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5 Best MBA Schools In Spain

A bustling hub for ambitious entrepreneurs, Spain is the country that can turn your ideas into reality. It has a long-standing tradition of top academic institutions with the top MBA schools in Spain, currently on a roll, with job prospects buoyant and entrepreneurship blooming. If you previously had any doubt regarding an MBA in Spain, you better think again.

Applying for MBA in Spain?

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Spain is home to the topmost business schools globally for Business Administration, where students can get internationally acclaimed degrees accredited mainly by AMBA, EQUIS, or AACSB. In addition, the MBA schools in Spain offer multiple specializations which widen their job prospects globally. The specializations offered include hospitality management, public relations, sports management, finance, etc. But if students want to pursue a general MBA program, they can choose the same.

According to the student satisfaction levels, the MBA programs in Spain are highly rated for their reputation and offer the best jobs for fresh graduates. The reason is that the MBA programs in the country often include a module that enhances the student’s professional skills. In addition, most business schools in Spain collaborate with multinational companies, which help students get the exposure of working in the best companies. Students with less work experience often choose MBA in Spain.

At the same time, the students will be able to blend in with the multicultural environment that the universities and the country provide, which will also benefit them in the form of networks when they enter the job market.

Best MBA Schools in Spain

Spain is a great place to do an MBA because it has some of the top business schools in Europe, particularly in Barcelona and Madrid. Spain is renowned for its pleasant climate, active culture, and numerous other activities to keep you occupied while you are studying there. Your business school or university will want professional recommendations, a resume, and your GMAT score when you apply for MBA schools in Spain. Once you have been admitted to a Spanish university, you can apply for a student visa for a lengthy stay in Spain. With this visa, you will be able to stay in Spain for an extended period of time to pursue your academic goals.

 IESE Business School

IESE Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details
• MBA from IESE Business School is a 15-19 months full-time program.
• The fee of MBA Year 1 and Year 2 year are €36,570 and €46,570, respectively.
• You can get an average Salary of €94,659 after completing the degree.

• A bachelor degree or equivalent with a minimum 3 years of professional experience.
• A GMAT with a minimum of 580 points or equivalent GRE score.
English proficiency test required, if you are not a native English speaker.

Class Profile

Average Age : 29 years
Class Size : +350
Average Work Ex : 5 Years
Average GMAT : 685
Average GPA : 3

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ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details
• MBA from ESADE Business School is a12-15-18 months full-time program.
• The total compulsory MBA tuition fees and expenses is €73,800.
• You can get an average Salary of €125,928 three years after graduation.

• A bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a minimum 2 years full-time professional experience post graduation.
• An average GMAT score of 660 or 160/162 for the GRE test.
• A minimum 100 TOEFL IBT score is required or IELTS score 7 in academic test or +68 in Academic Pearson is required.

Class Profile

Average Age : 28.3 years
Class Size : 182
Average Work Ex : 5.5 Years
Average GMAT : 660
Average GPA : 3.0

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IE Business School

IE Business School

Madrid, Spain

Course Details
• International MBA from IE Business School is a 11 months full-time program.
• The total tuition fee is €72,200.
• You can get an average Salary of €108,700 after completing the degree.

• An undergraduate degree in any field is required.
• A minimum 3 years of relevant professional experience.
•  Students are required to take either the GMAT simulation provided by IE Business school or GRE or IEGAT entrance exam.

Class Profile

Average Age : 29 years
Class Size : 395
Average Work Ex : 5 Years
Average GMAT : 677
Average GPA : 2.8

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EADA Business School 

EADA Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details
• International MBA from EADA Business School is a 10 months full-time program.
• The total tuition fee is €39,000.
• You can get an average Salary of €102,573 three years after graduation.

• An undergraduate degree or equivalent is required.
• A GMAT with a minimum of 650 points or equivalent GRE score.
• A minimum 100 TOEFL IBT score or IELTS score 7 is required for non-native speakers only.

Class Profile

Average Age : 29 years
Class Size : 300-400
Average Work Ex : 5 Years
Average GMAT : 700
Average GPA :

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ESCP Business School

ESCP School

Madrid, Spain

Course Details
• MBA in International Management from ESCP Business School is a 10 months full-time program.
• The total fee is of the program is €47,000.
• You can get an average Salary of €87,667 after completing the degree.

• A master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
•A minimum of 3 years of full-time professional experience.
• English proficiency is required with a minimum 100 TOEFL IBT score or IELTS score 7.

Class Profile

Average Age : 30 years
Class Size : 72
Average Work Ex : 6 Years
Average GMAT : 715
Average GPA : 3.15

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MBA is an abbreviation for Masters of Business Administration; it is a worldwide recognised degree programme. It equips students with professional knowledge as well as solid soft skills such as leadership qualities, communication abilities, and much more. MBA in Spain is a two-year professional degree program. These programme are available in a variety of sectors, including finance, accounting, marketing, and many more.

