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MIM in Canada Cost

Exploring the Cost of MIM Programs in Canada

Are you interested in pursuing a career in management? A Master's in Management (MIM) program may be the perfect fit for you! MIM programs are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the field of management. In Canada, top-ranked universities and business schools offer MIM courses that provide students with an immersive learning experience, also leading to extensive MIM in Canada cost.

Typically full-time programs lasting for one or two years, MIM courses cover a wide range of topics such as finance, marketing, operations management and more. These courses are designed to help students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while also providing hands-on experience through internships and other practical learning opportunities.

MIM in Canada Cost of living

mim in canada cost

In Canada, pursuing a Master's in Management (MIM) involves varying tuition costs across different institutions, making the average tuition fees for MIM programs quite diverse.

For example, institutions such as Ivey Business School offering the MSc in Management, Schulich School of Business with its Master of Management, and Smith School of Business (Queen's University) providing the Master of International Business, each have their distinct tuition structures. The average tuition fees for MIM programs in Canada generally range between approximately CAD 30,000 to CAD 80,000 per year.

Top MIM Program Fees

When pursuing a Master's in Management (MiM) in Canada, one of the primary concerns for Indian students is understanding the tuition fees at their dream business schools. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the MiM Canada fees for some of the top MiM colleges in Canada.

MIM Colleges in Canada MIM Tuition Fees
Ivey Business School  CAD 73,800 
Schulich School of Business CAD 62,450
Queens University CAD 15,200
UBC Sauder School of Business CAD 55,805
HEC Montreal CAD 59,100
University of Ottowa CAD 11,300 Per term

Living Expenses in Canada

Pursuing a Master's in Management (MiM) in Canada offers a top-notch education, a lively culture, and numerous opportunities. However, living costs for MiM students in Canada vary depending on the city and personal lifestyle choices. This article will cover the key factors that influence the total cost of living in Canada for MiM students, using clear and straightforward language.

  • Accommodation: MiM students face their largest expense in accommodation costs, ranging from CAD 800 to CAD 1500 per month, with on-campus options being more affordable but off-campus providing more privacy and independence.
  • Food: Food expenses also contribute significantly to the cost of living in Canada for MIM students cooking meals at home is generally cheaper than eating out regularly. Students can also take advantage of discounts offered by grocery stores or shop at budget-friendly supermarkets like Walmart. 
  • Transportation: Transportation costs depend on how far away from campus you live and how often you travel within the city. In general, public transportation is affordable and convenient in Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver. 
Types of Expenses Monthly Cost (in CAD)
Accommodation expenses CAD 800-1500 per month 
Food Expenses CAD 300-500 per month
Transportation Charges CAD 100-150 per month

ROI for doing MIM in Canada

mim in canada cost

Evaluating the Return on Investment (ROI) for pursuing a Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada involves considering several financial and career factors. The cost of an MIM program in Canada, including tuition fees and living expenses, typically ranges from approximately CAD 20,000 to CAD 45,000 per year, varying across institutions and regions.

The potential ROI is substantial owing to the promising career opportunities after completing an MIM in Canada. Graduates are equipped with management skills applicable to various industries and diverse job roles, potentially earning competitive salaries. Salaries for MIM graduates in Canada can vary based on factors such as experience, industry, and individual qualifications but often range from CAD 50,000 to over CAD 100,000 annually.

The networking opportunities, professional connections, and industry exposure gained during the MIM program play a pivotal role in shaping the potential Return on Investment (ROI) for jobs after MIM in Canada. These connections often translate into job placements, advancements, and even entrepreneurial prospects, significantly enhancing the overall value of the educational investment.

Moreover, the diverse array of industries and the dynamic job market in Canada present numerous career growth opportunities after completing an MIM. This job market diversity facilitates the potential for career advancement, boosting the overall ROI for individuals pursuing managerial positions post-MIM.

While the initial investment in an MIM program might appear substantial, the potential for increased earnings and professional growth serves as a compelling factor, making the ROI for jobs after MIM in Canada a strategic and valuable investment for individuals aiming for managerial roles within the Canadian employment landscape.



After analyzing the top universities and colleges offering MIM programs in Canada, the cost of pursuing a MIM degree, living expenses for international students, scholarships available for MIM students, job opportunities for graduates, ROI of pursuing a MIM colleges in Canada and tips for international students we can conclude that investing in a MIM program in Canada is definitely worth it.

Canada offers high-quality education at affordable tuition fees compared to other countries. Moreover, studying in Canada provides an opportunity to work while studying and gain valuable work experience. The job market is also favorable with plenty of opportunities for graduates.

Are there scholarships or financial aid available for Indian students pursuing MIM in Canada?

Yes, several Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid options for international students, including those from India. Students can explore merit-based scholarships, bursaries, and assistantships provided by universities to alleviate the financial burden.

It's advisable to research and apply for scholarships offered by specific universities or through external sources.

How can Indian students manage their living expenses while studying for an MIM in Canada?

Indian students pursuing MIM in Canada can manage living expenses by opting for shared accommodations, availing campus housing, or exploring off-campus housing options. Additionally, part-time work opportunities are available for international students, allowing them to work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Do Indian students require health insurance while studying in Canada for an MIM program?

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for international students studying in Canada, including those from India. Most universities require students to enroll in their health insurance plans or provide proof of adequate coverage. The cost for health insurance ranges from CAD 600 to CAD 900 annually, depending on the coverage and university.

Can Indian students work in Canada after completing their MIM program?

Upon completion of an MIM program in Canada, Indian students may be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This permit allows students to gain valuable work experience in Canada. The length of the PGWP is determined by the duration of the study program, with a maximum permit length of up to three years. This opportunity offers a pathway for Indian students to gain Canadian work experience after their studies.

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