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Business Analytics in Europe: Eligibility, Fees, GMAT & What to Expect

MSBA in Europe

Beginning the journey of pursuing a Master in Business Analytics in Europe is a world of possibilities. Let's explore why Europe is an excellent destination for your MSBA career. From its historic universities to the short programs and promising post-graduation opportunities, let's understand the different features that make Europe a standout choice for MSBA enthusiasts. 

In this exploration, we'll go through the distinctive features of MSBA programs in Europe, marked by their succinct durations, promising post-graduation prospects, and the unique advantage of immersing oneself in a melting pot of cultures.

MSBA in Europe 2024: A Snapshot

A brief overview of what students can expect while planning a degree for Master's in business analytics in Europe-

MSBA Duration 9-21 months
Competitive GMAT Score 650-700
Average-work experience 1-3 Years
Average Fees €35,000 to €55,000 per year
Average Salary €60,000 to €80,000.
Top Post-MEM Industries Technology
Stay-back period Upto 12 months

Why Choose Europe for MSBA?

business analytics in europe

Business anaytics in Europe opens opportunities of advantages. Beyond the rich cultural experience and historical universities, Europe offers a collaborative learning environment, that encourages critical thinking. Europe's emphasis on research and development in business analytics makes sure that you're at the top of the queue.

Advantages of choosing masters in business analytics europe:

  • Diverse Cultural Experience
  • Historical Universities
  • Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Research and Development Focus
  • Real-world Projects and Internships
  • Global Cohort
  • Proximity to Business Hubs

MSBA in Spain

Well-known institutions like ESADE Business School and IE Business School offer the best analytics programs, combining theoretical thoughts with practical applications. Students benefit from a new learning environment, gaining knowledge about the global analytics landscape. 

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spain's lifestyle, enhancing their global perspective. The country's strategic location serves as an opportunity to European business opportunities. With a focus on real-world skills and industry connections, pursuing MSBA in Spain promises a complete and valuable educational experience.

Eligibility for Pursuing MSBA in Europe

business analytics in europe

Before discussing about the masters in business analytics in Europe, it's important to understand the eligibility criteria that is important for the admission. It's necessary to note that each university may have its specific eligibility criteria, making it essential to thoroughly review and meet the admission guidelines of your chosen institution.

Eligibility Criteria Description
Bachelor's Degree Submit certified proof of completing an undergraduate program in a related field, showcasing proficiency in the subject
Standardized Tests Demonstrate preparedness for graduate studies by taking standardized exams such as the GRE.
English Language Proficiency Exhibit language proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS tests to ensure effective communication skills
Work Experience While optional, relevant work experience strengthens the application by highlighting practical knowledge in the field
Letters of Recommendation Include personalized letters endorsing academic and professional capabilities from mentors or professors.
Statement of Purpose (SOP) Craft a crucial personal essay outlining the academic journey, aspirations, and reasons
Interview Some programs may require an interview to assess suitability and interpersonal skills

Fees and Expenses for MSBA in Europe

business analytics in europe

Master's in Business Analytics in Europe offers a rewarding educational experience, but it's essential to consider the fees and expenses. However, these figures are subject to based on factors such as the university's reputation, program duration, and specific offerings.

On average, the tuition fees for MSBA programs in Europe can range from €10,000 to €25,000 per academic year.

On average, monthly living expenses for a student in Europe can range from €800 to €1,500, depending on the city and lifestyle choices. It's advisable for applicants to carefully assess the overall financial implications and explore available scholarships or funding options to support their pursuit of masters in business analytics europe.

Cost of living

When considering a Master's in Business Analytics in Europe, understanding the cost of living is very important for effective financial planning. Europe, known for its diverse cultures and cities, offers a unique living experience that varies in expenses across different regions. Generally, the cost of living in Europe is affected by factors such as the city of residence, lifestyle choices, and personal spending habits.

Expenses Average Cost(£)
Accomodation 400-800
Food 200-400
Transport 50-100
Utilities 100-150

MSBA Scholarships in Europe

Securing financial help through scholarships is an important aspect to make the Master's in Business Analytics in Europe more accessible. Many universities and external organizations offer scholarships to international students, contributing to the reduction of tuition fees and living expenses.

