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MBA Salary in UK

MBA Salary in UK: Top Employers & Industries

Deciding to pursue an MBA in the UK can be a significant investment in your future. Understanding the potential salary you can earn after graduation is crucial in making this decision. Here's a straightforward guide on what you might expect as an MBA salary in UK.

In the UK, the salary for MBA graduates can vary widely depending on several factors like industry, experience, and location. Generally, MBA holders are considered for senior management roles, which naturally come with higher salaries. On average, MBA graduates in the UK earn significantly more than those with just an undergraduate degree.

Reason to choose MBA in UK

Reason to choose MBA in UK

Choosing where to pursue an MBA can be a challenging decision, but the UK offers unique advantages that make it a compelling choice for many students.There are several key benefits that set the UK apart for business education. Here’s a straightforward look at why an MBA from the UK could be the right move for your career.

  • World-Class Institutions: UK business schools are globally recognized, offering top-notch education and accreditation from prestigious bodies.
  • Diverse Student Body: You'll study alongside students from around the world, which is great for networking and learning about different cultures.
  • Shorter Duration: Most MBA programs in the UK last only one year, helping you save on both tuition and living expenses.
  • Strategic Location: The UK is a major business hub with close ties to both European and global markets, offering plenty of career opportunities.
  • Career Opportunities: Graduates are in high demand, with potential for high-earnings MBA jobs in UK in sectors like finance, marketing, and consulting.
  • Post-Study Work Opportunities: After your MBA, you can apply for a two-year work visa, giving you valuable international work experience.

Average MBA Salary in UK

When considering an MBA in the UK, it's important to weigh MBA cost in UK against the potential average salary benefits. Here's a concise overview of tuition fees and average MBA salary in UK of graduates from top UK business schools:

University Tuition Fees (GBP) Average MBA Salary (GBP)
London Business School 92,735 83,295
Oxford Business School 63,000 72,618
Cambridge Judge Business School 59,000 99,753
Imperial College Business School 54,500 100,177
Warwick Business School 43,950 55,214
Alliance Manchester Business School 45,000 124,000
University of Edinburgh Business School 32,500 (See note below)
Durham University Business School 33,000 120,556
Lancaster University Management School 33,000 (See note below)
City, University of London (Cass Business) 46,000 (See note below)

Note: For some universities like the University of Edinburgh, Lancaster, and City, University of London, specific average salary figures after graduation weren't provided. These universities, however, are known to place graduates in high-paying sectors such as technology and financial services, which typically offer competitive salaries.

The tuition fees range from about £32,500 to £92,735, reflecting the prestige and facilities offered by these institutions. On the other hand, salaries after completing an MBA can vary greatly but are generally high, with some schools reporting average earnings up to £124,000 annually, particularly for graduates entering the consulting sector.

Top Industries for MBA Graduates in UK

Top Industries for MBA Graduates in UK

As you start on your MBA journey in the UK, it's essential to know which industries offer the best prospects for MBA graduates. Based on the latest data from leading career platforms and business schools, here's a summary of the top sectors where MBA grads have found promising opportunities:

Finance Industry

This sector includes roles in banking, investment management, and insurance. Financial services firms recruit MBAs for their quantitative skills and understanding of global markets, offering roles that often come with high remuneration​ 

Consulting Industry

Consulting remains a dominant field for MBA graduates. Firms in this sector value the strategic thinking, analytical skills, and leadership abilities that MBAs bring. The industry has consistently drawn a significant portion of graduates, indicating robust demand and competitive salaries​ 

Marketing Industry

The marketing industry is another popular choice for MBA salary in UK. These individuals can apply their knowledge of consumer behavior and market trends to create effective campaigns and product launches. They can also leverage their strategic thinking skills to develop long-term marketing plans that align with organizational goals.

Technology Industry

The technology sector is a significant employer of MBA graduates, reflecting its ongoing expansion and the increasing need for professionals with a blend of technical and managerial expertise. Despite recent fluctuations in demand, tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft continue to recruit MBAs for their strategic roles​

Consumer Products

This industry attracts MBAs to roles in marketing, strategic management, and operations. Companies in consumer products look for MBA graduates to help innovate and manage brands effectively in a competitive market environment​.


The energy sector, including traditional and renewable energy companies, values MBAs for their ability to navigate the complex and changing landscape of global energy needs. The shift towards sustainable energy sources has particularly increased the demand for MBAs who can lead in transitional strategies.

Media and Entertainment

Although it's a smaller industry for MBAs compared to others, media and entertainment companies are increasingly seeking MBAs for business development, strategic planning, and digital transformation roles​ 

The average salary for an MBA graduate in the UK varies depending on the job role. According to data from the Financial Times, Global MBA Rankings 2021, the top five job sectors for MBA graduates in the UK and their average salaries are:

Job Role Average Post-MBA Salary in the UK (GBP)
Consulting £70,000 - £90,000
Financial Services £70,000 - £100,000
Technology £65,000 - £90,000
Healthcare Management £55,000 - £80,000
Consumer Products £55,000 - £85,000
Energy £60,000 - £85,000
Media and Entertainment £45,000 - £70,000

Below are additional details regarding the salary of MBA graduates in the UK, gathered from Glassdoor as a source.

