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LORs- what are they exactly?

One of the most misunderstood and confusing parts of the application, the Letter of Recommendation, commonly referred to as the LOR, is what we at MiM-Essay.com call the underdogs of the application.

Many people tend to get confused by the whole concept of LORs, this is usually because they cannot comprehend how one page of good stuff that someone else wrote about them can add value to their already strong application.

An LOR should highlight your profile in different perspectives and add to the picture you are trying to portray in your application.

So why use LORs?

What the critics are missing here is that the Letter of Recommendation is a tool favored by most business schools because it tends to give a reliable 3rd person perspective of the candidate.

The information mentioned ratifies the picture you present in your resume and should contain examples to backup your statements. 


Further, it should highlight your profile in different perspectives and add to the picture you are trying to portray in your application.

Sadly, many people, are content with presenting half a page of unimpressive information which 90% of the time is general in nature. Hence their LORs add no extra value to their application.

Our MiM Letter of recommendation service is designed to vanquish such common mishaps and help you come up with a great and insightful LOR.

LORs are also a measure of how people perceive you & how you get along with others.

How should I go about it?

First of all, get serious about the Letter Of Recommendation and find reliable people to write it for you.

An LOR is in a way the first test of your business acumen & negotiation skills, where you are expected to convince your supervisor/professor to write a gleaming recommendation for you.

This is tougher than it sounds, as your superior is getting nothing out of this & has to take time out from his or her busy schedule for this personal favor.

More importantly, he or she is not going to write something completely out of the blue. They would always prefer to write something as close as possible to what they actually think of you. Therefore, we at MiM according to the situation at hand, strategize with you and help you put together material which can aid the refereed in the best way possible.

mim letter of recommendation

mim letter of recommendation

mim letter of recommendation

mim letter of recommendation

mim letter of recommendation

As admission committee tends to take the referrer's views seriously & a positive and compelling recommendation can go a long way in securing you an admit.

 So, the bottom line is

An ideal MiM Letter of Recommendation supplements your application and bolsters the picture you have painted in your essays.

Your LOR should be full of examples and incidents backing up the claims you have made in the essays and both your LORs should portray you in a different light, adding volume and depth to your personality.


If both the LORs talk about the same things, it is a bad sign & suggests that people have a limited and/or self-projected opinion about you.

LORs are also a measure of how people perceive you and how you get along with others.

Coming from a credible 3rd person, the admission committee tends to take the referrer's views seriously & a positive and compelling recommendation can go a long way in securing you an admit.


So now that you have an inkling about the importance of the LOR, let's summarize the major number of things can go wrong if not handled correctly...

  • The recommender should be a person who knows you well and can take out the time to think over and write a thoughtful LOR for you. Nothing hurts an application more than a short, shabby recommendation. It makes the admission committee question your judgment skills.
  • The LOR should work in sync with your application as a whole. Complementing it with anecdotes and experiences which put credibility to the claims you made in your essays. An LOR mentioning things which are way off from the character that you have developed in your essays would harm you a lot.
  • The LOR should never be written by the candidate himself, the admission committee members have read thousands of LOR's and can subconsciously determine if the LOR is written by the candidate, mainly because of similarity in writing styles with that of the essay. This mistake will surely push your application out of the window. This re-emphasizes the point of selecting that perfect recommended
  • The LOR should not be monotonous drone of your achievements, it should be a colorful description of how people perceive you and how you make a difference in other people’s life
  • It should be devoid of stereotypes such as "perfectionist", "hard worker"" good human being" and so on. The LOR should go on further and delve in detail about the person you, using innovative remarks
  • Schools ask for a minimum of two Letter Of Recommendation's, so one has to be careful that they both don't sound similar to each other. Each must highlight different elements of your personality

And to top it all the LOR should be believable, an LOR singing songs of your greatness won't impress anybody, & would rather come off as phony. The LOR should be a blend of realism, shared experiences, facts and a mild portrayal of your weaknesses. These are the elements which make a perfect Letter Of Recommendation.

Choosing very high ranked officials hoping their name & status can benefit your application, may backfire.

How can the MiM Letter of Recommendation Service help?

These days not everyone has the time or the skills to write an impressive LOR.

Even if your recommender genuinely likes you and has your best interest at heart, he may just not know how to frame the letter in the best possible way and highlight what skills actually matter.

School's do not expect the Letter Of Recommendation to be grammar perfect but a good framework, personalized data, and few errors make reading the LOR a much more pleasurable experience.


Also, the person you pick can make a huge difference.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing very high ranked officials hoping their name & status can benefit your application, may backfire. It is much safer to approach a direct supervisor who knows you well.

We know the effort required to write a sparkling LOR and can vouch for the positive effect it has on the application.

It may just be that small push needed to put you into that revered scholarship receiver pool.


Our MiM Letter of recommendation Service

Our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible Masters in Management Letter Of Recommendation.


By availing our service you will be receiving the following benefits:

mim letter of recommendation

We will help you select the best duo of recommenders, carefully helping you shortlist whom you can approach, as both the LOR should highlight different perspectives of your profile.

mim letter of recommendation

We will data mine your life for experiences which display your innate strengths, & which can bring your LOR to life.

mim letter of recommendation

Based on this data we will create a nifty file especially for your referees, which will contain aid material to help him concentrate on the things that matter and create the LOR.

mim letter of recommendation

We will assist your recommender/you in helping him edit the LOR and proofreading the same. If need be we can help him frame the LOR from scratch.

mim letter of recommendation

Our team has a lot of experience handling tricky questions covering weaknesses and other touchy topics, we will educate your recommender on how to effectively answer these questions.

The length of the LOR can be a tricky spot with each college having their own preference, in addition, each college tends to prefer their own style of LOR. Our experienced team will educate you on how to tackle each one of these types

All in all, we promise you a very effective & comprehensive service which would do wonders for your application. Satisfaction is guaranteed!


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