These scholarships can be merit-based, need-based, or program-specific, providing a range of opportunities for deserving candidates. MSBA students are encouraged to explore these scholarship options, aligning their skills and achievements with the criteria mentioned by institutions.

Here are names of a couple scholarships:

  1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
  2. INSEAD Endowed Scholarship
  3. HEC Paris Foundation Scholarships
  4. ESADE Excellence Scholarship
  5. University-Specific Scholarships

MSBA Job Market & Salary in Europe

Business Analytics in Europe

The job market for graduates of Master's in Business Analytics in Europe is strong, reflecting the increasing demand for professionals skilled in data analysis and interpretation. With Europe witnessing a digital change across industries, there is a growing need for experts who can handle the power of data for informed decision-making.

According to recent reports, the job market for MSBA graduates in Europe has seen a steady expansion, with companies in sectors like finance, healthcare, and technology actively recruiting professionals with advanced analytical skills.

Job Approx. Salary (£)
Data Scientist 90,000
Business Intelligence (BI) Manager 100,000
Quantitative Analyst 95,000
Machine Learning Engineer 110,000
Big Data Engineer 100,000

MSBA in Europe: Without GMAT

For those aspiring to pursue Master's in business analytics in Europe without the GMAT requirement, certain important factors come into play. While some universities may waive the GMAT, the emphasis shifts towards other components of your application.

It's essential to note that GMAT waiver doesn't imply inferiority; universities may use alternative assessments to ensure the admission of candidates with a potential for success in the program. Choosing a GMAT-waiver path can offer flexibility without compromising the quality of education.

MSBA Schools in Europe without GMAT

Several distinguished MSBA schools in Europe recognize the evolving landscape of admissions and offer flexibility by not requiring a GMAT score. These institutions understand that assessing a candidate goes beyond standardized tests. They focus on an evaluation, considering factors like academic performance, work experience, and the applicant's commitment to the field of business analytics in Europe.+

  • University of Edinburgh Business School
  • The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FSFM)
  • ESADE Business School
  • ESSEC Business School
  • Lancaster University Management School

Top 10 Colleges for MSBA in Europe

Commencing on a journey with a master's in business analytics in Europe opens doors to world-class education, cutting-edge analytics programs, and a global perspective. These ten institutions stand out for their commitment to shaping analytics professionals, boasting renowned faculty, innovative curriculum, and robust industry connections. Aspiring MSBA students can explore these top European colleges to gain a competitive edge and delve into the dynamic field of business analytics.

Now, let's delve into the list of the best 10 colleges for business analytics in Europe:

University Location
ESADE Business School Spain
HEC Paris France
University of Edinburgh Business School UK
Alliance Manchester Business School UK
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands
Copenhagen Business School Denmark
Tilburg University, TIAS School for Business and Society Netherlands
Imperial College Business School   UK
Essec Business School France 


In conclusion, pursuing Master's in Business Analytics in Europe is a journey filled with infinite opportunities. From the rich cultural and historical top-notch universities to the focus on collaboration, research, and real-world applications, Europe stands as a role-model for those aspiring to succeed in the field of business analytics. 

Which European country is best for business analytics?

The United Kingdom is notably a top choice in Europe for those seeking a Master's in Business Analytics.These programs are specifically crafted to empower students with the necessary skills to adeptly navigate the swiftly evolving landscape of business analytics.

Is business analytics in demand?

The increasing need for proficient analytics experts is expanding swiftly, making the decision to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics a favorable option. This curriculum provides students with a thorough comprehension of the analytics sector and its diverse positions.

Is GMAT mandatory for MSBA admission in Europe?

While many European universities prefer GMAT scores, some offer flexibility with waivers based on exceptional academic or professional achievements. It's advisable to check individual program requirements and explore alternative assessments accepted by the institutions.

What is the typical duration of MSBA programs in Europe?

MSBA programs in Europe typically span from 10 to 16 months, ensuring a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential analytics skills while providing a relatively shorter duration compared to traditional master's programs.

Are MSBA programs in Europe conducted in English?

Yes, the vast majority of MSBA programs in Europe are conducted in English. This facilitates an inclusive learning environment for international students and ensures a common language for academic instruction, project work, and communication.

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