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McMaster MBA Review

10 minutes

Table of Contents

    McMaster MBA Introduction

    Are you ready to take charge of your future possibilities and unlock new career opportunities? Look no further than the McMaster MBA program. With its comprehensive curriculum completed in less than two years, this program empowers you to fast-track your professional growth. But that's not all. The McMaster MBA goes beyond classroom learning by offering paid summer internship opportunities. Imagine gaining real-world experience and building valuable connections while you're still studying.

    This four-month internship is a game-changer, allowing you to showcase your skills and explore new career paths. Whether you aspire to advance in your current field or make a bold switch, the McMaster MBA program is your ideal pathway. Don't miss this chance to shape your future. Join us today and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career journey with the McMaster MBA program.

    McMaster MBA Class Profile

    The McMaster MBA program class consists of students from all around the globe. Interacting and networking with these students will help you enhance your perspective and broaden the horizon of your career aspects. These students would have about four years of work experience in different fields. This will enrich the classroom experience with the presence of various mindsets.

    McMaster MBA Acceptance Rate

    The acceptance rate of the McMaster MBA is 12%; in simpler words, out of 100 applications, only about 33 will be accepted. It is not relatively easy to crack, but it is achievable by paying close attention to your application documents. Make sure that you do not copy-paste the content available on google in your SOPs, LORs, resumes, etc. These documents must be personalised by including your unique experiences and learnings.

    Acceptance rate – 12%

    Program and Curriculum McMaster MBA

    McMaster MBA program will give you a chance to participate in a vibrant, interactive, and cross-disciplinary classroom. You will attend classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in your first year from Monday to Thursday. Other events like career promotion, networking and professional development will be held on Fridays and weekends. Moreover, the McMaster MBA curriculum teaches through modern integrated examples and discussions of the current market concerns. The key focus of this program is to teach the fundamentals of the business and corporate world. Your first term will consist of two mandatory courses, Accounting and Finance.

    mcmaster mba

    Core Courses

    • Managing Financial Resources
    • Economics and Business Statistics
    • Creating Customer Value
    • Competing through Digital Transformation and Analytics
    • Managing Organizations
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources / Organizational Behaviour
    • Health Services Management
    • Information Systems
    • Operations Management


    • General MBA 
    • Accounting and Financial Management Services 
    • Business Analytics 
    • Finance 
    • Health Services Management 
    • Marketing 
    • Strategic Business Valuation

    Extra Activities for McMaster University MBA

    If you wish to improve your technical and non-technical skills, you can take part in various teams, engineering clubs, committees, competitions, and conferences at McMaster University. There are more than 70 clubs and associations at this university. Participating in applied learning is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons, try new things, and contribute to your social and intellectual growth. Here are the team and clubs at the university.

    Vehicle Teams

    • McMaster EcoCAR Mobility Challenge
    • MAC Formula Electric Team
    • McMaster Concrete Toboggan
    • McMaster Solar Car Project

    Space Teams

    •  McMaster Rocketry Team
    • McMaster Mars Rover Team
    • McMaster Neudose / McMaster Interdisciplinary Satellite Team (MIST)
    • McMaster Experimental Reduced Gravity Team (MERGE)

    Technology Clubs

    •  McMaster Sumobot
    • MAC RoboMaster
    • McMaster Autoplow
    • McMaster Competitive Programming
    • McMaster Artificial Intelligence Society
    • Google Developer Student Clubs McMaster University

    Scholarships for McMaster MBA

    These scholarships are designed to recognize outstanding achievements, provide financial assistance, and attract talented individuals to the program. Here are some of the scholarships available for the McMaster MBA program:

    • Dean's Excellence Entrance Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates entering the McMaster MBA program. They are based on academic excellence, professional achievements, leadership potential, and community involvement. The amount and number of scholarships awarded may vary each year.
    • McMaster Graduate Scholarships: The university offers various graduate scholarships that are open to McMaster MBA students. These scholarships are competitive and awarded based on academic merit, research potential, and contributions to the field of study.
    • Indigenous Student Scholarships: McMaster University recognizes the importance of supporting Indigenous students in their educational pursuits. Scholarships specifically designed for Indigenous MBA students are available, aiming to foster diversity and promote Indigenous leadership in the business world.
    • Alumni Entrance Scholarships: These scholarships are funded by the generous contributions of McMaster MBA alumni. They are awarded to outstanding candidates who demonstrate exceptional promise and potential to succeed in the program.
    • Industry-Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships are available for students pursuing specific industries or sectors. These scholarships are often sponsored by organizations or corporations and aim to attract talented individuals interested in those fields.

    Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into McMaster MBA

    mcmaster mba


    • Competitive GPA score in the final two years of the candidate’s undergraduate degree – A B average, an 8.0 out of 12.0 GPA, or a 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA is usually regarded competitive. 
    • A competitive GMAT or GRE score – For the September 2022 and 2023 admissions, a GMAT or GRE score is necessary. 
    • Work Experience – International students must have continuous work experience in a managerial position for a year.
    • Two Letters of reference – To study in Canada at McMaster University, you must submit two letters of reference. One of these letters must be written by an academic referee, while the other should be written by a professional referee. Your professional referee should be a current or former supervisor.
    • KIRA online video interview – After the McMaster MBA admissions committee has shortlisted your profile, you will be required to face an online interview. After cracking this interview, you will get a letter of acceptance.
    • Professional Resumé and/or CV – You must submit an up-to-date resume with a crisp and clear summary of your experiences to study for the McMaster University MBA. 
    • IELTS/ TOEFL – If you are an international student, you need to prove your proficiency in English. For this, you need to submit your IELTS or TOEFL Scores.

    Application fees

    • The application fee for the direct McMaster MBA fees for the application is $150.

    Document Related to the Application

    Letters of recommendation Application essays GRE/ GMAT scores
    Bachelor’s degree Resume/ CV IELTS/ TOEFL test scores

    GPA needed for McMaster MBA

    The McMaster MBA program does not specify a minimum GPA requirement for admission. However, a strong academic record is generally expected. The admissions committee evaluates applicants holistically, taking into consideration various factors such as work experience, GMAT/GRE scores, references, and personal statements.

    GMAT needed for McMaster MBA

    For admission to the McMaster MBA program, a GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score is required. The GMAT helps assess an applicant's aptitude for business studies and is an important factor in the admissions process. The average GMAT score for admitted students varies from year to year but typically falls within a competitive range.

    GRE needed for McMaster MBA

    While the McMaster MBA program primarily requires the GMAT for admission, in some cases, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) may be accepted as an alternative. It is advisable to check with the program administration to confirm the current policy on accepting GRE scores.

    Average work experience needed for admission McMaster MBA

    The McMaster MBA program typically expects applicants to have at least two years of professional work experience. However, the program recognizes the value of diverse backgrounds and considers candidates with varying levels of experience. It is important to highlight the quality and relevance of work experience in the application to demonstrate the potential for success in the program.

    Is IELTS needed for McMaster MBA

    Yes, as an international applicant, you may be required to demonstrate English language proficiency. McMaster University accepts various English language proficiency tests, including IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The specific language requirements, minimum scores, and exemptions can be found on the official McMaster MBA program website.

    McMaster MBA Deadlines

    For international students, the deadline to apply for McMaster MBA September 2023 session has already been passed. Round one for the September 2023 intakes for international students is 1st September. So, we would recommend you start preparing your application right away. It would give you a good amount of time to make your application documents perfectly intact to get into the MBA colleges in Canada.

    McMaster MBA Application process

    The McMaster MBA application process typically follows these steps:

    • Online Application: Complete the online application form on the official McMaster MBA program website. Provide the required personal, educational, and professional information.
    • Application Fee: Pay the non-refundable application fee, which is typically specified on the application form.
    • Academic Transcripts: Submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions previously attended. These transcripts should reflect your academic performance and degree completion.
    • GMAT/GRE Scores: Take the GMAT or GRE and request official scores to be sent directly to McMaster University. The program usually requires GMAT scores, but GRE scores may be accepted as an alternative in some cases.
    • English Language Proficiency: If applicable, demonstrate English language proficiency by taking tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Check the program website for specific requirements and minimum scores.
    • Statement of Intent: Write a statement outlining your motivation for pursuing an MBA, career goals, and how the McMaster MBA program aligns with your aspirations.
    • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV): Prepare a comprehensive resume or CV highlighting your education, work experience, achievements, and extracurricular activities.
    • Letters of Recommendation: Obtain letters of recommendation from academic or professional references who can speak to your qualifications, skills, and potential for success in the program.
    • Interview: Shortlisted applicants may be invited for an interview as part of the selection process. This allows the admissions committee to assess your fit for the program and gain additional insights into your candidacy.
    • Application Review: The admissions committee reviews applications holistically, considering academic records, test scores, work experience, references, statements, and interviews.
    • Admission Decision: After evaluating applications, the admissions committee communicates the final decision. Admitted candidates receive an official offer of admission, and they must respond within the given timeframe to secure their spot.
    • Acceptance and Enrollment: If accepted, candidates typically need to submit a confirmation deposit to secure their place in the program. Further instructions for enrollment, orientation, and program details are provided to admitted students.

