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MS in Data Science in Germany

What is Data Science?

Through the years all businesses, big or small, have been able to survive in a competitive market because they have been able to keep themselves relevant. This comes from understanding the needs of the consumer and then meeting them to the best of their capacity.

In order to understand what the consumer wants professionals to collect miscellaneous data with respect to the product that they are selling.  The data collected is massive and needs to be organized and then analyzed to gain useful insight. This field of study where useful and meaningful information can be gained from collected data is called Data Science.

MS in Data Science in Germany is one of the best course one can do in interested in Computer and IT sector. 

The syllabus for this course involves learning mathematical skills, technology, and hacking skills and business strategy.
Mathematics in data science is like a morphed version of statistics, as they both deal with data analysis. Advanced computer language and coding are necessary skills in order to go through piles of old data. Hacking is used as a term to find out creative solutions to problems. Having collected and organized the data, it has to be analyzed. This is where business strategy helps.

MS in Data Science in Germany intro

Benefits of MS in Data Science in Germany

Germany today is counted as a prime destination for students to gain higher education. There are many factors that have led them to become a nation with a strong education system and some of them are listed below:-

 Benefits of MS in Data Science in Germany

The value of the degree one gains doubles if it is awarded by a reputed organization. The German education system, by using years of reforms to evolve and yet pay heed to their traditions, has been able to create a well-crafted haven for students. The system in place makes sure that the students graduate as professionals. A degree awarded from any university in Germany carries a lot of value, especially in the fields of science and engineering.


  • There is something for everyone in Germany, as the 450 universities in the country have the facility to teach 17,500 programs to their students. The programs are developed for all levels of education, i.e., students can come and start as an undergraduate and go all the way to gain a doctorate
  • The influx of a large number of international students did not go unnoticed by Germany, as they have begun to offer courses in English as soon as possible, to make it easier for the students especially the ones pursuing masters.
  • There is much to learn in Germany other than the course you apply for. The large and diverse international student force is a great opportunity to learn about the world. The universities also lend a hand to be hospitable and make everyone feel at home.
  • Germany stands out among the education community as the country which provides free education. As the government has ensured considerable funding, universities charge little to no tuition fees to their students.
  • The cost of living in a foreign country is an important factor to consider. Germany is considered to be cheaper than the average EU nation. To make it easier for the students, many institutions provide a student concession.
  • In order to make it easier for the students financially, a German education organization (German Academic Exchange Service) is one of the largest organizations in the world that provide the necessary help. The financial aid depends upon your academic scores, the higher the better.
  • The culture, heritage, and history of Germany are very interesting to look into. As a language, German is one of the most popular to learn. Hence there is much that you can learn and experience from traveling to Germany for your education.

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Visa Policies for Germany

MS in Data Science in Germany Visa
In order to start the process of your visa, you first need to get into a university or an equally recognized organization. This admission letter will be your starting point. The next thing to consider the study type which you will be attending in Germany. Following is a list of study types

Full-time academic studies
German Language courses for studies
Propaedeutic course
Mandatory preliminary internship

Another study type that exists is called State Preparatory College (Studienkolleg).

This course is mandatory for students whose school-leaving certificate is not recognized by German authorities. Having completed the one-year course an examination, called ‘Feststellungsprufeng’ is conducted. Successfully pass the exam and you will be awarded a university entrance qualification, making you eligible to apply to a university.


The application for a student visa can be submitted to a German embassy or consulate. An original copy and 2 photocopies of the following documents are to be attached to your application:-

  • Two completed national visa application forms
  • National passport (Valid)
  • The previous passport, if any
  • Two recent biometric portrait photographs
  • Proof of admission letter
  • Authentic Certificates of previous education
  • Curriculum vitae – a brief account of education qualification and previous occupation, if any
  • Financial means of subsistence (should cover living, accommodation, and tuition)
  • Health coverage – insurance valid for three months and equivalent to 30,000 EUR minimum
  • Motivational letter – the reason to choose university, course and future plans
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Visa fee payment proof
  • German language proficiency proof – applicable to Germans and mixed-language study programs
  • Proof of English language proficiency – exams like TOEFL and IELTS
After arriving in Germany there are a few steps you must complete:-

  • Get a permeant residence in the form of student residence, flatshare or rebated apartment. Evidence of permanent residence comes handy during your stay.
  • Apply for local health insurance.
  • Enrolment in studies at the student studies office. It makes you eligible to take classes and sit for examinations.
  • Open a bank account at the local bank

As a student visa-holder, you can stay in the country for 3 months. Having gained a permanent residence, you can live in Germany for 2 years and qualified for extension based on the time period of your course.

You are allowed to work as you pursue your course in Germany. However, your work period is restricted to 120 working days/year. If planning to work in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit which extends your stay for 6 months, within which time you can look for a job.  

Cost of Living in Germany

Living cost for MS in Data Science in Germany
It may seem that living abroad is expensive, especially for a student. However, Germany is a fairly manageable country. The following is a breakdown of monthly expenditure for a student:-

  • Rent and utilities (electricity, heat, water) – 323 EUR
  • Food – 168 EUR
  • Health Insurance – 80 EUR
  • Internet, Network Carrier – 31 EUR
  • Entertainment – 61 EUR
  • Learning material – 42 EUR

Tuition fees burn the biggest hole in a student’s pocket. But Germany, a country which funds all of its education programs, has so far been able to keep the tuition at a low. Non-EU students are charged 1,500 EUR for every semester, irrespective of course type.

Top Universities for MS in Data Science in Germany

Data Science is a course that is a merger of fields like Mathematics, Computing and Business Strategy. Universities providing MS in Data Science in Germany are well equipped with faculty and resources to do justice to this course. Following are some of the top universities for MS in Data Science in Germany:-

  1. University of Magdeburg
  2. TU Munich
  3. University of Mannheim
  4. University of Hildesheim
  5. Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
  6. Leuphana University of Luneburg
  7. TU Dortmund
  8. Digital master School
  9. Jacobs University


Pursuing MS in Data Science in Germany is a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn keen data analysis skills of the highest degree at a low and affordable cost. 

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