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Michigan Ross MIM Review

The University of Michigan business school is a renowned public research university in the United States, founded in 1817. The university, which is located in Ann Arbor, one of the top college cities in the United States, is home to over 46,000 students from 139 countries and all 50 states. Michigan Ross MIM tuition is affordable, and they account for over two-thirds of the students.

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Michigan Ross MIM Introduction


Course Duration

10 months


Course Fee








Attention aspiring young professionals! Are you ready to launch your career on a global stage and gain a comprehensive business education? Look no further than the Michigan Ross Master in Management (MIM) program. With its world-class faculty, dynamic curriculum, and a collaborative learning environment, the Michigan Ross MIM program offers a transformative educational experience that prepares you to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Whether you aim to lead teams, drive strategic initiatives, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures, the Michigan Ross MIM program equips you with the skills, knowledge, and networks to excel. Join us today and unlock your full potential with the Michigan Ross MIM program.

Michigan Ross MIM Class Profile

The program’s goal is to help you develop the business skills you’ll need to compete in today’s job market. In addition to extensive career preparation, the Michigan Ross MIM programme includes high-impact leadership development components, ensuring that you are ready to hit the ground running. MiM in USA is a popular program pursued by international students.

Michigan Ross MIM class profile brings together a diverse sections from all over the world. This gives the students the opportunity to interact with a vibrant set of people and also allows them with amazing networking opportunities.


Average Age



Average GPA






Average Work Ex



Class Size


Michigan Ross MIM Acceptance Rate

The University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is highly competitive, with a rigorous admissions process. The acceptance rate for the Ross School of Business varies from year to year, but historically it has been around 10-12%. This means that out of every 100 applicants, approximately 20-25 are offered admission to the program.

The school seeks to admit candidates who demonstrate strong academic records, leadership potential, professional experience, and a genuine passion for business. Prospective students should be prepared to submit a comprehensive application that includes essays, letters of recommendation, and an interview to compete for a spot in the renowned Ross School of Business. The Michigan Ross MIM acceptance rate is same as that of the university.

Acceptance Rate= 12%

Program and Curriculum Michigan Ross MIM

michigan ross mim

Michigan Ross MiM course duration is a 10-month which is intended for recent non-business graduates with up to 0-2 years of work experience, and the program curriculum prepares students extensively for their careers. Students often opt for MS in US. Students also get to discover action-based learning experiences while tapping into the foundation of business fundamentals through core courses and electives and implementing knowledge into real business challenges.

Core Courses

  • Financial Accounting: Covers fundamental principles of financial accounting, including understanding financial statements and analyzing financial data.
  • Managerial Accounting: Focuses on using accounting information for decision-making and planning purposes within organizations.
  • Business Economics: Explores economic principles and their application in business decision-making, including market analysis and pricing strategies.
  • Marketing Management: Examines marketing strategies, consumer behavior, market research, and branding.
  • Operations Management: Covers topics related to supply chain management, process optimization, and operations strategy.
  • Corporate Finance: Provides an understanding of financial decision-making, capital budgeting, risk management, and valuation techniques.
  • Business Communication: Develops effective communication skills, including written, oral, and presentation skills.
  • Leadership and Team Dynamics: Explores leadership theories, team dynamics, and the development of effective leadership skills.


  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation: Focuses on the process of starting and managing new ventures, including opportunity recognition, business plan development, and funding strategies.
  • Global Business and Multinational Management: Explores the challenges and opportunities of conducting business in a global context, including international marketing, cross-cultural management, and global strategy.
  • Business Analytics: Introduces advanced data analysis techniques and tools for business decision-making, including predictive modeling, data visualization, and machine learning.
  • Leadership and Change Management: Examines theories and practices of effective leadership, managing organizational change, and leading teams.
  • Investments and Portfolio Management: Covers topics related to investment analysis, portfolio management, and risk management in financial markets.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy: Explores the impact of digital technologies and social media on marketing strategies, customer engagement, and brand management.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Provides frameworks and strategies for effective negotiation, conflict resolution, and managing disputes in business contexts.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Examines the role of businesses in society, ethical decision-making, and sustainable business practices.

