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MFin in UK Jobs

Explore Master in Finance Jobs in UK

This blog will take you on a comprehensive journey of MFin in UK jobs, highlighting the varied career paths, financial benefits, and the unique advantages that this specialized degree offers. Ideal for both prospective students considering a Master's in Finance and experienced professionals looking to elevate their careers, our exploration will showcase the plethora of exciting opportunities available in the UK's finance sector. 

Top 5 MFin in UK Jobs 

Job Title Range Average
Finance Manager £30k - £59k £40,577
Financial Analyst £32k - £61k £44,128
Financial Controller £30k - £70k £47,893
Investment Analyst £24k - £44k (Estimated *) £33,512
Credit Analyst £27k - £56k (Estimated *) £39,009
Account Manager £21k - £39k (Estimated *) £27,517
Finance Analyst £31k - £50k (Estimated *) £38,974

The dynamic field of finance offers a diverse range of roles, each presenting a unique blend of responsibilities, competitive salaries, and promising growth rates. These roles not only contribute significantly to the financial landscape but also serve as stepping stones for a successful and rewarding career in the vibrant MFin in UK jobs in market.

In the following section, we'll delve into the intricacies of the five most sought-after jobs in the field of finance. Whether you aspire to be a Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Risk Manager, Corporate Treasurer or Financial Consultant, each role is meticulously crafted to provide a solid foundation for your career advancement.

Join us as we explore the responsibilities, average salaries, and growth rates associated with these roles, guiding you towards informed decisions and unlocking the door to a prosperous future in the dynamic world of finance in the United Kingdom.

mfin in uk jobs


1. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts play a pivotal role in providing valuable insights through data analysis, financial modeling, and contributing to budgeting and forecasting processes. With an average salary of £34,444 per year and a steady growth rate of 6% annually, this role offers a solid foundation for a successful finance career.

2. Investment Banker

Investment Bankers specialize in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and financial advisory, contributing significantly to the financial landscape. With an average Master in Finance salary in UK for Investment banker of £60,031 per year, this role promises both financial rewards and professional development.

3. Risk Manager

Risk Managers play a crucial role in safeguarding financial institutions by assessing risks, monitoring compliance, and implementing mitigation strategies. With an average salary of £52,729 per year, this role is pivotal in ensuring the stability of financial operations.

4. Corporate Treasurer

Corporate Treasurers are responsible for managing cash, mitigating risks, and devising investment strategies to optimize financial resources. With an average salary of £27,491 per year, this role combines financial expertise with strategic planning.

5. Financial Consultant 

Financial Consultants provide strategic financial advice, specializing in investment and retirement planning. With an average salary of £44,217 per year, this role is instrumental in guiding individuals and businesses towards financial success.

Top Sectors Hiring

mfin in uk jobs

Navigating the dynamic landscape of MFin in UK jobs involves a strategic understanding of sectors with high demand. After pursuing a MFin at top schools such as, Imperial college London, graduates look forward to be hired by the top employers. This section unveils the top sectors hiring Master in Finance graduates, providing insights into placement rates and showcasing key companies within each sector.

Sector  Placement rate 
Investment Banking 90%
Asset Management  85%
Financial Consulting  88%
Corporate Finance 82%
Insurance 87%

1. Investment Banking 

Securing a prominent position in the finance sector, Investment Banking boasts an impressive placement rate of 90%. Global financial powerhouses like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley actively seek MFin graduates.

These institutions offer a springboard for professionals for MFin in UK jobs to immerse themselves in high-stakes financial transactions, mergers, and acquisitions, shaping the trajectory of global finance.

2. Asset Management 

With a robust placement rate of 85%, the Asset Management sector attracts MFin graduates to industry giants such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity. These firms play a pivotal role in shaping investment strategies, managing extensive portfolios, and driving innovation in wealth management.

Joining the ranks of asset management provides an exciting environment where financial acumen meets strategic decision-making.

3. Financial Consulting 

Financial Consulting emerges as a strategic sector with an impressive placement rate of 88%, drawing MFin graduates to industry leaders like Deloitte, PwC, and Ernst & Young.

These consulting powerhouses offer a diverse range of financial advisory services, from risk management to strategic planning. Joining the financial consulting sector equips graduates with the skills to navigate complex financial landscapes, providing varied and challenging projects across industries.

4. Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance boasts an 82% placement rate, attracting MFin graduates to roles in companies like Siemens, Rolls-Royce, and Vodafone.

These corporations seek financial experts to manage their internal financial operations, strategic planning, and decision-making processes. The sector not only offers stability but also a platform for professionals to contribute to the financial health of major corporations.

5. Insurance

The Insurance sector stands out with an 87% placement rate, attracting MFin graduates to companies like Aviva, AIG, and Prudential. These organizations seek finance professionals to navigate the intricate landscape of insurance and risk management. Joining the insurance sector provides a unique opportunity for graduates to contribute to financial stability and risk mitigation on a global scale.

Top Employers hiring MFin

mfin in uk jobs

As we navigate the landscape of finance careers in the United Kingdom, it's crucial to spotlight the best employers actively seeking Master in Finance (MFin) graduates. These organizations not only offer competitive salaries but also provide an enriching environment for continuous professional development.

For instance, HSBC, with its global exposure and diverse financial services, stands out as a top employer, providing graduates with MFin in UK jobs and leadership programs and clear career advancement tracks.

Similarly, BlackRock, known for its innovative environment and global impact, offers a stimulating workplace with professional development initiatives and mentorship programs. These best employers are not just gateways to successful careers but also pillars of support for MFin graduates aiming to make a meaningful impact in the financial landscape.

Employer Benefits Average MFin Graduate Salary (£)
HSBC Global exposure, diverse financial services £95,000
BlackRock Innovative environment, global impact £110,000
Barclays Comprehensive banking services, international reach £92,000
PwC Financial consulting expertise, global network £88,000
Aviva Insurance and financial services leadership £85,000

Campus Placement Supports

mfin in uk jobs

In the journey of pursuing a Master's in Finance (MFin), the role of campus placement support becomes indispensable. Career centers embedded within universities emerge as crucial catalysts, offering a spectrum of essential services and guidance vital for the transition of MFin graduates into the professional sphere.

These centers go beyond conventional academic support, providing resources such as mock interviews, resume workshops, and industry networking events to ensure students are well-equipped for the competitive job market for MFin in UK jobs.

The commitment of universities like London Business School to the holistic development of their students is reflected in the comprehensive career counseling, internship placement assistance, and alumni mentoring programs offered by these centers. 

Some of the top MFIn Colleges in UK and thei replacement records are mentioned below -

University Career Center Services Placement Success Rate (%)
London Business School Comprehensive career counseling, mock interviews, industry networking events 94%
University of Oxford - Saïd Business School Internship placement assistance, alumni mentoring programs 92%
Imperial College Business School Job fairs, skill development workshops, industry connections 90%
Cass Business School, City, University of London Company recruitment drives, interview preparation sessions 93%
Warwick Business School Networking opportunities, employer meet-and-greets 91%


From top MFin in UK jobs prospects to strategic sectors and leading employers, this blog provides a holistic overview, emphasizing the unique advantages offered by the MFin degree. Whether you're a prospective student or a seasoned professional, the dynamic world of finance careers in the UK awaits, promising both financial rewards and professional growth.

Is MFin in UK Worth it?

Yes, pursuing an MFin in the UK can be worth it for those seeking specialized finance knowledge, exposure to global financial markets, networking opportunities, and potential career advancement in the finance industry.

Can I get a job after MFin in UK?

Yes, graduates with an MFin degree in the UK have excellent job prospects in the finance industry. The MFin qualification enhances their skills and knowledge, making them attractive candidates for various finance-related roles.

What is the top 1% salary for MFin in UK?

The top 1% salary for Master of Finance (MFin) graduates in the UK is an impressive milestone, with earners in this elite bracket typically earning around £200,000 per year. 

Which city is best for MFin in UK?

London is considered the best city for pursuing a Master of Finance (MFin) in the UK due to its vibrant financial hub, extensive networking opportunities, and access to top financial institutions and businesses.

How much students earn while studying MFin in UK?

The amount students earn while studying MFin in the UK can vary significantly based on factors such as part-time work, internships, and the specific program's schedule. On average, students can earn approximately £6,000 to £10,000 per year through part-time work or internships during their studies. 

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