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Nandini, 25, India 


Her pursuit for excellence



Average experience, average extracurricular activities



Engineering degree from India, from a top ranked school




 The Challenge

After graduating from engineering from one of the top universities in the country, our client was now working in the steel industry. Though she had a fairly good GMAT, her profile was no different from most of her peers.

Client Hesitation

When she connected with us the only dilemma she had was differentiating her profile. Also she felt she had not done anything different or special, which made her doubt her chances of acceptance.

 Our Strategy

A large number of applicants apply from countries such as India and China, so it is essential to set oneself apart from the herd. 

We started with assigning her a consultant who was an alumnus of her target schools, this way he could analyze her profile thoroughly and pick her USPs effectively. Digging deep into her profile, we decided to concentrate on the work she was currently doing as she was working in a Steel plant and, even though Steel is a highly male dominated industryshe had done a great job at it, which was surely something that set her apart. We decided to leverage her undying attitude and the skills highlighted via this activity as key points for her essays.

 How we Implemented it

Having discovered her differentiator, we decided to showcase the skills she developed while working in the Steel industry, and how she took initiatives, developed ventures and bought a different perspective.

Further, she had a very meticulous nature and had performed really well in her training as well as volunteered for and created some great projects. Her pursuit of excellence was evident and we centered a large part of her application on this.

Lastly, leadership and teamwork skills were highlighted from the lead she took during college activities as well when she presided over a large team of workers at her work place.

Eventually, we managed to weigh her profile towards the unique side and create a stellar application!

Result: Glowing admit into HEC Paris!

Client Remark



I had an absolutely amazing experience with MiM-Essay. They helped me to create a pitch-perfect application highlighting my strengths. I was very confused on how to explain for my gap year, but they actually dig deep into my profile and helped me to find out my passion. I am really thankful for all the guidance provided by them, that helped me to get into my dream B-school

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