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Best MBA Colleges in Spain

There are almost too many locations to get a true sense of how rich the Spanish culture is. In addition, there are several museums, palaces, castles, and old churches. Moreover, Spain offers one of the lowest costs of living in Europe. In addition, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week to assist with expenditures.

As a business graduate in Spain, you can start your career in the country. Not only do business schools in Spain connect students with prospective employers through career fairs and events, but also provide them with optional or even mandatory internship opportunities to give hands-on work experience for a potential career and to grow their network.

Best MBA Colleges in Spain:  A Snapshot

In this article, we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on best MBA colleges in Spain, including the types of MBA programs, top colleges, eligibility criteria, application requirements, specializations, cost and fees, scholarships, job prospects, and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about pursuing an MBA degree in Spain.

MBA Colleges in Spain Program Duration Full time MBA Tution Fees Full time MBA Average Salary Average GMAT
 IESE Business School 2 Years €105,00 €94,659  580-750
ESADE Business School 12, 15 or 18 Months €77,500 €125,928 660
IE Business School 11, 15 or 19 Months €82,300 €108,700 680
EADA Business School 14 Months €43,000 €102,573 650
ESCP Business School 10- 34 Months €47,000 €87,667 640

Best MBA Colleges in Spain: Top MBA Programs in 2024

Best MBA Colleges in Spain are designed to equip students with the necessary management skills and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. MBA programs offered in Spain are of different types, including full-time, part-time, executive and online MBA.

Full-time MBA programs typically span over 1-2 years and require students to attend classes regularly. Part-time MBA programs allow students to work and study simultaneously, and the duration of the course may vary depending on the schedule.

Executive MBA programs are designed for experienced professionals who wish to enhance their management skills and knowledge to advance their careers. Online MBA programs are ideal for students who prefer flexible and self-paced learning.

Spain is home to some of the top-ranked MBA colleges in the world, offering a diverse range of specializations, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, international business and more. We will cover various topics such as types of MBA programs in Spain, eligibility requirements, application documents, top MBA specializations, cost of living, scholarships, job prospects and top recruiters.

This blog aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to help students make an informed decision about pursuing their graduation from best MBA colleges in Spain.

1. IESE Business School

best mba colleges in spain

 #3 European Business School Rankings 2023

IESE Business School, located in Spain, is renowned for its top-tier MBA programs, standing out as a leading institution in the country. Founded in 1958, IESE MBA offers a global perspective on business education, focusing on ethical and social responsibility, along with innovation and entrepreneurship.

 The school's commitment to leadership and personal development is evident in its personalized career services and extensive alumni network.

Average Work-experience 5.4 years
Full-time MBA Fees €105,00
Average MBA Salary €94,659 
Program Deadlines

Round 1: September 19, 2023
Round 2: January 9, 2024
Round 3: March 21, 2024
Round 4: May 13-31, 2024
Application Fees  $​200
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IESE Alumni

2. ESADE Business School

best mba colleges in spain

 #17 European Business School Rankings 2022

The program emphasizes a holistic understanding of business, encouraging students to think creatively and ethically about their role as future business leaders. A key feature of ESADE's MBA is its strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, making it an ideal choice for those who aspire to start their own businesses or lead in innovative sectors.

Average GPA  3.6
Average Work-experience 3 years
Full-time MBA Fees €77,500
Average MBA Salary €125,928
Program Deadlines

Round 1: 5th OCT 2023
Round 2: 23rd NOV 2023
Round 3: 11th JAN 2024
Round 4: 8th FEB 2024
Round 5: 15th MAR 2024
Round 6: 18th APR 2024
Round 7: 16th MAY 2024
Round 8: 6th JUN 2024
Round 9: 20th JUN 2024
Application Fees €135
Useful Links Admission Process
Esade Alumni network

3. IE Business School

best mba colleges in spain

#10 European Business School Rankings 2022

IE Business School, based in Madrid, Spain, offers a highly regarded MBA program known for its strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. The program's global outlook and diverse student body provide a dynamic and multicultural learning environment. IE's MBA blends practical experiences, like case studies and team projects, with theoretical learning, preparing students for success in the modern business world 

Average GPA 3.4
Average Work-experience 6 years
Full-time MBA Fees €82,300
Average MBA Salary €108,700
Program Deadlines No deadline (admission on rolling bases)
Application Fees €150
Useful Links Admission Process and Fee
Alumni Stories 

4. EADA Business School

best mba colleges in spain

#27 European Business School Rankings 2022

EADA Business School in Barcelona, Spain, offers a distinguished MBA program known for its practical and hands-on approach to business education. The program emphasizes real-world skills, with a strong focus on participatory learning and personal development. Students engage in interactive classes, group projects, and case studies, ensuring they gain practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge.

