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MBA in USA for Indian Students – Colleges, Fees, Scholarships

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after management degrees globally. The program is quite popular among students who aspire to take on leadership roles in the future. More importantly, the program infuses students with necessary business skills that are very much necessary in the present corporate world. Moreover, it will provide students with the necessary knowledge of current business trends, issues, and how to deal with them in the real world. Therefore, MBA in USA is a dream for thousands of Indian Students. Its appealing benefits like world-class education, up to date curriculum, multicultural environment, growth opportunities, and lucrative salary packages attract many international and Indian students.

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Among the top 100 MBA programs in the world, more than 40% of the courses are offered by American Universities. In short, a master’s degree from a renowned US college will help land any professional opportunity anywhere in the world. That is why many international students want to complete their MBA in USA. However, it should be noted that business schools in the US are very selective in enrolling students for the MBA program. Most colleges only accept qualified applicants who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Therefore, you should be very clear in your thoughts and aim to pursue an MBA from USA. Meanwhile, the United States is home to globally reputed business schools like Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Sloan and Kellogg.

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MBA in USA for Indian Students

The opportunity to get enrolled in one of the top business schools is a dream for many aspirants from India. Furthermore, a business degree, like an MBA, will help students progress in their careers. Besides, the flexible MBA programmes offered by US schools provide students with much-needed adaptability in selecting courses that meet their requirements. The deferred MBA, accelerated MBA, executive MBA, and Full-Time and Part-Time MBA give students more options than any other Indian institution.

Other reasons why Indian students go for an MBA from the US include

World-class education

Apart from learning in classrooms, you also get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. That is to say, the program is efficiently designed to prepare students to tackle real-world business problems. In addition, the curriculum includes training programs, along with industrial internships and recent case studies.

Career opportunities

Studies show that you can get a hike of more the 100% on your previous drawn salary upon completion of your MBA programs. Not only that, but there will be massive upgrades on your job responsibilities and duties as well. Further, the curriculum also prepares you for leadership roles, allowing you to pursue opportunities with leading multinational corporations. 

Multicultural environment

An MBA from the US will be a different experience than one from India because of its multicultural student body. Sitting in a classroom with some of the smartest minds representing different cultures is a unique experience on its own. Moreover, this broadens their perspectives, equipping them with all viewpoints and provides them with a solid foundation for dealing with any challenges.

No of Intakes

Universities in the US offer three intakes throughout the year

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer

Consequently, the Fall intake during September is popular among Indian students.

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Top universities for MBA in USA

Like mentioned earlier, some of the top universities offering a Masters of Business Administration are located in the United States. These schools have provisions that allow Indian students to join their dynamic cohorts.

Here are the renowned top universities for MBA in USA for Indian Students

University Duration of the course Course Fees
Stanford Graduate School of Business 2 years $119,964
University of Pennsylvania Wharton (Penn) 21 months $115,432
MIT Sloan 2 years $77,168
Harvard Business School 2 years $73,440
Columbia Business School 20 months $77,376
UC Berkeley (Haas) 21 months $106,348
Yale School of Management 2 years $74,500
University of Chicago (Booth) 21 months $74,919


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MBA in USA for Indian students: Eligibility

A variety of factors determines an Indian student’s eligibility to study for an MBA in USA. Here’s the significant criteria for admission into an MBA program for an Indian student.

  • Minimum education of 16 years, including 4 years of an undergraduate degree (some universities accept 3 years undergraduate program)
  • English proficiency test scores of IELTS and TOEFL (minimum TOEFL score: 100, minimum IELTS score: 6.5)
  • Minimum 3-4 years of professional work experience
  • A good GMAT or GRE test scores for most business schools. (600+ or 300+ for GMAT and GRE respectively)

The requirements for enrolling on an MBA program differ from one university to another. However, the core requirements remain the same.

Documents Required to Study MBA in USA

Furthermore, the admission process for an MBA program will require you to submit several documents before your final acceptance. These documents are very important to demonstrate your overall holistic profile to the admission committee. Therefore, make sure to obtain these documents and keep them ready with you.

  • Academic Qualifications and Transcripts: transcripts from the schools you have attended must be scanned and submitted.
  • GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOFEL Score Report: copies of your scores should be submitted 
  • Resume: Your resume or CV highlighting all of your accomplishments
  • Work Experience Certificates: Proof of your recent work experiences 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): An essay highlighting your intent to study the program
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): An Academic and a Professional letter of recommendations by your college teacher or employer 
  • Student Passports: you need to present copies of your student passport to verify your reason for staying

Further, you can check the official website of the schools for any additional documents that might be required.

