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Business Analytics Job in Canada

Exploring the MSBA Jobs in Canada

Canada, known for its vibrant economy and welcoming multicultural environment, has emerged as a hub for business analytics. The country's commitment to innovation and technology, coupled with a strong education system, makes it an ideal destination for aspiring business analysts and business analytics job in canada. 

Business analytics involves the use of data analysis tools and techniques to extract meaningful insights, enabling companies to make informed decisions. With the exponential growth of data in today's digital age, businesses are increasingly relying on analytics professionals to interpret complex datasets and guide strategic planning.

Best Jobs in Canada for MSBA Graduates

business analytics job in canada

Canada has emerged as a global hub for quality education, and MSBA programs are no exception. With a focus on equipping students with advanced analytical skills, these programs prepare individuals for the dynamic landscape of business analytics job in canada.

Canada's business landscape is witnessing a surge in demand for skilled professionals in business analytics. With businesses increasingly relying on data-driven insights, the need for individuals equipped with advanced analytical skills has never been higher.

Job Roles Average Salary
Senior Data Scientist  CAD 86,827
Data Scientist CAD 86,350
Business System Analyst CAD 86,067
Business Analyst CAD 71,257
Information Technology Consultant CAD 65,640
Business Intelligence Analyst CAD 57,923
Analytics Analyst  CAD 52,440

1. Senior Data Scientist

Average Salary- CAD 86,827

At the forefront of MSBA career options in Canada is the role of a Senior Data Scientist. These professionals are instrumental in leveraging advanced analytics to derive actionable insights from complex data sets.

Organizations across industries seek individuals with a Master's in Business Analytics to lead their data science teams, making this role a pinnacle for those aspiring to make a significant impact.

2. Data Scientist

Average Salary- CAD 86,350

Data Scientists are the backbone of the analytical undertaking, translating raw data into valuable business insights. With a keen focus on statistical analysis and machine learning, MSBA graduates can find fulfilling roles in diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, and technology.

Demand for skilled Data Scientists in Canada is on the rise, making it a prime career path for MSBA graduates.

3. Business System Analyst

Average Salary- CAD 86,067

For those inclined towards aligning technology solutions with business needs, the role of a Business System Analyst beckons.

MSBA graduates equipped with a deep understanding of analytics and business processes play a pivotal role in optimizing systems and processes, ensuring seamless integration of technology into the business framework.

4. Business Analyst

Average Salary- CAD 71,257

The bridge between data analytics and strategic business decisions, Business Analysts play a crucial role in shaping organizational strategies. With a Master's in Business Analytics, professionals can navigate complex data landscapes and offer insights that drive informed decision-making, making them indispensable assets to businesses operating in Canada.

5. Information Technology Consultant

Average Salary- CAD 65,640

The intersection of technology and business presents exciting opportunities for Information Technology Consultants. As businesses strive for digital transformation, MSBA professionals with expertise in analyzing data to optimize IT systems find themselves in high demand.

This role offers a dynamic environment where analytical skills are harnessed to enhance technological infrastructure.

6. Business Intelligence Analyst

Average Salary- CAD 57,923

In an era where data is considered a valuable asset, Business Intelligence Analysts play a pivotal role in transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. MSBA graduates are well-equipped to take on this role, employing their analytical skills to design and implement effective business intelligence solutions that empower organizations to make informed decisions.

7. Analytics Analyst

Average Salary- CAD 52,440

The role of an Analytics Analyst is tailored for those who thrive on dissecting data to unveil patterns and trends. MSBA graduates in this role contribute significantly to strategic decision-making by providing valuable insights derived from robust data analysis.

Top Sectors Hiring 

This evolution in job roles underscores a broader trend in the marketplace, where the integration of business insight and data analysis capabilities is increasingly prized. Our exploration into this domain aims to unravel the employment landscape within these sectors, providing a comprehensive overview of the unique opportunities they present for those keen on carving out a career in business analytics in Canada.

Specifically, for individuals contemplating the pursuit of an MSBA, understanding the top sectors hiring for such roles becomes pivotal. While the focus here is on the Canadian job market for MSBA graduates, it's worth noting the broader context, such as the MSBA in Canada cost, for those considering their options globally. 

business analytics job in canada

Consulting Finance Technology
McKinsey & Company Goldman Sachs Amazon
Boston Consulting Group JP Morgan Microsoft
Bain & Company BlackRock Google

1. Consulting

Consulting firms across Canada actively seek individuals who can navigate complex datasets and translate analytical findings into strategic recommendations. As a consultant specializing in business analytics, you'll play a crucial role in advising clients from diverse industries, helping them make informed decisions grounded in data-driven insights.  

