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McCombs MBA Interview Questions 2024

Essays, Interview Questions & Deadlines

Getting accepted into a top MBA program is a major accomplishment, and the interview is an essential part of the admissions process. The interview provides an opportunity for the school to get to know you better and assess your fit for the program. In this blog post, we will provide you with the McCombs MBA interview questions and tips on how to answer them to help you ace the interview.

Key Aspects: Format, Duration & Interviewer Profile

  • Interviewer profile: Mccombs Alumni or Adcom Members (from recent classes like 2019, 2022, etc)
  • Interview Duration: Approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Content: Primarily resume-based yet focused on self-growth and future plans.

The interview will be divided into two parts:

1. The first part is where the Adcom will ask you questions. This is the major part, with around 40-45 minutes 
2. The second part will be you asking the interview team questions, which is around 15-20 minutes. 

Mccombs MBA Interview Questions Sets 

No matter which B-school you apply for, interviewers will likely ask you to walk them through your resume. What's even more crucial will be handling the tricky trio of questions, which are: 

  • Why an MBA from Mccombs Business School?
  • Why Mccombs Business School?
  • Why pursue it now?

If you're preparing for an interview for Mccombs Business School MBA, having an idea of the question types can increase your chances of passing the test. To help you with this, we have put together several sets of interview questions based on the experiences of past applicants. Additionally, we've included specialized tips to help you secure your admission to this prestigious institution. Read on to learn more.

To craft a compelling McCombs MBA Essay, it is essential to understand their values and what they are looking for in candidates. Based on their values, here are ten specialised McCombs MBA program Essays tips:

Set 1 Questions

Q: Can you share your motivations for pursuing an MBA at Texas McCombs and how it aligns with your career goals?
Q: How do you envision leveraging the unique resources and culture at Texas McCombs to enhance your leadership skills?
Q: The McCombs MBA emphasizes collaboration and teamwork. Can you provide an example of a successful team experience from your past and how you contributed to its success?
Q: Texas McCombs values innovation and creativity. Can you share a situation where you initiated change or introduced a new approach in your professional or personal life?
Q: McCombs is known for its strong connection to the business community. How do you plan to engage with the diverse network of professionals and alumni during your MBA journey?
Q: The program encourages experiential learning through projects and internships. Can you discuss a project or internship experience that showcased your problem-solving skills and impact?
Q: McCombs places importance on diversity and inclusion. How have you contributed to creating an inclusive environment in your previous experiences?
Q: One of McCombs' core values is "Integrity." Can you share an instance where you had to make an ethical decision and how you handled it?
Q: The MBA program includes various electives. What specific academic interests or concentrations are you looking forward to exploring and why?
Q: McCombs fosters a tight-knit community. How do you plan to contribute to the McCombs community and create lasting connections with your classmates and professors?

Set 2 Questions

Q: The McCombs MBA values candidates who bring diverse perspectives. How do your background and experiences contribute to the diversity of the student body?
Q: McCombs emphasizes "Learning by Doing." Can you provide an example of a challenge you faced, how you approached it, and the lessons you learned from the experience?
Q: McCombs places a strong emphasis on leadership. Can you share a situation where you demonstrated leadership and the impact it had on the outcome?
Q: The program offers various opportunities for global exposure. How do you see international experiences enhancing your understanding of business and your personal growth?
Q: McCombs encourages students to step out of their comfort zones. Can you discuss a time when you took a calculated risk to achieve a goal or solve a problem?
Q: The McCombs community is known for its supportive nature. How do you plan to contribute to the collaborative environment and help your peers succeed?
Q: Texas McCombs values candidates who are resilient and adaptable. Can you share an instance where you faced unexpected setbacks and how you rebounded from them?
Q: McCombs is located in Austin, a vibrant and entrepreneurial city. How do you plan to leverage the resources of Austin to enhance your MBA experience?
Q: The program emphasizes strategic thinking. Can you provide an example of a complex problem you tackled and the strategic approach you used to solve it?
Q: McCombs values candidates who align with its core values. How do integrity, respect, and collaboration resonate with your personal values and how will you uphold them during your MBA journey?

Set 3 Questions

Q: Tell me about yourself
Q: Why McCombs?
Q: Why MBA/Why now?
Q: S/T & L/T goals
Q: How will you contribute here?
Q: Describe a leadership experience
Q: A time you disagreed with a superior or colleague
Q: A time you solved a problem
Q: What did you learn about yourself from this admissions process?

Set 4 Questions

Q: Why MBA? and Why now?
Q: Why US? Where else have you applied?
Q: Tell me an experience when you demonstrated determination.
Q: How well do you work in teams? Give example
Q: How did you research about the school?
Q: What are your major strengths and weaknesses ?
Q: Give examples when you put your strengths into practice.
Q; What is your plan B if you can not achieve your dream employment?
Q: Would you like to continue working in USA or move back to your home country?
Q: How do you plan to contribute in the program?
Q: Tell me about one achievement from your résumé that you are proud of.

Set 5 Questions

Q: Tell me about your background
Q: Why MBA?
Q: Why McCombs?
Q: Short-term and Long-term career goals?
Q: What if your long-term career goals don’t pan out?
Q: Tell me about a time you led a team and had to make an unpopular decision. How did you deal with that?
Q: Describe a time you worked in a diverse team
Q: What have you learned about your leadership style from the first time you led a team?
Q: Describe a time when you came up with a creative solution to a problem
Q: Describe a time when you encountered a challenge. How did you adjust?
Q: What is one experience you’re proud of?
Q: How will you make McCombs better?

Set 6 Questions

Q: Résumé walk-through
Q: Short-term/long-term goals
Q: Why MBA is the next step in my career?
Q: Why McCombs?
Q: Leadership Experience Example
Q: Multi-cultural/diverse team experience Example
Q: How I would contribute to my cohort
Q: What the application experience taught me
Q: Anything I’d like to share
Q: Questions for the interviewer

What MCcombs is Looking For in Top MBA Candidates

mccombs mba interview questions

Located in the heart of MCcombs Business School is a great place for people from all kinds of backgrounds who exhibit strong leadership qualities, collaborative skills, and a track record of accomplishment. The school's MBA program is all about helping candidates create value in their careers while also contributing positively to society.

If you're interested in applying to Columbia Business School, it's important to know that they look for people who are curious, innovative, and can back up their ideas with data. With an intake of approximately 850 students from over 6,100 applications annually at Columbia Business School, diversity is a top priority, with lots of women, international students, and minority groups represented in the student body.


Preparing for an McCombs MBA Interview Questions can be a daunting task, but it is an opportunity to showcase your skills and potential. In this blog post, we have discussed the McCombs MBA Interview Questions and specialized tips for both sets.

Additionally, we have highlighted how to handle an interview as per Texas McCombs' values, including being honest and authentic, demonstrating emotional intelligence, highlighting teamwork skills, being future-oriented, and showcasing innovative skills. By following these tips, you can create a positive impression and increase your chances of securing admission to Texas McCombs MBA program.

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