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MBA in USA Without GMAT: Admission Details & Requirements

It is not uncommon to find universities worldwide that do not place emphasis on a GMAT score when considering applicants. Rather, they focus on students' characteristics such as leadership skills, teamwork capabilities, and intellectual aptitudes - all of which may prove invaluable in their respective careers after graduation.

For MBA students who wish to gain admission into a particular school, the decision may come down to choosing which assessment to submit: GRE test scores or Executive Assessment, instead of GMAT scores. For some applicants this might be sufficient proof of quantitative aptitude; whereas others could prove their proficiency through experience at work and do MBA in US without GMAT score.

Alternatives, to get into an MBA college without GMAT

Work Experience

Multiple universities commonly request prospective students to possess a few years of work experience for studies in their MBA abroad. This is an important requirement as it demonstrates practical expertise gained from participation in an actual job setting. It assists the university that you have picked to assess your eligibility for admission, giving them confidence about providing the program which will best meet your needs and expectations.

For programs MBA in US without GMAT, universities request four years' worth of professional experience from candidates before making a decision. They interrogate their aptitude in creativity; analytical acuity; as well as their capacity to think critically and synthesize information - all through the SOPs (Statement of Purpose) and LORs (Letter-of-Recommendation) that must be submitted prior to acceptance.

Social Work

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an ideal choice for honing your character and personality. This is why many U.S.-based universities have recently instituted social work courses such as volunteering or community service, which are required for students applying to the MBA program.

In order to be successful in any business venture, it's paramount that you make a genuine effort to contribute resources - both monetary and time-wise; moreover, on top of all that it's essential that these efforts be directed towards enhancing one's local community by offering volunteer services too.

Universities carefully analyse this opportunity and in order to empower it, they have incorporated it into their assessment process. Additionally, you gain valuable insights on how to adapt to changing circumstances and develop incisive reasoning along with sound decision-making abilities.

Research Experience

In order to distinguish yourself from other MBA applicants, it is imperative that you demonstrate your research experience. This can take the form of either individual projects or collaborations with a team; in any case, it should be an engaging undertaking based on real-world situations.

Failing to provide adequate documentation could result in loss of critical points like passion and proficiency which may lead admission officers astray during their evaluation process for LORs - thus making them less effective

Academic Performance

Your academic performance is an essential element that elevates your application above the rest. You need to maintain a good GRE and GPA of approximately 3.3 on a scale of 4-point grades in your undergraduate degree so as to impress universities with your abilities vs GMAT scores.

Top schools with MBA programs without GMAT


If you are looking to study for an MBA in the United States, but don’t have a GMAT score, don’t worry! There are many great programs available without a GMAT requirement. Here are ten of the best schools that offer an MBA in US without GMAT requirement:

Top MBA Schools in the US   Top MBA Programs Without GMAT
  MIT Sloan School of Management   Executive MBA
  Hult International Business School   One-Year MBA
  Lubin School of Business(Pace University)   Executive MBA
  Alfred Lerner College of Business Economics   Full-time MBA
  Florida International University(FIU)   Professional MBA
  Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)    Executive MBA
Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California   Executive MBA
  Questrom School of Business   Full-time MBA
  University of St. Thomas   Part-time Flex MBA
  Sawyer Business School   Executive MBA

Eligibility for MBA in US without GMAT

There are plenty of MBA programs available in the United States, but if you don't have a high GMAT score, you may struggle to find one that will admit you. However, there are still a few programs out there that will accept you for MBA in US without GMAT test. 

Whatever route you choose, be sure to prepare for the admissions process and aim for the best possible outcome. 

Online Application

Provide a basic introduction to personal contact and professional background, along with providing three components: essay, professional recommendation and video interview recording.


Provide a succinct statement of 500 words or less describing an aspect of your organization where you seek to exert influence.

Professional Recommendation

Request a professional endorsement from your supervisor or someone else in an influential role in your professional achievements. Through the online application, you can ask for and provide such assistance.

Online Video Interview

Log into an online video interview system to craft, record and submit one-minute responses to two inquiries posed by Stanford LEAD faculty director David Wilcox, as well as one posed by a former Stanford LEAD alumnus.


Students must update their resumes when the GMAT is unavailable. It provides universities with valuable information about applicants' previous academic experiences, work histories, skill sets and future ambitions. Alongside this comes an accompanying cover letter that should provide a concise introduction to your qualifications and experience.

