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With butterflies in my stomach, I scoured a number of essay editing & application consulting sites for days, and though I came across a number of highly qualified teams offering their services. Almost all of them were specialized in MBA applications & hardly any of them had any knowledge of the Masters in Management (MiM) at all.

Even if some were willing to take up the job, they were charging an exorbitant amount of fees for their services ranging to the tune of hundreds of dollars per essay. The services were coming out to be extremely pricey, and though I wanted to put forward the best application possible, the thought of putting my application in hands of people hardly having any knowledge about the MiM degree, did not make much sense.

I was also surprised by the lack of information available online regarding the Masters in Management degree, apart from a few sites which gave generic information & some forum posts on, it was literally very hard to get in touch with colleges and know about their criteria of admission, their curriculum details or their ideal student bio’s.

Not having any suitable alternative I decided to slog it out the hard way, reading several books and learning essay writing for many months, painfully editing and re-editing my essay more than 200 times to get to that perfection I desired. The outcome was great and I ended up getting an admit to my desired college along with a glowing scholarship. But still, I did not forget the disparity in prices, the lack of information available and the disappointment of not finding that perfect service to improve my application. There had to be a better way to go about all this, and so was born.

“If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein


The year was 2013, after toiling away at an uninteresting job for a year and a half, I had finally decided enough was enough and it was time to hustle up and follow my dreams. Sitting around gathering work experience for the coveted MBA was not getting me anywhere, some serious action was required. Via some internet searches and referrals from friends I got to know about the MiM degree and was surprised to see very well known colleges offering it as an alternative to the MBA. It was the perfect way to kick start one’s professional career at a relatively young age.

A rigorous GMAT preparation followed and after acing the exam & thinking that the battle was won, I happily opened the application page of my target colleges to shockingly discover that I had conquered only the tip of the iceberg. An assortment of essays, Letter of Recommendation’s (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP) and interviews were waiting for me. Not wanting to take any chances with the application I gingerly opened the internet for any help that can be provided in acing this part of the application process.


THE ANSWER was founded with the goal of making the painful process I went through much simpler. None of us should have to go through the dilemma of putting our applications in the hands of people who don’t know the ‘M’ of Masters in Management or have to scour the internet for hours to get the information that they are looking for.

With, our team of MiM application consultants is trying to make the process of getting knowledge about Masters in Management (MiM) degree as painless as possible. There are hardly any resources that provide information about the MiM and so we are trying to bridge this gap, helping students find a one stop solution to their MiM related doubts.
Now you don’t need to scour 100’s of sites looking for a service which will give you the best possible results. We will provide you with a highly committed, friendly team who are really very good at what they do and are 100% dedicated to giving you the best value for your money.



The story you read above is that of our founder Abhyank Srinet, you can read more about him here

Abhyank started MiM-Essay while doing his Masters in Management at ESCP Europe and starting solo, grew it up into a team of consultants from different colleges such as HEC, LBS, ESSEC,LSE & Duke, who help in the editing of applicant essays and bring about a point of view only graduates from the respective colleges can bring.

This way we at are able to hone your application from an expert consultants point of view, while also considering what the school wants & what it’s students stand for.

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