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We all know essays can make or break an application, but the question is why?

What is so special about these 2-3 pages of write up?

Surely my UG transcripts, my resume, my 700 GMAT should be enough?

Do I really need to spend hours or even days perfecting my essays?

Well like many important things in life, the answer is….it depends.

Sure, in some cases, if

  • you have a great profile
  • are from a top 3 school
  • have a 730+ GMAT

……you may just pass through with an ok-ish writeup.

But then again, the higher the rank of your target school, you can be sure that the competition you face will be of the same caliber, from not just your own state or country but from throughout the world.

So, with these thousands of strong applications coming in, with more or less high GMAT’s, good CGPA and stellar extracurriculars, how does the school differentiate and choose?

And that’s where the Essays come in

 While the Resume and other profile elements showcase factually what you have done,

 Essays go into the WHY of each profile element.

  • Why do these experiences matter?
  • Why go out of your way to involve in that particular engagement?
  • What made you take the call of leaving your current role and pursuing this new job?

and so on…

They help explain how you have reached to the point of applying for your target degree.

Then again, this level of in-depth thinking does not come easy, it comes after hours of introspection and brainstorming, asking yourself hard questions to understand ‘the why’ behind your decisions, what exactly are your major achievements and more importantly, do the schools really care about it?

At MiM-Essay we do the same through an in-depth Brainstorming session

 that ends up with a super detailed analysis sheet, which looks like this-

Now let’s say you are clear about what you want to add in the essays, the job’s done, right?

Well not exactly.

Though the core elements of what makes you – you, is ready, it now needs to be molded according to the different essay requirements of the school.

Why Essays Need To Be Customized According To Each B-School?

Different management schools value different things and one look at their essay questions will help you understand that.

Not only are the essay questions different, but so is their word count and structure.

For example,

  • HEC has 3 essays comprising of 300,450 & 600 words each
  • LSE has one 1500 words SOP
  • WHU asks for 12 essays of anywhere from 500 to 1200 characters
  • While Duke has 3 essay questions ranging from 350 words to a 2-page word limit

So still think writing an essay is an easy job?

At MiM-Essay post the brainstorming call, we have a detailed Essay content analysis call for each school you take our service for.

Where we dig deep and understand what part of your profile should you be highlighting and how exactly should you be pitching it.

Post this call you have a clear understanding of what makes you different and how you can pitch the same to different schools.

Now once you have an idea about what to write, the hard part begins!

Putting your life story in a 500-word SOP  or a 400-word essay is not an easy task, and what follows is a series of ruthless edits to first get the content right and then put it into an adequate structure, such that it fits the essay word limit while answering the question effectively.

 Below you will find a sample of how exactly we go about this process, with specific edits and detailed suggestions to improve your essay content.

Once we send you our edits back, you revert with another draft, which we then again work on, and so the process continues.

The key things we focus on are

  • Making sure the right things are highlighted (you need to make sure that your essay is unique)
  • Your essay has a proper story line and the content is flowing effectively
  • All points are backed up with examples and the content has no readability issues
  • Grammatically correct, top-notch content

One key thing to note here is that we offer unlimited edits, which ensures that we work on your application until both you and your consultant are happy with the final edits.

So usually for each essay, we go anywhere between 5-9 edits

This is one of the reasons why we have been able to manage a 92% success rate, and have glowing reviews.

So to recap,

  1. Brainstorm what makes you special
  2. Understand how to tackle the essay question and what to put in the content
  3. Ruthlessly edit the essay to perfection.

And that’s how you create a PERFECTLY PITCHED ESSAY!

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