  • Amazon: £65,000 - £83,000
  • BT: £71,000 - £76,000
  • Vodafone: £58,000 - £63,000
  • Google: £73,000 - £79,000
  • GSK: £57,000 - £63,000

Location-wise MBA Salary in UK

Location-wise MBA Salary in UK

MBA salary in UK can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the location of employment, the industry, the specific job role, and the level of experience.

Average Salaries by Location

Here's a breakdown of the average post-MBA salaries across different cities in the UK:

City Average Annual Salary (GBP)
London £35,000 to £150,000
Cambridge £38,027
Birmingham £48,000 to £72,000
Manchester £98,300
Scotland £23,500 to £98,300

Understanding the Differences

Here's an overview & understanding the Differences of how location can impact MBA salaries in the UK:

1. London:

London is the financial and economic hub of the UK and offers some of the highest MBA salaries in the country. MBA in London typically earn higher salaries compared to other regions. In finance, consulting, and high-paying corporate sectors, MBA graduates can command six-figure salaries, especially if they have relevant work experience.

The average MBA graduate salary in London ranges between £35,000 to £150,000 thousand dollars plus.

2. Cambridge:

Cities like Cambridge, as well as other cities in the South East, offer competitive MBA salaries, although they are generally slightly lower than those in London. Sectors like technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing also contribute to strong job opportunities and salaries in this region.

The average salary for MBA graduates is £38,027 per year in Cambridge.

3. Birmingham:

Cities like Birmingham in the Midlands have growing business sectors and provide job opportunities for MBA graduates. Salaries in this region can vary, with the potential for competitive salaries in sectors like automotive manufacturing and financial services. The South West region offers a lower cost of living compared to London and the South East. MBA salaries in this region can still be competitive, particularly in industries like aerospace, defense, and renewable energy.

The average salary for MBA graduates in Birmingham is £48,000 to £72,000. 

4. Manchester:

Cities in the North, such as Manchester are known for their vibrant business communities. MBA graduates can find opportunities in various sectors, with salaries that are generally lower than those in the South, but still competitive considering the lower cost of living.

 The average salary after graduation for Manchester MBA graduates is £98,300.

5. Scotland:

Scotland, particularly cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, has a strong financial sector and a growing technology industry. Salaries for MBA graduates in Scotland are competitive, and the cost of living is generally lower than in London.

Scotland's graduates also command the highest mean starting salaries in the UK. The average salary for MBA graduates in Scotland is £23,500.

The average salary for MBA graduates in Manchester is £98,300.

Top Recruiters Offering Salary in UK

mba salary in uk

MBA graduates are highly sought after by top recruiters in the UK due to their advanced skills and knowledge in business management. MBA in UK are quite well known globally, every MNC looks to hire graduates from the same. Pursuing a master's degree in business administration can significantly increase your chances of landing a high-paying job with one of these top recruiters.

Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, and McKinsey & Company are some of the top recruiters for MBA graduates in the UK that offer good MBA salaries in UK. These companies offer competitive salaries ranging from £50,000 to £100,000 per year for MBA graduates, depending on their level of experience and expertise.

Deloitte It is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and offers a range of services including audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal. The company has been named as one of the best places to work by Glassdoor and offers a starting salary of around £45k for MBA graduates.
PwC It is another global professional services firm that provides audit and assurance, consulting, deals advisory, tax services, and technology solutions. The company offers a starting salary of around £40k for MBA graduates.
KPMG It is one of the Big Four accounting firms that provide audit, tax and advisory services. The company offers a starting salary of around £41k for MBA graduates.
EY (Ernst & Young) It is another global professional services firm that provides assurance, tax advisory services and transaction advisory services. The company offers a starting salary of around £41k for MBA graduates.
McKinsey & Company It is a management consulting firm that helps leading organizations solve their most complex challenges. The company offers a starting salary upwards of £80k for experienced MBA hires.


An MBA can open many doors for you in the UK, leading to lucrative and fulfilling careers. While the investment is significant, the potential return, in terms of salary, can make it worthwhile. Consider your preferred industry, potential roles, and where you'd like to live in the UK to maximize your post-MBA salary in UK potential.

Choosing the right path post-MBA is crucial, and the figures provided here offer a good starting point to understanding your potential earnings. Always consider reaching out to career services and alumni networks at your university to get a more personalized insight based on your specific situation.

How much do you get paid after MBA in UK?

The amount of money you can earn after completing an MBA in the UK will depend on the specific industry and job you secure. Generally, MBA graduates in the UK can expect to earn anywhere from £25,000 to £100,000 a year, depending on their experience and the role they are hired for.

Which is the highest paid MBA specialization in UK?

The highest-paid MBA specializations in the UK can vary depending on various factors such as industry demand, your experience, your specific job role. However, some of the highest-paying MBA specializations in the UK typically include Finance, Management Consulting, Information Technology(IT), Marketing, Busiess development

Will an MBA increase my salary UK?

An MBA can provide a substantial salary increase depending on the industry you work in and the level of experience you have. Furthermore, it is estimated that employers pay around 10-15% more for employees with an MBA qualification. This is because MBAs bring a range of skills to the table, including analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to think strategically. 

Do Indians Get Job in UK after Masters?

The UK government has many programs in place to help international students to find work in the UK after completing their studies. With the right qualifications, Indians can gain access to a range of roles in the UK market. The UK has an open immigration policy and is welcoming skilled professionals from around the world. This makes it easier for Indians to gain entry and stay in the UK after their studies.

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