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MFin in Australia Cost

Understanding the Cost of Pursuing a Master of Finance in Australia

Are you considering a Master's in Finance in Australia? Let's discuss the MFin in Australia cost. The price tag for these programs can vary significantly and is influenced by factors such as university reputation, location, and whether you're an Australian citizen or an international student. It's essential to weigh these MFin in Australia costs carefully before committing to a program to avoid potential debt burdens.

Cost of top MFin Colleges in Australia

Schools and Courses Location Program Highlights Course Fee
University of Sydney  Sydney Comprehensive finance training, strong industry ties AUD 54,000
University of Melbourne  Melbourne Diverse specialization options, excellent faculty AUD 57,242
Monash University- MFin (Applied Finance) Melbourne Focus on Applied Finance, practical learning AUD 53,000
Australian National University (ANU)- MFin Canberra Research-oriented, access to global networks AUD 45,360
RMIT University- MFin Melbourne Industry-relevant curriculum, urban setting AUD 37,440
Curtin University- MFin Perth Innovative finance programs, supportive environment AUD 49,090

If you're looking to study for a Master of Finance (MFin) in Australia, picking the right university is really important for your future career. Some of the best places to consider include the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, the Australian National University (ANU), and Monash University.

These universities are known for their great finance programs that help you understand both the theory and the real-world practice of finance. They offer a mix of courses in things like financial modeling, investment management, and how companies manage their finances.

1. University of Sydney 

The elective courses within the Finance specialization enable students to customize their advanced education based on their prior experience, fostering in-depth understanding and technical proficiency in crucial industry sectors. These areas encompass corporate valuation, derivative securities, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio theory, asset pricing, and banking.

Program Duration - 1.5 years
Tution fees- AUD 54,000

2. University of Melbourne 

Melbourne Business School's recently introduced Master of Finance program is meticulously crafted to furnish you with specialized technical expertise exceeding that of an undergraduate degree, positioning you for success in the constantly evolving finance industry. This program holds accreditation from the prestigious CFA Institute, further underlining its quality and relevance in the field.

Program Duration - 18 Months
Tution Fees- AUD 57,242

3. Monash University

Monash University is consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide, making it an excellent choice for aspiring finance professionals. Its Master of Applied Finance program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, investments, and corporate finance, all while keeping a keen eye on the MFin in Australia cost. 

Program Duration - 2 years
Tution Fees- AUD 53,000

4. Australian National University (ANU)

ANU University offers a Master of Financial Management program designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in areas such as investment analysis, risk management, and financial strategy. ANU's rigorous curriculum combined with its emphasis on research ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges in the finance industry while being mindful of their financial investment in pursuing their MFin in Australia.

Program Duration - 2 Years
Tution Fees - AUD 45,360

5. RMIT University

The RMIT University is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's global business landscape. Upon completion of their degree, graduates are well-positioned for a wide range of career opportunities. The university has attained a strong reputation for producing graduates who are sought after by employers across industries.

Program Duration - 2 Years
Tution Fees- AUD 37,440

6. Curtin University

The Curtin University MFin program will prepare you for the careers of tomorrow by imparting knowledge about disruptive technologies such as blockchain, robo-advisory services, and crowdfunding.Your learning experience will be personalized, with small class sizes and the integration of innovative technology and interactive gaming in some of your assessments and lectures.

Program Duration - 1.5 year
Tution Fees- AUD 49,090

Cost of Persuing MFin in Australia

Tuition fees for MFin in Australia

If you're thinking about studying for a Master of Finance (MFin) in Australia, it's good to know how much it might cost. Generally, if you're coming from overseas, you might pay between AUD 30,000 and AUD 50,000 each year. For students from Australia, the fees are a bit lower, ranging from AUD 20,000 to AUD 40,000 annually.

These costs vary by university and the specific MFin program you choose. To avoid surprises, always check the latest fees on the university's website before making your decision.

Student Type Average Tuition Fee Range (AUD)
Domestic Students 20,000 - 40,000
International Students 30,000 - 50,000

Scholarships for MFin Colleges in Australia

Scholarships available for MFin in Australia

Studying abroad can be an enriching experience, but the MFin in Australia cost is often a concern for international students. However, if you are considering pursuing a Master's degree in Finance in Australia, there are several scholarship opportunities available to help alleviate the financial burden. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also recognize academic excellence and promote cultural diversity, making your educational investment more manageable.

Prestigious Scholarships and Aids for International Students

Australia offers MFin scholarships for international finance students, addressing the MFin in Australia cost. These awards promote global collaboration and support academic excellence. Notable opportunities ease the financial burden for Master's in Finance students.

