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McCombs MSBA Review

6 minutes

Table of Contents

    The McCombs MSBA ten-month, full-time course is STEM-qualified and highly esteemed across the globe. MSBA in USA is one of the most popular programs. You can construct your curriculum with pathway options including tracks in financial analytics and supply chain marketing analytics; customizing it to fit your specific interests or career goals. Students will find a welcoming community; international students seeking a quality education at affordable prices; and value that cannot be beaten.

    Full-time MSBA Fees $53,000
    Program Deadlines Round 1 Deadline:October 11, 2023
    Round 2 Deadline: January 10, 2024
    Round 3 Deadline: March 6, 2024
    Round 4 Deadline: May 1, 2024
    Application Fees $90

    McCombs MSBA Class Profile

    Each year, MSBA UT Austin is captivated by the caliber and amplitude of the incoming cohort. Students from various corners of the globe arrive(58% international students) with a compelling story or an uncommon point-of-view to share - as a group they are vivacious, inquisitive, value-driven in their own distinct way. There are some MSBA specializations available for students.

    Average GPA 3.72
    Average Work-experience
    2.6 Years
    Average MSBA Salary
    Top Post-MSBA Industries
    Technology: 29%
    Consulting: 23%
    Financial Services: 18%
    Retail: 17%

    Acceptance Rate

    The acceptance rate at McCombs MSBA is 29%. The competition is high at UT Austin MSBA but with the right profile and uniqueness, one can get into McCombs MSBA. 

    McCombs MSBA Program and Curriculum

    mccombs msba

    The curriculum of the McCombs MSBA is developed to let students complete their 36 credit hours within 10 months and receive their STEM-eligible MSBA degree. It consists of 3 business analytics tracks: General MSBA Curriculum, Financial Analytics Track, Supply Chain & Marketing Track.

    Core Courses

    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Data Science Programming
    • Optimization I
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Analytics I
    • Information Management
    • Supply Chain Analytics
    • Advanced Machine Learning
    • Analytics for Unstructured Data
    • Financial Analysis Track


    • Business Analytics Capstone
    • Optimization II
    • Demand Analytics/Pricing
    • Advanced Data Analytics in Marketing
    • Financial Technology
    • Data Driven Health Care Operations
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Time Series Analysis

    Extra Activities for McCombs MSBA

    The McCombs MSBA offers a diverse college experience beyond the classroom and laboratory. Not only can you immerse yourself in studies, but also be captivated by countless opportunities to pursue hobbies, discover new interests – or even refine your skills - all while forging lifelong friendships with classmates. UT Austin MSBA boasts over 1,000+ student organizations plus three legislative groups as well as 70-plus sororities and fraternities. 

    • Intramural Sports
    • Sport Clubs
    • Adventure Trips
    • Climbing Wall
    • Fitness and Wellness
    • Student Activities

    Scholarships for McCombs MSBA

    Not everyone can afford the living expenses of a foreign country. With that comes the financial aid that is provided by almost all the top universities. UT is home to a staggering 3,000+ scholarships available for students starting out in their academic careers, and many other college programs offer additional awards of their own. 

    This list of scholarship opportunities is only a fraction of the total number offered by UT's Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid; it merely provides an indicative sample.

    • S.H. Osmond Scholarship
    • First-Abroad Scholarship for First Generation Students
    • W.Sue Ragle Career Exploration Scholarship
    • Bill and Theresa Kahlke Endowed Scholarship
    • Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship
    • The Gates Scholarship
    • York Rite Masonic Scholarship

    Eligibility and Requirements

    mccombs msba

    • One needs to have a  bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the United States or equivalent level attained elsewhere, an academic qualification will be necessary.
    • In order to be successful, applicants should possess a sound knowledge base and proven abilities when tackling figures.
    • Official Documents in PDF Format
    • TOEFL or IELTS  test scores waivers may be available upon request.
    • Personal essays and/or videos are mandatory for each admissions committee.
    • Two Letters of recommendation should be submitted.
    • Application fee of $90 for international applicants
    • Resume 

    McCombs MSBA Deadlines

    The registration for McCombs MSBA is currently open and those who are interested can apply for the same. Each admissions committee assesses applications holistically, and applicants have the opportunity to apply for more than one Master of Science Program with a single application fee totaling $90. Below mentioned are the deadline dates:

    Rounds Dates
    1st   January 9, 2023
    2nd   March 27, 2023
    3rd   May 15, 2023

    Career, Employment & Placement

    Every year, our ORIE alums achieve success in a wide array of prestigious and lucrative occupations. In Austin or Texas, the booming economy offers numerous options for careers with fast-growing industries that are tied to McCombs MSBA. Some job titles of MSBA Graduates are senior analytics consultant, data scientist/analyst, Associate Engineer and Senior Associate. 

    Top Sectors Hiring MSBA Graduates

    These alumni come from organizations with varied backgrounds – ranging from Ivy League institutions such Harvard University and Princeton University along with international élite education facilities like Eton College, Harrow School: all the way down through notable sporting entities that feature prominently among Fortune 500 CEOs ranking just above one hundredth position – including academic powerhouses Yale University (eleventh), Columbia University (twelfth) , Penn State (eighth) or Georgetown Univeristy(ninth). It truly is amazing where some people end up after achieving great heights in both academia & athletics alike.

