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Masters in Marketing Canada: Top Colleges, Fees, Eligibility, Requirements and More

Know your chances of getting in the Best Colleges for MSc Marketing in Canada.

With the rise of digitization and the increased use of social media and the internet for advertising, the field of marketing is booming in today’s society. Students who want to work for multinational corporations frequently choose to pursue careers in marketing.
The universities in Canada are renowned for having excellent marketing programs. The Marketing MBA and MSc in Marketing are the two graduate programs that offer the masters in marketing canada.
We will walk you through the MSc marketing program in Canada, explain all the requirements for the program, and discuss the potential growth of a career in this area.

In Canada, the majority of universities offer MSc marketing, a research-based course. This course teaches students all about consumer needs, wants, and how they act on them. It focuses on consumer behavior and psychology. Two years are required to complete the program. Through the university’s official website, you can submit an application for the course you want.

Business analytics, market analytics, advertising, brand management, and various marketing channels like global marketing, digital marketing, and online marketing are more heavily emphasized in the marketing MBA, a specialized and professional course. Students who complete this program frequently land jobs as brand managers, managers of operations, marketers who plan their channels, etc. This course has a one-year duration.

The MSc in marketing program is more research-driven and emphasizes consumer behavior in the marketplace. It focuses on developing knowledge of market theories and techniques that are applied when conducting sophisticated marketing research and developing marketing strategies. Typically, employers hire graduates of this program for positions such as market analyst, marketing director, marketing management, sales manager, etc. The duration of this program is two years.

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Facts You Should Know About Masters in Marketing Canada

  • Ottawa, which is in the province of Ontario, serves as Canada’s capital.
  • English and French are both official languages in Canada. In Canada, English is spoken by almost 60% of the population, while French is spoken by 20%. Italian, Cantonese, German, Punjabi, and other languages are also widely spoken in Canada as a result of the country’s significant multicultural diversity.
  • The rest of Canada follows the English common law system; Quebec’s legal system is based on a system of civil laws supported by French law.
    Two million lakes, or about 8% of Canada’s total land area, are thought to be present.
  • The maple leaf, which serves as Canada’s national emblem, is prominently featured on the country’s flag.
  • Basic healthcare is provided to Canadian citizens without charge, but the cost of dental services is still the patient’s responsibility. Most prescription medications are free for people over 65 and those receiving social assistance.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as “The Mounties,” is a federal and national law enforcement agency that is well-known for using decorated horses to patrol various parts of Canada.

Why pursue a MSc Marketing in Canada

Two-year master’s programs in marketing are available from Canadian universities. Two different types of degree programs typically offer a master’s in marketing. Masters in marketing Canada, is available as a research-based MSc in Marketing program as well as a Marketing MBA, which is a specialized professional course. Everything you need to know about pursuing an MS in Marketing in Canada is covered in this article. With this specialized degree, students will be prepared for marketing-related challenges in the real world. Marketing is a crucial tool for companies that support their expansion. In addition to conventional marketing, today’s students also need to learn about brand management, marketing communications, and digital marketing. Here, one can learn about consumer The psychology behind spending patterns, or why people spend more on some things and less on others

Why choose Canada as your country of study for a MS in Marketing?

Even though it is expensive for foreign students to enroll in higher education programs in Canada, this nation also has one of the best reputations for the caliber of its educational system. Additionally, Canada offers students who want to experience one of the best educational systems in the world a tranquil, safe, and diverse environment that offers an excellent learning environment.

Prestigious Canadian Universities

On lists of top North American universities, the University of Toronto frequently appears near the top. UT is regarded as one of Canada’s top-tier higher education institutions because it gives students access to more academic courses than any other Canadian university as well as the opportunity to work in reputable research labs.
Other prestigious universities in Canada include the University of British Columbia, where more than 50,000 students enjoy concert halls, museums, and a variety of music and athletic programs, and the University of Alberta, a highly regarded research institution renowned for its in-depth curriculum and high standards of education.

