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MFin in France :2024

MFin in France: Eligibility, Fees, GMAT & What to Expect

France, the land of art, culture, and exquisite cuisine, isn't just about the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. It's also home to some of Europe's finest institutions offering the desired program of Master in Finance in Finance. If you're passionate about numbers and dream of a rewarding career in finance, join us on a journey through the vibrant world of MFin in France. 

Graduates from MFin programs in France are in high demand in the finance industry, both locally and internationally and also you will get benefit from connections with successful alumni who can offer guidance and opportunities in the finance field.
A Master in Finance from a French institution holds global recognition, enhancing your employability worldwide.

MFin in France 2024: A Snapshot

master in finance in france

A brief overview of what students can expect while planning an MFin degree from France-

MFin Duration 1 to 2 years
Competitive GMAT Score around 600 to 700.
Average Work-experience 0 to 2 years
Average Fees €5,000 to €20,000 per year
Average Salary €40,000 to €80,000 annually
Top Post-MSBA Industries Investment banking
Asset management
Financial analysis
Stay-back period up to 2 years

Why Choose France for MFin?

When considering pursuing a Master in Finance in France stands out as an exceptional destination for prospective students. Renowned for its high-quality education and welcoming environment, France offers a multitude of compelling reasons to choose it as the ideal location for your MFin journey. The country is home to many multinational companies, financial institutions, and startups, providing a diverse range of job opportunities for graduates.

  • Global Business Exposure
  • Research Opportunitie
  • Top-Ranked Universities
  • Diverse Career Opportunities
  • Industry Connections
  • Cultural Exposure
  • Internationally Recognized Faculty

MBA in Lyon, Paris

IÉSEG School of Management is a prestigious business school with campuses in both Lyon and Paris, offering students the best of both worlds. In Lyon, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dynamic and culturally rich city known for its historical heritage and vibrant atmosphere. On the other hand, the Paris campus provides students with access to the heart of the French business world, with numerous multinational corporations and financial institutions. 

Eligibility for Pursuing MFin in France

Pursuing a Master in Finance in France can be a rewarding educational journey, but it's essential to understand the eligibility criteria for this advanced degree program. Whether you're a recent graduate or a finance professional looking to enhance your expertise, here are the key eligibility requirements to consider when planning to study MFin in the France:

Eligibility Criteria Description
Bachelor's Degree A completed bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.
Academic Record A competitive academic record, often with a minimum GPA requirement.
Language Proficiency Proficiency in English or French, demonstrated through language tests.
Standardized Tests Some programs may ask for GMAT or GRE scores.
Work Experience While not mandatory, some programs may prefer candidates with work experience.
Letters of Recommendation two to three letters from academic or professional contacts.

Fees & Expenses in France for MFin

 When contemplating pursuing a Master in Finance in France, understanding the financial aspects is as crucial as selecting the right program and university. The cost of an MFin degree can vary significantly, so it's essential to be well-informed about the expenses involved to make an informed decision

A Master in Finance programme in France may include annual tuition ranging from €10,000 to €30,000

The cost of pursuing an MFin degree in the France can vary widely based on the university, location, and individual circumstances. So, It's essential to research and plan your finances carefully, considering tuition, additional expenses, and available financial aid opportunities to make it a bit easier on your wallet.

Cost of living

The cost of living for a Master in Finance in France can vary widely depending on several factors, including the city or province you choose to study in, your lifestyle, and your housing arrangements. While Germany offers top-notch academic programs, it's also important to consider the cost of living when planning your studies abroad. 

By budgeting effectively, considering part-time work opportunities, and exploring scholarships, you can make your education in Germany both affordable and fulfilling

Expenses Amount
Accomandation €500 - €1,000
Food €200 - €400
Transportation €50 - €100
Utility €50 - €100

Scholarships to pursue MFin in France

Pursuing a Master in Finance in France can be a rewarding academic and professional experience.These scholarships can help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses.Here are some of the top MS in business analytics in Canada scholarships:

Here are the top 5 scholarships for MFin colleges in France:

  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
  • Erasmus+ Master Scholarships
  • INSEAD Scholarships
  • HEC Paris Foundation Scholarships
  • Sciences Po Scholarships
  • ESSEC MFin Scholarships
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarships

MFin Job Market and Salary in France

France has a robust financial sector, with Paris being a major financial hub in Europe. This offers numerous job opportunities for MFin graduates. And this overview will provide insights into the dynamic landscape of Finance careers in france.

Entry-level positions in finance may offer salaries ranging from €40,000 to €60,000 annually.

Salaries for graduated in Master in finance in France can vary significantly depending on factors such as experience, location, industry, and the specific job role. And within a few years of experience, professionals in finance can earn significantly higher salaries, often exceeding €100,000 annually as well as bonuses, benefits, and performance-related incentives can also contribute to overall earnings.

.NOTE: PayScale reports- the average salary for an MFin graduate in the France is around €60,000. 

Highest Paying Job Average Salary Range (Annual)
Investment Banker €80,000 - €200,000
Asset Manager €70,000 - €150,000
Financial Analyst €50,000 - €100,000
Risk Manager €60,000 - €130,000
Private Equity Analyst €70,000 - €160,000
Corporate Finance Manager €70,000 - €140,000

MFin in France: Without GMAT

For those who wnats to develop a career in finance and considering a degree of Master of Finance in France but lacking good GMAT score. Several prestigious universities in the France offer MFin programs that do not require applicants to have Gmat Scores. So, we will explore the world of MFin programs in France that do not necessitate GMAT scores, providing insights into the exciting educational opportunities available for those looking to embark on a data-driven journey in the France.

MFin schools in France without GMAT

Sometimes, candidates won't get high scores on GMAT or even won't have the financial ability to redo the GMAT again, but they can still apply for MFin in France without GMAT. Several universities offer Master in Finance in France that do not require the GMAT for admission.

Top colleges for MFin program

When it comes to pursuing a Master of Finance in France, it's important to choose the right college. So here is shortlist, where we'll introduce you to some of the top colleges known for their MFin programs, offering quality education and excellent career opportunities.

Here is a list of 10 universities in France that are recognized for their MFin or related analytics programs:

Colleges Location
HEC Paris Jouy-en-Josas (near Paris)
 EDHEC Business School - Business School Lille, Nice, Paris (Multiple Campuses)
 ESCP Business School Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Turin
ESSEC Business School Cergy-Pontoise (near Paris)
IÉSEG School of Management Lille, Paris
 Emlyon Business School - Business School Lyon, Paris
INSEAD Fontainebleau (near Paris)
Grenoble Ecole de Management Grenoble, Paris
Skema Business School Lille, Paris, Sophia Antipolis


France is the best for pursuing a Master in Finance in France as an international student is an enriching and forward-thinking choice. Students benefit from Canada's diverse, inclusive environment and high-quality education system and global perspective. With your newfound expertise and knowledge, you have the potential to excel in various finance-related positions, each offering substantial annual salaries.

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