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MiM Interview Preparation

MiM Interview Preparation Service

Q: Why opt for a MiM interview preparation service?

A: To receive the best resources & aid to prepare for your Masters in Management interview round.

Well, the interview round is the last hurdle to that much-awaited college admission.

The admission for which you have spent many sleepless nights struggling with your GMAT, perfecting your essays, tweaking your CV, and framing your Letter of Recommendations.

If you manage to get an interview call, congratulate yourself! 75% of the work is done and your admission is closer than ever.

But this is the stage that can make it or break it for you.

Till now you had the time and leisure to perfect every word & tweak every line of your application comfortably at your home, before sending it. But this round is in real time…

With a hefty 20-30% of weightage in the application process, the interview is where your face finally pops up from your application bundle and materializes in front of a living panel.

Till now you had the time and leisure to perfect every word & tweak every line of your application comfortably at your home, before sending it. But this round is in real time where every instant word matters and can make or break the deal.

This can be a very strenuous experience, as the whole process of going to a new place and meeting strangers who have the power to decide the outcome of the next 2 years of your life, can take its toll on anyone.

But don’t worry, as surprisingly; this stage is “easy” to master. All it requires is focused preparation, and our Masters in Management Interview preparation service is designed to help you do just that.

They tend to judge by interaction, whether you were just bragging about your achievements or if you actually have the substance that you claim you do.

It gets better

The good news about giving the interview is that the admission committee already likes you on paper.

They already like the image that you have developed and would now like to observe if you can walk the talk.

They tend to judge by interaction, whether you were just bragging about your achievements or if you actually have the substance that you claim you do.

Also, it’s a forum to see how you react around people and if you could fit in with the school’s international community of students.

They may also create a stressful environment to see how you react under pressure. So if you can just be yourself and come out as a confident and lively person, you should be golden. Easier said than done, right?? 🙂

Unlike the other rounds, you get only one shot at the Master in Management interview…

Here is the kicker

Unlike the other rounds, you get only one shot at the Masters in Management interview and have to make the best of it.

Make no mistake, the colleges take the interview round very seriously, & have a well-framed score card

(usually ranging from 1-5) to judge a student in comparison to his or her peers.

It does not matter if you are applying to Duke, LBS or RSM, the interview is an integral part of your application.

The percentage of people getting through the interview round varies but is usually between 30-50%.

Check out Interview Questions for

Click them for more details…

The MiM Interview Preparation Service has been developed in a way so as to help students shake off interview jitters and equip them to give their best impression in front of the panel.

How can our “Masters in Management INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERVICE” help?

The MiM Interview Preparation Service has been developed in a way so as to help students shake off interview jitters and give their best impression in front of the panel.

Blindly doing mock interviews would only help up to a certain point. A much smarter and effective package has been developed by our team which would greatly help you crack the Masters in Management interview round.

What does the MiM Interview Preparation Pack offer?

According to your target school, we will send you a list of questions asked in previous interviews, along with a guide on how to answer them. This would help you personalize your answers accordingly and prepare you to give your best in the subsequent mock interviews.

2 mock interviews via Skype would be carried out, these would mimic the real interview environment and be conducted by MiM students who know exactly how the interviews work.

Further, we will give you pointers on how you can improve your answers and make them more personalized.

We would help you frame answers for common but important questions such as ‘Introduce yourself’, ‘What are your strengths’, ‘Why our school’ etc.

Additionally, we will show you techniques on how to control the interview atmosphere & guide the interviewer towards the questions you want him or her to ask you.

Personalization matters.

Similar to the essays the interview answers needs to be backed up with personal data. We will help you prepare engaging answers to all the questions using the STAR method.

The panel consists of professors, alumni or students.

We will help you understand what the panel members are looking for and what grid methodology do they use to rank your performance and help you create a strategy accordingly.

Compressing the entire hard work of your life in a one-page resume can be a daunting task. 

Our professional team will help you refine your existing resume, making sure that it effectively showcases your skills and guides the interviewers towards right questions.