Source of Aid Type of Support Eligibility Criteria Typical Amount Covered
University Scholarships Tuition reduction Merit or financial need Up to 100% of tuition
Government Grants Living expenses Based on nationality/residency Variable
External Foundations and Trusts Tuition and living expenses Varies by foundation Partial to full coverage
Employer Sponsorships Tuition Employment status and company policy
Partial to full tuition
Educational Loans Tuition and living expenses Credit and student status Up to the full cost of attendance

mfin in australia cost

To help cover the expenses associated with an MFin in Australia cost, various financial aid options are available:

Categories of Expenses

It is important to consider the tuition fees and additional expenses, including the MFin in Australia cost, that come along with pursuing a Master's degree in Finance. Understanding the cost involved can help you plan your finances effectively. 


MFin in Australia Cost: Location-wise

The cost of living for international students in Australia can vary significantly depending on their choice of location and specific programs. Major cities like Sydney and Melbourne are known for their higher costs, including housing, food, transportation, and entertainment.

On the other hand, cities like Perth tend to offer a more affordable lifestyle for students. The MFin in Australia cost, which includes tuition fees and other educational expenses, is an essential consideration for international students. International students need to budget wisely and consider the location's cost of living when planning their academic journey in Australia.

Location Highlights Cost of Living(approx.)
Sydney 5th best city in the world. High costs for accommodation and dining. AUD 5,120 per month
Melbourne Repeatedly the "World's Most Liveable City." Costs vary by lifestyle. AUD 4,175 per month
Brisbane 16th most liveable city. Affordable recreation and vibrant student life. AUD 4,400 per month
Perth Modern with a great lifestyle and relatively affordable living costs. AUD 3740 per month
Canberra Known as The Bush Capital. Costs can be high, so budgeting is key. AUD 4,600 per month

Additional Expenses

Apart from MFin Australia cost, there are other expenses that students need to consider when calculating the overall cost of studying a Master's degree in Finance:

Expenses Cost Range
Accommodation On-campus: AUD 200-400 per week.
Off-campus: AUD 150-300 per week.
Living Costs AUD 400-600 per week.
Textbooks and Study Materials AUD 500-800 per year.
Food and Grocery Expenses AUD 105-320 per month.

1. Accommodation

The cost of accommodation varies depending on whether you choose university dormitories or private rentals. On-campus housing can range from AUD 200-400 per week while renting off-campus may cost between AUD 150-300 per week.

2. Living Costs

Students should also factor in living expenses such as transportation, and utilities. On average, students can expect to spend around AUD 400-600 per week on these essentials.

3. Textbooks and Study Materials

Purchasing textbooks and study materials is an additional cost that students need to budget for. The estimated MFin in Australia cost for these resources can range from AUD 500-800 per year.

4. Food and grocery expenses

It's essential to create a monthly budget for your food and grocery expenses that aligns with your eating habits and preferences. The estimated cost for this can range from AUD 105-320 per month.


Pursuing an MFin in Australia comes with its associated costs. From tuition fees to living expenses, understanding the MFin in Australia cost is essential for informed decision-making. However, with the top-notch education, global recognition, and potential career prospects that Australian institutions offer, including MFin in Australia Jobs, the investment in your MFin journey can lead to a rewarding and impactful future in the finance field.

What makes pursuing a Master's in Finance (MFin) in Australia a worthwhile investment?

Pursuing an MFin in Australia offers a top-notch education, global recognition, and potential career prospects in the finance field. Australian universities are renowned for their quality education, industry connections, and diverse cultural experiences, making the investment in your MFin journey highly valuable.

Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing an MFin in Australia?

Yes, there are various scholarships available to international students pursuing an MFin in Australia. These scholarships offer financial support, recognize academic excellence, and promote cultural diversity. Some notable scholarships include the International Merit Scholarship, Australia Awards, and Destination Australia Scholarships.

What are the eligibility criteria for MFin programs in Australia?

Eligibility criteria for MFin programs usually include holding a bachelor's degree in a related field, demonstrating English language proficiency (usually through tests like IELTS or TOEFL), and meeting any specific requirements set by the university. Some programs may also consider relevant work experience as a factor.

What is the job outlook for MFin graduates in Australia?

MFin graduates in Australia have a promising job outlook. They can pursue roles such as financial analysts, investment bankers, risk managers, and consultants. The country's robust economy, strong financial sector, and global recognition of Australian qualifications contribute to diverse career opportunities.

How can I manage my finances while studying for an MFin in Australia?

To manage finances during your MFin studies, consider creating a budget that covers tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation costs, transportation, and study materials. Additionally, explore part-time work opportunities available for international students to earn extra income and gain practical experience while studying.

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