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Jobs after MIM in Germany

Eligibility, Salary & More

Jobs after MIM in Germany are becoming increasingly popular for graduates of Master's in Management programs. With Germany's strong economy and growing business landscape, MIM graduates have a wide range of job after MIM in Germany available to them across various industries such as consulting, finance, marketing, and technology.

Top companies offering job after MIM in Germany such as McKinsey & Company, BMW Group, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank are actively seeking out MIM graduates to fill their positions. These companies value the skills that MIM graduates bring to the table such as critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities.

One advantage when searching for  jobs after MIM in Germany is the country's job seeker visa program. This program allows graduates to stay in the country for up to six months while they search for employment. During this time, they can attend job fairs and interviews with potential employers.

Best jobs sectors after MIM Germany

After completing an MIM in the Germany, you'll find various job opportunities waiting for you. These jobs can be in different fields like business, finance, or management. You could work in big companies, small businesses, or even start your own business.

Some people with degree from MIM Colleges become managers, helping companies run smoothly. Others work in finance, handling money and investments. Your MIM opens doors to many exciting career paths in the Germany.

1. Investment Banking

As a corporate investment banker, your role involves offering various financial services to companies, institutions, and governments to assist them in achieving their financial objectives and executing both long-term and short-term financial strategies.

Responsibilities : 

Your responsibilities encompass overseeing corporate, strategic, and financial initiatives, which can include:

  • Handling acquisitions
  • Dealing with bonds and shares
  • Managing initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Providing lending services
  • Facilitating mergers
  • Assisting with privatisations.

Additionally, you may offer guidance on and lead management buyouts, raise capital, provide strategic counsel to clients, and identify and secure new business opportunities.

Average Salary for Investment Bankers in Germany is €87,500 per year. 

2. Financial Analysis

Financial analysts play a crucial role by collecting, examining, and interpreting financial information to assist businesses in making well-informed investment and operational choices.

Responsibilities : 

The responsibilities of a financial analyst encompass the following:

  • Conducting market research to detect financial patterns.
  • Examining financial data to create reports and predictions.
  • Employing financial forecasting and modeling to provide guidance on an organization's investments.
  • Assessing the financial risks associated with potential investments.
  • Scrutinizing a company's financial statements to gauge its worth.
  • Keeping abreast of the most recent financial regulations.

Average Salary for Financial Analyst in Germany is €65,043.

3. Market Research Analysis

As a market researcher, your focus will be on gathering, analyzing, and presenting either quantitative or qualitative research findings. The majority of market researchers find employment in marketing agencies, engaging in diverse projects for various companies and industries.

Responsibilities : 

Responsibilities may vary slightly based on whether you are working for an agency or directly for a client, but in general, you will be expected to:

  • Meet and communicate with clients to discuss and finalize research projects.
  • Develop briefs and oversee the execution of research initiatives.
  • Create plans or proposals to present to clients or senior management.
  • Draft and oversee the distribution of surveys and questionnaires.
  • Provide instructions to interviewers and researchers.

Average Salary for Market Research Analyst is €52,000

Career Prospects and Job after MIM in Germany

jobs after mim in germany

Graduates from top universities with an MIM degree can find employment opportunities across various fields such as consulting, finance, marketing, operations management, etc.

Consulting firms like McKinsey & Company or Boston Consulting Group hire many graduates from top business schools like Leipzig Graduate School of Management or Mannheim Business School.

Financial institutions like Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank also recruit many graduates from these top business schools to work as investment bankers or financial analysts.

Marketing companies such as Procter & Gamble or Unilever seek out graduates with an MIM degree to fill positions such as brand managers or market research analysts.

Germany has a robust economy, and the country is always in need of skilled professionals. With its strong manufacturing industry, Germany offers excellent job prospects for MIM graduates.

The country has many multinational corporations that have their headquarters in Germany, such as BMW or Siemens. These companies provide numerous jobs after MIM in Germany.

Top Recruiters for Jobs after MIM in Germany

top recruiters for jobs after mim in germany

As per Financial times MIM Ranking, Germany is the home to some of the top MIM Colleges in World. Pursuing a Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany presents an enticing prospect, providing outstanding academic programs, invaluable international exposure, and promising career opportunities post-graduation.

The allure of MIM programs in Germany not only lies in their excellent academic curriculum and exposure to a global learning environment but also in the appealing prospect of the salaries offered to MIM graduates in Germany. These competitive salaries, often referred to as MIM salary in Germany, serve as a major incentive for prospective students considering this educational path.