Canadian higher education

According to Canadian law, higher education operations fall under the purview of Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.
Although the management of the higher education system in each province varies slightly, there are some similarities that can give prospective students studying in Canada a better idea of what to anticipate from the educational system in that nation. For instance, while vocational or technical colleges offer certificates or diplomas, all universities and colleges award bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees. In addition to private vocational colleges and provincial institutes, other Canadian higher education institutions include community colleges that grant two-year associate’s degrees, colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, and community colleges. If a student is considering enrolling in a specific college or university for masters in marketing Canada, he or she should go to the province’s website to find out more about its distinct educational system.


Top Universities for Masters in Marketing Canada:

International students receive cutting-edge, thrilling, and unusual experiences from Canada’s top financial institutions. Some of Canada’s top universities for pursuing a master’s degree in marketing include.

Name of the University Duration of the Program

Queen’s University

MSc in Marketing

York University

Master of Marketing (MMKG)

Concordia University

Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing

University of Saskatchewan

MSc in Marketing

University of Guelph

MSc in Marketing and Consumer Studies

University of Lethbridge

MSc Marketing (Mgt)

McMaster University

MPP in Digital Society

University of Calgary

MBA Marketing

Western University – Ivey Business School

MBA Marketing

HEC Montréal

Masters in Marketing

Course Specifications:

Marketing MBA V/S Masters in Marketing Canada

Although admissions to MSc in Marketing are lower than those to Marketing MBA, more students are choosing the former to gain in-depth knowledge in the field.

MS in Marketing Syllabus

Some of the core courses in marketing fundamentals are included in the MS in Marketing curriculum. Consumer behavior, marketing management, developing a marketing strategy, product management, advertising, and digital marketing are also included. Aside from that, electives may include branding, retail marketing, and business-to-business analysis.

Documents Required for a Masters in Marketing Canada

A few documents are required to start the application process for a marketing course in Canada. The following documents are available-

Transcripts of official proceedings
When applying for admission, you must provide transcripts from your bachelor’s degree. The institute has the option of requesting certified copies of the transcripts. In the event that the transcripts are not in English, certified translations in English or French are required.

Curriculum Vitae
A strong resume with extensive work experience and skills can work wonders in your admissions process. Building a strong resume while studying for your bachelor’s degree will help you apply to any institute.

Scores from IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE
A good score on standardized English language tests is required for admission to any institute abroad. Most Canadian institutes require a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Purpose statement
A statement of purpose is an essay that tells the selection committee why you want to study at their institute. A statement of purpose is used by the selection panel to assess your beliefs, aspirations, and motives, and it can play an important role in your selection.

Having a portfolio of references from credible sources can increase your chances of acceptance into the program and help you make a strong case in front of the selection panel.

Eligibility and Requirements

MSc Marketing Eligibility in Canada

The applicant must meet the following requirements in order to pursue an MS in marketing in Canada:
GMAT or GRE scores: Admission to most universities offering Masters in Marketing Canada is based on the student’s GMAT or GRE score. Either of them can be requested by the university. The cutoffs differ from one university to the next.
A bachelor’s degree: Any student applying for the MSc in Marketing courses in Canada must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. Universities prefer degrees that take four years to complete.

Eligibility for Study Visas

To be eligible for a Canadian study visa, students must demonstrate that they have been accepted by a college or university in Canada, that they can financially support themselves and pay tuition fees, and that they have a clean criminal record. In some cases, students may be required to undergo a medical examination before being granted a student visa.

    The Cost of a Masters in Marketing Canada

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    The average first-year cost of pursuing an MSc in Marketing in Canada is Rs 17.79 Lakh, while the average first-year living expenses are Rs 5.43 Lakh. The cost of living in Canada for international students varies depending on location and lifestyle.