    When do the admission start in McMaster MBA ?

    The admission process for the McMaster MBA program typically starts several months before the intended intake. The exact start date for admissions may vary from year to year. It is advisable to visit the official McMaster MBA program website or contact the program administration for the most up-to-date information regarding the admission start date for the desired intake. They will provide specific details about the application timeline, including application opening and closing dates, as well as any important deadlines for submitting required documents and completing the application process.

    Round Deadlines
    Round 1 08 November 2023
    Round 2 07 February 2024
    Round 3 17 May 2024

    McMaster MBA Employment And Placement

    mcmaster mba

    The McMaster MBA addresses industry demands and possibilities by seamlessly blending classroom and real-world experiences. McMaster MBA students develop collaborative and critical thinking skills as they progress through the programme, focusing on learning in a friendly and inclusive environment. These learnings have enabled the 97% of the graduates to find a job within the first six months of graduation. Thus one can conclude that there are plenty of jobs after MBA.

    McMaster MBA Average Starting Salary

    The average starting salary for graduates of the McMaster MBA program can vary depending on several factors, including industry, location, level of work experience, and individual negotiation skills. It's important to note that salary figures can change over time and may differ for each graduating class.

    While specific salary data may not be available at the moment, the McMaster MBA program typically equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue successful careers in various sectors such as consulting, finance, marketing, technology, and more. Graduates often secure positions in reputable organizations and have the potential to earn competitive starting salaries that align with industry standards.

    Prospective students are encouraged to research industry trends, connect with alumni, and consult the career services provided by the McMaster MBA program to gather up-to-date information on average starting salaries and potential earning prospects in their desired field upon graduation.

    McMaster MBA Employment Report

    The McMaster MBA program provides an Employment Report that offers valuable insights into the post-graduation employment outcomes of its students. While I don't have access to the specific details of the latest report, the Employment Report typically includes information about the industries, job functions, and geographical locations where graduates secure employment.

    The report often highlights key statistics such as the percentage of graduates employed within a certain timeframe after graduation, average salary figures, and the types of organizations that hire McMaster MBA graduates. It may also provide information on employment trends, recruitment partners, and notable alumni success stories.

    Prospective students and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official McMaster MBA program website to access the latest Employment Report. This report can be a valuable resource in understanding the potential career paths and employment opportunities available to McMaster MBA graduates, as well as the program's overall track record in terms of student employment outcomes.

    Top Sectors Hiring McMaster MBA Graduates

    McMaster MBA takes a student-first approach. During your McMaster MBA, you will develop your network and graduate with the skills and knowledge the employers are looking for. This network has helped plenty of graduates to get a job almost immediately after graduating. The top companies in Canada, like Mckinsey Healthcare, Ascensia Diabetes Care, and BlackBerry Ltd. are hiring McMaster University MBA graduates.

    Technology Finance Consulting
    Google J.P. Morgan McKinsey & Company
    Amazon  Goldman Sachs Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
    Microsoft Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bain & Company
    IBM Citi Deloitte
    Apple Morgan Stanley PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
    Cisco Sytems TD Bank EY (Ernst & Young)
    Intel RBC KPMG


    McMaster MBA Alumni Info

    McMaster University’s alumni network has appeared to be pretty intense. It includes people like Laura Beesley and Kim Pho, who are among the healthcare industry leaders. After graduating from the McMaster University MBA program, you would also become a vibrant part of the community of McMaster University.

    Some Famous Alumni

    Lincoln Alexander Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
    David Feather President, Mackenzie Financial Services
    Len Blum Screenwriter & Producer
    Jay Firestone CEO, CanWest Entertainment
    Michael Lee-Chin Founder, AIC Funds
    Ivan Reitman Major Motion Picture Director
    Martyn Burke Journalist, novelist, filmmaker and recipient of the Auteur Award
    Stephen Elop President, Worldwide Field Operations, Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Suzanne Labarge Chancellor of McMaster University, retired RBC executive, philanthropist


    Application Essay for McMaster MBA

    Question 1: Please list all other graduate schools of business to which you are applying for admission. This will not prejudice your chances of being selected for admission to McMaster. (Character limit – 4000)
    Question 2: Please list any professional qualifications, academic or other honors, significant achievements, extra-curricular activities, etc. (No word limit)
    Question 3: What are your reasons for choosing to do an MBA degree? Why have you selected the McMaster MBA Program? Your answer may be used as part of the evaluation of your application.
    Question 4: Did you experience adversity, challenges, or setbacks that may have led to discrepancies in your academics or professional work?
    Question 5: Please provide any other information you feel would be helpful to us in making a decision on your application. (No word limit)

    Letter of Recommendation for McMaster MBA

    mcmaster mba

    For the McMaster MBA program, you need to submit two letters of recommendation.