Top Recruiters  Description
McKinsey & Company The global management consulting firm has a strong presence in the country, with offices in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart.
Boston Consulting Group The company offers a range of jobs after MIM in Germany graduates across various industries such as automotive, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, industrial goods and services.
Bain & Company The company offers a range of job after MIM in Germany across various industries such as private equity firms , retail , telecommunications, and transportation.
PwC PwC has been operating in the country since 1900 and has offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf Frankfurt am Main Hamburg Munich Stuttgart .
Deloitte Deloitte has been operating in the country since 1912 and has offices in Berlin Cologne Düsseldorf Frankfurt am Main Hamburg Munich Stuttgart .
EY The company offers a range of job after MIM in Germany across various industries such as automotive, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare ,industrial goods and services.

Highest Paying Industries for MIM in Germany

jobs after mim in germany average salaries

Germany presents an alluring landscape for graduates of Master's in Management (MIM) programs, offering a wealth of promising career opportunities across various industries. Among these industries, standout sectors in Germany not only promise attractive remuneration but also significant prospects for professional advancement.

For instance, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) stands as a prominent institution in Germany known for its comprehensive MIM program. TUM, in particular, equips MIM graduates with a strong foundation, preparing them for diverse career pathways within Germany’s vibrant job market.

Industry Average Salary (per year in €)
Finance €62,957
Consulting €64,025
Technology €59,514

1. Finance

The finance industry is one of the highest paying industries for MIM graduates in Germany. Graduates with a specialization in finance can expect an average salary of €60,000 per year.

This industry offers various job roles such as financial analyst, investment banker, risk manager, and asset manager.

2. Consulting

Consulting firms also offer attractive salaries to MIM graduates. Graduates with a specialization in consulting can expect an average salary of €55,000 per year.

In addition to high salaries, this industry provides excellent exposure to diverse projects and clients.

3. Technology

With the increasing demand for technology professionals worldwide, the technology industry has become another lucrative option for MIM graduates.

Graduates with a specialization in technology can expect an average salary of €55,000 per year. This industry offers various job roles such as project manager, product manager, business analyst and data analyst.

Profiles for MIM jobs in Germany

jobs after mim in germany

Crafting an appealing and impactful profile for MIM (Master in Management) jobs in Germany requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond the conventional. In the dynamic landscape of German employment, MIM graduates need to strategically showcase their unique blend of academic prowess and practical skills to stand out.

Moreover, it's important to note that the cost of pursuing a Master's in Management (MIM) in Germany is a crucial factor that graduates often consider when weighing their options for further studies and future career prospects. Evaluating the MIM in Germany cost allows graduates to make strategic choices aligned with their career objectives and financial considerations.

Job Profile  Average Salary 
Marketing Director  € 100,000
Digital Marketing manager € 49,830
Marketing Research Analyst € 52,000
Marketing Analyst € 50,299
Brand manager € 59,829
Product Marketing manager € 70,000
Business developement manager € 62,700
Sales manager € 74,750

Top universities such as the University of Mannheim and HEC Paris offer excellent MIM programs that equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the field. Graduates can expect to find jobs after MIM in Germany in various industries such as consulting, finance, and marketing.

What are the job prospects after completing a Master's in Management (MiM) in Germany?

Germany offers excellent employment opportunities for MiM graduates. The country's strong economy and global presence provide a wide range of job prospects across industries.

MiM graduates can secure roles in consulting firms, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and start-ups.


Are there specific industries in Germany that prefer MiM graduates?

Consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG actively recruit MiM graduates for their analytical and problem-solving abilities.

The financial sector, including banking, investment, and insurance, also offers numerous opportunities.

Furthermore, technology-driven industries, like automotive, manufacturing, and e-commerce, value the strategic mindset and business acumen of MiM graduates.

What is the average salary range for MiM graduates in Germany?

The average salary for MiM graduates in Germany varies depending on factors like industry, job role, experience, and location.

Generally, entry-level positions offer salaries ranging from €40,000 to €60,000 per year. As professionals gain experience and progress into managerial roles, salaries can increase significantly.


How can international MiM graduates navigate the job search process in Germany?

First, building a strong professional network is crucial. Attend career fairs, join relevant industry associations, and utilize online platforms like LinkedIn.

Conduct thorough research on German companies, tailor your resume and cover letter to German standards, and consider internships or part-time work to gain local experience.

Are there any work visa requirements for international MiM graduates seeking employment in Germany?

Non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens generally need a work visa or residence permit to work in Germany.

Graduates from German universities are eligible for an 18-month job search visa to seek employment related to their field of study. Once a job offer is secured, graduates can apply for a work visa.

It's advisable to consult the German embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information on visa requirements and procedures.

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