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McGill University MBA Essays

Specialized Tips and How to Create Essays

The McGill MBA program for the academic year 2023-24 offers a transformational educational experience designed to upskill students for leadership roles in an ever-changing global business landscape. With its campus at Montreal Canada, McGill provides students with a unique opportunity to gain international exposure and develop a global mindset.

McGill University MBA Essays 2023-24

mcgill university mba essays

The McGill MBA program application process includes three essay questions, each requiring a response of 500 words. These McGill University MBA Essays provide applicants with the opportunity to showcase their experiences, aspirations, and motivations for pursuing an MBA at McGill.

McGill MBA Essay 1

Why do you intend on pursuing an MBA at this point in your life? Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MBA career path and how will the Desautels MBA program will add value to your future career. (word limit: 500)

McGill MBA Essay 1: Personalized Tips

Writing a response to the essay question requires careful consideration of the provided pointers. Here are some tips and guidelines to help applicants effectively address each aspect of the question:

  • Mid-Term and Long-Term Goals: Clearly outline your mid-term and long-term career aspirations, specifying the roles, industries, and impacts you aim to achieve. Describe the responsibilities associated with your desired roles and how they align with your professional background and experiences.
  • Skills Enhancement: Reflect on your current skill set and identify areas where you need refinement or acquisition of new skills to achieve your career goals. Value of
  • Desautels MBA Program: Research the specific offerings of the Desautels MBA program, such as electives, professors, clubs, and societies, that align with your career goals. Discuss how these resources will contribute to your skill development, networking opportunities, and overall growth as a future leader in your chosen field.
  • Impact and Community Culture: Consider the impact you aim to make in your industry or community in the long run and how the Desautels MBA program will prepare you for this endeavor. Highlight the enhanced community culture at Desautels and how it will support your growth and development as a professional.
  • Personal Motivation: Explain why you have chosen this particular moment in your life to pursue an MBA and how it fits into your overall career trajectory. Emphasize your passion for continuous learning and professional advancement, demonstrating your readiness to invest in your future success.

McGill MBA Essay 1: Sample Answer

My professional tenure, especially the Bank of America project as an employee of an industry giant Tata Consultancy Services exposed me to vital backend technology in the BFSI sector. The experiences here equipped me to contribute to the Test Data Provisioning team, facilitating interaction with diverse backgrounds.

In the past during my academic pursuits, I actively participated in extracurriculars, including drama and dance, fostering teamwork and leadership. These were vital skills that helped me seamlessly lead agile teams at TCS. After three years, I opted for a career-enhancing MBA journey, taking a hiatus to focus on personal growth.

During this break, I ventured into entrepreneurship by monetizing my hobby of baking. Concurrently, I collaborated with NGO Pehlay Akshar, volunteering to impart essential English skills to government school children, embodying my commitment to social responsibility. Post MBA, I want to build upon my passion by working in the Food and Beverage industry with firms like Restaurant Brands International or Goodfood in their product and service management domains.

Working in such firms would develop my skills in product life cycle management and allow me to work cross-functionally with operations, supply chain, and marketing teams. In the long run, I hope to start my own company in the food industry relying on my previous entrepreneurial experience.

The industry-specific knowledge as well as the network that I would have acquired over the years would contribute immensely towards fulfilling my long-term goals. Through the establishment of my venture, I hope to contribute to economic growth by creating job opportunities, implementing sustainable practices, and engaging with local communities by supporting education and healthcare initiatives.

Desautels, renowned for its rigorous academic programs designed to provide a strong foundation in business principles, would help me prepare for the complexities of international business. The one-week Base Camp and core courses such as Leadership and Professional Skills, and Real-time Decisions will be an outstanding learning experience.

Furthermore, from the 50 specializations that Desautels offers, I can tailor my studies to fit into the product management domain. Its esteemed faculty including Dennis Sakalauskas, and Laurette Dube will aid my well-rounded education, addressing strengths and weaknesses. The experiential learning program of the 10-day international study trip, internships and exchanges can be an amazing opportunity to learn more about global business.

Working closely with the team at Career Management and mentors, I can explore opportunities and be equipped to adapt to the real world. Moreover, collaborating with peers will enhance my market awareness and personal brand savvy for career advancement. With a vast alumni network, Desautels’s opportunities to connect with fellow students, alumni, and industry leaders will prove valuable even in later parts of my career.