Cost of MBA in US without GMAT


In the United States, business schools are costly; most can be quite costly. However, data shows that after putting down an exorbitant amount of money and completing education at these establishments, there will likely be ample job prospects to cover the loan fees or rent expenses incurred during attendance.

The cost of an MBA in the United States is typically somewhere between $1,600,000 and $1,800,000 annually. These numbers include both the tuition fees for an MBA in America along with a realistic estimate for living expenses while you study abroad - reaching as high as 10K USD per month.

Jobs after MBA in US without GMAT


The number of students pursuing an MBA degree is on the rise, offering new avenues for advancement. Those who have successfully completed their studies in the United States will be in a fortunate position to secure a prestigious job within an exemplary firm. 

The major business and marketing companies in the USA are eager to hire MBA graduates. Competitive positions available in this industry include finance, analytics-based business intelligence, innovation consulting as well as marketing roles. 

Why GMAT score is important?

Though it may appear to be an advantageous alternative, voluntarily bypassing the GMAT test is not generally a wise decision for those aspiring to enter full-time MBA programs. Know here how to crack the MBA entrance exam.  Here are three reasons why: 

Employers place a high value on GMAT exam scores

Although the level of success you experience as an MBA consultant may not be directly correlated to your GMAT score, those with impressive scores are apt to impress potential employers. Indeed, it can be advantageous for candidates seeking employment in demanding finance or consulting positions that demonstrate their problem-solving capabilities on such a robust exam.

Assembling scores from the GMAT exam

It confirms a robust commitment to your intended majors and provides them with additional motivation to grant admission. Gaining an optimal GMAT score of 700 requires rigorous preparation and strict adherence to a schedule. Students should anticipate spending 10 weeks diligently working toward attaining that goal; this is not only the norm but is necessary if one wishes to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Gives the Determination to crack an exam

By achieving an exemplary GMAT score, your application will demonstrate that you have been diligent in devoting the necessary study hours during busy weeks. In turn, this reflects upon your determination to pursue a business education of choice and attracts admissions officers who appreciate excellence and integrity. If such results are attained, it could positively affect their average rating - ultimately impacting the school's overall position on the list.

The Graduate Management Admission Test

It was crafted specifically for business schools in order to assess the knowledge and skills required for a future career. The reality, as it stands, is that the GMAT exam was created by business schools for use in their respective MBA programs. As a result of this longstanding alliance between GMAC and MBA education institutions; coupled with its proven efficacy in predicting success within an MBA classroom setting - the test has attained robust recognition among would-be graduate students.

The GMAT exam is not the sole criterion by which business undergraduates can be judged, and while one might argue that a successful professional trajectory is indicative of their potential to flourish in post-MBA entrepreneurship, no one could deny the relationship between high GMAT scores and MBA graduates who have attained notable success. Check here for some GMAT practice tests, to give you an idea of how to prepare for the same.


If you're looking for an MBA program that will challenge you and help you grow as a professional, then a non-Gmat MBA may be the right option for you. There are many great programs out there, and it really depends on what areas of business you're interested in. Check out the MBA Courses list on the universities official website. Some of the best non-Gmat MBA programs include those from McGill University in Montreal, the University of Toronto, York University in Toronto, and Western University in London, Ont. These universities are outside the US if you planning to go to other schools outside America.


Is GMAT an obligatory requirement for all US educational institutions?

In response to this inquiry, it can be affirmed that the need for GMAT varies across educational institutions with some providing an opportunity to waive its requirement while others implore students not to take any advantage of this privilege.


Are universities in the United States charging fees for granting GMAT waivers?

Purchasing one of these waivers is usually free of charge. Students who are eligible are required to meet eligibility criteria such as possessing adequate preparation before applying for it.


Are there other tests I could take instead of GMAT? Which universities accept GRE scores rather than GMATs?

Many esteemed US universities gladly accept GRE as an alternative to GMAT for admission. In addition, some educational establishments may even permit applicants to take LSAT and MCAT instead of the GMAT exam. Although it is advisable for prospective students seeking admissions at these institutions to ascertain whether or not their chosen tests are accepted in place of the standard GMAT examination; different universities may have different policies regarding which assessment examinations can be utilized.


Is it true that B-Schools that do not require GMAT scores are relegated towards the lower portion of the ranking?

B-school selection committees are experienced enough to identify the perfect match for their MBA course; a false belief that contends otherwise is simply incorrect. With this in mind, prospective students must first ensure they have successfully cleared their application process before focusing on the classroom or corporate world success metrics such as GMAT scores.


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