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MBA Jobs in Ireland

MBA Jobs in Ireland: Job Roles, Sectors & Opportunities

In today's fast-changing job market, an MBA is more than a degree; it's a way to get into leadership roles in many industries. Ireland, with its growing economy and strong business environment, is a great place for ambitious people who want to move up in their careers. This guide gives you all the information you need about MBA jobs in Ireland, perfect for those thinking about changing their careers and exploring new opportunities in this exciting country.

Best Jobs in Ireland for MBA Graduates

In the ever-changing world of MBA jobs in Ireland, there are many opportunities for graduates looking for varied career paths. With top-notch business schools and a thriving business environment, Ireland draws people from all over. Let's take a look at some typical job roles and career paths that MBA graduates follow in this exciting market.

Job Profile Salary in EUR Salary in INR
Marketing Manager 48,017 43.48 lakhs
Financial Analyst 44,046 39.89 lakhs
Business Development Manager 54,485 49.34 lakhs
Product Manager 50,820 46.02 lakhs
Supply Chain Manager 52,301 47.36 lakhs

1. Marketing Manager

In Ireland, the role of a Marketing Manager is both dynamic and pivotal within various industries. These professionals earn an average salary of 48,017 EUR per year, which translates to approximately 43.48 lakhs INR. This position typically involves overseeing marketing strategies and campaigns, enhancing brand awareness, and driving business growth through effective market penetration.

2. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts in Ireland are crucial for businesses looking to maximize financial efficiency and profitability. On average, a Financial Analyst earns about 44,046 EUR annually, or around 39.89 lakhs INR. Their work includes analyzing financial data, predicting future trends, and advising on investment activities.

3. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager in Ireland plays a key role in expanding business opportunities for their companies. With an average salary of 54,485 EUR, equivalent to 49.34 lakhs INR, they focus on forming strategic partnerships, identifying new markets, and increasing revenue streams.

4. Product Manager

In Ireland, Product Managers are essential in steering the direction and success of products throughout their lifecycle. They make an average of 50,820 EUR per year, which amounts to about 46.02 lakhs INR. Their responsibilities often encompass product planning, execution, and collaboration across multiple teams to meet customer needs effectively.

5. Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers in Ireland are instrumental in optimizing operations from production to product delivery. They earn an average salary of 52,301 EUR annually, roughly equivalent to 47.36 lakhs INR. Their role involves managing logistics, improving supply chain processes, and ensuring the efficient flow of goods and services.

Top Sectors to work in after MBA in Ireland

One significant sector for MBA jobs in Ireland is technology. Dublin, in particular, has emerged as a European tech hub, home to major companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. MBA holders with expertise in areas such as product management, strategic planning, and business development are in high demand within these firms.

Ireland is known for its strong and diverse economy, offering numerous job opportunities for professionals with an MBA degree. While the specific demand for MBA Jobs in Ireland may vary over time, here are some top sectors of MBA Jobs in Ireland:

1. IT

Ireland's burgeoning tech industry has become a magnet for global firms. MBA graduates specializing in Software, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI, and Data analytics find ample opportunities. The dynamic landscape offers a platform for innovation and growth, with Dublin at the forefront of this technological evolution.

2. Financial Services

Dublin's position as a financial hub creates diverse opportunities for MBA graduates. The Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) fuels demand in areas such as Banking, Finance, Asset and Risk Management, and Consulting. Graduates can leverage their skills in a vibrant financial ecosystem.

3. Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

MBA graduates in Ireland's pharmaceutical sector can carve out careers in Management, Supply Chain, Operations, Marketing, and Tech Transfer. The industry encourages leveraging Research and Development for innovation, making it an exciting field for those seeking dynamic roles and challenges.

4. Consulting

Ireland's economy heavily relies on management consulting, providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for MBA graduates. Applying their skills in Strategy, Operations, HR, Finance, and promoting sustainability for energy efficiency, consultants play a vital role in shaping and optimizing business strategies.

