MiM Resume Preparation Service

Dazzle the admission panel with an impactful Masters in Management Resume

The Resume or CV is the most important piece of paper you are submit along with your Masters in Management application.

An MiM Resume is very different from a traditional job resume, and will go a long way in creating an impact in front of the Adcoms.

Why is that?

  • Well, it is the first document the admission committee will give attention to while reviewing your application.
  • It ties in intrinsically into the whole application & hence gives crisp & clear data about you.
  • It is the main document the ad com will come back and refer to in case of any doubt.
  • It is on the resume that most of your interview questions would be based on.

It does not matter if you apply to LSEHEC or RSM; your resume would be an essential part of the application.

So how does the "MiM Resume Preparation Service" help?

Since the last few years, our team has come a long way from clueless college applicants to dedicated job seekers to consultants who help other applicants apply.

The journey was not a simple one, but we learned a lot.

Especially about the art of creating a perfect resume, & an art it is, no question about that.

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume has the capacity to deliver a tonne of useful information about you if you use it correctly.

Via our Masters in Management Resume Preparation/Editing Service, we help you do just that.

We can help you build a resume from scratch or help edit an already made resume & take it to the next level.

MiM Resume Pack Features

Clear & Concise Resume formats/templates that are known to work.

Sample resumes of past applicants, to help you understand exactly how your resume should look.

Tips on how to properly use bullet points to drive your message across. e.g. Quantification, Action words.

Several rounds of editing & Proof Reading to ensure your resume stands perfect.

Proper formatting of structure to include all relevant information in one page.

Inputs on what extra things to include & what things to definitely skip.

How does MiM Resume Preparation Service work?

MiM Resume

MiM Resume

MiM Resume

MiM Resume

MiM Resume Editing Service

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