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MBA Jobs in Singapore

Unlocking Success: MBA Opportunities in Singapore's Dynamic Job Market

MBA graduates looking for job opportunities in Asia should consider Singapore. The country's economy is diverse, with a range of industries offering employment options for MBA holders. Top business schools in Singapore have strong industry connections, providing students with access to networking opportunities and MBA Jobs in Singapore.

The government actively promotes foreign talent and offers various programs to attract skilled professionals to the country. Salaries for MBA Jobs in Singapore are competitive, with some roles offering high earning potential and attractive benefits packages. Additionally, MBA graduates can benefit from the country's favorable tax policies and low personal income tax rates.

Best Jobs in Singapore for MBA Graduates

mba jobs in singapore

MBA graduates are highly sought after in Singapore, thanks to the country's status as a global business hub. The city-state is home to many multinational corporations and startups, creating a high demand for MBA graduates. These graduates can expect to work in various industries such as finance, consulting, marketing, and technology.

Job Profiles Average Salary
Finance Director SGD 200,000 
Regional Finance Director SGD 250,000 
Managing Director SGD 300,000 

1. Finance Director

One of the most sought-after job positions in MBA in Singapore is Finance Director. This top management job type requires expertise in accounting and finance, making it ideal for those with a background in these specializations. As a Finance Director, you will be responsible for managing the financial operations of your organization, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting.

The average MBA in Singapore salary for a Finance Director in Singapore is SGD 200,000 per year. However, this can vary depending on the size and industry of your organization. For example, if you work for a large multinational corporation or an investment bank, you can expect to earn significantly more than this.

2. Regional Finance Director

Another top job position for MBA graduates in Singapore is Regional Finance Director. This role involves overseeing the financial operations of multiple countries or regions within an organization. It requires strong leadership skills as well as expertise in accounting and finance.

The average salary for a Regional Finance Director in Singapore is SGD 250,000 per year. However, like with any job position, this can vary depending on the size and industry of your organization.

3. Managing Director

Managing Director is another highly sought-after job specialization within MBA program in Singapore. This role involves overseeing all aspects of an organization's operations and requires strong leadership skills as well as expertise in business strategy and management. The average salary for a Managing Director in Singapore is SGD 300,000 per year. However, this can vary widely depending on the size and industry of your organization.

Top Sectors to work in after MBA in Singapore

mba jobs in singapore

Pursuing an MBA in Singapore can provide international exposure and networking opportunities with professionals from diverse backgrounds. The city-state is home to many top-ranked programs such as INSEAD MBA program and NUS MBA program. These institutions offer a world-class education that prepares students for leadership roles in various industries.

In addition to the quality of education, MBA Jobs in Singapore can also benefit from the country's low tax rates and high standard of living. The city-state has a stable political environment, efficient infrastructure, and excellent healthcare system that make it an attractive destination for expats.

Industry Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Finance & Banking 100,000 - 150,000
Consulting 90,000 - 130,000
Technology 80,000 - 120,000
Healthcare 70,000 - 110,000
Marketing 70,000 - 100,000
Multinational Corp. 90,000 - 140,000
E-commerce 80,000 - 120,000
Real Estate 70,000 - 100,000
Manufacturing 75,000 - 110,000
Hospitality 65,000 - 95,000

Companies Hiring for MBA in Singapore Jobs

mba jobs in singapore

Multinational corporations in Singapore are always on the lookout for MBA graduates to fill senior management positions. With its booming economy and business-friendly environment, Singapore is a hub of opportunities for MBA graduates looking to advance their careers. Here are some of the top companies hiring for jobs from top MBA colleges in Singapore:

Company Description
Google As a sought-after employer, Google values the diverse skill set and business acumen that MBA professionals bring to the organization.
Amazon Amazon, as another tech giant with a considerable footprint in Singapore, provides a wealth of job opportunities for MBA graduates.
Microsoft Whether in roles related to marketing, product management, business development, or other strategic functions, Microsoft values the analytical and leadership skills that MBA graduates bring to the organization.
DBS Bank The finance industry stands as a significant employer of MBA graduates, with DBS Bank being one of the leading companies actively hiring. 
Citibank Citibank, a major banking institution with a significant presence in Singapore, actively recruits MBA graduates for its strategic projects and initiatives.
Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank is another financial institution that actively seeks out MBA graduates to join its team.
McKinsey & Company McKinsey & Company is a sought-after employer for ambitious MBA graduates looking to make a meaningful impact in the consulting sector and advance their careers in Singapore's dynamic business landscape.
Boston Consulting Group BCG values the diverse skill set and fresh perspectives that MBA graduates bring to the table.
Bain & Company As an employer of choice, the firm values the diverse expertise and problem-solving abilities that MBA graduates bring to the table.

Singapore College offering best placements after MBA

mba jobs in singapore

In the competitive world of business education, Singapore has emerged as a hub for top-tier MBA programs that not only offer excellent academic training but also remarkable career opportunities post-graduation. The city-state’s strategic location in Asia, its role as a global business epicenter, and its diverse cultural landscape make it an attractive destination for aspiring business leaders. Among the various institutions, there are a few that stand out for their exceptional placement rates after MBA completion.

These programs not only provide a robust foundation in business principles but also excel in connecting graduates with lucrative job opportunities across industries. This makes Singapore a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their career prospects and leadership skills in the global market.

MBA Colleges in Singapore Full-time MBA Average Salary
NUS MBA S$87,761
SMU MBA S$175,000 
Nanyang MBA S$ 88,000
INSEAD MBA $101,200
Essec Global MBA €95,000 


MBA colleges in Singapore jobs offer diverse opportunities across various industries. With a thriving business environment and a robust economy, Singapore is an ideal destination for MBA graduates seeking exciting job prospects. 

The finance industry is one of the most popular sectors for MBA Jobs in Singapore. Top positions such as Finance Director, Regional Finance Director, and Managing Director are highly sought after by professionals looking to advance their careers.

Do I need prior work experience to apply for MBA jobs in Singapore?

While prior work experience can be advantageous, it is not always a strict requirement. Many companies offer entry-level positions specifically designed for fresh MBA graduates, while others seek candidates with relevant work experience.

Are there specific skills that employers in Singapore look for in MBA candidates?

Employers in Singapore typically value a combination of technical skills, such as data analysis, financial modeling, and market research, along with soft skills like leadership, communication, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities.

What salary range can I expect as an MBA professional in Singapore?

MBA salaries in Singapore vary depending on factors like industry, job role, level of experience, and the company's size. On average, MBA graduates can expect a competitive salary ranging from SGD 70,000 to SGD 120,000 per year.

Are there any government initiatives or incentives to attract MBA professionals to Singapore?

es, the Singaporean government has introduced various initiatives to attract skilled professionals, including MBA graduates, to work in the country. For example, the Global Investor Program (GIP) and the Tech.Pass scheme aim to facilitate the entry of investors, entrepreneurs, and tech experts, creating more opportunities for MBA professionals in related industries.

Are there any networking opportunities or job fairs for MBA professionals in Singapore?

Yes, Singapore hosts various networking events, career fairs, and industry-specific conferences where MBA professionals can connect with potential employers and build valuable relationships. Many universities and business schools also organize job fairs for their graduating students to explore job prospects.

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