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MBA in Canada for Indian Students – Colleges, Fees, Scholarships

Are you thinking about pursuing an MBA in Canada? You are not alone. Every year, thousands of students feel about going to Canada to study for their Master’s program. Due to the friendly relations of Canada with India, a liberal visa policy is followed, and Canada is known for its openness to international students, which makes it a great place to study for an MBA. Moreover, if you choose Canada, you won’t face any language barrier as English is accepted as the primary language. Due to this advantage, you could just fit in immediately and will be able to expand your network quickly.

Myriad MBA programs and other business masters’ degrees are available in Canada. In addition, Canada is one of the safest places to live globally and tagged as the world’s most educated country. Therefore, Canada is becoming a haven for international students.

According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education, there has been a surge of over 90% since 2008 in international students going for their higher studies in Canada. Here, we’ll look at studying MBA in Canada from an international student’s perspective. We will also inform you about the colleges and their fees. We’ll also provide information about the scholarships that you can avail yourself of in MBA in Canada.

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Canada has a booming economy and a rich cultural diversity, which attracts students from across the globe. It is a hot favourite among international students due to high living standards, affordable and quality education, multicultural exposure and friendly post-study or working rules. As a result, it is amongst the top five destinations in the world to pursue higher education.

Most MBA schools in Canada are inexpensive and provide globally acknowledged degrees with the highest quality education. Business courses in Canada heighten the career possibilities for students along with their earning probability. Universities here concentrate on strengthening the foundation of the students in the business arena and encouraging them to explore all the limitations of the business ventures.


Every year Canada receives a huge number of applications from international students looking for MBA courses. The eligibility criteria for their admission in MiM in Canada include GMAT scores, IELTS/TOEFL scores, relevant work experience, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and CV. Very few universities offer MBA in Canada without considering GMAT scores. Those universities which consider MBA without GMAT consider other factors especially, work experience, as important eligibility criteria for admission.

Though a limited number of universities offer MBA in Canada without GMAT score consideration, it is of equal importance to MBA with GMAT as top-ranking universities offer them. For example, York University’s Schulich School of Business and McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business offer MBA in Canada without GMAT.

This feature of MBA in Canada without GMAT helps those students who cannot score cut-offs set by the universities or altogether do not take the test due to the intensity and intricacies involved.

Let us find out about the best colleges for MBA in Canada offering an MBA without a GMAT score.

Schulich Business School 40,087
DeGroote Business School 32,625
Thompson Rivers University 22,928
New York Institute of Technology 30,000
Lakehead University 27,000
Wilfrid Laurier University 11,000 to 33,000


Though work experience before an MBA plays an important role, some universities let go of this requirement and offer an MBA degree without work experience.

Following this is a list of the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada without work experience.

  1. Thompson Rivers University
  2. Saint Mary’s University
  3. New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver
  4. Dalhousie University
  5. University of Alberta
  6. Vancouver Island University
  7. Queen’s University
  8. University of Toronto
  9. York University
  10. University of Windsor

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Studying MBA in Canada for Indian students is an expensive affair most of the time. However, when considering the total cost of an MBA in Canada, it comes across as one of the best countries for Indian students. Over the past years, there has been a surge in Indian students who choose to study for an MBA in Canada rather than the US. This major shift has been observed due to the costs involved in studying in these two countries.

The tuition fee for Indian students to pursue MBA in Canada is approximately 3 lakh to 73 lakhs INR per annum. Cost of living is another major factor contributing to expenses. It depends on the lifestyle choices, accommodation choices, and the city you live in a while studying in Canada.

Let us first grab an overview of the major kinds of expenses involved for an MBA in Canada.

Overview of Cost of MBA in Canada for Indian Students

Application Fees 5000 to 9000
IELTS/TOEFL 12,000/14,500 (respectively)
Tuition fees 3 lacs to 73 lacs
Books and Materials Up to 1 lac
Accommodations 33,000 to 7 lacs
Visa Application Fees 8,400
Biometric for Visa Fees 4,700
Health Insurance 50,000
Airfare 33,000 onwards
Food and Beverages 22,000 to 26,000
Total 11,18,100 to 87,97,600



All schools in Canada offer an array of specializations and concentrations and boast star faculty; whose published books have made their way into classrooms even at top American programs.

Concerning the quality of education and curriculum, Canada’s education system is very responsive and up-to-date. The schools also feature well-known innovation hubs and research centres and are at the forefront of new-age thinking, such as AI and Machine Learning. For example, a Creative Destruction Lab housed within the Rotman School is a dream space for budding entrepreneurs wishing to incubate their ventures.

Location plays an important role in making Canada a worthy place to go for an MBA. Toronto is a fast-growing commercial and technological hub in Canada. It serves as a home to many MNCs and startups. In addition, there are many touristy places in Canada; for example, Rotman University is within minutes of Mars Discovery District, the largest urban innovation centre in the world. It is much sufficient for an individual who is looking to pursue MBA in Canada.

Going to Canada is much easier than going to the US and also, getting work authorization post-MBA in Canada is relatively trouble-free. A two-year program in Canada gives you a work permit for three years, or in other words, makes you eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit Program, which is a path towards residency.

If you compare your salary with the salary from US companies, you’ll be a little disheartened as there is a slight difference between these two. But, you don’t need to worry as such differences are not prevalent if you have scored good marks in your Masters.

So, Yes, an MBA in Canada is worth it, and you must look forward to pursuing it.

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One way to circumvent the financial burden that comes from the high tuition fees of an MBA in Canada is by taking help from MBA scholarships in Canada.

A few scholarships are offered to the students based on their academic excellence and other achievements appropriate to the program. In most cases, students are awarded a waiver for their tuition fees because of the top scores on GMAT. In such a situation, students can apply for some popular scholarship programs:

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships – Such scholarships aim to offer quality education at the doctoral and master’s levels. The government funds this scholarship.
  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC (all countries except the UK) – This scholarship is awarded to deserving students who wish to complete a PhD or Masters in Canada.
  • University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarships – Waterloo University provides this scholarship to students who meet the eligibility criteria and pursue graduation from the same university.
  • Go Clean Scholarships – This scholarship is offered to deserving students who want to complete higher studies abroad.
  • Rotman School of Management Scholarship – Around 1/3rd of the students enrolled at Rotman are granted scholarships


Many students dream of going to Canada and pursuing an MBA, giving their resume a boost, which will eventually help them secure a high salary job. Plan accordingly in advance, set a target school for yourself, work hard towards it, take expert help in writing essays and LORs. Ensure you set yourself apart from the rest of the students by making a strong resume and a strong candidacy. If you think you won’t afford it financially, then go for the scholarship option. Explore as much as you can as MBA from Canada will take your career to the next trajectory.


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