This sector offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment where your analytical skills contribute directly to shaping organizational strategies.

2. Finance

Financial institutions in Canada are increasingly reliant on analytics professionals to interpret data for risk assessment, investment strategies, and customer behaviour analysis.

Whether you're interested in financial analysis, risk management, or investment strategy, a background in business analytics positions you as a valuable asset in a sector where informed decision-making is paramount. The finance industry provides a robust platform for professionals who can seamlessly fuse numbers with strategic insights.

3. Technology

Technology companies in Canada are actively recruiting individuals with a keen understanding of analytics to inform product development, improve user experiences, and optimize IT systems. As a business analytics professional in the technology sector, you'll find yourself at the forefront of advancements, contributing to the continuous evolution of technological solutions.

Best Employers Hiring

business analytics job in canada

Career in business analytics requires strategic decision-making, and choosing the right employer is a critical aspect of that journey. In this exploration, we look into the field of top employers in the field of business analytics – organizations recognized for their commitment to excellence, innovation, and cultivating a dynamic analytical environment.

IBM Canada

IBM Canada, MSBA graduates find roles in data analytics and artificial intelligence, contributing to cutting-edge technological solutions.


Deloitte opens avenues for business analytics job in Canada in business intelligence and consulting, where they apply analytical insights to drive business strategies.


Accenture specializes in strategic analytics and technology consulting roles for MSBA graduates, enabling them to influence business decisions and implement innovative solutions.

McKinsey & Co

McKinsey & Company provides MSBA graduates with opportunities in strategic consulting, leveraging their analytical skills to solve complex business challenges.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs offers MSBA graduates roles in financial analysis, where they utilize data-driven insights to inform investment decisions and risk management.


Amazon opens doors for MSBA graduates in data science roles, empowering them to extract valuable information from vast datasets to drive business strategies.

Canada college offering best placements after MSBA

business analytics job in canada

Starting a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) is a big step for your career. It's not just about deep learning; it's also crucial to choose the right school. This choice significantly shapes your future in the business analytics field. If you're aiming for this path, you're likely keen on how it can boost your job prospects in Canada, especially concerning the business analytics salary in Canada.

Enrolling in a leading MSBA program can be a game-changer for securing Business Analytics Job in Canada sector. So, if you're aiming to enhance your career in this field and are curious about salary expectations in Canada, understanding the impact of a reputable MSBA program is essential.

MSBA Colleges in Canada Program Duration Full-time MSBA Tuition Fees Full-time MSBA Average Salary
Rotman School of Management  11 Months $72,630 CAD $91,648  CAD
 Ivey Business School 16 Months $92,250 CAD $78,153 CAD
UBC Sauder School of Business  16 Months $66,423 CAD $122,489 CAD
York Schulich School of Business  12 Months $72,630 CAD $91,648  CAD
Queens University 18-24 Months - $83,700 CAD
 McGill University 12-18 Months $57,600 CAD $82,441  CAD
HEC Montreal 24 Months $23 800 (for first three terms) $90,667


In conclusion, the landscape of business analytics job in Canada presents a tapestry of opportunities for those equipped with the right skills and qualifications. As we explored the MS in business analytics in Canada and the strategies to secure the best positions, it's evident that Canada's job market values the intersection of business acumen and analytical expertise.

Is business analytics job in demand in Canada?

Business analysts are vital for any business now. With a fast-growing economy and the presence of numerous companies in Canada, the demand for business analysts has skyrocketed. Canada is a country facing a skill shortage due to which the demand and salary for most professions are high.

Which course is best for business analyst in Canada?

The Schulich Master of Business Analytics (MBAN), a 12-month full-time program that is the first of its type in Canada, will equip you with the skills, knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to become an expert in this rapidly evolving, in-demand industry.

What is the average package of business analyst in Canada?

The average salary range of a business analyst in Canada is $65000 to $100,000 per year. The eSkills initiative has revealed that the skills in this field are projected to experience a steady annual growth rate of 2.5% over the next ten years.

What is the salary of an entry level business analyst in Canada?

$53,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $59,000 is the 75th percentile.

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