The MBA schools in Spain will advance your career. Spain’s developing economy makes it an egalitarian and appealing option for MBA education. The majority of students who wish to take an MBA in Europe chose Spain. Spain features some of the best MBA programmes in the world. Specific MBA interview questions could be prepared for the interview. Spain is one of the most popular MBA locations for foreign students. Following an MBA, there are several opportunities to do business in Spain. International students interested in pursuing an MBA in Spain might do so on a part-time or full-time basis.

Why Study at MBA Schools in Spain?


Though the country has faced some economic challenges recently, Spain is still among the top destinations for MBA aspirants. Studying at MBA schools in Spain is a great option for those individuals who are either from half Spanish background or those international students who would like to know more about the culture. There are several one year MBA in Spain. Moreover, for the students who wish to add to their knowledge of the business world, and Spanish, MBA in Spain is the best choice.

Best quality education

Spain offers the best quality education. As per FT Rankings, “Global MBA Rankings”, Spain is the home to more than 3 top-ranked universities for MBA. Spain also performed well in The Economist’s rating of full-time MBA programs, winning not just two of the top twenty spots, but also the top non-US school position.

Numerous specializations to choose from

There are many specialisations in MBA offered by the educational institutions of Spain. For example, MBA – Communications and Public Relations, MBA – Hospitality and Tourism Management, MBA – Global Banking and Finance, etc.

Easy to enrol in business schools

Compared to the schools of the UK and the US, it is easier to enrol in the business schools of Spain. Normally, a high school certificate, a bachelor’s degree, and proof of your proficiency in either English or Spanish are what is required to get into Spanish B-schools.

One of a kind internship opportunities

The MBA curriculum of Spanish universities is designed in such a way that it helps students develop advanced management skills so that they can excel in their respective careers. Not only this but to give you a chance to put this knowledge into practice you will these programs provide you with various internship opportunities. Some students also get permanent jobs at the companies they go to for internships.


The weather in Spain is beautiful as it is sunny most of the time which keeps you warm, and makes you feel welcomed. Rainfalls occur very rarely in Spain.

Diverse culture

Though, the people of Spain are diverse in respect to their cultures, they are very welcoming and hospitable. So, you will not feel lonely in this land.

The majority of MBA programs are taught in English

Since most MBA schools in Spain are teach MBA in English, it is not mandatory for you to know Spanish. However, while learning in this country you will definitely learn the language, which would be an addition to your CV.

MBA Schools in Spain Course & Specialization

mba courses specialization


Spain offer a number of MBA programs; primarily these programs are divided into two parts-

  • General MBA Programs
  • Specialized MBA Programs

General MBA courses are focused on managerial learning and cover basic aspects of all the industries like finance, technology, marketing, etc. Whereas specialization programs are focused on the field of specialization that you have chosen. Best MBA schools in Spain are recognized as one of the best study destinations for an MBA program.

Some of the Top popular MBA courses in Spain are –

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management

Top MBA Schools in Spain

College Name Program Name Program Type Duration Tuition Fees
IE Business School International MBA  Full-time 11 months € 72,200
Tech MBA  Full-time 12 months  € 72,200
IE-SMU MBA  Part-Time 13 months € 80,250
ESADE Business School – Barcelona Campus


MBA Full-Time 15 months € 73,800 
Executive MBA Executive MBA 20 months € 65,300 
Multinational MBA (MMBA)  Executive MBA 15 months € 70,850.25
IESE Business School – Universidad de Navarra – Barcelona Campus MBA Full-Time 19 months € 85,084 
Executive MBA Executive MBA 18 months € 73,700 

Global Executive MBA

Executive MBA 16 months € 119,000 
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) MBA Full-Time 12 months € 19,800 
EADA Business School Barcelona – Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración International MBA Full-Time 10 months  € 39,000
International MBA – Bilingual Full-Time 10 months  € 39,000
LeadTech Global Executive MBA  Executive MBA 14 months  € 42,000 
Executive MBA  Executive MBA 14 months  € 36,500 
EU Business School – Barcelona MBA Full-Time  12 months € 17,850
MBA Part-Time 24 months € 17,850
University of Valencia  MBA Part-Time 24 months € 3,534
IESE Business School – Universidad de Navarra – Madrid Campus  MBA Full-Time 19 months € 85,084
Executive MBA Executive MBA 18 months € 73,700
Global Executive MBA Executive MBA 16 months € 119,000
ESADE Business School – Madrid Campus  Executive MBA Executive MBA 20 months € 65,300
ESCP Europe – Madrid Campus  MBA in International Management Full-Time 10 months € 46,350
Executive MBA Executive MBA 18 months € 69,900

Eligibility Criteria – MBA in Spain

what is toefl

Before applying for MBA schools in Spain you must be clear of interests and future goals. Then, according to the goals you have in mind list out the universities which align with your career aspirations the most. After that, check if you fit the eligibility criteria for the MBA of that particular university. Then, shortlist the universities to which you are eligible to apply, and find out about their application process and requirements. Once you know the documents required to apply, take the required exams, and prepare the documents. Bam! You are ready to apply.

