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MEM in the USA – Top Universities, Fees, MEM without GRE

What is a Masters in Engineering Management? 

MEM program or Masters in Engineering Management program, is just as the name suggests, a professional master’s degree. A specialised program that bridges the gap between the field of engineering or technology and the field of business management. That is to say, engineering management is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to solve complex engineering tasks and problems. Moreover, the MEM graduate programs are based on principles such as systems engineering, management science, project management, and financial analysis. Therefore, MEM is popular among engineering graduates willing to integrate their technological expertise with a managerial role. As a result, MEM in USA has become one of the most sought after combination of a program and country.


Duration and Fees of MEM in USA

A degree in engineering management provides students with the knowledge they need to apply in the field of engineering. Most importantly, a MEM graduate will lead and manage engineering teams to ensure that projects are successful within the budget. Considering this, the duration of Masters in Engineering Management programs will depend on the mode of the program, which usually lasts for 12 to 24 months.

On the other hand, distance education or part-time programs can last from half a year to 9 months or one year. Furthermore, the tuition fees for MEM programs, it usually depends on the university and the program’s duration. All in all, the estimated tuition fees for one term can range from $28,000 to $65,000. Moreover, this fee range includes the entire tuition fee or annual fee, depending on the length of the program. Besides, for international students, tuition fees vary anywhere from $50,000 to $105,000, including housing costs.

MEM in USA that do not require GRE scores:

John Hopkins University

Master of Science in Engineering Management

The MSEM program at John Hopkins University is one of the most well-crafted and comprehensive management programs in the USA. That said, the best part about this program is the non-requirement to submit a GRE score. As a result, the applicant will have a better chance at bagging an admission in this program without the added pressure of the GRE scores. Thus, below mentioned are some other important clauses for admission to the John Hopkins University’s master of engineering management program:

John Hopkins University
  1. A recognized bachelor’s degree in science or engineering discipline or equivalent. 
  2. Three letters of recommendation. 
  3. For admissions into the Johns Hopkins University’s Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium, GRE scores are not required.
  4. Applicants whose mother tongue is English and international applicants who have obtained a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from any such institution in any country. Also, if English is their mother tongue, they must submit TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score is 100 (Internet-based), and the minimum score for IELTS is 7.0. 
  5. Statement of purpose. 
  6. Transcripts 
  7. Resume
  8. An application fee of $25

Tufts University

On-campus Engineering management

Tufts University’s MSEM program is a great option for candidates with a technical background looking for a program that carries a unique blend of business and leadership skills. Considering this, the MSEM program at Tufts combines both the academic and practical aspects of the program. In other words, when a student enrolls in an on-campus or online MSEM program, he/she is exposed to all the experiences. Most significantly, the experiences necessary for career advancement along with the class curriculums.

In this regard, the MSEM students are already industry ready at the time of graduation, which increases their brand value in the recruitment process. As a result, the career graph of an MSEM graduate moves in an upward motion by eventually bagging leadership positions. Consequently, the best part about Tufts University is its waiver policy and non-mandatory requirements when it comes to the GRE or GMAT scores. Below mentioned are some of the basic admission requirements for the MS in Engineering Management (MSEM) program at Tufts University: 

Tufts University
  1. Transcripts
  2. Two letters of recommendation 
  3. Optional essay of 200-250 words 
  4. Application fee 
  5. Resume / CV 
  6. Personal Statement 
  7. Government accredited GRE / GMAT scores are not required  at Tufts University for the Engineering Management (MSEM) program

List of Top 7 Universities in the USA for the MEM program:

1. The Stanford University

The Stanford University School of Engineering’s Masters in Management Science and Engineering is recognized with the title of the best masters in engineering management degree programs in the United States. Additionally, Stanford University’s excellent masters in engineering management program requires the completion of 45-semester units to meet program requirements. Notably, students can choose from seven academic concentrations in financial analysis, operations, technology/engineering management, social science and computing, risk analysis, energy/environment, and health system modelling. With this in mind, the core coursework includes introductions to optimization, decision analysis, and data science fundamentals, estimates, and predictions.

2. MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recognized worldwide with the title of the best university for technology-oriented programs. As a result, their master’s degree in engineering management is undoubtedly one of the best MEM programs in the country. This excellent master’s degree course in engineering management includes systems design, model building and analysis labs, innovative methods and research in engineering project management, and integrated design seminars, as well as internships, certificates, Cape Stone, and a graduate thesis. Importantly, the classes include synchronized lectures, speaker series, and team projects that test student’s knowledge and applied abilities.

3. Cornell University

Another excellent MEM program from the USA , accredited to Cornell University, which is available in online and on-campus mode. This program offers students a track record of seven academic skills in renewable energy and sustainability, consulting, analytics, real estate/construction management, product management, engineering leadership, and a specialized option. Furthermore, for this MEM program, a student needs to complete 32-semester units. Above all, this program targets fresh graduates with little to no work experience.

4. Darthmouth

In partnership with Tark Business School (Dartmouth Engineering), Dartmouth College’s Thayer Engineering School offers a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree program that can be completed in just fifteen months. In addition to completing an internship at the Dartmouth College of Virginia’s best masters in the engineering management degree program, fourteen classes must be completed. What’s more, this program prepares students to specialize and excel in the careers associated with healthcare, energy and high technology, among others. Most significantly, Dartmouth College’s Graduate Degree in Engineering Management is part of the founding members of the Consortium of Master of Engineering Management Programs.

5. Duke University

Duke University’s Pratt Engineering School offers a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree program. This program is designed for both on campus and online modes with 12 and two years completion period respectively. Moreover, this particular masters in engineering management degree program offers hundreds of specialized programs for a student to choose from. In addition to this, Duke’s MEM program is also considered an alternative to an MBA program. This is because it offers students a Tech CV, an Interdisciplinary degree program. So, if you are keen to pursue your MEM from Duke, then better apply in the fall or spring semester.

6. The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Pan Engineering Schools offer Masters in Engineering (in Data Science or Systems Engineering). One of the best MEM program globally, this excellent master’s degree in engineering management offers candidates a strong business leadership background with a comprehensive technical engineering education that can help them step into the domain of senior management positions. 

7. Columbia University

Columbia University’s Business and Fu Foundation Engineering School offers one of the best MEM programs in the country in the form of a Master of Science (MS) degree in Management Science and Engineering (MSE). The main highlight of this program is the opportunity students get students to not only complete their academic program but simultaneously also indulge in the consultation of industry leaders and clients. As a result, the students receive exposure to both the theoretical and practical spheres of the MEM program. Furthermore, the students will have to complete 36-semester units to graduate from four academic tracks. These are Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Pricing and Revenue Management, Operations and Analytics, and Business and Innovation.


Thus, Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) from top universities in the USA is the best option for anyone who wants to transition from an engineering background to a management domain. Moreover, the MEM graduates would get the opportunity to work in a more diverse and dynamic environment. As a result, the students would experience the best of both worlds, thus crafting a successful career of their choice.