5. Energy and Sustainability

With a goal to achieve zero carbon by 2050, Ireland presents a growing focus on renewable energy. MBA graduates find their niche in clean tech roles, particularly in Project Management and Business Development, contributing to the country's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

6. Entrepreneurship and Startups

Ireland's vibrant startup scene, especially in Dublin and Galway, attracts MBA graduates interested in entrepreneurship. Whether in the realms of Tech, Fintech, or Biotech, these hubs offer networking opportunities and a supportive ecosystem for those looking to embark on innovative ventures.

Ireland College offering best placements after MBA

mba jobs in ireland

Leading schools like University College Dublin's Business School, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, and University College Cork are preparing the next generation of business leaders. This overview offers a glimpse into the success stories and exciting opportunities that await MBA graduates in Ireland, including details on MBA salary in Ireland. These institutions provide excellent education and help students gear up for successful careers in various industries. 

MBA Colleges in Ireland Full-time MBA Average Salary Placement Rate 
Trinity College Dublin MBA €40,500 48% basic salary increase post-MBA | 88% employed within three months of graduating
UCD Smurfit MBA €45,000 90% within 3 months | 74% average growth in earnings after 3 years
University of Galway MBA €25,487  96% within 6 months
Griffith College MBA €100,000 74.2% within 3 months
Technological University MBA €15,500 88% within 3 months

Important Highlights

mba jobs in ireland

According to the Irish Universities Association (IUA) 2019/2020 report on MBA colleges in Ireland, the overall employment rate for MBA graduates was around 90%. Additionally, the report highlighted that 70% of MBA graduates found employment within three months of graduation. The report also indicated that the most popular MBA Jobs in Ireland were financial services, technology, and consulting. These sectors accounted for a significant portion of the employment opportunities available to MBA graduates.

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Pursuing an MBA in Ireland opens up numerous job opportunities, thanks to its robust economy and focus on innovation. Graduates have the chance to work across diverse sectors such as finance, marketing, consulting, and technology. The country's strong educational framework equips them with the necessary skills to succeed in global business. With a variety of industries like technology, finance, healthcare, and sustainability, Ireland offers a wide range of career prospects.

What are the job prospects after completing an MBA in Ireland?

Completing an MBA in Ireland opens up excellent job prospects. The country's strong economy and thriving business landscape provide ample opportunities.

Graduates can find lucrative positions in various sectors, including finance, technology, consulting, and pharmaceuticals.With Ireland being home to many multinational companies, there is a high demand for skilled professionals.


What are the key industries in Ireland that offer job opportunities for MBA graduates?

Ireland boasts diverse industries that present attractive job opportunities for MBA graduates.

The financial services sector, including banking, investment management, and insurance, is a major contributor to the Irish economy.Technology and innovation-driven companies, such as software development, cybersecurity, and digital marketing, also provide abundant career prospects.


Are there any specific visa requirements for international MBA graduates seeking employment in Ireland?

International MBA graduates interested in working in Ireland will need to secure an appropriate work visa.

Another option is the General Employment Permit, which covers a broader range of occupations.It's important to check the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) website for the latest visa requirements and application process.


What are the advantages of pursuing an MBA in Ireland compared to other countries?

Pursuing an MBA in Ireland offers several advantages compared to other countries.

Firstly, Ireland's strong economy and business-friendly environment create abundant job opportunities. The presence of multinational corporations and a growing startup ecosystem provides diverse industry exposure.Lastly, Ireland's strategic location within the European Union provides access to a vast market and opportunities for global business connections.

How can an MBA in Ireland enhance my career progression and earning potential?

An MBA in Ireland can significantly enhance career progression and earning potential. The program equips students with valuable business knowledge, leadership skills, and strategic thinking abilities.

Employers often prioritize candidates with advanced degrees like an MBA, opening doors to higher-level positions and greater responsibilities.

The extensive networking opportunities during the program allow students to connect with industry leaders, alumni, and potential employers.

Irish universities often have strong relationships with companies, providing access to internships and job placements.

Graduates with an MBA in Ireland are well-positioned to command competitive salaries and have increased chances of rapid career advancement in their chosen field.

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