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MEM Consortium

Consortium Master of Engineering Management Programs & Goals

The Master of Engineering Management Programs MEM Consortium (MEMPC) represents a unique collaboration of forward-thinking universities. This consortium aims to promote engineering management programs, connecting the right students with the right programs and jobs. It's an initiative that combines technology skills with business acumen, addressing the global technological challenges by preparing students for leadership roles in tech-driven environments.

What is MEM?

What is MEM? or Master of Engineering Management, is a specialized degree designed for bridging the gap between the rapidly evolving technology sector and management strategies. This degree is distinct from an MBA as it specifically requires an undergraduate degree in a STEM field, making it particularly suited for roles in high-tech companies. MEM Consortium graduates are trained to be business-savvy technical leaders, a necessity in today’s data-driven and innovation-oriented global market.

So, The Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) is at the forefront of meeting this demand, expertly connecting talented individuals with the programs that sharpen these skills, and aligning graduates with careers that leverage their unique capabilities. 

Mission and Vision of MEMPC

The MEMPC's mission is to lead the forefront of engineering management education, creating a pipeline of talent that connects students with potential employers. The vision of the MEM Consortium is to gain universal recognition for engineering management programs as the essential education for technology leaders in the complex global market.

Consortium's Approach to Education

MEMPC places a strong emphasis on maintaining relevant and advanced academic programs that align with the latest in both technology and business. Joint outreach programs are a cornerstone of their approach, helping bridge the gap between students, academic institutions, and businesses.


When you're thinking about Is Engineering management better than MBA? So, it Yes as MEM program of degree to get for a future job, it's like choosing the right tool for a job. A MEM, or Master of Engineering Management, is like a special tool designed for people who want to be bosses in engineering or tech companies. It mixes engineering skills with knowing how to manage projects and teams.

On the other side, an MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is more like a Swiss Army knife. It's good for lots of different jobs in business, from running a company to marketing products. It teaches you about money, leading teams, and how to make a business grow.

So, if you love technology and want to lead teams in creating cool new things, an MEM Consortium might be for you. But if you're thinking about a wide range of business roles and maybe running a company one day, an MBA could be the better choice.

Course Details and Structure

Course Details Consortium MEM

MEM Consortium programs can vary in duration, with some being as short as 9 months for on-campus courses, and up to 2 years for distance learning programs. The average student count varies, with some institutions having around 70 students for on-campus programs and 60 for distance programs. Programs generally require a minimum of 10 courses, with some requiring up to 14 or more.

Member Universities and Course Specifics

MEMPC group includes prestigious universities like Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Northwestern, Purdue, Tufts, and USC, each offering unique strengths and course structures. This consortium of universities collaborates to steer students with high potential toward finding the perfect blend of technology expertise and business acumen, empowering them to become leaders of future enterprises.

Explore the engineering management programs listed below for further details. 

Member Universities Course Duration
CORNELL UNIVERSITY 9 months (On-Campus), 2 years (Distance)
Dartmouth College 15 months
JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY 12–18 months (Residential)
18 months – 5 years (Distance)
PURDUE UNIVERSITY 1 year or 2 year options
TUFTS UNIVERSITY 12-15 months of full-time on-campus study (MSIM)

Top Companies Hired MEM's

Top companies Hiring Consortium MEM

Jobs after Engineering Management (MEM) graduate offers numerous advantages to organizations. By hiring MEM graduates, there is a benefit of these organizations from having a pool of employees comfortable with both business and technology.

Technology Finance Consulting
Google  Bank of America Accenture
Microsoft Bloomberg BCG
IBM Citibank Deloitte
Apple Goldman Sachs McKinsey & Company

Career Opportunities and Outlook

Career opportunities MEM Consortium

Graduates of MEM programs have a wide range of career paths available to them, including leadership roles in strategy, product management, engineering, and operations. The blend of technical and managerial skills makes them ideal candidates for roles in evolving tech companies.

Now, The question Is Masters in Engineering Management worth it?

Yes, Here you can observe the employment in top most industries. Choosing a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree opens up special job chances that you might not get with a regular MBA. This MEM Consortium program helps you stand out in a world that's all about technology.

So, Here find the Alumni who are employed in top industries.

  • 90% of Alumni are employed in Technology after MEM whereas 27% of Alumni are employed in Technology after their MBA.
Pharma and life sciences  17%
Computer hardware & software  14%
Defense & aerospace 26%
Civil & Environmental and Energy  7%
Other tech industries 26%

* Source: Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) 2014 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report.


The MEM Consortium is an innovative approach to bridging the gap between engineering and management, catering to the growing demand for leaders who are adept in both technological and business aspects. With its diverse range of programs, esteemed member universities, and a strong focus on practical, real-world skills, MEMPC is shaping the future leaders of the tech world.

What makes MEM different from an MBA?

MEM is focused on individuals with a STEM background, integrating technical knowledge with business management, unlike the broader approach of an MBA.

How long does it take to complete an MEM program?

The duration varies from 9 months to 2 years, depending on the university and the nature of the program (on-campus or distance learning).

Are internships a part of the MEM program?

Yes, many universities offer internships as part of their MEM programs, providing practical experience in the field.

What kind of careers can MEM graduates pursue?

MEM graduates are equipped for roles such as tech strategy, product management, operations, and other leadership positions in technology-driven companies.

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