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Melbourne Business School MIM Fees: Cost, Financial Aids

Have you ever considered diving into the world of business and beyond? The Master of Management (MiM) program at the University of Melbourne Business School might be your ticket to that journey. But before you leap, let’s make sure you've got all the essentials in your backpack, from Melbourne Business School MiM fees to potential job prospects. Consider this your ultimate guide to navigating the ins and outs of MiM life in Melbourne.

Unlocking the Costs: University of Melbourne's MiM Fees

Unlocking the Costs: University of Melbourne's MiM Fees

University of Melbourne's Master of Management (MiM) degree is a game-changer for Indian students interested in business. As you plan your journey, it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of the program's tuition rates. All prices listed here are estimates that may be adjusted in the future. Let's take a closer look at what you may expect to spend on the Melbourne Business School MiM Fees.

In 2023, Melbourne Business School's MiM program cost AUD$47,712 for the first year and around AUD$97,809 for the full curriculum.

In 2024, Melbourne Business School's MiM program costs AUD$52,512 for the first year, totalling around AUD$107,649 for the academic year, subject to annual review and potential adjustments.

This rise reflects annual modifications in Melbourne Business School MiM Fees and increased costs associated with offering the program. For the 2024 academic year, the Melbourne Business School MiM program is projected to cost roughly AUD$107,649 in total. These charges undergo annual review and potential adjustments based on indexation. 

Exploring Living Expenses for MiM Students at University of Melbourne

Planning for the Melbourne MiM program involves more than just tuition fees; living expenses also play a significant role.

Here's a breakdown of common costs you'll encounter while living in Melbourne, Australia:

Expense Category Average Monthly Cost (AU$) Average Annual Cost (AU$)
Accommodation $1,200 - $2,800 $14,400 - $33,600
Food $400 - $500 $4,800 - $6,000
Transportation $120 - $240 $1,440 - $2,880
Total $1,720 - $3,540 $20,640 - $42,480

Here are the details for living expenses for MiM students:

1. Accommodation

Melbourne offers a diverse range of accommodation options, from on-campus dormitories to private rentals. Factors such as location, type of housing, and proximity to campus influence costs. On-campus dormitories typically range around AU$300 per week, while shared housing with utilities included may cost between AU$600 to AU$700 per week. Consider amenities, distance from campus, and monthly utility bills when making your choice.

2. Food

Dining options in Melbourne range from casual cafes to fine-dining restaurants. While eating out can be enticing, preparing meals at home is generally more cost-effective. A weekly grocery budget for a single person averages around AU$100. Shopping at local markets and grocery stores for affordable ingredients can help you save money and maintain a healthy diet.

3. Transportation

Melbourne boasts an extensive public transit network, including trains, trams, and buses. Public transportation costs depend on factors like distance traveled and frequency of use. Students often qualify for discounted fares through concession cards or transportation passes, ranging from AU$30 to AU$60 per week.

4. Personal Expenses

Budgeting for personal expenses such as clothing, entertainment, and healthcare is crucial. Costs may fluctuate based on individual preferences and habits. Creating a monthly budget and adhering to it can help you manage your finances effectively.

The average living expenses for University of Melbourne students are approximately AU$1,707 per month or AU$20,290 per year. International students also have opportunities for part-time work during their studies to supplement their income and cover living expenses. With careful planning and budgeting, you can comfortably navigate the cost of living in Melbourne while pursuing your MiM degree.

University of Melbourne MiM Program: Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Melbourne's Master of Management (MiM) program offers a comprehensive education in business and management. Its focus is on developing skills that are highly valued by employers. The program is designed to be flexible, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and career goals. 

University of Melbourne's MiM Program Fees and Scholarships

The table below showcases the University of Melbourne's MiM Program Scholarships:

Scholarship Name Eligibility Description
Melbourne Business School Scholarships for Excellence Outstanding students  Recognizes academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment.
Indian Business and Community Scholarships Indian students Supports academic achievers engaged in community service.
University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships Graduate students Highly competitive scholarships for research-based programs.
Destination Australia Scholarships Domestic & international students Government-funded scholarships for regional area study.
Australia Awards Scholarships Citizens of selected countries Government scholarships covering tuition and living expenses.

Scholarships are available for students with exceptional ability to study at the University of Melbourne's Master of International Management (MiM) program. The financial aid provided by these scholarships might make paying for college much more manageable. If you're specifically interested in scholarships related to Melbourne Business School MiM fees, it's essential to explore available options and their eligibility criteria.

1. Melbourne Business School Scholarships for Excellence

Melbourne Business School offers various scholarships to foster diversity, create opportunities, and recognize talent among domestic and international students. These scholarships range from the Kraft Heinz Scholarship to the Dean's International Management Scholarship and aim to support students in pursuing their academic and career goals.

2. MBS Foundation Indigenous Leadership Scholarship

Aimed at Australian Indigenous applicants, this scholarship covers full tuition for various MBA programs, including Part-time, Full-time, Executive, and Senior Executive MBAs. It aims to support Indigenous leaders in advancing their education and careers.