Lastly, clubs like the Desautels Graduate Asia Club and the Desautels Graduate Women’s Association (DGWA) would be a beyond-the-classroom experience to meet new people and be involved in extracurricular activities. Overall, I firmly believe that pursuing an MBA at Desautels would serve as an ideal catalyst for advancing my career and realizing my aspirations.

You can check tips from McGill College Business School itself at - Tips for writing your personal statement!

McGill MBA Essay 2

mcgill university mba essays

What qualities would you look for in an MBA classmate when working on a team project and describe how your background and leadership skills will enhance the experience of others? (word limit: 500)

McGill MBA Essay 2: Personalized Tips

Writing a comprehensive response to the McGill University MBA essays question requires careful consideration of the provided pointers. Here are some tips and guidelines to help applicants effectively address each aspect of the question:

  • Qualities for Successful Teamwork: Highlight essential qualities such as communication abilities, reliability, willingness to learn, and a proactive attitude that you value in MBA classmates for effective teamwork.
  • Previous Teamwork Experiences: Share specific experiences where you collaborated with others in a team setting, detailing the tasks you performed and the positive outcomes achieved through your leadership and collaboration skills.
  • Promoting Inclusivity and Diverse Perspectives: Provide examples of how you have promoted inclusivity, encouraged diverse perspectives, and fostered a supportive atmosphere within teams or groups you have worked with in the past.
  • Connection to Background: Establish a connection between your background, including your professional experience and leadership skills, and how these qualities will enhance the experiences of your peers at McGill University.
  • Support and Contribution: Express your willingness to impart knowledge and support the development of your classmates, demonstrating your commitment to contributing positively to the McGill community.
  • Excitement for Collaboration: Share your excitement about collaborating with individuals at McGill University, emphasizing your eagerness to create a remarkable impact through teamwork and collaboration.

McGill MBA Essay 2: Sample Answer

Embarking on an MBA journey, I am aware that the transformative experience lies not only in individual growth but in the collective synergy that emerges through collaborations. Having a dedicated team can amplify the knowledge and skills of each member, creating a solution that a single member could have never envisioned. Team projects in an MBA curriculum, especially, mirror the multifaceted challenges of the professional realm, demanding a diverse set of skills and perspectives to navigate successfully.

As a teammate, I would look for people with diverse skills to make valuable contributions to the overall success of the project. This will require a strong work ethic and the ability to articulate ideas, listen actively, and contribute to discussions. Further, the dynamic MBA environment presents unforeseen challenges, which necessitates my fellow peers to be adaptable and possess quick thinking and decision-making abilities.

Since every member would envision stepping into a leadership position in their specific industry, while leadership roles may rotate, having a team member who can take initiative and motivate others, in my opinion, is extremely valuable. My background blends STEM academics with diverse professional experiences, encompassing a biotechnology and biochemical engineering graduate and being the sole candidate qualifying for a national-level interview with a leading IT company.

During my tenure at TCS in the Bank of America project, I was able to understand the fundamental parts of testing, especially regarding how things were in the backend of an application. I have contributed to the Test Data Provisioning team by identifying an alternate solution to a dreaded recurring request. Thus, my solution-oriented mindset helped reduce manual work.

Further, I was once tasked with a skit assignment in school, where I altered the show's ending while adhering to the overall theme. Apart from acting in it, I directed and trained my team members, who put forth a good performance. Further on, in college, I trained two teams of girls who had never acted to participate in a Mime competition.

While only one team ended up winning the prize, my initiative broke gender stereotypes about only men being able to perform stunts for such a competition. From the next year on, more girl teams were competing alongside boys. These endeavors have also been an opportunity to improve my teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

Furthermore, I am currently volunteering with a Mumbai-based NGO, Pehlay Akshar, which aims to equip government school children with communal English. This is a great initiative that opens up doors for these kids and strives to bring equality within the different sections of society. Currently, we are working with ten schools in Mumbai, and with the upcoming changes in digital content that we are planning, we aim to expand to another 21 schools within Maharashtra.

At McGill, I wish to combine my life experience with classroom learning and create a cohesive environment for others and myself. I aspire to fabricate a network of professionals that will help to lead to a successful future with a global impact.