Eligibility/Prerequisites for MBA in Spain

Bachelor’s/ Undergraduate Degree – To study MBA at MBA schools in Spain, you must have a bachelor’s/ undergraduate degree.

Minimum scores requirement in Bachelor’s – The minimum scores required to pursue MBA in Spain varies as per different colleges. However, in general, you must have a GPA of 3 on a scale of 4 for your undergraduate.

English Proficiency – Most MBA programs in Spain are taught in English, so to study MBA in Spain, you must be proficient in English. For the international students whose native language is not English, it is important to prove their proficiency in the same. So, for this, you are required to submit English proficiency test scores.
Here are the three most common tests that many colleges accept-

  • IELTS- In IELTS, your score should be 6.5 – 7.5 to pursue MBA in Spain
  • TOEFL- In TOEFL, it should be 88 – 100
  • PTE- For PTE, it should be a minimum of 72

Aptitude Test(s) – Although GMAT/GRE are not mandatory to study MBA in Spain, having a good GMAT/GRE score can help you enhance your chances of getting in. For this, you need to submit GMAT scores that prove various abilities of your, including your aptitude, quantitative, and logical reasoning, skills. 650-690 is considered an excellent GMAT score.

Work Experience – To pursue MBA in Spain, you are required at least three years of work experience. Please note that 3 years is the minimum work experience required for MBA in Spain as some universities may require additional years of work experience

Visa and Passport – For international students or all the students who do not belong to Europe, a study visa needs to be applied for to study in MBA schools in Spain, and as it goes without mentioning, a valid passport is mandatory. The visa that you will receive depends on the duration of your degree program, which 2 years in most MBA in Spain programs.

To apply for a student visa, you are required to submit the following documents-

  • Valid Passport
  • Bank account statement to prove that you are able to afford your stay in-country during your MBA in Spain
  • No criminal record certificate (of both Spain and your own country)
  • Medical Certificate

Documents checklist for MBA in Spain

  • Valid passport
  • Complete application form with passport size photos
  • Financial documents
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Loan documents(if applicable)
  • LOR or Letter of Recommendation
  • CV or ResumeOriginal and authentic transcripts of schools and/or college
  • Scholarship Essay, if applicable
  • Work experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT
  • Other supporting documents as asked by the university

Cost of Study – MBA Schools in Spain

study guide to usa cost of living

Tuition FeesThe tuition fees of an MBA schools in Spain will vary as per the university and program you choose. However, on average, the tuition fees will range from 4,000 EUR to 80,000 EUR.

AccommodationsThe cost of living that you would have to bear while pursuing your MBA in Spain totally depends on your accommodation choices. You will have to pay more if you rent a whole apartment, and your expenses will comparatively decrease if you choose to stay in student halls or share an apartment with someone. Your expense of accommodation will also vary as per the location you are studying at, which further relies on the university you choose to study in. A study guide to study in Spain could help in finding accommodations. 

Here are the estimated costs that you might have to pay for your accommodation while studying MBA in Spain.

Types of Accommodation Average Expenses
Exclusive residence for students/ Student Halls 350 to 650 EUR per month
Apartment Rent 500 to 800 EUR per month
Home Stays Ranges approx. 600 EUR per month (including meals provided)

Other Important costs
Apart from the accommodation expenses, you will need to spend a certain amount on food, transportation, health insurance, etc. The estimate of these expenses are given below-

Particulars Average Expenses
Cost of Food 200EUR to 300EUR per month
Transportation Cost 60EUR per month
Miscellaneous Cost 200EUR per month
Health Insurance 30 – 200EUR per month

Jobs After MBA Schools in Spain

student guide to Australia-post study options

After completing MBA from MBA schools in Spain, there are a number of sectors you can choose to work in because the universities of Spain will equip you with all the necessary skills to work in all the sectors given. This is the reason why alumni of Spain are spread across a wide arena of professional pursuits. 