Clubs and Associations

  • Consulting Club: Provides resources, case interview preparation, and networking opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in consulting.
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club: Supports aspiring entrepreneurs and students interested in venture capital through events, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Marketing Club: Organizes events, guest speakers, and case competitions focused on marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and brand management.
  • Finance Club: Offers networking events, industry speakers, and workshops related to various finance careers, including investment banking, private equity, and asset management.
  • Net Impact: Focuses on sustainability, social impact, and responsible business practices, providing opportunities for students interested in pursuing socially and environmentally conscious careers.
  • Women in Business: Supports and empowers women pursuing business careers through mentorship programs, networking events, and professional development opportunities.
  • Technology Club: Explores emerging technologies, trends, and their impact on business, and provides opportunities for students to learn about tech-related careers.

Extra Activities

  • Ross Leadership Initiative: Offers leadership development programs, workshops, and events to enhance students' leadership skills and abilities.
  • Ross Student Clubs: There are numerous student-led clubs and organizations covering a wide range of interests, including consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and more. These clubs organize events, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and case competitions.
  • Speaker Series and Conferences: The school frequently hosts industry leaders, guest speakers, and conferences that provide insights into various business topics and facilitate networking opportunities.
  • Ross Global Initiatives: Offers opportunities for students to engage in international experiences such as global internships, study abroad programs, and consulting projects with international clients.
  • Impact Projects: Students have the opportunity to work on real-world business projects with corporate partners, nonprofits, or social enterprises, allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge to solve practical business challenges.
  • Entrepreneurship Programs: Ross offers resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurship, including startup competitions, workshops, and accelerator programs.

Scholarships at Michigan Ross MiM

  • Merit-based Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and professional experience. The specific amount and number of scholarships awarded may vary.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships: Ross offers scholarships to promote diversity and inclusion within their business programs. These scholarships are aimed at supporting underrepresented students and enhancing the diversity of perspectives in the classroom.
  • Ross Leadership Awards: These awards recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and contributions to the Ross community.
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarships: Scholarships are available for students with entrepreneurial aspirations, supporting their pursuit of innovative business ideas and ventures.
  • Corporate-sponsored Scholarships: Some scholarships are sponsored by corporations and organizations that have a partnership with Ross. These scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria and application requirements.

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into Michigan Ross MIM

michigan ross mim


  • Recent graduate
  • Students with a non-business/business minor are eligible for the Michigan Ross MIM program.

Application Fees

Non-refundable application fee of $75 for domestic students or $100 for international students

Application Documents

  • Transcripts must be submitted from every undergraduate or post-graduate institution you’ve attended.
  • Transcripts must be submitted from every undergraduate or post-graduate institution you’ve attended.
  • One-page professional resume
  • Four short Essays
  • Two recommendation forms
  • If your native language is not English, you must demonstrate competence by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS.

GPA needed for Michigan Ross MIM

The University of Michigan's Ross School of Business offers a Master in Management (MIM) program for students who are early in their career and seeking to gain a solid foundation in business fundamentals. While specific GPA requirements are not explicitly mentioned on the Ross School of Business website, competitive candidates typically have a strong academic record, with a GPA above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

However, it's important to note that the admissions committee evaluates applications holistically, taking into consideration various factors such as coursework, academic achievements, and relevant experiences.

GMAT needed for Michigan Ross MIM

Michigan Ross MIM GMAT is not required. Instead, the program accepts the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) as an alternative standardized test. Prospective applicants can submit their GRE scores, which will be considered as part of the overall application. It's worth noting that while the GRE is accepted, the admissions committee looks at a range of factors beyond test scores to evaluate applicants.

GRE needed for Michigan Ross MIM

In the pursuit of a Master in Management (MIM) degree at the prestigious University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, prospective students often wonder about the standardized test requirements. The Ross School of Business has been known to require the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for some of its graduate programs in the past such as Michigan Ross MIM.

It's crucial to stay updated on any changes in admission requirements, as policies can evolve over time. It's always advisable to visit the official Ross School of Business website or reach out to the admissions office directly to obtain the most accurate and current information on GRE requirements for Michigan Ross University admissions.

Average Work Experience needed for Michigan Ross MIM

When it comes to work experience, the MIM program at Ross School of Business is designed for candidates who have limited or no professional experience. The program aims to attract individuals who are recent graduates or early-career professionals seeking to enhance their business knowledge and skills.

While work experience is not a strict requirement for admission to the MIM program, applicants should highlight any relevant internships, part-time jobs, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate their leadership potential, teamwork abilities, and commitment to personal and professional growth.

Is IELTS needed for Michigan Ross MIM

For international applicants whose native language is not English, demonstrating English language proficiency is necessary. The Ross School of Business accepts the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as one of the accepted English language proficiency exams.