You can check tips from McGill University School itself at Personal Statements | Career Planning Service

McGill MBA Essay 3

mcgill university mba essays

Describe a difficult decision you made and the process that you went through to make it. (word limit: 500)

McGill MBA Essay 3: Personalized Tips 

Crafting a compelling response to the McGill University MBA Essays question requires careful consideration of your professional experiences, motivations, career goals, and the specific offerings of the ESCP MBA program. Here are some tips and guidelines to help structure your essay effectively:

  • Context and Challenges: Describe the context of the difficult decision you faced and the challenges involved. It could be from your professional, academic, social, or personal experiences.
  • Significance of the Decision: Reflect on why this decision was significant for you. Clearly state the goals you aimed to achieve through the decision-making process.
  • Decision-making Process: Discuss the process you went through to make the decision, emphasizing your analytical and quantitative skills. Outline the various factors and risks you assessed to reach a conclusion.
  • Leadership and Teamworking Qualities: Reflect on your leadership and teamworking qualities through this example. Explain how you navigated the decision-making process, engaged stakeholders, sought input, and collaborated with others to gather perspectives.
  • Challenges and Conflict Management: Highlight any challenges or conflicts you encountered during the decision-making process and how you managed them effectively. Discuss any compromises or alternative solutions you explored.
  • Outcome and Learning: Reflect on the outcome of the decision and what you learned from the experience. Discuss any lessons or insights gained that have influenced your approach to decision-making in the future.

Imperial MBA Essay 3: Sample Answers

Though I was aware of the concept of discrimination based on gender, I had never really experienced it firsthand. This was until the last year of my undergraduate degree; a vivid memory particularly stands out, when men had always occupied the role of Arts Club Secretary. During my final year, however, we had a candidate who was more than qualified for it, but being a woman, most of the other party members opposed her candidacy.

Despite being at the forefront of most of the extracurricular activities pertaining to arts in the past three years, they believed she could not handle the role of Secretary because of its responsibilities, which involved a lot of fieldwork, team management, and late-nighters. These reasons seemed quite dismissive and extremely unfair to us, and we presented examples of female leaders to refute them.

Witnessing this gender bias within my community heightened my awareness of the need to challenge ingrained norms and advocate for equity but it would be difficult to do so in a male-oriented space. But this unjust opposition had fuelled my determination, and together with a handful of like-minded friends, I resolved to confront stereotypes.

To counter the resistance, we drew parallels between the candidate's capabilities and the achievements of notable women leaders in business and politics. Drawing inspiration from the success stories of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Indira Nooyi, Margaret Thatcher, and Indira Gandhi, we put our foot down that the female candidate could also walk in step with other party members in fulfilling her role in the Arts Club. Eventually, the members relented, allowing the female candidate to stand for election.

Not only did she secure a resounding victory, but the college fest organized that year became one of the city's most memorable events. This experience affirmed my commitment to challenging biases and championing inclusivity in all facets of life. Realizing the impact of my college experience, a profound sense of responsibility to combat biases and foster inclusivity has taken root within me. The incident served as a catalyst, reinforcing my commitment to meritocracy.

The unwarranted resistance highlighted the necessity of assessing individuals based on their abilities rather than conforming to preconceived notions. As a future leader, I acknowledge the imperative to champion fair and transparent processes prioritizing merit and competence, ensuring equal prospects for all.

Beyond this, the episode emphasized the significance of active listening, understanding diverse perspectives, and empathizing with those facing marginalization or bias. Looking forward, this transformative encounter inspires me, propelling my dedication to contributing to a world where leadership is defined by competence, unwavering dedication, and a complete commitment to dismantling barriers for everyone.

You can check the McGill MBA admissions page to get more information.

Deadlines for 2024 Entry

mcgill university mba essays

McGill is one of the MBA colleges in Canada, hence the competition to get admission would be cutthroat. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the application deadlines for McGill's MBA program are as follows:

Rounds  Deadlines
Round 1 1 November 2023
Round 2 15 January 2024
Round 3 15 March 2024
Round 4 1 May 2024

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The McGill MBA essays provide an exceptional opportunity for candidates to highlight their achievements, goals, and capabilities in alignment with the program's values and expectations. Crafting responses that not only meet but exceed these criteria will captivate the admissions committee and differentiate applicants in the competitive landscape of MBA colleges in Canada.

By meticulously tailoring their essays for this segment of the application process, students can leave a memorable impression, significantly enhancing their chances of admission. This strategic approach is pivotal in positioning oneself favorably within the bustling arena of potential MBA candidates.

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