conclusion, pursuing a degree from best colleges in Australia for MIM can be a great investment for your career. The program offers a range of specializations, and the colleges have excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty and robust career services that help students secure job opportunities.

MIM graduates are in high demand across various industries and sectors, and their earning potential is high. Moreover studying fromm best colleges in Australia for MIM provides international students with an opportunity to explore a new culture meet people from diverse backgrounds and gain a global perspective on management.

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What is the duration of a Master's in Management program in Australia National University?

The duration of a Master's in Management program in Australia is typically 1-2 years, depending on the institution and the study mode (full-time or part-time). Duration of ANU MIM is around 2 Years.

What are the job prospects for MIM graduates in Macquarie University?

MIM graduates from Macquarie have a wide range of job opportunities available to them, including management consulting, business development, project management, and more. Graduates with an MIM degree can expect to earn a higher salary than those with just a bachelor's degree and their earning potential increases with experience and career growth.

Are scholarships available for MIM programs in Australia?

Yes, there are scholarships available for MIM programs in Australia, both from universities and external organizations. Students can search for scholarships based on merit, need.

Can I work in Australia after completing my MIM degree from University of Melbourne?

Yes, international students who have completed their MIM degree in Australia are eligible to apply for a post-study work visa. The duration of the visa will depend on the length of the MIM program completed, with graduates of a two-year program eligible for a two-year post-study work visa.

What is the acceptance rate for Australian National University MIM?

The Australian National University (ANU) is a publicly accessible research university established in 1946 and located in Canberra, Australia. For undergraduate courses at ANU, tuition fees vary from INR 20.8 L to INR 25 L. The university maintains an acceptance rate of 35%.

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