    • One letter should be from a professional referee (your current or previous supervisor).
    • The other letter of recommendation can be from your academic advisor/ professor, who can comment on your abilities critically.

    Interview Questions for McMaster MBA

    Once McMaster University has shortlisted your application for its Master of Business Administration program, you will be invited for a Kira interview. The interview will be conducted online and focus on your goals and career aspirations aligning with your past experiences and the McMaster MBA program. So you need to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared.

    To prepare for it, here are some questions which would be helpful to you.

    Q: Please introduce yourself
    Q: Why do you want to pursue McMaster University MBA?
    Q: What is your immediate goal after graduating with an MBA?
    Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
    Q: What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
    Q: Have you ever lived in any other country or interacted with people from different countries?
    Q: What is your proudest achievement?
    Q: Give an example of when you failed. What did you learn from the experience?
    Q: Tell us about a time when things did not go the way you wanted— like a promotion you wanted and didn’t get or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?
    Q: What does Leadership mean to you?

    What Makes McMaster MBA Unique

    Here are a few facts about McMaster University that makes it unique-

    • According to Wall Street Journal Business School Report and Times Higher Education, McMaster MBA is among the top 3 two year MBA programs.
    • An MBA is more than just a certificate. It’s about the possibilities you’ll have along the route and the lasting connections and networks you’ll form along the way.
    • McMaster values involvement and makes sure every student is a member of a larger professional community.
    • McMaster MBA also assists its students in getting a four-month summer internship.


    In conclusion, McMaster MBA program is a highly reputable and rigorous program that offers students a comprehensive education in business management. With a focus on experiential learning and a strong emphasis on case-based analysis, students are well-prepared to succeed in the competitive business world upon graduation. The program also offers a variety of specialized concentrations and opportunities for networking and career development. Overall, McMaster MBA (one of the best MBA colleges in Canada) program is a great choice for those seeking a challenging and rewarding educational experience in business management.

    Know Your Author
    Photo of Abhyank
    Abhyank Srinet
    Study Abroad Expert
    Abhyank Srinet, the founder of, is a globally recognized expert in study abroad and admission consulting.His passion lies in helping students navigate the complex world of admissions and achieve their academic dreams. Having earned a Master's degree in Management from ESCP Europe, Abhyank's expertise in data-driven marketing strategies has driven growth for some of the most competitive industries. As the founder of, he has helped thousands of students get into top business schools with a strong emphasis on research, shortlisting, and applying to schools from a single platform. His dedication to education has also led him to create MentR-Me, a free-to-use social platform that simplifies the study abroad process for students, while providing universities with a powerful recruitment tool. As a leader in the field of admission consulting, he is constantly researching and implementing the latest strategies to ensure that his clients receive the best possible guidance. He leads the Business Development and Digital Marketing side of both companies, and has grown both ventures to 7 figure revenue.His unique insights, experience, and dedication to his clients make him a valuable resource for anyone seeking to advance their education or career.
    What support services are available for McMaster MBA students?

    McMaster University offers a range of support services to help MBA students succeed academically and personally. These may include career counseling, academic advising, networking events, mentorship programs, and access to various campus resources such as libraries, research centers, and student clubs and organizations.

    Are there opportunities for experiential learning and networking in the McMaster MBA program?

    Absolutely! The McMaster MBA program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning and provides numerous opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. Through case competitions, consulting projects, internships, and networking events, students can gain practical experience, build valuable connections, and enhance their professional skills.

    What is the duration of the McMaster MBA program?

    The McMaster MBA program typically takes two years to complete on a full-time basis. However, there may be options for accelerated or part-time study, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the student. It's best to check with the program administration for information on available study options.

    Can I apply for the McMaster MBA program if my undergraduate degree is not in a business-related field?

    The McMaster MBA program welcomes applicants from diverse academic backgrounds. While having a business-related undergraduate degree may provide some foundational knowledge, it is not a strict requirement. The program is designed to equip students with the necessary business acumen and skills regardless of their previous educational background.

    Can I pursue the McMaster MBA program on a part-time or flexible schedule?

     Yes, McMaster offers part-time and flexible study options for the MBA program. This allows students to balance their academic pursuits with work or other commitments. Part-time students can typically complete the program over a longer duration, while flexible study options may include evening or weekend classes. It's recommended to check with the program administration for specific details on available study schedules.

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