However, if an applicant has completed a degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction, they may be exempt from submitting an English language proficiency test score. It's always recommended to review the specific language requirements on the Ross School of Business website or contact the admissions office directly for the most up-to-date information regarding IELTS or other English language proficiency tests for the MIM program.

Michigan Ross MIM Deadlines

The admissions process for the Michigan Ross Master in Management (MIM) program typically follows a round-based system. The application cycle generally starts in the fall, with specific dates announced on the official Ross School of Business website. It's recommended to check the website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information on application start dates for each admissions cycle.

Michigan Ross MIM Admission Process

  • Application Start: Check the official Ross School of Business website for the start date of the application cycle.
  • Application Submission: Complete and submit the online application form, including all required documents and supporting materials.
  • Test Scores: If applicable, submit official GRE or GMAT test scores as per the program requirements. (As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the MIM program at Ross does not require the GRE or GMAT.)
  • Transcripts: Arrange for official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended to be sent directly to the admissions office.
  • Resume/CV: Prepare and submit an updated resume or curriculum vitae detailing your academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences.
  • Essays: Craft thoughtful and well-written essays that address the prompts provided by the Ross School of Business.

When do the admissions start

The MIM program at Ross School of Business typically has multiple rounds for application submission, including an early action round and regular decision rounds. The exact deadline dates for each round can vary from year to year, so it's crucial to consult the official Ross School of Business website or contact the admissions office for the most accurate and current information on application Michigan Ross MIM Deadlines.

There are 3-4 application rounds for Michigan Ross MIM throughout the year. The final deadline for international applicants is Round 4, so the applicants are advised to process their application till Round 2-3. Having enough time for the visa processing.

Rounds Deadlines
Round 1 October 3
Round 2 December 5
Round 3 January 30
Round 4 February 27
Round 5 April 3

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

Once you have submitted your application for the Michigan Ross MIM program, the admissions committee will review your materials. The timeline for hearing back from the university after submitting your application can vary. Typically, applicants can expect to receive a decision within a few months after the application deadline for the round in which they applied.

The exact timeline for receiving a decision can depend on factors such as the volume of applications received and the review process. It's important to note that the admissions office will communicate the decision directly to applicants through email or an online application portal.

Michigan Ross MIM Employment / Placement

michigan ross mim

88% of MiM graduates from Michigan Ross get placed within six months of graduation. Options are pretty high for global jobs as well. Thus one can conclude that there are plenty of jobs after MIM from Michigan Ross as they can work in a wide range of sectors.

Michigan Ross MIM Average Starting Salary

Michigan Ross School of Business boasts a strong track record when it comes to the average starting salary of its Master in Management (MIM) graduates. While specific figures may vary from year to year, the Michigan Ross MIM salary for graduates is consistently competitive.

These graduates have historically secured positions across various industries and functions, commanding salaries that reflect their business acumen and skills. The Ross School of Business's focus on providing a comprehensive business education prepares students for successful careers and lucrative employment opportunities.

Michigan Ross MIM Placement Statistics

The Michigan Ross MIM program also boasts impressive placement statistics. Graduates have found success in securing employment shortly after completing their degree. The program maintains a robust network of corporate partnerships and connections, which contributes to the strong placement rates. Whether graduates choose to work in consulting, finance, marketing, or other fields, the program equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers.

Michigan Ross MIM Employment Report

Michigan Ross MIM Employment & Placement that provides valuable insights into the career outcomes of its MIM graduates. This report highlights placement rates, average salaries, and industry breakdowns, among other relevant data.

The report serves as a comprehensive resource for prospective students, enabling them to assess the program's success in preparing students for the job market. It showcases the diverse range of employment opportunities available to Ross MIM graduates, reinforcing the program's reputation as a launchpad for successful careers in the business world.





Top Sectors Hiring Michigan Ross MIM Graduates

Understanding the top sectors that are actively hiring is essential for job seekers looking to align their career goals with current market demands. The job market is dynamic, influenced by economic trends, technological advancements, and societal changes.


  • McKinsey & Company: McKinsey & Company is a renowned global management consulting firm that advises leading organizations across industries on strategic and operational challenges. With a strong emphasis on problem-solving and delivering innovative solutions, McKinsey offers a wide range of consulting services to help clients optimize their business performance.
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG): BCG is a leading management consulting firm known for its expertise in strategy, operations, technology, and more. BCG works closely with clients to develop actionable strategies, drive organizational transformation, and create long-term value. It has a global presence and is highly regarded for its data-driven approach and thought leadership.
  • Bain & Company: Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm known for its focus on results-oriented strategies and implementation. Bain works with clients across industries to address critical business challenges, improve performance, and drive sustainable growth. The firm places strong emphasis on collaboration and employs a tailored approach to meet client needs effectively.


  • Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm. It offers a wide range of financial services, including investment banking, asset management, and securities trading. Known for its expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and risk management, Goldman Sachs provides excellent opportunities for MIM graduates interested in the finance industry.
  • J.P. Morgan: J.P. Morgan is a global financial services firm that provides investment banking, asset management, and other financial solutions to corporations, governments, and individuals worldwide. With a strong presence in various financial markets, J.P. Morgan offers diverse career paths and exposure to complex financial transactions and investment strategies.
  • BlackRock: BlackRock is the world's largest asset management firm, offering a wide range of investment solutions to institutional and individual investors. Known for its expertise in portfolio management, risk management, and financial technology, BlackRock provides a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment for MIM graduates pursuing careers in finance.


  • Amazon: Amazon is a multinational technology company and one of the world's largest online retailers. With its extensive reach and diverse business lines, including e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence, Amazon offers exciting opportunities for MIM graduates interested in technology and innovation-driven roles.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is a global technology company renowned for its software products, including the Windows operating system and productivity tools like Microsoft Office. It also offers cloud services, gaming, and other hardware products. With its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Microsoft provides a wide range of career opportunities for MIM graduates in areas such as product management, business development, and consulting.
  • Google: Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is a technology giant that specializes in internet-related services and products. Its offerings include search engines, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, and software applications. With its focus on innovation, creativity, and impact, Google provides a dynamic and challenging environment for MIM graduates interested in technology and business integration.

Michigan Ross MIM Alumni Info

The Michigan Ross alumni are known to successfully work as top executives and entrepreneurs across the globe and have carved a niche for themselves in various sectors. From analyst and consultant positions in EY, IBM, Oracle, Deloitte, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc., to founders of influential business enterprises, they have accomplished it all.

Master of Management students has received several outstanding offers for positions in a diverse set of industries, including consulting, technology, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and the public sector. Positions include roles in finance, marketing, consulting, sales, and business development, among others.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Larry Page: Co-Founder of Google
  • Bharat Desai: CEO, Co-Founder & President of Syntel
  • Tom S. Monaghan: Founder & Former Owner of Domino’s Pizza

Application Essay for Michigan Ross MIM

Essay 1:

How will the MM program support you in achieving your short- and long-term career goals? What led you to pursue a graduate degree in business? (Word Limit: 300 Words)

Essay 2:

Michigan Ross deeply values student engagement beyond the classroom. Please describe two or three meaningful ways in which you have engaged in your communities. (Word Limit: 300 Words)

Essay 3:

  • Choose one (1) short answer prompt from the list below. (Word limit 300)
  • An academic challenge I faced as a college student is/was…
  • The greatest lesson I have learned thus far is…
  • My best friend or colleague would describe me as…
  • I am most proud of…
  • My mentor is… because…
  • My greatest responsibility is/has been…
  • A time I helped resolve a group conflict was…
  • I feel at my best when…

Essay 4: Optional Essay

If there is any other information that you believe is important to your assessment of your candidacy, you can use this to provide any additional information. (Word limit 500)

Tips for Michigan Ross MIM Admission Essays

Crafting compelling admission essays is a critical part of your application process for the Michigan Ross Master in Management (MIM) program. These Michigan Ross MIM Essays offer you the opportunity to not only present your academic and professional background but also to showcase your unique qualities, experiences, and aspirations that make you a strong candidate for the program. 

  • Reflect on your experiences and be authentic: Share personal stories and examples that highlight your unique qualities, experiences, and values. Be genuine and show how these experiences have shaped your aspirations and interest in the MIM program.
  • Connect your goals with the program: Clearly articulate your short-term and long-term goals and explain how the Ross MIM program will help you achieve them. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the program's curriculum, resources, and opportunities that align with your career aspirations.
  • Showcase your teamwork and leadership skills: Emphasize your ability to work effectively in teams and lead others. Provide specific examples of situations where you have demonstrated these skills and explain how you would contribute to the collaborative environment at Ross.
  • Highlight your passion for learning: Communicate your enthusiasm for continuous learning and personal development. Discuss your intellectual curiosity, willingness to take on challenges, and your desire to make a meaningful impact through your academic and professional pursuits.