Sectors Job Profiles
Finance Junior Associate – Strategy & Corporate Finance
Senior Finance Analyst
Finance Business Partner
Partner Manager, Payments
Head of finance, accounting and taxes
Project Finance Manager
Human Resource HR & Office Manager
HR Generalist
HR Coordinator

Other Top Job Profiles

Job Profiles Salary per annum EUR
Financial Manager 8,345
Product Manager 21,097
Marketing Manager 8,345
Human Resource Manager 8,500 
Investment Banker    11,017


Top Companies Hiring MBA graduates in Spain

  • SGS
  • Kraft Heinz Company
  • L.E.K. Consulting
  • HP
  • Accenture
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • IESE Business School
  • SAP
  • Prescient Healthcare Group
  • Amadeus
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical

MBA in Spain Without GMAT

It is possible to pursue MBA schools in Spain without taking GMAT. You can apply for MBA in Spain right away without the GMAT scores as the universities of MBA do not mandate MBA. However, you are required to have a minimum of 3 years of work experience and a relevant bachelor’s degree. In addition, you also need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores to prove your proficiency in English because the majority of the MBA programs in Spain are taught in English. If you are not proficient in English but have a good command of Spanish, you can submit a relevant Spanish exam score and study MBA in Spain.

Cheapest MBA Schools in Spain for Indian Students

International students are provided with numerous opportunities to win scholarships for pursuing master’s and postgraduate degrees, like MBA in Spain. The Spanish government wholeheartedly promotes students pursuing PhD studies. These scholarships help to minimise the overall cost of studying in Spain. International students receive many sorts of scholarships according to on their geography, qualities, and annual alumni. The Spanish government, Spanish studies groups, and AIFA all grant scholarships (stands for American Institute for foreign study). These scholarships for Indian students will make life in Spain considerably cheaper and more cost-effective for Indian students as well as other foreign students.

Some of the popular scholarships include –

  • The American Institute for Foreign Study
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  • African Leadership in Business MBA Scholarships
  • Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students
  • Sainsbury Management Fellowships 2022-  Only tuition fees
  • INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund 2022- Partial Funding
  • LOreal Scholarship, 2019- Partial Funding
  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarships In France, 2020- Partial Funding
  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship In France, 2020- Partial Funding
  • EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships In France, 2020- Partial Funding
  • HEC Paris – Foundation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship In France, 2019- Partial Funding
  • Forte Fellows Program 2018-19- Partial Funding
  • Sciences Po Seydoux Scholarship In France, 2019- Full Funding
  • Full Tuition MBA Scholarships In Innovation Management, 2017- Only tuition fees
  • INSEAD Professional Women’s Network Fellowship- Partial Funding
  • INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship For National Diversity- Partial Funding
  • INSEAD Bischoff Family Endowed Scholarships, 2020 Partial Funding
  • INSEAD Helmut Meier Scholarship For Women, 2020- Partial Funding
  • Full Tuition MBA Scholarships In Innovation Management, 2018- Only tuition fees
  • INSEAD Deepak And Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship, 2018 -Partial Funding
  • ISM Scholarship Opportunities, 2017- Partial Funding
  • International Business Scholarships- Partial Funding


Some of the top business schools are located in Spain. Therefore, people who want to quickly advance up the corporate ladder may find that taking MBA schools in Spain is the best option. More than 50,000 students from all around the world move to Spain each year. Spanish business schools provide many programs in English, which is advantageous for overseas students.

At least 4,000 Indian students relocate to Spain each year to pursue their higher education. The nation is rich, diverse, and brimming with opportunities. International students are treated with the utmost warmth and hospitality by the locals. After earning your Master of Business Administration, you are allowed to stay in Spain for up to a year to look for suitable employment prospects. Applying for a post-study employment visa is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get a student visa in Spain?

Spain student visa is easy to obtain once you get accepted into a Spanish university. Generally, international (non-EU) students need a long-term visa requested from a Spanish consulate or embassy in their country of permanent residence.

How long can I stay in Spain after my MBA?

Under the MBA stream, you are granted a visa with a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years’ duration. The duration depends on the highest educational qualification you have obtained. For example, if you hold a Bachelor’s Degree you can stay for two years, while with a Masters Degree you can stay for two or four years.

Can I work while studying full-time MBA in Spain?

Yes, you can work while pursuing full-time MBA in Spain. The country gives its students the entitlement to work either in a temporary position or a part-time job to support their education costs. You can be eligible to work up to 20 hours a week as long as it doesn’t affect your studies.

Is Spanish compulsory to pursue an MBA in Spain?
Spanish is not mandatory for studying in Spain. However, some business schools offer Spanish as an optional subject to grasp a better idea of the language for easy communication in the Spanish country.
Is Spain a good country for International Students?

Spain is one of the most preferred study destinations in Europe by many international students. This is because Spain Universities are the kind of places where you can be a part of cutting-edge MBA programs that make you industry-ready.

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