3. WISE Employment Diversity Scholarship

Providing full tuition for MBA programs like Part-time, Full-time, and Online, the WISE Employment Diversity Scholarship is focused on promoting diversity and inclusion within Melbourne Business School. It supports students from diverse backgrounds in accessing high-quality business education.

4. Indian Business and Community Scholarships

Specifically tailored for Indian students, these scholarships aim to assist individuals who have demonstrated academic excellence and are actively involved in community service or leadership activities. They seek to support Indian students in pursuing their studies at the University of Melbourne.

5. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

Primarily intended for research-based graduate programs, these scholarships may also support coursework-based programs depending on specific criteria. They are highly competitive and awarded based on academic merit, research potential, and other relevant factors.

6. Destination Australia Scholarships

Funded by the Australian government, these scholarships aim to attract students to study in regional areas of Australia, including the University of Melbourne's campuses outside of Melbourne. They provide financial support to assist with living and studying expenses in regional areas.

7. Australia Awards Scholarships

Offered by the Australian government, Australia Awards Scholarships are available to citizens of selected countries, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. They cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities.

University of Melbourne MiM Program Fees: Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment for a Melbourne MiM Program It is important to examine the financial investment in a MiM program when thinking about the potential return on investment. Students who complete the Melbourne MiM program will have the tools to compete for jobs in any industry. The program's alumni have a history of landing good jobs and seeing a healthy return on their investment. Determine whether or not the Melbourne MiM program will be worth the money by looking into the employment rates of graduates and the experiences of previous students.

Part-Time Work Prospects for Melbourne MiM Students

Part-Time Employment Opportunities and Earnings Potential

During the academic year, international students in Australia are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight but can work full-time during approved holidays. Finding a part-time job in Melbourne is easy, and the money you make there can help you pay for school.

The below table showcases the Part-Time Employment Opportunities and further details: 

Employment Opportunity Description Hourly Compensation (AUD)
On-Campus Jobs Work opportunities on campus in various areas. $20 - $30
Hospitality and Retail Jobs in hotels, cafes, shops, and supermarkets. $20 - $25 (+ tips)
Tutoring and Academic Assistance Providing academic support or language tutoring. $30 - $50
Freelancing and Online Work Remote work in fields like writing and design. Varies
Internships and Industry Placements Gain practical experience in local businesses. Varies

1. On-Campus Jobs

Students at the University of Melbourne can find work on campus in a wide range of areas, from administration to libraries to research to student services. These jobs allow you to gain experience in your field of study while also allowing you to bring in an income. Depending on your major, the type of work you do, and your degree of experience, the hourly compensation for on-campus jobs might be anywhere from $20 to $30.

2. Hospitality and Retail

Jobs in the hotel and retail industries are plentiful in Melbourne, making it a great place for students to find work during the school year. Students are frequently hired as waiters, baristas, sales workers, and cashiers at restaurants, cafes, shops, and supermarkets. Hourly pay in these fields typically fall between AUD$20 and AUD$25, with additional income possible through tips and commissions.

3. Tutoring and Academic Assistance

As a MiM student, you may be able to help out your fellow students by providing them with tutoring or academic support. You can do this in areas where you have particular expertise or by helping foreign students with their language skills. Depending on the tutor's experience and specialty, hourly charges can range from $30 to $50 AUD.

4. Freelancing and Online Work

Opportunities for remote work and freelancing abound in today's digital economy. Freelance platforms, online tuition, content writing, graphic design, and website building are just some of the work-from-home options available to you. Independent contractor pay varies widely from project to project and from year to year.

5. Internships and Industry Placements

Many Melbourne-based businesses provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and industry placements. Some internships are unpaid, but others provide stipends or allowances to help you cover your costs of living while you're working for free. These experiences will help you develop marketable skills, build your network, and increase your chances of finding a job after you graduate.

Students from outside the country are only allowed to work full-time during academic breaks and up to 40 hours per fortnight when classes are in session. Studying and working part-time requires careful time management and setting priorities.

 Student Visa Regulations for the University of Melbourne's MiM Program

As a foreign student in Australia with a valid student visa, it's crucial to be aware of the government's work-hour restrictions. These regulations aim to help students maintain a healthy work-study balance.

Here's how the restrictions work:

1. During the Academic Term

International students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks. This includes part-time work, temporary labor, and internships. The 40-hour limit applies to all hours worked in a two-week period.

2. Academic Breaks and University Holidays

During breaks such as winter and spring breaks, as well as university holidays, international students are free to work as many hours as they like. This means students can take advantage of these periods to work longer hours and potentially earn more money.


In conclusion, the tuition costs, living expenditures, available scholarships, return on investment (ROI), part-time job chances, and visa work hour restrictions are crucial when contemplating pursuing a Master of Management (MiM) degree at the University of Melbourne, including the Melbourne Business School MiM fees. If you give careful consideration to these considerations and organize your funds properly, you may make a well-informed decision and set yourself up for academic success in Melbourne. Take advantage of part-time work opportunities and scholarships to lessen your financial load and enrich your stay in Melbourne as an international student.

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