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                 PROFILE EVALUATION

Get a Free comprehensive assessment of your chances at top Masters in Management schools

The Profile Evaluation service from MiM-Essay is ideal for those who wish to learn more about

  • Where they stand among the various applicants for the Masters in Management degree
  • Which college to target with their specific profile or GMAT score
  • Which part of their profile to highlight to create maximum impact
  • The probability of getting accepted into their target college
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses from the MiM perspective
  • What skills/qualities can be highlighted from their experiences & activities

and saving the best for the last, it is totally FREE!

Take the Profile Evaluation below 

MIM Profile Evaluation





Why take the Profile Evaluation?

The Masters in Management or the MiM is still a relatively new degree, but one that is rapidly getting popular worldwide.

The aim is very similar to the MBA but targets relatively younger professionals or fresh graduates and has a very diverse mix of people from several backgrounds.

This leads to the question- “What exactly is the admission committee looking for?” 

Unlike the experienced professionals that the MBA targets, the Masters in Management students are a mix, & many of them do not have the same professional laurels that MBA candidates boast of. 

So what exactly should they highlight in their applications? 

Which areas of life to bring forward and which accolades to highlight?

The MiM Profile evaluation gives you a clear and concise picture of your strengths & weaknesses and which part of your profile to highlight in the college application. 

Assessing your profile & filtering it into your strengths & weaknesses gives you a clear road map to follow if you want to improve your chances of an admit to great colleges such as IE, HEC, LBS, DUKE, ESCP etc.

What can I expect to gain from this Free Masters in Management profile evaluation??

  • A clear understanding of your profile strengths and weaknesses.
  • An estimation of the chances of making your target Masters in Management college(s).
  • A list of areas you should concentrate on while writing your application.
  • Information about what are the strengths & weaknesses of your profile.

We take a lot of care while evaluating profiles and can guarantee that after taking the Masters in Management profile evaluation, you would be more certain about where you stand.