    The top sectors that hire graduates of McCombs MSBA are technology, consulting, financial service, petroleum energy. 

    • IBM
    • Deloitte
    • Dell
    • Toyota Connected

    MSBA Alumni at McCombs

    The McCombs MSBA Alumni Community is an effective networking tool for connecting with fellow alumni from around the world. More than 150 regional groups have been established across 90 countries, providing opportunities for staying in touch with students and continuing relationships with the University as well as offering a network of contacts or career mentoring.

    • Matthew McConaughey
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson
    • Farrah Fawcett
    • Roger Clemens
    • Kevin Durant

    McCombs MSBA  Application Essays

    mccombs msba

    Essay 1 How have extracurricular activities been a source of inspiration for you?
    Essay 2 What is one book you would deem as your all-time favourite?
    Essay 3 Why do you wish to apply to this institution? Provide an honest and captivating response?
    Essay 4 Describe a person whose impact on your life has been profound.

    Letter of Recommendation

    To apply for admission into the McCombs MSBA, you are required to submit two letters of reference. These will be transmitted via an automatic email and must originate either from a professional or institutional email address. A reliable letter of reference should embody the following key components, namely an introductory statement, main body and conclusion.

    McCombs MSBA Interview Questions

    mccombs msba

    McCombs MSBA  interview queries are a crucial part of the application process - here, we present an array of thought-provoking inquiries to help you achieve success.

    Q: Tell me about a time when you had to juggle multiple assignments. How did you manage your workload?
    Q: Tell me about yourself.
    Q: What interests you about this position?”
    Q: What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?
    Q: What do you think your biggest challenge might be in this role?
    Q: Tell me a time when you led a project? Describe your approach to working with a team.
    Q: Tell us about a time you had to change your approach to a project that wasn’t going well.
    Q: Can you describe a situation in which you experienced conflict in the workplace and how you handled it?
    Q: Describe yourself in one word.
    Q: Sell me this pen.
    Q: What are the last three books you’ve read?

    What Makes McCombs Unique?

    At McCombs MSBA , we are resolute in our resolve to be business innovators who put individuals at the center of all that we do. Our steadfast commitment to this core set of principles has resulted in us establishing an unparalleled learning and working environment for all students, faculty and staff by cultivating processes that foster an atmosphere where a wide range of backgrounds, ideas and viewpoints can coexist harmoniously.

    To further advance the school's academic mission, ensuring diversity and equity is paramount. Through initiatives such as working groups and projects, our aim is to provide all members of campus with equitable opportunities for success. Despite recent successes in achieving diversity while simultaneously striving toward inclusivity; we remain committed to finding additional methods that can assist us along this journey.


    The University of Texas at Austin is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. It was ranked No. 1 in the nation for best value by Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine for 10 consecutive years and has been ranked among the top MSBA colleges in USA by U.S. News & World Report every year since its inception in 1982. McCombs MSBA  is a world-class institution that offers students an exceptional education experience.

    Know Your Author
    Photo of Rohit
    Rohit Rajaram
    Study Abroad Expert
    Rohit is a results-driven individual with a strong background in Education Mentorship, Program Management and Business Development. Holding a Master's degree in Management from ESCP Business School in Paris, Rohit combines academic excellence with extensive industry experience. Throughout his career, Rohit has consistently delivered exceptional results, driving sales, increasing turnover, and achieving targets. Known for his strategic acumen, Rohit formulates and executes successful business strategies, enhancing operational quality, customer satisfaction and key bottonline drivers. As the Co-Founder of MiM-Essay, a leading Early Career Degrees application consulting company, Rohit has successfully mentored over 10,000+ students, enabling them to secure admissions in top-ranked schools worldwide with significant scholarships. Under his leadership, the company has maintained high-quality service and exceptional client satisfaction rates. With expertise in analytics, product development and business excellence, Rohit has successfully driven the success of various initiatives. Committed to constant innovation, he is expanding the company's offerings by introducing digital and technology-powered products for comprehensive education solutions.
    What kind of jobs McCombs MSBA Graduates attain?

    With a MSBA UT Austin  mix of business and analytical expertise, MSBA graduates are well-prepared to launch successful careers in the rapidly expanding data industry. Some examples of fields into which they may venture include Business Analyst, Market Research Analyst and Management Analyst.

    Are scholarships available for McCombs MSBA?

    Yes. The MSBA UT Austin program offers partial financial assistance to those who have been accepted into the MSBA Admissions Program. Students desirous of earning a scholarship may also apply for outside awards or complete the degree if intending to take out federal student loans.

    Can international students engage in employment during the course of their program?

    Indeed, this is permitted as long as they do so within a maximum limit of 20 hours per week. Off-campus work for F-1 visa holders with International Student Services' authorization must be arranged post-quarter; alternatively, it can readily be obtained after successfully completing three quarters' worth of academic study.

    What is special about McCombs School of Business?

    Future Focused: McCombs has been dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and encouraging collaboration among researchers, developers, and investors. Located in ATX: Austin is the fastest-growing technology hub in the nation. McCombs offers talent, space, and knowledge in the heart of the city.

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