You can even use one mock for each school, hence doubling the value you will be getting

Are you ready to take on the process…

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Read what our clients have to say:

Greta, HEC’17

I can only highly recommend the interview training with Abhyank! His professional approach and profound feedback were truly rewarding. Firstly, thanks to his vast experience Abhyank has a thorough understanding of the way the interview is structured and the specific types of questions asked. Indeed, there were almost no “surprise” questions during my interview. There is no doubt that knowing what to expect from the interview beforehand is a great advantage as you can prepare accordingly which in turn raises your confidentiality.
At the same time, I believe that this is also the most effective way to prepare for your interview. Due to my work, I had a very limited amount of spare time left in order to prepare for the interview. Thus, I simply did not have the time to search extensively for preparation books or videos. In terms of scheduling, Abhyank was extremely flexible which was an enormous help. In this regard, I should mention that I had four days left to my interview when I had the first mock interview. Yet, the training definitely paid off! No book or video could have prepared me for my MIM interview on such a high level.  The reason behind this is that it is really tailored to your personal profile and unique story.
Looking back to my first mock interview and the way I would approach similar questions now, I can clearly see a huge difference. Abhyank has drawn my attention to flaws I have never been aware off although I can certainly see them now. Thus, I believe that the interview training did not only greatly contribute to the success of my interview but will also be highly valuable for my future career in general.  All in all, the investment paid more than off! Thanks a lot!

Nathania, LBS (with Scholarship)

I am not a public speaker by nature, so when LBS called me in for an interview, I was super nervous. Luckily, I stumbled upon MiM-Essay and saw that they had such amazing reviews. The reviews did not lie! I was handled by Abhyank, one of the co-founders. He was super helpful and responsive to my needs and was able to quickly assist me even with significantly different time zones. He did a couple of mock interviews with me and told me what I was missing from each answer and how I could improve them. After the practice interviews, I felt so much more confident and prepared, and the real interview felt so easy. Received my acceptance letter in two weeks‘ time, and am beyond happy about it!

I received a GBP 8,000 merit scholarship from London Business School, as well as a GBP 10,000 merit scholarship from Imperial College yesterday for the strength of my application and interviews. This all would not have been possible without their interview help, so I would like to say a big thank you :). With no hesitation, I would recommend MiM-Essay for all your application needs. They definitely know what they are doing. 

Keep up the amazing work as I believe that many others will benefit greatly.

Rajeevan, EBS

It was a superb experience. My consultant educated me about the answers the interviewer will be expecting out of me and
helped to knit my answers accordingly. The mock interview section really helped to boost my confidence. He was very honest in conveying the weakness in my profile,things which I had not even thought of before. As someone who has already gone through these processes himself and being a student in one of the top MiM schools, my consultant knew what would be perceived as positive and negative.
I was amazed to find out that the interviewer asked me the exact questions I prepared for and if I had answered them in my way I wouldn’t have got the admit. Thanks a lot! Highly recommended.

Marvin, LBS

The MiM-Essay team was an invaluable asset in the quest to secure that all-coveted acceptance letter in the mail! Their Interview prep services put me in a position of confidence when I finally had my interview with LBS for the MiM programme.

They prepare you to handle any question that would come up in a succinct manner while still highlighting your strong points for each response.

The two mock interviews they offered were conducted in a friendly atmosphere but they still managed to provide honest and constructive feedback at every opportunity, which allowed me to avoid common mistakes and make the most of every moment in that interview.

My only regret is that I didn’t use their services earlier in the application process! Outstanding service, well worth the cost. Two thumbs up.

Shehrbano, Duke

Mim-essay.com is an extremely important resource if you need help for MIM interview preparation. I was extremely nervous about the interviews but they were very helpful in guiding me.

During the mock interviews, I was given extremely helpful pointers regarding how to make my answers more impactful.

The tips given by Abhyank helped in answering the questions in a manner which highlighted the main factors of my profile.

Furthermore, they were also very accommodating to my schedule and scheduled mock interviews based on that.  I credit my acceptances from HEC Paris, Duke and even Tufts to their help and guidance and recommend them enthusiastically.

Having gone through the Masters in Management interview stage ourselves, we cannot stress enough how important this round is and how seriously it must be taken. 

We have seen hundreds of students who looked excellent on paper getting bungled up in the interview due to poor preparation, and as a result, miss out on that esteemed college admission.

The interview is the final stepping stone for that Masters in Management admit you have worked so hard for.

We are here to make sure that you excel in this last step & crack the interview round open.

Our MiM Interview preparation service with its mock interviews, targeted learning & a comprehensive question list, will empower you to overcome this last hurdle.  

That is our guarantee 🙂

Lastly, we would advise you to check out MiM Interview Questions & Interview Tips for several schools on the MiM Interview Questions resource page.