Letter of Recommendation for Michigan Ross MIM

The most important thing to remember Michigan Ross MIM application process requires school letters of recommendation is that they must come from someone who knows you professionally. Each recommender’s LOR should, ideally, highlight different qualities. As a result, a substantial LOR is required. Send the required number of letters (no less and no more). The most important thing to remember is that the recommendation letter should add value to your application by demonstrating the program’s relevance to you.

Interview Questions for Michigan Ross MIM

Set 1:

Q: Tell us about yourself.
Q: Walk me through your resume.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
Q: What is your favourite website/book/movie?
Q: How would you spend $1,000,000 besides investing it?
Q: What does success mean to you?
Q: What person, living or not, do you admire most and why?
Q: Why are you pursuing MIM?
Q: Why did you choose Michigan Ross?
Q: Do you feel your grades accurately reflect your abilities?

Set 2:

Q: What is your favourite/least favourite class?
Q: Why are you interested in MIM?
Q: What are your career goals?
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Q: Describe your ideal job.
Q: Why do you want to work at X? (X = company)
Q: What is the most important thing you look for in an employer?
Q: What concerns you about our company?
Q: Tell me more about your summer (internship).
Q: Describe a time when you had to complete multiple projects in a short time period. How did you meet your deadlines while maintaining quality work?

Tips for Michigan Ross MIM Admission Interview

To help you prepare effectively and make a positive impression, we've put together a comprehensive guide with valuable tips and insights on how to excel in your Michigan Ross MIM Interview Questions.

  • Research the program thoroughly: Familiarize yourself with the Ross MIM curriculum, faculty, extracurricular activities, and any recent developments or initiatives. This will help you demonstrate your genuine interest in the program and contribute to a more engaging conversation during the interview.
  • Practice self-reflection: Reflect on your experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Be prepared to discuss your motivations for pursuing the MIM program and how it aligns with your long-term aspirations. Consider specific examples that highlight your skills, achievements, and growth.
  • Be articulate and concise: Practice expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely. Be prepared to communicate your ideas effectively, providing relevant details and examples without rambling. Aim to answer questions directly while showcasing your unique perspective and experiences.
  • Show your interpersonal skills: During the interview, demonstrate your ability to actively listen, engage in meaningful dialogue, and build rapport. Display your interpersonal skills, including empathy, respect, and open-mindedness. Be attentive and responsive to the interviewer's cues and questions.
  • Prepare questions: Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer about the MIM program, campus life, career services, or any other aspect of interest to you. This demonstrates your genuine interest and initiative in learning more about the program.

What Makes Michigan Ross MIM Unique?

Michigan Ross MIM

  • In addition to exploring core and elective business areas, Ross’ Master in Management will allow you to apply your business knowledge in real-world situations. For example, the Global Business Field Project — FinTech Global Immersion delves deeply into aspects of financial technology.
  • The course allows students to create actionable solutions for business problems for company sponsors, which means you will gain hands-on experience in real-world business topics. Students often opt for MSBA in USA.
  • The Study Abroad component is a semester-long course that includes off-campus fieldwork during spring break.
  • Global Practicum Course themes and fieldwork locations change each year and are usually announced in the fall term.


The business insights, useful skills, and leadership training offered by Michigan Ross MIM stand out in a crowded job market. At Michigan Ross, the college offers top-notch instructors and resources. The Master of Management career development staff is committed to helping job seekers find employment. The program’s interspersed career search exercises help MM students get ready for jobs in a variety of fields, including consulting, technology, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, and the public sector.

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How to get into Michigan Ross?

To get into Michigan Ross, follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Select your deadline
2. Order your transcripts
3. Submit the required tests scores
4. Update your resume
5. Choose your recommender
6. Prepare for the interview
7. Pay for the application

Why Michigan Ross?

Through its REAL programmes, the University of Michigan’s Ross programme prioritizes hands-on experiential learning opportunities, giving students the opportunity to work on consulting projects for major corporations, make live real estate investments from a pool of student-run capital, or work on an entrepreneurial venture.

How to check the application decision status for Michigan Ross?

To check the application decision status for Michigan Ross, you’ll need to check the Common Application or Coalition Application to determine if your application was submitted successfully. You will receive an email with your U-M ID and login credentials for Enrolment Connect, an online portal for all your application needs, including tracking your checklist and application status, receiving important messages from your office, viewing your application decision, and more, within 3-5 days of successful submission.

How long is Michigan Ross MIM?

Michigan Ross MIM is a 10-months long program