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Niriksha, 25, India 


Great CGPA & GMAT scores along with strong work experience


Strong profile, good extracurriculars, but still received rejects from Duke, HEC etc.


Engineering from India, 1+ years of work ex at a famous Tech startup



 The Challenge

Niriksha belonged to the Engineering background and on studying her profile, our client seemed to be in a better position than most applicants we had worked with. She had a top 10 school under her belt, several academic achievements spanning across years, a high GPA of 3.8, and strong work ex – reputed tech brand on her CV coupled with several awards earned.

The problem here was that she was facing reject after reject, from multiple schools (some even without interviews!). This was alarming as she had an ideal profile, and schools should have given her preference. Digging deeper it soon became evident that though her profile was good, her essays were way below par. She was having trouble connecting the dots, highlighting the major elements that differentiated her and stressed on points which were trivial at best, but according to her showcased her personality. Further her reason behind opting for the degree and the particular school, were pretty vague and lacked the convincing power.

Client Hesitation

Niriksha was gravely demoralized as she was being rejected again and again despite having a strong profile and GMAT score.

She was also clueless about what was going wrong, and hence was now thinking of applying to schools that were below her caliber.


 Our Strategy

We settled on a strategy that required a complete rebranding. We knew this was a lot of work, but we also knew that the ADCOM had already dinged her without an interview based on the picture she had painted for them earlier. It was clear that they had a hard time making sense of her past and how the business school could contribute to ill-defined post-Masters goals. So, we decided to focus this time on the skills and vision she developed via her past endeavors and the what and why of what she wanted to do in the future.

 How we Implemented it

Applicants must understand what the schools want, how they think and accordingly showcase their profile in the most positive light. Schools want people who are different from the crowd, are focused and have taken up pursuits which have helped them build a slew of skills.

 They also want their applicants to be clear about their professional goals and aware of how to get them (especially how the degree will help get them there).

 Hence during the brainstorming call, we dug deep into her profile, making sure we develop a strong understanding of what she did and why she did them.

Once we had done that, we made sure she had a clear understanding of her strengths and how she can portray them in the essays.

Further sharing sample essays helped her get a clearer understanding of what the schools were looking for in an essay. We further pushed her to introduce specific goals in her essay to portray a focused approach.

Then successive edits helped us clear all generalist ideas she had, and replace them with impactful and personalized achievements, which painted her as an achievement driven individual. Lastly, we helped her create a convincing pitch as to why the school is a perfect fit for her by picking unique features of the school and connecting them to her aspirations. Eventually, we were able to create a flawless application for our star client!

Result: An ecstatic client with admits from LBS & LSE!

Client Remark

“This journey with MiM-Essay started with a lot of brainstorming to analyze my short term and long-term goals. It was unnerving to see how many mistakes I had been making. They also helped me realize the countries, colleges, and programs that best fit my profile and finally after rejects from 3 colleges I was able to make it to my dream b-schools.”

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