MBA Cost in USA for Indian Students

Going abroad for higher education can be an expensive decision. Especially for a developed country like the USA, you should be mindful that you will pay high tuition fees and incur huge living expenses. On top of that, MBA degrees from top US universities are quite expensive. Therefore, first and foremost, you should be fully prepared before deciding to pursue an MBA in the United States. Secondly, you need to start planning your finances way before the actual commencement of the program. Above all, you will be paying hefty fees for several application forms and other exams, even during the admission process.

Application Fees: $90 to $150 

Entrance and Language Proficiency Test

  • IELTS: $255
  • TOEFL: $200
  • GRE: $210
  • GMAT: $250

Student Exchange and Visa fees

  • J-Visa: $180
  • F-Visa: $200
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Cost of living in USA

For Indian students, the cost of living in the US will depend on their lifestyle preferences and other considerations. However, studying in America for a 2-year program can cost you anywhere around $1500 to $3000 per month. 

Here is the list of monthly estimated expenses for an Indian student in USA

  • Accommodation: $500 – $1000 
  • Food: $120 – $160
  • Transportation: $100 – $300
  • Health: $450 – $700
  • Other expenses: $300 – $600

Fees and scholarship for MBA in USA

Tuition fees for an MBA in USA

In the United States, many business schools provide high-quality education for tuition fees, ranging from $30,000 to $60,000. On the other hand, the cost of an MBA at a reputable university in the US ranges from $45,000 to $80,000 each year. Thus, an MBA degree from one of the top business schools might cost you up to $120,000.

The tuition fees for some of the top business schools in the US was mentioned in the table earlier.

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Scholarships Programs for MBA students

There are numerous scholarships, financial aid, and grants available for students who find it difficult to cover their fees themselves. Meanwhile, these benefits can be in the form of monetary fundings or relaxation on your tuition fees for the program. Here are some scholarship programs to look forward to for Indian students.

1. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

Indian students who are pursuing an MBA degree from Stanford can receive this scholarship. It will cover 80% of the tuition fees for the program.

2. Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship

The scholarships are open for Indian students pursuing full-time MBA Chicago Booth. But, the applicant should be a resident of India at the time of receiving the scholarship. Also, the scholarship includes gifts worth $1 million from the Tobaccowala Foundation of India.

3. Ramakrishnan Family Scholarship

This fellowship, an endowment established by Guru Ramakrishnan and Anupama Ramakrishnan, awards Indian nationals studying a full-time MBA at Chicago Booth. Further, 3 students will receive $25,000 per year, totalling $50,000 for the two-year programme.

4. Harvard Business School Scholarship

You can apply for Harvard Business School Scholarship, that offers scholarship to almost 50% of the class. Also, students can receive up to $40,000 each year, which is 50% of the tuition fees.

5. Board of Overseers China-India Fellowships

This fellowship is awarded to students from India and China. Students who have displayed excellence in their academic and professional endeavours receive this honour each year and can renew this for the second with promising performance during their MBA program at Columbia Business School.

Additionally, there are several other scholarships available to Indian students at leading business schools.

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MBA without GMAT in USA

For most Business Schools and Management programs, GMAT exams are an important indicator of assessing a student. That is why many schools require you to submit your GMAT score during the admission process. However, there are other certain factors as well that helps evaluate the profile of any applicant. For instance, your work experience plays an important role while enrolling on an executive MBA program. 

Moreover, many business schools in the US offer MBA programs to Indian and international students even without a GMAT score. Likewise, more and more colleges are evaluating a student’s profile based on other criteria.

The following is a list of popular business schools in the US that do not require the GMAT.

  • Kellogg School of Management
  • Marshall School of Business
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Hult International Business School
  • Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Such institutions emphasize practical work experience, particularly in management, to evaluate a candidate’s overall profile. Moreover, executive and deferred MBA programs have the criteria of at least minimum work experience to apply for the professional degree.

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When studying MBA from a foreign country, USA is the top pick for many Indian students. Moreover, it is because business schools in the US offer a well-designed MBA programme with plenty of hands-on experience and opportunities. Irrespective of all the money spent and the ruthless competition, pursuing an MBA in USA will be your life’s one of the most enriching experience.

An MBA from a reputed US school will open doors to a plethora of prospects. MBA graduates from USA are in high demand, and they can work in any industry of their will. Further, many Indian-affiliated scholarship programmes also allow students to work for some of India’s top corporations.

Furthermore, with a waiver of GMAT score for the admission process and numerous scholarships to help fund their studies, there is an upsurge in the number of Indian students coming to the US for an MBA degree.

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