EADA's MBA program is designed for those who seek a deep understanding of business fundamentals in a dynamic and collaborative environment. It's ideal for students who want to develop practical skills and apply them directly in the business world.

Average GPA 3.6
Average Work-experience 3 years
Full-time MBA Fees €43,000
Average MBA Salary €102,573
Program Deadlines Round 1: 15 Mar 2024
Round 2: 19 Apr 2024
Round 3: 17 May 2024 
Application Fees €150
Useful Links International MBA - Admissions

5. ESCP Business School

best mba colleges in spain

#3 European Business School Rankings 2022

ESCP Business School, with campuses across Europe, offers a unique MBA program known for its strong international focus and multicultural approach. The program emphasizes cross-cultural business skills and global strategy, catering to students seeking a truly European perspective on business. ESCP's MBA combines classroom learning with real-world experiences, including international seminars and company projects.

Average GPA  3.6
Average Work-experience 3 years
Full-time MBA Fees €47,000
Average MBA Salary €87,667
Program Deadlines Round 1: 2 May 2024
Application Fees €180
Useful Links Alumni
MBA - Admissions



The landscape of MBA education in Spain boasts a collection of institutions that stand out for their exceptional quality and global recognition. The best MBA colleges in Spain not only provide a comprehensive academic curriculum but also offer a unique blend of cultural diversity and industry relevance. Students seeking a transformative educational experience can find a compelling array of opportunities in Spain.

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Is Spain good for MBA?

Indeed, Spain is a highly desirable destination for pursuing an MBA degree. The country boasts some of the world's most esteemed business schools, providing students with unparalleled learning experiences and ample opportunities to hone their professional skills.

Spain's MBA programs have attained global recognition and accreditation, affording students access to a wide range of specialized specializations in the field.

Additionally-due to its excellent economy and favorable business environment-it offers ideal circumstances for graduates seeking lucrative employment postgraduation.

Can I get PR after MBA in Spain?

Indeed, it is conceivable to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after completing an MBA in Spain.

The Spanish federal government has several options available for international students seeking PR such as the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program; Employer-Sponsored visas; and state nomination programs.

Furthermore, the Spanish government has implemented the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), which grants international students an opportunity to work in Spain for up to four years following the completion of their studies.

This visa provides them with valuable experience and can potentially boost their PR application through GSM's points-based system.

Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight that the criteria and requirements for PR may vary depending on an individual's circumstances and immigration policies.

It is recommended to consult with an immigration specialist or the Spanish government's website for up-to-date information.

How much does MBA cost in Spain for Indian students?

On average, the expense of an MBA in Spain for Indian students can vary between AUD 50,000 and AUD 100,000 annually. This is equivalent to INR 28-55 lakhs. This includes tuition fees, living expenses - which may go up depending on where one lives- as well as any other associated costs encountered during one's studies. Also, the cost is flexible and greatly depends on your choice of location and college you apply an MBA for.

Spain may seem like a costly country but the business schools located in the the country are worthwhile.

Is it difficult to do MBA from Spain?

Pursuing an MBA from Spain can be a daunting task for those who lack the requisite academic credentials, work experience, or fluency in another language.

However, with adequate preparation and perseverance, it is possible to succeed in this rigorous academic curriculum and competitive job market.

Is MBA in Spain worth in India?

MBA degrees in Spain provide many perks for Indian students, including high-quality education and extensive global exposure; diverse learning environments; strong industry connections along with a plethora of career opportunities.

Furthermore, several renowned Spain MBA colleges have attained international accreditation ensuring that students will be able to leverage their diplomas effectively when looking for employment prospects.

Nevertheless, it is essential to identify the optimum MBA program or college before making a final decision as this can drastically impact your success upon graduation.

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