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Top 10 MBA Specializations that will boost your career


A Master in Business Administration is a management degree that prepares students for a career in business and administration. It is usually a full-time degree program with a duration of 24 months. Although you can also enrol for different types of MBA programs offering executive or part-time courses of shorter duration. Business administration is a broad field of study with numerous variations and MBA specializations for students to master. A general MBA will introduce the students to more or less all the essential subjects. However, to excel in one specialization, a student must have clarity of thoughts and strong ambitions. If all of this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry; we will help you determine which MBA specialization is right for you. Here we have a list of the top 10 MBA specializations to help jumpstart your career.

Like mentioned earlier, an MBA is a two-year program. During the second year of the course, students can choose which concentration they want to pursue. This is the case for most of the general MBA programs. However, there are specialized MBA programs providing in-depth education in a specific discipline. In this list, we will discuss the specialization only and not any program in general. Below is the MBA specializations list in India. 


MBA specialization courses

MBA in Marketing Management

An MBA in Marketing is an excellent option for those who fancy product creation, pricing, advertisements, and are interested in their brand’s market presence. It is also a vast field of study, and a specialized MBA will cover all those aspects of marketing. Students will get in-depth knowledge on Market Research and Analysis, Product Development, Selling and Distribution, Branding, Advertising, etc. The course places a strong emphasis on marketing skills and knowledge development. It is one of the most popular and oldest disciplines of management. If you want to work in marketing management or administration, this is the right course for you.


MBA in Finance


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MBA specializations in IT or Technology Management

For those who think that a management degree after engineering is not a good option, think again. An MBA in Information Technology is another increasingly popular course in recent years. Moreover, this program is more suitable for those with a background in Information Technology or Computer Science. With new advancements in technology every day, business requires highly skilled and certified individuals to lead teams and projects. MBA in Technology Management provides prospective managers with knowledge, abilities, and understanding of information and communications technologies components.


masters in computer science intro

MBA in Entrepreneurship


An MBA specialization in Entrepreneurship is one of the newest disciplines of management. That said, the program is getting massive popularity. This is mainly due to several success stories of young entrepreneurs and unicorn startups. As a result, an MBA in Entrepreneurship is a course worth considering. Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to succeed as innovators and entrepreneurs in this course. They will learn key aspects of successful businesses. How to create business ideas, turn those concepts into services and products, and plan marketing strategies. I believe an MBA in Entrepreneurship is ideal for advancing your career. The program will easily open up new career pathways for bright minds.


MBA in Digital Marketing

The onset of digital technology has revolutionized the way we advertise or market products. Setting up your business profile in digital channels is cheaper, but it is not that simpler. It requires excellent skills and expertise to stay ahead of the competition. And the MBA in digital marketing is the right step towards this. The program equips candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to create successful digital marketing strategies. It enhances students’ creative ability. They learn how to efficiently target customers and market their products and services through digital platforms. As a result, a competitive MBA graduate will target the appropriate sector to market their products and services.


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MBA in International Business

It’s one thing to study management principles that can be applied to a business. However, it’s a different story when you learn to apply these principles in a global setting. Many corporate organizations now operate on an international level. Thus, there is an instant increase in the need for highly qualified and educated professionals. That is why many students are going after a specialized MBA in International Business. The course is ideal for students who wish to work in MNCs operating across countries. An MBA in International Business prepares students for a career in a fast-paced global environment. They will learn important skills required to do business with people and organizations from over the world.

MBA specializations in Operations and Supply Chain Management

If you want to work in supply chain or logistics, an MBA in Operations is the route to go. The course will teach you about running a successful and efficient business. The curriculum includes planning, organizing, managing and supervising the manufacturing process. Furthermore, an Operations Manager is equipped with skills to overlook goods and inventory and transportation services. Finally, with an MBA in Operations, you get to wear white safety helmets on your warehouse visit. Pretty cool, right?

MBA in Human Resource

No one can deny that a company’s most valuable asset is its employees. And Human resource management is one of the most important aspects of its smooth operation. A healthy human resource department benefits both small and large organizations. An MBA in Human Resource Management is the best option for someone who values communication and organizational skills. The human resource department serves as a bridge between management and employees. HR professionals also ensure that the employees follow the company’s human resources policies. In addition, they may occasionally assess the performance of individual employees.

MBA in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is also a newly introduced subject in the Business Administration program. With data being dubbed the “new oil”, it’s no surprise that businesses want to capitalize on this valuable resource. Data analytics is the practice of examining datasets to draw information from them. And several businesses will require skilled data analysts to conduct detailed market research. As a result, many business schools worldwide are focusing on offering an MBA specialization in this field. An MBA in Data Analytics is one of the most in-demand specializations. This is mainly due to the significant surge in need for skilled data analysts. The program will cover topics such as Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence Tools, Machine Learning Algorithms, and more. 

MBA in General Management

Last but not least, an MBA specialization in general management. A general MBA covers all aspects of management, allowing students to delve further into any speciality. Students will learn how to improve their critical thinking, problem-solving, and management skills through this curriculum. Moreover, they can take on managerial and administrative responsibilities in global organizations with expert knowledge of business operations. As a result, many MBA graduates are hired for positions such as Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Relationship Manager, Consultant, Market Researcher etc. Furthermore, it is also evident that many MBA future graduates take on an entrepreneurial path to launch their ventur

MBA Specializations

What are the best MBA specializations salary?

In most cases, salary package plays an important role in determining the MBA specialization for students. That is due to the high cost of education for this program. The ROI for MBA graduates is quite fruitful. Here are the MBA specializations with best-earning potentials.

MBA Specialization

Average Salary (annually)

MBA in Finance


MBA in Human Resource Management


MBA in Information Technology


MBA in International Business 


MBA in Marketing



MBA specialization from the US

The United States is the birthplace of MBA. The country is home to some of the world’s best universities offering MBA degrees. A student pursuing an MBA from a US college can build business-related competencies and entrepreneurial skills through comprehensive coursework.  

Best Business Schools in the USA for MBA program


Tuition Fees (per year)

Stanford University


University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


University of Chicago (Booth)


Harvard University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)


Northwestern University (Kellogg)


Columbia University


Yale University


University of California-Berkeley (Haas)



Here is the MBA specializations list in USA


MBA Specializations

Average Salary (annually)

Business Operations






Information Systems


Supply Chain and Logistics



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With this article, you now have a greater knowledge of MBA specializations and job opportunities. An MBA is not the only requirement for success, although it is the most prevalent. Compared to other applicants, you can easily gain a managerial job if you have a professional degree in management. Furthermore, considerable knowledge in a specialized subject makes it much easier to rise the corporate ladder. Find out where your true passion lies and apply for the respective MBA specialization. You have the potential to become a successful leader. And your ability to lead can be the key to an organization’s success.

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