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Michigan Ross MBA Salary

Understanding Michigan Ross MBA Salary and Earnings Potential

When considering pursuing an MBA, ensuring that your investment of time and money pays off becomes a top priority. One key factor to consider in this regard is the degree's earning potential. Delving into the Michigan Ross MBA salary landscape is essential for those eyeing the prestigious Michigan Ross MBA program.

In this blog post, we begin a journey to uncover the intricacies of the Michigan Ross MBA Salary. From exploring the average graduate salary to dissecting sector-wise earnings and pinpointing lucrative locations, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for valuable insights.

What is the Average Michigan Ross MBA Salary?

Average Salary

The average mean salary earned by a Michigan Ross MBA graduate after graduation is $162,946.

The average median salary of $175,000 strongly indicates that the Michigan Ross MBA program provides its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be competitive in the job market.

Moreover, the 96% job offer rate within three months of graduation indicates that the program prepares students well for securing job opportunities. This rate is an impressive testament to the program's effectiveness in providing students with the necessary tools and skills for a successful career. Ranking Michigan Ross as one of the best MBA colleges in the USA

Michigan Ross Job Placement Records

Delving into the Michigan Ross MBA employment data unveils a story of success and opportunity. A staggering 96% of graduates received job offers within three months of donning their caps and gowns, underscoring the program's efficacy in propelling students into the professional realm.

Notably, 60% of graduates opt for lucrative career paths in consulting or technology sectors, leveraging their newfound skills and knowledge to make significant strides in these dynamic industries.

Moreover, an impressive two-thirds of accepted offers are secured in bustling hubs such as the New York metro area, the West Coast, or Chicago, highlighting the program's nationwide appeal and network. With a median base salary of $175,000, Michigan Ross alumni command competitive compensation packages that reflect their calibre and potential. 

Top Companies Hiring 


Herein, we will explore the top three sectors that actively recruit Michigan Ross MBA graduates, providing you with an overview of the multinational corporations offering competitive salaries. This insight will help you envision the high-end companies you might join in the future as a Michigan Ross MBA.

However, do you think the placement opportunities make the Michigan MBA program worth it?

Consulting Finance Technology
McKinsey & Co (38.7%) Goldman Sachs (20%) Amazon (73%)
Bain & Co (30.6%) J.P. Morgan (30%) Microsoft (11.1%)
Boston Consulting Group (27.2%) Citi (33.3%) Google (16.7%)

Industry-Wise Opportunities & Michigan Ross MBA Salary


Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA graduates have an average remuneration of $163,000 in North America after graduation, which is an excellent return on investment for the MBA program. The  industry-wise base salary for graduates is as follows:

1. Consulting 

When it comes to post-graduation career paths, an impressive 52.4% of Michigan Ross graduates venture into the captivating realm of consulting.

2. Consumer Packaged Goods 

In a fascinating divergence from the mainstream, a notable 6.3% of Michigan  Ross graduates venture into the dynamic realm of consumer packaged goods. 

3. Financial Services 

In a captivating exploration of career choices, a notable 16.6% of Michigan Ross graduates embark on a transformative journey in financial services. 

4. Healthcare (Including Products and Services)

Venturing into healthcare, a captivating 6.7% of Michigan Ross graduates set their sights on a noble and transformative career path. 

5. Technology 

Embarking on a path defined by innovation and cutting-edge advancements, a remarkable 18.1% of Michigan Ross graduates venture into the captivating realm of technology. 

Sectors Average Salary Base Salary Range Key Employers
Consulting $181,895 $108,000 - $300,000 McKinsey, BCG
Consumer Packaged Goods $125,800 $110,000 - $135,000 Unilever, P&G
Financial  $161,821 $120,000 - $225,000 Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan
Healthcare $139,102 $104,631 - $190,000 Aravind Eye Care System
Technology $154,988 $115,000 - $194,400 Google, Amazon

michigan ross mba salary

Exploring Region-Wise Distribution of Michigan Ross MBA Salary & Opportunities

Commencing the Michigan Ross MBA program opens doors to a plethora of regional opportunities and earnings potential. As prospective students delve into the program's intricacies, understanding the region-wise salary landscape becomes paramount. Each geographical area presents unique advantages and earning potential for graduates.

Here's a breakdown of the Michigan Ross MBA Region-Wise Opportunities & Earnings:

Region Placement % Base Salary Mean Base Salary Median Base Salary Range Signing Bonus
Mid-Atlantic 5.7% $159,468 $150,000 $112,015-$215,000 $30,000
Midwest 31.1% $166,996 $175,000 $115,000-$300,000 $30,000
Northeast 28.0% $162,657 $175,000 $115,000-$225,000 $35,000
South 3.4% $171,450 $175,000 $132,600-$192,000 $30,000
Southwest 10.5% $162,793 $163,463 $110,000-$192,000 $30,000
West 19.3% $159,992 $162,750 $120,000-$195,000 $30,000
International 2.0% $136,863 $131,773 $104,631-$195,000 $26,750

Navigating through these region-wise opportunities and earnings insights allows prospective Michigan Ross MBA students to make informed decisions regarding their career trajectories and geographical preferences.

However, if you are still unsure if the Michigan Ross MBA is the right fit for you, you can reach out to the experts to get further insights about the program. 

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Upon analysing the data presented in the blog, it can be concluded that pursuing an MBA program from the Michigan Ross School of Business can be a smart decision for Indian students. What's more, the median Michigan Ross MBA salary of graduates is considerably higher than that of MBA graduates from other top B-schools in the US. 

How much does a MBA make in Michigan?

The average mean salary earned by a Michigan Ross MBA graduate after graduation is $162,946.

Is Michigan MBA worth it?

While specific rankings can vary from year to year, according to the US News & World Report Ranking, Ross consistently maintained its prestigious position in the top 10 for MBA programs in various renowned publications and surveys.

How much do Michigan Ross MBA graduates make?

The median salary for Michigan Ross graduates was $175,000, an increase of 10k from the prior year, and the median signing bonus was steady at $30,000.

What is the Michigan Ross MBA ROI?

When it comes to assessing the Return on Investment (ROI) for a Michigan Ross MBA, prospective students are met with a compelling narrative of financial success and career advancement. Armed with a tuition fee of $75,392, graduates emerge from the program with an average mean salary of $162,946, painting a picture of lucrative prospects on the horizon.

This translates to an impressive ROI of 116%, underscoring the program's unparalleled value proposition. 

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