    Tuition Charges

    • The average tuition for Canadian students pursuing an undergraduate degree in their home country is around $5000 CAD per year ($5000 USD and 3700 EUR). Graduate students pursuing masters in marketing Canada should expect to pay approximately $1000 (740 euros) more per year than undergraduate students.
    • International students must pay significantly higher fees than Canadian residents, nearly three times the amount. International students should budget $14,000 (10,400 euros) per year for undergraduate programs and even more for graduate degrees. Nonresidents pay the highest tuition fees at Saskatchewan and Quebec universities, while international students pay the lowest tuition fees at Newfoundland and Manitoba universities.

    Pre-Arrival Expense

    There are numerous expenses incurred prior to a student’s arrival at college, all of which are included in pre-arrival expenses. It may include, for example, the cost of the institute’s application fees, exam application fees such as the GMAT/GRE or English language exams, and UK student visa registration fees.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    scholarships to study abroad blog

    Scholarships are available for international students. Canada has some of the best scholarship programs in the world, which help students manage their expenses while also easing their financial burden.
    Scholarships in Canada can range from 7,500 USD to 16,500 USD. Please keep in mind that these scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of merit. The following are some of the scholarships available in Canada:

    • If you apply to Queen’s University, the Smith School of Business offers students enrolled in an Masters in Marketing Canada 16,500 USD over three terms. This scholarship is only available to full-time course participants.
    • Every year, the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University awards 7,500 USD in scholarships to MSc students.
    • The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a merit-based award given to 22 international students attending Ontario universities. Every year, students who qualify for this program are awarded a total of 11,325 USD.
    Engineering Management Masters Degree

    Jobs after completing an MSc in Marketing and an MBA in Marketing in Canada

    Land of great opportunities

    A masters in marketing Canada provides graduates with extensive marketing knowledge and skills. Graduates can work as brand managers or in advertising, marketing, promotion, or public relations. After completing a master’s degree in marketing in Canada, a marketing graduate can earn around CAD70,000. Some of the job opportunities for marketing graduates are listed below. Marketing managers are in charge of evaluating and developing market strategies, as well as staying ahead of their competitors. They must promote products or services while also ensuring customer satisfaction.

    • Marketing Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Advertising and Promotions Manager
    • Brand Manager

    Post Name

    Average Starting Salary (in USD)

    Marketing Manager


    Advertising & Promotions Manager


    Sales Manager


    Market Research Analyst


    Marketing Manager


    Quality Management


    Because the number of jobs is expected to increase by 10% on average, admissions to MSc in Marketing programs at Canadian universities are expected to increase in the upcoming admission sessions. As a result, more admissions to Masters in Marketing programs in Canada can be anticipated.


    A Masters in Marketing Canada can be a very profitable option for you in the marketing field. With an abundance of job opportunities and the rapid growth of digital marketing, this sector can provide a stable and secure future with good career growth. Learn more about studying in Canada by visiting the Leap Scholar blog.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of the best universities in Canada for pursuing a master's degree in marketing?

    Some of the best universities in Canada to pursue a master’s degree in marketing are Concordia University, York University, Queen’s University, the University of Saskatchewan, and others.

    What are the fundamental requirements for pursuing a master's degree in marketing in Canada?

    The basic requirements for pursuing a master’s degree in marketing in Canada are a four-year bachelor’s degree with at least 83-86%, a competitive GMAT score or equivalent GRE score, and language proficiency scores.

    How much does a master's degree in marketing cost in Canada?

    In Canada, a master’s degree in marketing can cost up to 40,000 USD per year. It is estimated that Indian students will pay around 29 lakhs per year.

    How much does a master's degree in marketing graduate earn in Canada?

    After earning your master’s degree in marketing from Canada, you can expect to earn around 78,000 USD per year.

    What are some of the best universities in Canada for pursuing an MSc in Marketing?

    Canada is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Concordia University, York University, Queen’s University, and the University of Saskatchewan are a few examples.

    What exams must be taken before applying to MSc in Marketing programs in Canada?

    Before applying for this degree, you must pass the following exams:

    • IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE
    • GMAT or GRE
    What is the average cost of pursuing a master's degree in marketing from Canada?

    The average cost of living while pursuing this degree is around 25 lakh rupees (or 40,000 USD).